‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Grimlock & Bumblebee Designs; Human Story Details

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Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Grimlock Bumblebee Character Designs and Human Character Story Details Transformers: Age of Extinction Grimlock & Bumblebee Designs; Human Story Details

A kind reader asked that we update you on Transformers: Age of Extinction (a.k.a. Transformers 4), so we’re here to do just that. In truth, the whole world is about to get an “update” on the next installment in Michael Bay’s blockbuster franchise, as the first Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer will debut during the 2014 Super Bowl. But since our readers are sharp enough to be in the know before that, here’s the latest we have on the film.



Transformers Age of Extinction Optimus Prime and Grimlock Designs for Merchandise 1024x1024 Transformers: Age of Extinction Grimlock & Bumblebee Designs; Human Story Details


This backpack tie-in merchandising (courtesy of  Smyths Toys)  gives us a look at the character design for none other than Grimlock, fan-favorite character and leader of the Dinobots. The Dinobots have been been unofficially confirmed for the film for some time – and no doubt Bay and Co. were waiting for a nice trailer reveal to make ol’ Grimlock known – but as always, the Interwebs spin faster…

Right now, between this and the recently-revealed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles re-designs it seems that Michael Bay has architected successful new adaptations of some pretty outlandish characters  (mutant turtles and robot dinosaurs). In short: That robot Dinosaur looks pretty badass from head to torso. I’m especially digging how the color scheme compliments Optimus. If his robot mode is as promising, then Bay’s Grimlock could deliver everything fans have been hoping for.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t fall apart when he opens his mouth…



Transformers Age of Extinction New Bumblebee Designs for Merchandise 1024x725 Transformers: Age of Extinction Grimlock & Bumblebee Designs; Human Story Details

Carrera Toys has given us a look at the (slightly) re-designed Bumblebee, who seems to be sporting a strange robo-loincloth thingy now… Will it ever stop with these movies?

transformers bumblebee Transformers: Age of Extinction Grimlock & Bumblebee Designs; Human Story Details

Old Bumblebee

Aside from that, liking the darker gray tones that Bumblebee is sporting, and overall the whole thing has a more anime-themed edge to it. I dig it – how about you?


NEXT PAGE: The Human Story (Mild Spoilers)


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  1. Aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww SH*T!!! Looks awesome!

    • You mean, sheeeeeit?

  2. I go see this to envy ILM’s and WETA digital’s (they work on transformers too right?)work.

  3. The design…pretty cool…
    the story..if it proves to be accurate…is…meh..
    I’m hoping the mindless action component is high…looking forward to grimlock…maybe unicron..?

  4. So… Mark Wahlberg is the new grownup Shia Labeouf!
    I actually wished they would focus more on the actual heroes -the Transformers! which look realy NICE, especially Grimlock- this time around… but oh well.

    • Like with all CG-heavy big films, they have to use humans for much of the film because it would cost a lot more to always have the screen full of work-intensive CG characters.

    • Where did you get that Wahlberg is playing a grown Sam? Wahlberg’s character is a completely different person.

      • jp, he meant similar to Shia’s character

        • That’s even sillier. Wahlberg and Lebeouf have zero things in common.

  5. i wonder what Grimlock will sound like, Bumblebee looks like he got his horns back

    i’m actually most excited to see Ultra Magnus

    • Ultra Magnus is a rumored character. There’s no confirmation he’s in but there’s a rumor going around that he is the Freightliner.

      • stop crushing my dreams man, next your gonna tell me Hotrod isn’t in it hahaa

        • Hahaha!

  6. Michael Bay & Paramount are both clearly just after toy sales, I just know it by the “story” that Bay clearly doesn’t care!

    • The entire existence of the Transformers series was to sell toys. The original series sole purpose was to be a 30 minute toy commercial. So, your complaint is that a franchise that exists only to sell toys, is trying to sell toys?

      • YES! And Bay only came for that and the money! That’s why is doesn’t care!

        • What was he supposed to do it for? Warm Fuzzies and cookies?

          • NO! I just wished Paramount went with a different director, not the same greedy hack! That’s all!

  7. Regardless of all the hate he gets, I’ve always been a huge Michael Bay fan and an even bigger Transformers movie’s fan. Yes, Revenge of the Fallen is the weak link but even Monkeys fall out of tress sometimes. Having said that, I was kind of skeptical of him bringing the Dinobots to the big screen. My main concern is what their speech pattern will be. I for one hope they tone it down from the way it was originally. Sort of the way Marvel toned down THOR’s speech from the comic books for his on-screen persona. The Transformers fanboy in me wants it to be exactly like it was in the 80s cartoon, but the logical thinking 2014 movie goer in me does not want to hear that neanderthal speak. So I’m torn. Regardless of which ever way they go with this, Michael Bay haters are going to continue to hate Michael Bay. If he erases it completely, we’ll get the “Michael Bay once again destroys my youth” comments from die-hard fanboys while on the other hand, if he keeps the caveman speech in there, he risks alienating the majority of the people who are going to go see this film.

