New ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Images, Set Photos & Plot Details

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transformers age extinction images New Transformers: Age of Extinction Images, Set Photos & Plot Details

After making three Transformers movies in a row, director Michael Bay decided that he needed a break from giant robots and went and developed a film about bulky Florida residents, with the true-story bodybuilder crime drama/comedy, Pain & Gain. Bay has since returned to the world of Autobots and Deceptions, with his upcoming installment Transformers: Age of Extinction scheduled to arrive in Summer 2014.

Official images featuring the brand-new human cast in Age of Extinction – a partial reboot of the Transformers live-action movie franchise - and Optimus Prime’s tweaked design in the film (complete with a nifty new sword) have dropped over the past couple months, but today we have a whole batch of images and behind the scenes photos from the project.

Obviously, at this stage, animation on the eponymous CGI players (which includes the fan-favorite Dinobot additions) is a far ways from being finished, so its just going to be attractive humans and shiny four-wheeled vehicles on the menu for now. Even so, there is the amusing sight of Michael Bay wielding a green screen prop that looks like a cross between a bulldozer claw and trident (which shall become part of a Transformer during post-production… one presumes, anyway) at newcomer cast member Nicola Peltz (Bates Motel), among other spectacles on set.

Check out the full set of Transformers: Age of Extinction images – including the one that dropped earlier this week – in the gallery below (via Empire Magazine):


Empire reports that events are set in motion in Age of Extinction by the inventor Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), who inadvertently stumbles upon a buried Transformer, at a time when the alien robots have been MIA since the destruction of downtown Chicago in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Beyond that, we have Peltz as Wahlberg’s daughter, Tessa, and Jack Reynor (Delivery Man) as her racing driver boyfriend Shane, who (apparently) daddy Marky Mark doesn’t know about. Meanwhile, Kelsey Grammar (The Expendables 3) is taking on the role of untrustworthy G-man Harold Attinger, Stanley Tucci (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) and Sophia Myles (MI-5) play a geologist and his assistant – who are interested in prehistoric Transformer technology no doubt – and, finally, Li Bingbing (Resident Evil: Retribution) as “the CEO of the Chinese Transformers.” (Okay…)

michael bay transformers 4 age extinction New Transformers: Age of Extinction Images, Set Photos & Plot Details

Honestly, most of these screenplay elements by Ehren Kruger (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) feel rather cookie-cutter, after the previous three Transformers movies. At least the first Transformers movie had a decent coming of age subtext to reel you in, even if it was secondary to the action and robots smashing one another silly. Moreover, in the post-Pacific Rim world, it’s all the less excusable for this breed of blockbuster to not have (at the least) a respectable human story at its core.

Then again – it is still immense shape-changing robots destroying one another (and the scenery) in 3D, so that’s reason enough for many to give Age of Extinction a go. And now, Bay is even starting to hint that this might not be his last Transformers movie after all (big shock, we know), having told Empire that “Well, it’s a director’s world… It’s a franchise world at the moment. You know, Peter Jackson is still in Middle-earth…”

Bay has also reiterated his previous claim that Age of Extinction will be more serious and sophisticated than previous Transformers installments, having told Yahoo! Movies:

“I wanted the first Transformers to be very suburban and less cool. This is a much more cinematic one. I focused on keeping this one slick. There won’t be any goofiness in this one. We went a bit too goofy [on the last one].”

For more, read the full Yahoo! set report.


Transformers: Age of Extinction opens in 2D and 3D theaters on June 27th, 2014.

Source: Empire

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  1. Wow, no Bay bashing comments yet? I’m surprised.

    I really hope he’ll stick to his promise of being less goofy, but he also said that about the third. I think I’ll wait for reviews before seeing this in theatres, even though I’ll be really curious and know me seeing it in theatres or not won’t really stop this film from making close to a billion or more.

  2. Bay said they went “too goofy” with Transformers 2, and that the third would take all of that out and be more serious. Did we get that? Not at all. Should we seriously believe that with Transformers 4 now he’s telling the truth?

    • Comparatively, Dark of the Moon had less goof than Revenge of the Fallen. Not by much, but still.

  3. Nope, still don’t care about this film!

    • But yet you still clicked and checked out the article. Passive aggressive trolling at it’s finest.

      • I’m NOT trolling! I’m just not interested in the sequel.

        • Then why did you click on the damn article in the first place?

          • Maybe there was interest before reading the article. Quit being a tool bag.

            • Perhaps. Maybe he thought something would be found in the article that would make him change his mind. Still, if he initially had no interest in TF4, why would he think something in another article about said topic could change his opinion on the film? Just wondering.

              • For me I was really hoping for something to change my mind… I’ll wait for the Blu-Ray

                • Good for you, buddy. I’ll be catching it in theaters. I can’t wait!

  4. “There won’t be any goofiness in this one. We went a bit too goofy [on the last one]“

    Oh, you mean the last one that you promised would be a lot darker than the goofy second one? Guess how much I trust your “slickness” promise now. ;)

  5. “Moreover, in the post-Pacific Rim era, it’s all the less excusable for this breed of blockbuster to not have (at the least) a respectable human story at its core.”

    I hope this movie is NOTHING like Pacific Rim because PR was awful. AWFUL.

    • I liked Pacific Rim just fine Mattman but I agree there is no “Post-Pacific Rim Era”. It’s not like it’s being lauded as a fantastic story, actually it’s just the opposite as the general consensus.

      Visuals were amazing though.

    • pacific rim was awesome what are you talking about

    • sadly, i agree PR was awful. I wanted it to be great, but for me, it was rather boring.

  6. These are fun action movies. Can’t wait for more.

  7. i dont care about this film, but i’ll go see it anyway because i’m retarded

    • If you don’t care about a film, why would you go see it? You’re obviously going to see it because you’re a fan of the films or enjoy them to some extent. It has nothing to do with being allegedly “retarded”. It’s about personal preference, not mental retardation.

