‘Transformers 4′ Subtitle Revealed; Dinobots Confirmed [Updated]

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Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Dinobots Transformers 4 Subtitle Revealed; Dinobots Confirmed [Updated]

[UPDATE: It’s Official – Prepare for Transformers: Age of Extinction!!!!]

Transformers 4 has been surrounded in secrecy during its production. Director Michael Bay returned to the franchise in order to launch a new (semi-rebooting) chapter of the Transformers saga, which he will then (allegedly) pass off to a new director and creative team. So far we have new human characters in the form of Mark Wahlberg’s gear-head/inventor character, Flynn Vincent; Flynn’s hot rod enthusiast daughter played by Nicola Peltz (Bates Motel) and her speed-racing love interest played by Jack Reynor  (What Richard Did). We also know that in addition to returning favorites like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, the actual Transformers might see new additions like Slingshot and Drift, Hound – possibly even Nemesis Prime or Ultra Magnus.

But what about those lingering rumors that the fan-favorite Dinobots could be in TF4 – and what is the official subtitle to this fourth film? Today’s update may help answer questions on both those fronts.

Over the weekend, Fusible picked up on a story involving the brand protection agency that oversaw the registration of the domain name TransformersDarkoftheMoon.com when the third film was released. The studio is allegedly once again registering various domain names in anticipation of the Transformers 4‘s release next summer, with the following candidates being listed by Fusible:

  • TransformersApocalypse.com
  • TransformersLastStand.com

HOWEVER, Transformers World 2005  also makes the claim that the following subtitle has ALSO been registered with Hasbro:

  • Transformers: Age of Extinction

Of the the three, I personally find “Age of Extinction” to be the most likely. The fact that Bay has repeatedly made it clear that TF4 is a new beginning makes “Apocalypse” or “Last Stand” feel a bit off the mark – with “Last Stand” seeming particularly troublesome, given its proximity to that similarly-titled Arnold Schwarzenegger comeback vehicle that flopped at the box office early this year. Of course, there is another factor to consider: The Dinobots.

We’ve heard continued rumors and speculation that the Dinobots will make a major appearance in TF4 – and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura recently added major fuel to that fire when he told Beijing News the following when discussing China’s role in the movie:

“I can not disclose the specifics, but you can be sure that the joining of the Dinobots will give the audience new excitement. In addition to Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, the appearance of these classic roles changed, today the world’s coolest, most exciting cars will appear in the film, including China’s vehicles, whether you are a car enthusiast, you will feast your eyes and be shocked by them.”

Transformers 4 Movie Logo Transformers 4 Subtitle Revealed; Dinobots Confirmed [Updated]

Is that confirmation that the Dinobots are in the film? Certainly sounds like it. Others are also pointing to some recent set photos (SEE them HERE) which have the production crew sporting hats with TF4 logos – logos which seem to have claw marks in them, presumably teasing the Dinobots’ appearance. Given all that evidence that Dinobots will be in the film – and leaked alleged plot spoilers that fit in line with the clues we’ve seen so far – it seems that “Age of Extinction” would be a most fitting title for two reasons:

  1. “Age of Extinction” could refer to a history involving the Dinobots (who would be resurrected from long dormancy or death). 
  2. The subtitle could also refer to the rumored deaths/transformations that certain characters (like Megatron) could go through – a “changing of the guard” for the franchise.

Resident Evil already has its “Apocalypse” and Schwarzenegger already has his “Last Stand” – so when the dust settles and official confirmation is out, don’t be surprised if “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is soon covering billboards and TV screens in your area.


Transformers 4 will be in theaters on June 27, 2014. We’ll keep updated on the official character list and subtitle.

Sources: FusibleTransformers World 2005 & Beijing News (via Coming Soon); Seibertron

Header Image Source: Mr. Droy D5DrSex @ Deviant Art

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  1. YES

  2. onostley I love the Ageof extinction , as im a big fan of the franchise since I was a small boy end especially the dino bots

  3. Its about time we get to see the dinos … U better not f it up BAY

    • Hopefully it’s nothing like the big deal he made about Shockwave being in T3, only to find him shoehorned into 30 seconds at the beginning and maybe a minute toward the end. They spent more time on his robot worms.

      • Shockwave was being advertised as the main villain since they wanted to cover up how Sentinel Prime was really the antagonist. The Driller was really amazing though, and I’m glad at least something that is connected to Shockwave was shown an ample amount of time throughout the film. Still, he could have done more.

  4. Meh, everyone gets excited about the names. But Shockwave, Devastator, “Wheeljack”, etc. have all been a disappointment.

      • LOL. That’s not why people like Wheeljack.

      • Soundwave was by far my favorite Decepticon, but they couldn’t even use the trademark voice in the films.

        • Be glad they at least got his original voice actor, Frank Welker, to voice him. Besides, Soundwave had a vocoder behind his voice; not a strong one, but a weak one.

      • Shockwave and Devastator were definitely not disappointments. In regards to their roles in the film, yes, but their designs, definitely no! Rumble was in the comics in between the films (in the comics ‘Convergence’, ‘Nefarious’, and ‘Rising Storm’) and was presented as a blue robotic rhinoceros.

    • Wheeljack was straight garbage in the movie!

  5. The only incarnation of the dinobots I’ve enjoyed so far are the ones in FOC, because they were justified. I doubt there will be that kind of development in the movie though.

    TRANSFORMERS:Distant Rivals
    TRANSFORMERS:Under My Command
    TRANSFORMERS:Megatron Never Dies

    • TRANSFORMERS: Insurance Not Likely

  7. OK i dig TRANSFORMERS but hollywood really has to think a little more out of the box. If they want to make new 80’s toy based movies here is a thought … MICRONAUTS !

    • @Devil

      Actually, Micronauts was 70s.