    As far as the character designs/redos go – they are spot on IMHO.

    • Hopefully, the Dinobots’ speech pattern will be like it was in the video game, Fall of Cybertron.

  8. Thank you. I’m glad you guys did this, but I was hoping for you guys to post Drift’s design and Lockdown’s face as well. Regardless, people finally are up-to-date.

  9. Wake me when the transformers leave Earth and the story is told on Cybertron or intergalactic space. I have zero interest in the comedic storylines built around the silly humans on earth.

    • You’re gonna be sleeping for a very long time.

    • Right! I want a TRANSFORMERS movie, not a Humans and the Transformers film. The Transformers have so much source material, why do they have to create this utter nonsense! Its alien robots that turn into cars! I would expect this from a “Gobots” film, but I’m convinced they want to ruin these characters.

      • The movies are on Earth and humans will continue to be apart of the story as long as so. Accept it and get over it. The Transformers get a lot of screen time for the incredibly expensive CGI rendering.

        • Wow devistation you show just how ignorant you really are. Stop talking now or just continue to babble and prove me right…

          • How is that ignorant? He’s right. Throughout all of the Transformers shows, humans have always been there. It’s ludicrous to get mad at the cinematic universe just because they give humans roles just like the various cartoons do.

      • That awkward moment when a Gobots movie transforms into a moon and eclipses any transformer movie in the box office.

      • How about you quit pretending that the G1 series did not take place on earth. There was a whole 2 minutes on Cybertron in the first espisode. Get over it, 99% of Transformers source material takes place ON EARTH WITH HUMANS. Did you even watch the show?

    • Seriously, someone needs to hire you to write this piece of junk. A movie that revolves around a civil war on Cybertron, would be crazy epic. Remember the first scenes in T3, showing a brief moment of fighting on Cybertron? Man, if only Hollywood stop with this same-ole formula…it’s getting old and boring. They need to make it as epic as the animated series was.

  10. When did decepticons become bowser(abducting cute girls), which happened in 3 as well.

  11. Marky Mark should build an iron man hulk buster type suit and kick all of the transformers a$$es.

  12. Me Grimlock!
    So excited, bring on the trailer.

  13. Grimlock looks bad-ass, love it. New Bumblebee robot looks cool. But I cannot stand that Camaro. Hideous. It was cool in the first movie, now it’s just boring, for me. I’m thinking the new 2014 Beetle looks cool enough to be used now, doesn’t it? I understand why it wasn’t use back 2007, but the new car has attitude. One can always dream.

    • Volkswagen has severe policies regarding the use of their cars as “War Toys”, so it would have to be as a knockoff volkswagen.

      Given that GM has practically been willing to pay paramount for the advertising these films bring in, and given Bay’s dislike of the source material, the status quo will continue for the foreseeable future. :/

      • it has nothing to do with Volkswagen, they used a Audi R8 which is owned by VW

        GM basically threw cash at them to promote the new Camaro which sucked because majority of the vehicles featured in the movie are GM and don’t resemble the original cars.

        google Volkswagen Bugster that is what they should be using for Bumblebee if they cared about the source material.

  14. I expect the same performance out of Nicola Peltz that she gave in The Last Airbender. She was put in this movie for the blossoming hotness. Michael Bay will turn her into the next Megan Fox, guaranteed.

  15. The Bayformers series has been a let down so far, i hope this one is good but my expectations are pretty low.

  16. Grimlock transform into a backpack?

  17. Bumblebee has a pick tankard crotch. What the heck is going on here!? He must be looking pretty deep into that Lambo(Lady?)for sure. He digs it, I can tell.

    • Lol. My bad. Forgot Grimlock was the Lambo…wow…I feel pretty dumb now…(SR get edit comment option ASAP, I might need it…)

  18. I am not 12 and cannot watch stuff for 12 year olds, I will hope Giaking live action will be more adult centered and will wait for that!!!


  20. I just hope and pray he gives the transformers alot more screen time in this movie. First 3 were mainly about Sam shitwickee and his pathetic life. ie his first car his first girlfriend, his college life, him getting a job and O yeah almost forgot him killing star scream with a rope of some sort. Totally was upset. Almost cried when side swipe only got 3 min screen time. Please bay don’t mess it up

  21. Was hoping transformers would get a chance to get more screen time. Totally fed up watching humans dominate the story line. Watching Sam kill star scream was hilarious. They should not call these movies transformers. I hate the way bay has gone with this.

    • It IS their universe. As long as Hasbro is involved, it’s Transformers. They’ve gotten a lot of screen time anyways.