‘Transformers 4′ Title is ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction'; Teaser Poster Revealed

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Transformers 4 Unicron Transformers 4 Title is Transformers: Age of Extinction; Teaser Poster Revealed

Specifically, the leaked plot suggested that we would see the transformation of Megatron into the villain Galvatron – possilby at the behest of planet-sized Transformer villain Unicron, who would serve as a “big bad” in the next trilogy arc. While many other details of that synopsis have been confirmed, the whole Galvatron/Unicron has yet to be officially proven… and that is still the case.

That being said, a new SPOILERIFIC set photo has revealed something that lends credit to at least the Galvatron part of the TF4 plot rumor:


Yup, that’s Megatron’s head you’re looking at. Why roll out (no pun) Megatron’s head, you may ask? Well, a nice upgrade into Galvatron wouldn’t be out of the question.

How do you like the new Transformers 4 “Age of Extinction” subtitle? Does it help confirm a lot of what has speculated? Let us know in the comments.


Transformers: Age of Extinction will be in theaters on June 27, 2014.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. Extinction!: What I wish had happened to this franchise after the second movie…

    • After the first 15 minutes from the 1st movie, actually.

    • Zing!

  2. Oh boy…. This is going to be DEEP.


    • Then again you think Man of Steel is deep so your opinion doesn’t count for anything.

      • You attack me simply because I regard MOS as the best of this year?

        That’s it?

        GO F Yourself….


        • If you thought MOS was the best movie of the year than your opinion is non relevant

          • That negates the whole concept of an opinion.

            Obviously this isn’t a democracy. Pray tell what movies we are allowed to enjoy? I’ll make sure to enioy them Kim jong Josh. (^-^)

      • @Stanley – give it a rest already. SPOILER ALERT: People have their own opinions of movies.

        • It’s pretty funny to hear you tell ME to give it a rest when Kryptonic is over there cut-and-pasting troll posts from 2005 when Bay was first announced as the director for Transformers 1. Really, A Bay-directed series based on an action figure line isn’t going to produce the next Citizen Kane!? Thanks Ebert!

          • @Stanley
            Calm down dude, you’re the only one here being disrespectful. Everyone has their own opinions. So stop criticizing people for them. And in case you don’t know what an opinion is, it’s ones personal beliefs on a subject or matter. You can disagree but you don’t need to be a prick about it. So kindly, sit down and shut the f*ck up.

            • Agreed!

          • Man of Steel was an 8 out of 10.

            End of story.

            Not the best ever, but solid.

            Everyone else is wrong, unless you agree with 8 out of 10.

            Then you are right.

  3. For action and visual spectacle alone, I will watch this movie. And its Mark Wahlberg which is a huge step up from Shia LeBouf. Besides 2, I actually don’t think 1 and 3 are that bad. I just can’t stand the completely out of place, yuk yuk humor. But man, first Age of Ultron and now Age of Extinction. Which that definitely sounds like the subtitle for Jurassic 4 to me. Jurassic Park 4: Age of EXTINCTION.

    • Ha, you said it. Man of Steel 2: Age of Batman (or Age of Affleck, that has a ring to it), Star Wars Episode 7: Age of [we have pretty much no idea yet].

      • Age of Cumberbatch

        • I’d watch that movie.

    • I think they saw Avengers title and copied it.

      • YES, this was my very first thought period. Not COOL or WOW or AWESOME, No… “AGE OF ULTRON” was the very first thing I thought of.

      • Don’t worry, everyone will forget about that once avengers stomps this film into obscurity.

        • Transformers has way more fans, so I think people know more about ‘Age of Extinction’ rather than ‘Age of Ultron’. I really hope Bay and his team pull it off and stomp The Avengers into oblivion this time around.

  4. I think it’ll be a good summer flick. I enjoyed the first three, and tbh, I tune out all of the negativity that everyone spouts off at these movies. I’m a big fan of G1 and I loved these movies. Sometimes i feel like I’m one of the few people who understand that this IS NOT G1. Its a whole new series that only shares small things with the original series. I love how people only complain about the movie series and for aome reason have forgotten that the Transformers Multiverse is one of the largest expanded universes of all time, (there’s even a series that explains that). Its fine if you want to critique a movie, but when people slam a movie BEFORE it comes out, it takes away all of your artistic credibility. For some reason, transformers fans are the worst about this. Star Trek fans follow right behind. Luckily I’m one the type of fan who embraces new aspects of my favorite things. After all, I’d get bored with the same ole stale show. Its nice to be refreshed.