  8. Grrr…

    Nicola Peltz. Didn’t like her in “The Last Airbender”, throws off a lot of the flow of good acting in “Bates Motel”.

    I really have faith in Mark Wahlberg alone. If he can carry this film nicely, I will see it. It’s just going to have to be enough to make me forget Nicola Peltz is a part of this film.

  9. Sorry but it will take alot more than marky mark to get me jazzed about the TRANSFORMERS series again .

  10. Age of Extinctions equal Age of Ultron…that should work.

  11. Transformers: The Cash-Grab Rises

    • Dont be silly. Its “Transformers: The Cash Grab Strikes Again.” Dark of the Moon already hit the billion dollar mark, so the series cant rise much more, but it can strike again.

      • Doh, you are right.
        Noob mistakes like this is why they haven’t hired me to come up with movie titles! 😉

    • Someone named after The Avengers complaining about pointless, cash-grab tentpole sequels? The same Avengers that was itself a sequel to five other summer movies and has at least five more sequels in development, not counting the TV show!? Only on ScreenRant folks, only on ScreenRant!

      • As much as I don’t like The Avengers, it isn’t pointless. I respect the fact that it made a successful crossover both critically and financially, even if I do find it to be the weakest Phase 1 movie.

        Transformers? I sort of liked the 1st one, but everything else didn’t really need to happen, nor did we want it to happen. I would’ve been fine with just the 1st Transformers movie.

      • At least what Marvel’s doing is aiming beyond explosions and eye candy.
        They take the classic summer blockbuster concept and give us memorable stories and even more memorable characters. That much cannot be said about Bay’s TF franchise imo.

        I hold Marvel’s movies in a much higher regard than the TF movies (even though I did quite like the first one). To each his own, I suppose.

        • You fail to realize that Transformers doesn’t have some mastermind company like Marvel to whip out their films. Hasbro could care less about how their characters are presented as long as they make money from toy sales. Still, Transformers are equal to (if not above) Marvel’s films, in my opinion. They’re both comic-book films and are very similar in terms of structure and having such a vast mythology, along with passionate characters. Although, I will admit that their characterization skills need some work in Transformers.

  12. Transformers: last movie before we can reboot and get transformer films.

    • that are better.

  13. STOP WITH THE REBOOTS ALREADY !! God just give me something new and ORIGINAL!

    • It’s not a reboot.

  14. Let me just say “BIG FAT YES TO ULTRA MAGNUS.”

  15. I don’t care. This movie will still suck! Bay’s only in it for the money, and I don’t like it at all.

    • You can not say that Michael Bay is not determined to make a good Transformers film. He’s dove into the mythology by introducing a lot of aspects (The Fallen, the Driller homaging the Dweller from G1, etc.). You can not automatically say that the film will suck when you haven’t even seen anything from it yet. The only things we’ve received is potential plot lines, the teaser poster and title, photos of the Autobots’ vehicle forms, and photos of the actors and crew, not to mention some footage of filming happening in Texas and Chicago, and none of that is enough to tell you that the film will be “bad”. Hell, Transformers: AoE might blow ‘The Avengers’ out of the park and give them a run for their money. You don’t know what Bay and his team are presenting this time around!

  16. I am the biggest TF nerd around, but I hate Bay’s approach in most things. There are bits of each Bayformer movie that are good, I’m sure there will be bits in TF4 that are good. I just wish the whole thing was done differently by a different director from the beginning.

  17. ken why not try something new like THUNDERCATS,VOLTRON or BATTLE OF THE PLANETS ?

    • Transformers the IP is so much more ingrained in the populace psyche than any of those. Sure there are still fans of those shows, but they pale by comparison. Their fan base is not even in the same ballpark as TF.

      You don’t need an established pre-existing IP for a film to be successful, but thats not your question.

  18. That’s it soldiers, I had the title. The fourth movie will be called……The Transformers.


  20. I’ll be honest, I initially didn’t have any intention to watch this… NOT at all. But if the Dinobots are really in this flick, then I’ll definitely watch. Let’s just hope Bay treat them ‘nicer’ or at least decent if not great (compared to what he did to many others in previous installment) because the Autobots are the real star of the movie, and not Mark Wahlberg

  21. Wonder if the guy who voiced Grimlock in the cartoons will be re-instated to voice him?

    • +1 Me Grimlock munch metal!

    • They better get Gregg Berger!

  22. Sure, saying ‘Michael Bay misses the mark’ is on par with ‘Charlie Sheen snorts crack’. However, I’m willing to take the ‘cash grab’ ‘reboot bullskit’ mistakes cuz, as I show my age, I dreamed of days like these when I was a kid. I just wanted live action transformer movies and now that we have them I’m going to live it up until it gets too old or not lucrative enough.

  23. I love Transformers Prime,,,,,, they need to follow that! Megatron is total BA and so are shockwave, and soundwave

    • Transformers Prime is based off of the live-action films. The same people who wrote the first two films are the writers of that show.

  24. Oh please, homage the Slag and Grimlock’s banter towards one another in the original 1985 movie! Beryllium baloney and cesium salami! I swear I might actually cry if that is not in this film!

  25. When are they coming out with Go-Bots, the Movie?

    I really enjoyed Transformers, somewhat enjoyed Transformers 2, Didn’t like Transformers 3, but am interested in Transformers 4.

    Most movie series have the ones that people didn’t quite like about and kind of ignore, Temple of Doom and Crystal Skull, Alien 3 and Resurrection, Superman 4 and Superman Returns, any Aladdin movie after the first one, Pirates of the Carribean 4 (2 and 3 should have been condensed into one 2 1/2 hour film), Spiderman 3, Oceans 12 and 13… etc.

    I’m curious to see how this 4th one turns out.