    • don’t be part of the problem

    • People need to understand that Transformers is first-and-foremost a franchise about robotic alien organisms in an eon-long civil war, with Earth having an inextricable link to their home world and history. A human element is found in all three films, yet it is blockaded by the extravagant mythology surrounding the Transformers. I agree, the first film had decent characterization (thus, making it the best of the trilogy upon further reasons as well). The sequel, in my mind, is better in some ways than the third, mostly because of the dialogue between the Transformers and humans alike, yet the toilet humor, goofiness, and hypersexual tone were some of the many problems, along with the obvious plot holes. The story was decent (with some discrepancies) up until they landed in Egypt.

    • Also, to compare Transformers to Pacific Rim is blasphemy. Sure, the two films involve giant robots, but one contains human-manufactured robots and one involves aliens.

  8. As long as Transformers 4 is more like the first instead of the second and third, that’s fine with me. I certainly HOPE that the humor, the characterization, and dialogue is all like the first had presented; humorous, decent, and golden, respectively. Starting off to a partial “fresh start” hopefully entitles they are headed back around to the way the first was created (but I doubt at times with comments like Bay’s at the end of this article). However, seeing as how Ehren Kruger is writing again and Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have taken a hiatus from the cinematic movies as it appears, I’m tied between being excited and yet worried about the film. Just please, let it obtain positive critical reception and appease to fans.

  9. please don’t say Pain & Gain is a true story, not only was the movie awful – but it wasn’t even close to the actual story.

    That being said, this movie looks horrible just like the past three. Bay makes some of the worst movies ever to be put to film.

    • Because you can definitely determine whether a movie will be horrible or not based on a couple of behind-the-scenes pictures, small plot details, and the unveiling of the key elements in the movie (the cars the Transformers turn into). Pain & Gain wasn’t my type of film either, but there’s no reason to bash Transformers 4 when we know little to nothing about it.

      • i don’t need to watch you take a dump to know it’s sh*t. this movie will be crap like all of Bay’s filmography, what, do you think he will magically get talent?

        • He obviously has talent to have gotten where he is today in the film industry. He makes movies people want to see, there’s no doubt or denying that, and millions of people LOVE seeing these Transformers films (hence having more than 26 million fans and holding sixth place for highest-grossing films of all time). Bay bashers are just fueled by the negative acclaim his movies receive from critics (or their own personal preferences, but that’s highly dubious), but there’s actually time taken to make his films. Upon saying that, I will reiterate my previous statement: We can not determine whether this film will be good or bad when we know little to nothing about it. Why compare his preceding projects to his current ones? They could completely differentiate from one another.

          • If he had talent, his movies would probably reach above 70% on Rotten Tomatoes, right? He’s horrible, and has even said this himself I only make movies for teenage boys

            His movies are mindless. Nothing fantastical about them.

            Transformers 4 will literally be no different from the last 3 Transformers, and they’ll get critically panned just as those ones have.

      • Rock helps any movie along. He gets utilized well in the roles he plays and he knows how to “Bring It” haha

      • it’s true, a dose of Rock is always good

  10. I expect this to be slightly better than the last two but I don’t think he’s fooling anyone with his comments. Nicola Peltz is gonna blow up after this though.

  11. Meh.

    that said, I will still see it. But unless I hear it is the Treansformers movie I am still waiting for… I will be seeing it on Blu-Ray, not in the theaters.

    • So, basically Ehren Kruger? I mostly want to point the finger at him a majority of the time. You can tell those nostalgic moments came severely close to dying out upon Alex Kurtzman’s and Roberto Orci’s hiatus from the cinematic films.

        • Ugh, Skids and Mudflap. Terrible characters and humongous stereotypes. However, I enjoyed Wheelie and his little Brooklyn accent.

          • Wheelie was funny but if you put everything ontop of him it all gets annoying, especially Jetfire wasn’t he a autobot in the originals? i remeber having the toy

            • I agree about Wheelie. Yes, Jetfire was initially an Autobot in the G1 universe. However, this is a different incarnation (therefore, shouldn’t be compared to previous versions), and I assume they were paying an homage to the G1 version of Jetfire by having him switch sides to the Autobots. I enjoyed him as well, even though he was one of the new characters that was hardly in the film.

  12. I want michale bay to cameo in a transformers movie just to kill himself off. I would pay to see that!

  13. Transformers 1 was very good. But the next couple of movies were very disappointing. Especially 2 was just irritating. Hope bay comes back this time with a good entertaining movie with some heart in it as far as the characters are concerned. It should not be the usual father-daughter-boyfriend-rebel story which we have seen numerous times. Lets wait and watch. We know Bay will deliver the action, but what about the story and content.

  14. theres been three Transformers now. you either like them or you dont. you know exactly what youre gonna get so theres no excuse for moaning about it. its like getting a ham and pineapple pizza then moaning its got ham on it. and pineapple lol.

  15. The bottom line is millions will see this movie. Including everyone on these comment boards. Nuff said.

    • Absolutely 100% true!

  16. The main difference with Pacific Rim and the live- action Transformers films is that Pacific Rim treats its giant mecha with respect; they’re elegant, majestic saviours. While Transformers has racist rednecks.

    • Stop comparing Transformers to Pacific Rim. The two are completely different from one another. Sure, they both deal with giant robots, but one has human-manufactured robots and the other contains alien robotic organisms. Besides, Transformers has a more complex mythology than Pacific Rim has.

  17. Everybody always have something to say about every transformers movie Michael Bay made and as far as I can see he make a crap load of money so i say if u don’t like don’t go see it because no matter what it’s still going to make money period! !!!