    • Fair perspective- but beware the wrath of the uber nerds! As a long standing fan of Transformers from my childhood, I anticipated no great classic of an homage to the series, just a bit of derivative fun. Better movies would be nice, but I enjoyed parts of all three for what they were, rather than hating them for what they weren’t. As a classic Bond fan, it was hard to watch the Brosnan era devolve into mediocre absurdity, but years later with my expectations adjusted I enjoyed those films to some extent. When it comes to Star Trek, of which I am a massive fan, I never even consider the idea that a new movie can do justice to the best of the franchise or satiate my hunger for a robust mythology more than a little. Even fans who hate some of the series often don’t get the basic concept that it is the series which are made for the fans. The movies always have been and always will be built first and foremost for as many people as possible, the casual and uninitiated, and NOT the fans. ( I beleive the profits would dictate that 4 was the best Trek and 10 was the worst. If any fans of the franchise agree with that assessment I would be surprised.) Knowing that (and at least trying to accept it) might calibrate a lot of expectations. We should enjoy whatever we can, and try to let the rest go. I applaud your unpretentious enjoyment of the stuff that entertains you.

      That said though, you really enjoyed Transformers 2? A few bits were tremendously cool, but the rest was so wretched that I won’t even admit to owning a copy. Oops…

      • Wrath of Khan (2) was the best, but yes I agree with you. And yah I did. Granted, coulda done without the twins, but I had a feeling they were going to get killed off so it didn’t bug me too much. And you’re 100% right. These movies have to not only have the nods to older fans of the series, but they need to have whatever it takes to bring in the general audience. Without them, we have no money to keep our beloved franchises going. So yah, their going to tweak it a bit, but when has that not happened in the last 20+ years?

        • I tend to think Wrath was best, despite it being a bit clunky, and 6 could’ve been the best if it hadnt wasted so much time but instead put more character work in. However dull the first one was, the fifth was insulting and low on redeeming elements, so it takes the turd cake. 4 is fun, but the most newbie-friendly piece of comedic reinvention they could manage. (Clearly it was the success of 4 that inspired making Insurrection such a light-hearted and silly affair. I don’t mind a funny bit of trek here and there, but just embarrassing all the characters seems like a lazy choice. Not that anyone asked!

          An alternative to the pattern of pleasing the masses first and foremost, and the fans second, is to spend less money on the project so that less is risked and less is required to cover the costs. Any studio who can make a bigger movie for more money WILL, so this is pretty darn implausible. On the other hand, if various studios had an opportunity to make one-off side projects, (a la Star Wars’ non-trilogy films), then a brilliant, artsy, low budget project could be made and could risk the disinterest of the masses by simply being the best (in this case Trek) movie that the director could compose. Much more likely would be an eventual tv show to keep fans happy and multiplying, but there have been some weird opportunities for diversity of vision in years past.

          You may recall that the Bond rights used to be so unrestricted that 3 different groups were able to make one or more films. (Granted one was Woody Allen, in a film called “Casino Royale” no less, but I believe he was called James Bond). Connery returned to the role ten years after saying he’d “never” do that because a different group made Never Say Never Again. (That’s why Desmond Lleweln and Money Penny missed out on that one).

    • Thank you! Someone who preaches the truth!

  5. Transformers: Age of Ultron? Could the Autobots take down the Avengers most dangerous villains?

  6. I am excited beyond words!!! the DINOBOTS are coming!!! yes!!! I am not a big fan of Bay but if he is the only one chosen by paramount to bring transformers to the big screen, so be it!!! I also bet that the ones who wished that the franchise was dead would be the first ones to watch the movie lol!!!

    • True but without their nemesis Devastator its pointless. Now if we could have them and the REAL DEVASTATOR that would be awesome or at leas the Predicons!

      • There’s nothing wrong with Bay’s Devastator incarnation. Although the “balls” were very, very simpleminded.

  7. Should we now prepare for an onslaught of “Age of something” movie titles?

    • Age of Yes!

  8. I am excited for this… if it really does have some parts from the animated movie…. I’ll be there!

  9. So I guess the new thing right now in Hollywood is to have the word Age in the subtitles smh.

  10. For action and visual spectacle alone, I will watch this movie. And its Mark Wahlberg which is a huge step up from Shia LeBouf. Besides 2, I actually don’t think 1 and 3 are that bad. I just can’t stand the completely out of place, yuk yuk humor. But man, first Age of Ultron and now Age of Extinction. Which that definitely sounds like the subtitle for Jurassic 4 to me. Jurassic Park 4: Age of EXTINCTION.

