Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 29th, 2014

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June 29 Box Office Transformers 4 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 29th, 2014

The robots in disguise are back and yet again they dominated the box office.

In at number 1 is Transformers: Age of Extinction (read our review) with $100 million. That’s good enough for the biggest opening of the year, besting Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s $95 million tally in April.

Age of Extinction also opened huge overseas – $201 million in total – including a record-breaking $90 million debut in China. Clearly the decision to give China a ‘major role’ in the film paid off for Paramount, as Transformers 4 now has the biggest opening for a foreign-made film.

Obviously, it’s a little too early to tell but it looks like Transformers: Age of Extinction should make a run at $1 billion worldwide (about $300 million domestic) when all is said and done. In other words, don’t expect this mega franchise to go away any time soon.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill College Days in 22 Jump Street Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 29th, 2014

22 Jump Street held onto the number 2 spot with $15.4 million. Now at $139 million domestic, the comedy sequel has already passed its predecessor, in only three weeks, and seems poised to take the title of top 2014 comedy.

Coming in at number 3 is How to Train Your Dragon 2 with $13.1 million. DreamWorks’ animated sequel is losing its footing on the box office much quicker than anyone expected, especially for such a well-received family-friendly movie. Still, the film has made $121 million domestic and $227 million worldwide.

Dropping to number 4 this weekend is Think Like a Man Too with $10.4 million. After taking quite a tumble in its second week (64% percent), Think Like a Man Too is unlikely to top its predecessor, but it has grossed a respectable $48 million so far.

Angelina Jolie in Maleficent1 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 29th, 2014

Rounding out the top 5 is Maleficent with $8.2 million. Disney’s live-action adaptation just barely crossed the $200 million mark this weekend, and has grossed $585 million worldwide.

In at number 6 is Jersey Boys with $7.6 million. Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical continues to struggle and has only grossed $27 million so far.

Edge of Tomorrow comes in at number 7 with $5.2 million, which brings its domestic total up to a disappointing – both for the summer season and for a typical Tom Cruise action flick – $84 million. But, the film has grossed $318 million worldwide, so there’s a silver lining.

Coming in at number 8 is The Fault in Our Stars with $4.8 million. The YA adaptation crossed the $100 million mark this week and is now up to $109 million.

X Men Days of Future Past Wolverine drinking Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 29th, 2014

The number 9 film this weekend is X-Men: Days of Future Past with $3.3 million. With $223 million domestic and $712 million worldwide, Days of Future Past is now the highest grossing global release of 2014, surpassing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($703M) and Captain America 2 ($711M). But with Transformers 4 already halfway there, we suspect X-Men won’t have the title for too long.

Rounding out the top 10 is Chef with $1.6 million. Yet again, Jon Favreau’s indie flick continues to hold on, and is now up to $19 million.

Outside the top 10: Bong Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer (read our review) opened with $162,100 on 8 screens for a $20,263 per-screen-average.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released on Monday, June 30th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Went to 22 Jump Street this weekend. I thought it was funnier than the first one.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with Edge of Tomorrow, All the theatres near me are only showing it in 3D and it’s been like that for weeks. That never happens. Hopefully I can get it soon.

    Less that two weeks till Apes!!!

  2. Hey Michael Bay let me take this one for you.
    (Insert every negative comment here and after you are done kicking and screaming like a petulant child realize that Mr. Bay just cashed in on another $30 mil for doing his job in making his boss a hell of a lot of money again!)
    Now move along and go do something productive with your life. He won!

    • while your attempt is valiant we both know if it was that easy it would have stopped long ago

    • Accuses people of “kicking and screaming like a petulant child” while kicking and screaming like a petulant child. Seems legit…

      • Always a fool who thinks that anyone not loving what they love is petulant or just a hater.

        Quite ironic.

  3. He didn’t get my money and that is all that matters!

  4. “But, the (Edge of Tomorrow) film has grossed $318 million worldwide, so there’s a silver lining.”

    Ahh yes, the living proof that we all collectively deserve to be served another ten Transformers/Maleficent/generic YA adaptation 42.

    We’ll b**** and whine, curse Bay, Disney and whoever else for the drivel they serve us but when something genuinely good shows up, we’ll shoot it in the mouth because “the marketing didn’t sell it…”.

    • Here, here! Exactly, EoT is a fantastic movie one of the best sci-fi action movies in a long time, with an incredible script, dialogue, acting and action but instead of America going to watch it and enjoy themselves they rather complain about a movie made for teenagers. Ridiculous…

      America is just turning into a bunch of whiners… Instead of complaining about something you will never change like MB directing Transformer movies go watch a great movie (EoT) instead. It’s a much smarter and enjoyable choice but then again that makes too much sense so who am I kidding… Great movies are out there if you just get your head out of your…

      • Don’t say America if you’re talking about United States, America is a continent not a country.

        As of Transformers, saw it tonight and it’s a really bad movie. Since I Was a kid a Wanted a Transformers movie, but this is horrible! T4 is the worst film of the year and of the franchise.

        I also saw Edge of tomorrow and is an excelent movie, really good, the script, dialogue, all the action, visual efects, I loved it.

        • Guess what pal when this country is singing America the Beautiful in 5 days they won’t be referring to a continent. Lol learn to read between the lines, good grief!

        • So what are residents of the United States of America called? Americans. Just as residents of the United Mexican States are called Mexicans, and their country is called Mexico. USA is called America, so really America is a country. North and South America are continents, and, when being referred to in a combined manner, called the Americas.

