‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ International Trailer: Everyone’s a Target [Updated]

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This summer of superheroes, sci-fi, and everything in between, brings with it new live-action installments in two franchise born in the 1980s: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot and Transformers: Age of Extinction, the latter being the fourth in the modern Transformers movie series. Interestingly, TMNT only features Michael Bay in a producer capacity, while Age of Extinction was directed by Bay; yet, both films bear more than a passing resemblance to the other, in terms of both their individual parts and the overall “Bay-esque” aesthetic.

All three of Bay’s previous Transformers movies also bear the hallmarks of his past directorial work; that includes slick action sequences with an emphasis on capturing movement, as well as set pieces that set the stage for much destruction and explosive mayhem. And what Bay movie would be complete without some humor injected into the proceedings – typically juvenile, often over the top, and (unfortunately) occasionally the type that’s just flat-out based on insensitive stereotypes.

Thankfully, there’s none of the latter type of comedy to be found (as far as humans go, anyway…) in the new international trailer for Age of Extinction. However, in addition to the same material that made the cut in the U.S. version of the film’s latest (final?) theatrical preview, this new clip features some extra footage showcasing robot-caused city wreckage and a brief taste of the film’s humor.

So, don’t worry – just in case you started to believe all this talk about Age of Extinction being a turn for the darker for the Transformers franchise, there’s still room for Mark Wahlberg to pause in the middle of a robot battle and argue with a cartoony side character about insurance.

transformers age extinction trailer1 Transformers: Age of Extinction International Trailer: Everyones a Target [Updated]

That’s not to say that Age of Extinction really should be dead-serious or turn the eye-popping visual lever down a notch – it’s just that this installment looks to be pretty much more of the same, rather than a change of pace. Sure, now it’s Wahlberg leading the way instead of Shia LaBeouf; not to mention, there does seem to be a relatively stronger connection between humans and Transformers (compared to, say, Sam Witwicky’s career hardships in the last film, Dark of the Moon). However, when all is said and done, Ehren Kruger’s script work here doesn’t exactly look to break the mold.

Still, in the column of what does seem promising about this Transformers film – Age of Extinction expands the Transformers live-action universe mythology in a manner that could lead to somewhere interesting (see our trailer video analysis). The film should also offer some of the best-staged spectacle that we’ve seen in this franchise to date, which could be worth the price of admission alone. So… that’s something, right?


Transformers: Age of Extinction opens in U.S. theaters on June 27th, 2014.

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  1. Queue fans complaining that Bay’s movies are too “immature” and have “dumb comedy” 5 minutes after gushing over a trailer where a talking Raccoon plays with his junk and a green alien chick takes her top off in between a bunch of random explosions and fist fights….

    • It’s all in the delivery, man. Gunn nails it, Bay fails it. Gunn does it with subtlety, as situational humor, while Bay smacks you over the head with a sledge hammer while yelling “LOOK, EVERYONE! THIS HERE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY!”

      • Yep, Winchester understands.

        I like “dumb comedy” like Airheads, The Smell Of Reeves & Mortimer and Bottom but I hate “dumb comedy” like Michael Bay, Seth Rogen, Melissa McCarthy and Adam Sandler provide.

        The difference is all in the delivery and the situation.

        I liked the raunchy humour in The Naked Gun because it had a purpose but I despise the American Pie films because it’s just “hey, look kids, sex joke #3746, isn’t it hilarious? We got another one in a few more minutes, hold on”.

        Again, massive difference between slipping a sexual innuendo into a movie to great effect and basing a movie around nothing but sexual situations to be made fun of. That’s what Bay gets wrong, he’s like that one guy who assumes he’s hilarious while most just laugh along with him to be polite rather than him actually being funny.

        It’s also his approach to action too, several hours of CGI fight scenes or explosions with no real story to make it worthwhile. I can watch Transformers and become completely bored by it but I can watch a corny 80s action flick and love every minute of it because the action and the humour are balanced correctly with some semblance of plot, even if the plot is barely there (looking at you, Kickboxer, which I love despite the flimsy revenge premise).

      • A voiceover with the director actually yelling “LOOK! THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY!!” would actually be a more subtle audience queue compared to the “wacky” ooga-chucka music that plays over most of the GotG trailers.

        • I beg to differ. Apart from the ooga-chucka element, which I don’t particularly like either, it’s actually a pretty good and legitimate song.

          • Admittedly the original BJ Thomas version of Hooked on a Feeling without the Ooga-Chaka element is superior, but doesn’t mean I cant like both

            But it is era relevant, much like the X-men Days of future past, the music that Starlord is supposed to be his mixtakes from the late seventies/early eighties, it makes sense

    • +5

  2. This one is better than the last one IMO.

  3. “Sweetie, hand me my alien gun.” Lol

  4. I will probably go see this – just because its a summer movie, and something to do on a hot day. But yeah, from the trailers it does seem to be a lot more of the same stuff.

    We shall see.

  5. Damn, Grimlock. Cannot wait to see him kick all kinds of ass. Not sure I understand why people hate on Bay for these movies. They’re all explosions and fighting. What else should a transformer movie be? Only issue I had with the first three was The actors. Hated most of them. Trailers look nice. Can’t wait to go see it.

    • And there’s my problem with this franchise.

      To me, you need the human element to create the majority of the plot and give a reason to care about those CGI smackdowns. Trouble is, the actors weren’t very good (save for John Turturro) and the dialogue was absolutely horrendous.

      I’m one of those who loves action but I need more than just “fight scene, fight scene, fight scene, lame joke, fight scene, fight scene, attempt at emotion, fight scene, fight scene, end credits”.

      • Ok, Megan Fox was bad. But in my opinion, she was the only wooden one of the cast.

        The Transformers films are a guilty pleasure of mine. They suck on plot, they suck on writing, but you can tell the actor’s did they best they can with what they had.

        Honestly, I think Shia Labeouf did a good job. He let it wrip, when his character needed to cry he cried, when his character was in trouble he’d shout to the top of his lungs! He let it wrip, held nothing back, and went for it. Sure he’s a nutjob in real life, and his performance isn’t Oscar material, but it’s EVIDENT he gave it a damn good shot.

        It’s evident that the fault of the films is not with actor’s, but poor direction, writing and basically everything else. Though Megan Fox is poo i’ll give you that one.

  6. “sweetie, hand me my alien gun.” Did Michale bay just made a funny that’s not cringe worthy?

  7. i love this trailer… i really cant wait. ths movie is gonn make over a billion and be the highest grossing movie this year i guarantee it. that ending is just amazing, who didnt like it? you aint human if you didnt

    • I saw it a second time after reading your comment and just like with DOFP, I can’t find it in me to feel anything other than “meh” about this film based on the trailers.

      • yet you cant help but come to every article about the movie… i think youre in denial friend.

      • “Meh” was my reaction too…

  8. “NOBODY TO SAVE YOU!!!!!!!” gotta love that song! heart pumping badass music!!! BATTLE CRY!

    • Way better than Linkin Park.

  9. why is no one mentioning the fact the bad guys look to be almost entirely all vehicons led by a bounty hunter commissioned by a larger threat? i mean doesnt the toy line basically confirm except the human transformer creations (which will prob be half the movies antagonist) there is no decepticons except lockdown? vehicons man. they all look the same at the end, more anime/beast machines vehicon army style.

  10. nope.jpg

  11. i will always support TF since it was a childhood fav of mine…but the jokes, feel and style are absolutely no different than the previous movies.