    • What’s with people duplicating earlier comments? Jeez…

  11. Age Of Ultron

    Age Of Extinction

    What next? Age Of Dementia? Hollywood seems running out of ideas.

  12. Character changes, eh? I would be down with seeing Galvatron make an appearance at the end of the film.

  13. Jason Statham should have been there…Mark Wahlberg is good in comic action movies, not in serious action roles like max payne…ehh.

  14. Dinobots… just about the dumbest thing that they could do with a live action movie. Looks like they are trying really hard not to improve on Transformers 2 & 3.

    • You really think of 2 and 3 as equal? 2 was a nonsensical rush job of disastrous proportions! Not trying to convince you, just remind you. 3 had several strong moments that elevated the series, and nothing as cringe-worthy as all that teen toilet humor and high fiving gangsta-bot garbage. I love a few scenes, but really 2 is a great example of an awful movie.

      • I actually liked the third one a bit better than the second one, but the first hour or so, with Sam looking for a job, and Ken Jeong and stuff was pure garbage. The Chicago action was great, though.

        • ALSO! While I am open minded about the Dinobots being used in a fun way, as they appeared to be in a recent video game, I share your fears. In fact, as a little kid I found the Dinobots storyline to be profoundly embarrassing. Robots that we’re based so faithfully on Dino’s that they were of low intellect, but not clever-animal low intellect, stupid human cliche style! Pointless, insulting and stupid. I never once enjoyed hearing the dumbass dialogue: “ME, GRIMLOCK, NOT WANT THAT!”. When you can make a little kid watching his favorite show turn red with vicarious shame, you have scraped the barrel too low.

  15. Title doesn’t bother me. If the Galvatron rumors are true does the mean we’ll see Optimus die? (For real this time.) Will Hot rod be in it and become Rodimus prime?

  16. “Star Wars Episode VII: Age of Sith”
    “Man of Steel: Age of Batman”
    “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3: Age of Starvation”

    • Ghostbusters 3: Age of Retirement

      • Well played, Eddie. Well played.

  17. i personally liked the 3 movies for the sheer enjoyment of being a fan of the original…cant expect to much from a cartoon adaptation that never really was written with a huge story arc.

    sounds like Bay is going for broke with this one.

  18. bay is going for broke alright this will be epic and we all know it I want 100 % more special effects lol

  19. How many times will Bay make killing Shredder in TMNT a running joke like Megatron? Those films could give the original Turdtle live action flix a run for their money in ridicule

  20. Devastator got taken out by a single hit from a man-made, previously unmentioned, weapon. I wonder how Unicron will go out? Probably the girl-tease from the final movie will get mad, do the usual T and A routine, and then destroy him herself. Go Money…err…I mean Mikey Bay!

  21. As long as the Soundtrack is the exact same from the Transformers the animated film, I am there for the 4th film. End of Line.

  22. Transformers: Age of Cash Grabs.

    In all seriousness, despite my hatred toward Michael Bay, I will give this movie a chance because it has Mark Wahlberg in it, which is all ready an improvement over the last two movies. If this one has some really good marketing and a strong trailer, I might see this in theaters.

  23. If Mark Wahlberg shouts “YOU’VE GOT THE TOUCH! YOU”VE GOT THE POWER!” I’m in. On second thought, scratch that. Bad idea!

    • You got the heart, you got the motion
      You know that when things get too tough
      You got the touch

      • “After all’s been said and done,
        You never walk, you never run!

        (I am confused by what options remain here…other than “Roll out” that is. What the hell is he singing about?)

        You’re a winner and youre nobodys fool!”

        Still, better than the heavy metal retooling of the theme song they did for the closing credits.

    • If Mark Wahlberg earns his wins like a peacock and fly, I’m in

      • Was that from Ted? Sounds a bit like Ron Burgundy…

  24. For the love of god, can you all shut up about how Transformers sucks and all of that bull. In case you haven’t noticed, Transformers has like twenty-six million fans and will no doubt be a box office hit in 2014. So, shut the hell up. You haven’t seen the film yet and you honestly don’t know what Bay and his team might pull off this time. Maybe it will be better than the best film from the franchise. Hell, maybe it will stomp ‘The Avengers’ into oblivion (oh please, God, make it happen)!