  5. I liked Edge of Tomorrow… Don’t know why it didn’t do better… I know a lot of people i know just don’t like Tom Cruise… Say what you want about the crazy sob, he makes good movies…

  6. I watched both Edge of Tomorrow and Transformers 4 last week. I actually dosed off once during Transformers. I didn’t hate it as much as TF2 but it was still poorly done. Tucci was the only bright spot in the movie. You can almost see him willing his part and plot around him to be better than it otherwise would have been.

    Edge of Tomorrow is a movie many people may not discover in the theater but they will discover it at home and then wonder how they missed it at the theater. Sci-fi action/adventure movies with an air-tight time travel plot are tough to pull off and Edge of tomorrow nailed it.

  7. To Hell with Transformers:AOE “boffo” box office,my favorite movies of the year are still Captain America:The Winter Soldier and Godzilla(2014). Transformers 4 had some very good special effects(I will give it that)and “some” humorous lines, the plot was all over the place,it was kind of a mess really, but the spectacle was definitely there.

  8. Lol Days of Future Past still didn’t top Avengers Numbers even with an 8 year headstart( Iron Man 2008, Xmen 2000) but I’m just looking forward to XmenApocaplyse 2016 and XForce 2018

  9. We should all be ashamed.

  10. Also….
    Expect to see more movies set in China.
    Not that it’s a bad thing, I lived there for awhile and same like anywhere there were cool people and not so cool people.

  11. I know right. Wouldn’t it have been good for the movie industry (and those people called screenwriters) if this had tanked hard? This franchise is like the poster child for story-free blockbusters. Still, I have to admit that I went to see the other movies out of … I dunno… curiosity? Still, even though it took a while for the spectacle to wear off, after three movies that made me feel stupider, I finally have no desire to give Michael Bay any more of my money.

  12. I am not surprised that Maleficent came in at number 5.

    I’m also not surprised that transformers started so well. I expect it to take a huge dive in the second week though. Clearly the concept is bullet proof and if they made a good film it should be up there with Avengers in terms of box office take. But word of mouth will hit it hard. The run time just made it painful to get through.

    If Transformers makes near as much at the box office as Captain America by the end of it’s run i’ll eat my hat.

    How To Train Your Dragon was so pedestrian that there were just no solid emotional moments.

    The big surprise for me is Jersey Boys. I have not seen it of course but I would have thought that anything with Clint Eastwood’s name attached to it would do well.

    • How do you like your hat cooked? ‘Cause you’re going to be eating it!

      While it may fall short (MAY) of Captain America Domestically, it nearly tripled Caps international take on opening weekend!
      TF4 made 15 million more in China alone than Captain America did in ALL foreign markets on opening weekend. It’s already made close to half of CA2′s total international take!

      Sorry, but this thing, for better or worse, is gonna trounce Cap by the time it’s done. Or I’ll eat my shoe!

    • It should also be noted that it’s only opened in 4 foreign markets thus far!
      According to Box Office Mojo it’s only opened in USA, Australia, Russia, China, and South Korea!

      Mmm yummy yummy hat!

      • I’ll be holding you to eating your shoe of course Joe.

        And the beautiful thing is that you wear shoes, I don’t wear a hat.

        I can’t lose.

        • “I’m a man of my word. Woohahaha!”

  13. Anybody who went to see Transformers but did not go see Edge of Tomorrow has lost all rights to complain that “Hollywood has run out of ideas, they only make sequels and reboots.”

    All rights to this complaint are revoked because YOU are the reason they make mostly reboots and sequels.

    • And the truth shall set you free! Well said Sir, well said.

  14. T4 hasn’t released here yet. I am tired of the franchise, but I want to watch this for Wahlberg. I hope to catch Edge of Tomorrow soon. Heard it is amazing!!

  15. Best movie of the year is How to train your dragon 2. Awesome storyline. Transformers just had bad actors with some special effects. I fell asleep during the last Transformers movie and i am not spending a dime to go see this one. I will however go see how to Train your Dragon for the second time :)

  16. loved transformers. Ill never get or understand all the Bay hate. summer popcorn flick with transformers, hot chick and explosions plus some awesome cars. end of story! I enjoy these movies and realize im not walking into saving private ryan or schindlers list. But todays movie audiences are petty little troll haters for some reason. $$ don’t like and a lot of people still like to have fun at the movies.

    keep on trollin trolls.

    • LOL
      My thing is did T4 live up to the hype based on the trailers presented? No. Was it better or as good as TDSOTM(T3)? IMO, no. Due to this I consider the movie to be declining. Of course the movie will make some huge numbers because there are a lot of Bay fans out there like there are a lot of Del Toro fans. I judge a movie not solely based on the visuals or action but more on the storyline itself. If I am going to pay $15 a ticket to see a movie I want it to be a deep, well made movie overall, not just a “popcorn flick”. There are too many “popcorn flicks” out there and not enough well made overall movies. I am glad Apes is in a couple of weeks

    • I enjoyed the movie for the first hour and a half for all the reasons that you stated.

      Unfortunately no one told Michael Bay that the movie is not Saving Private Ryan or Schindlers list, the fact it went that long killed it.

      My first Transformers movie so maybe they all go that long and maybe I should have checked the time first. Then again I would not have cared had I been entertained throughout.

      Something Michael may want to consider for next time, we can all suspend belief for a film to a point but it is a rare and special soul that can keep the brain switch off for a nearly three hour runtime. Around an hour and a half it tries to switch itself back on for the rest of us.

  17. 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street are not my things. I wont watched them anyway. Ugh.

  18. i want to see more of soundwave