Transformers 3 Villain, Story Details & 3D Confirmation

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transformers 3 updates Transformers 3 Villain, Story Details & 3D Confirmation

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was a pretty big disappointment last summer. After the first movie debuted in 2007 to launch a massive film franchise and re-ignite Hasbro’s merchandise toylines, we hoped Michael Bay would take the criticisms of his first summer Robot explosion party and improve upon it for the sequel.

Needless to say, our hopes were dashed and we instead were treated to a rushed and convoluted movie which increased on the problems of the first Transformers. Going forward, it’s hard for our expectations on Transformers 3 to sink any lower and Michael Bay seemingly understands this.

For that reason, Bay is admitting to some of the problems of Transformers 2 and is willing to accept some of the criticism, while offering his plan of how to bring back some love for the Cybertronians in TF3.

“I’ll take some of the criticism… It was very hard to put (the sequel) together that quickly after the writers’ strike (of 2007-08).”

The strike certainly explains the scenes with Sam Witwicky’s (Shia LaBeouf) mom getting drugged up on campus and the dog humping shots…

Fixing the Franchise

So, what will Transformers 3 do differently to win back fans and deliver something new for the franchise? According to Bay, there’s no more of the childish forced humor and many characters will be killed off. And when they say characters will die in Transformers 3, they mean no more resurrections (a la Megatron and Optimus Prime).

Michael Bay already informed the world a month ago that the film-ruining characters of Skids and Mudflap (the twins) would not be back for Transformers 3 and that’s a big step forward. But in this latest interview with USA Today, Bay revises what he says about them to, “they’re basically gone.” It seems pretty evident that the characters will only cameo before being quickly killed off. At least we hope that’s the case.

The Story of Transformers 3

The story of Transformers 3 also promises to bring an interesting plot centered around the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States, hinting that there was some alien influence guiding what happened in one of the most notable aspects of the Cold War.

“The movie is more of a mystery… It ties in what we know as history growing up as kids with what really happened.”

Let me guess; The Apollo 11 command craft, Columbia, is an Autobot!

Continue to Page 2 to find out who the villain of Transformers 3 along with confirmation that the movie is coming in 3D!

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  1. ooooh i havent read any of the new dinobot stuff that sounds really cool

    but also i actually really enjoyed megan fox’s performance in the last two films.

    i dont know actually i think shes a pretty good actress and im not sure why people dont think she cant act i mean seriously you work with the material you have got and with all the material she has had id say shes pretty damn good. i think she was amazing in the first transformers movie and i really like the beginning scene where shes with her boyfriend and he tells her he doesnt want her grinding his rims lol
    and honestly any actress playing her role probably would do the same quality of work she did if they said the exact same lines.
    rosie huntington whitely playing mikaela would be ok i guess but i really got attached to megan fox as mikaela and i hope its not awkward for her to be gone. i hope she at least will have a cameo. or maybe shockwave will kill her as part of his plan to destroy the autobot’s spirit by making sam all depressed…that might be interesting to see. but then again it would REALLY detract from the robot action and make it more about the humans which most people agree is kind of lame.

    I’ve never really seen shockwave fight too often though is he a badass or not? and whats he like in the comics?

  2. i’d really like to see ratchet heal someone like prime or iron hide then get killed so the autobots no longer have that advantage. in war there are casulties and im hoping a bunch of people die to give the story some realism underneath the fantasy of giant robots

  3. Great News regarding Shockwave, but will he look as messy as Megatron in design?

  4. i want to see devastator crush those twins and smash up some autobots. also lets see soundwave fight,and get prowl in there.

    • sorry no more twins as of michael bay

  5. I’m expecting to see UNICRON! A planet devouring mean robot! this is really war between worlds

  6. I may be wrong, but didn’t Bay test the 3D stuff and didn’t like it. Second we all seen what a movie that gets 3D in post….Horrible. Bay just say no.

  7. I was thinking more like just say no to Bay

    or friends don’t let friends watch Bay films

    or Dare to keep kids of Bay movies

    or the classic egg breaking ” this is ur brain ( bam bash) this is ur brain on Bay films”

  8. I hope Shockwave will be the same as in the 80′s animated series, he always did seem like compitition for Soundwave when it came to loyality to Megatron. Someone at work told me theres plans for a Transformers 4 already so i wonder if Bay plans to kill off both Megatron & Optimus Prime for good to make wave for new leaders such maybe Megatron rebuilt as Galvatron & ULtra-Magnus or Hotrod takin Prime’s place in command. After hearing about Silverbot in the film, i hope all the Aerialbots will be in it and combine to take on Devastator or maybe their enemies, the Stunticons/Menasor.

  9. They need to do a lot to improve of the last one. Shockwave is going in the right direction, so is massacring the Twins, now just kill off some humans and robots during the 2 hour movie and it should be good.

  10. I know this movie is going to still stink but darn it the prospect of seeing those two idiotic mini coopers die(preferably in some horrible, horrible manner) is really hard to turn down.

    • As much as I hate Megatron, having him rip those 2 to pieces is a dream come true.

      • Third-ed.

  11. I tell you this much i hope that there is no filth like there was in the last one,, what young kids where watching in that last disgusting transformers 2 was sick. Exposing kids os young to such utter filth is too below the belt, transformers transformed2 should have been renamed transporners. It was a down right horrid and if michael bay has any sense to stop this evil sexual hinted stuff in a film that has a very very young audiance watching it. I can tell you this much mr bay you have a gift and a talent use it well, use it wisely, use it with meaningful creativity,, detph of story,, you can do much better than transformers 2, you have the cash, you have the expertise, you have the team, do a decent job on this next transformers 3, in the first one you where really onto something good, it had mystery, it had depth, vision, magic, i know that your best its still to come, this third film os going to be better, that the last one is going to be so distant, so keep it clean, dont let the rust of lust spoil it your better than that.

    • don’t blame Bay if kids saw TF2 – blame the parents, the MPAA if you disagree with the rating, but remember it is PG-13 (not meant for “young kids”) and alot of that humor was childish teenage humor. blame Bay if you didn’t like the movie because of the humor, but don’t blame him if kids see it

      I remember this same bs debate over Burton’s Batman movies.

      It still boggles me why Americans fuss over sexual humor no matter how trivial but it’s perfectly ok for “heroes” of these movies to kill other people left and right (GI Joe anyone?).

      I’d rather see more giant robots and no dog humping too

  12. Unicron VS Galactus ????

  13. Ugh overly religious people annoy me. Golly gee slightly dirty humor we are all going to hell my gosh.

  14. @Daniel F: it wasn’t “slightly dirty humor” that was the issue. “dirty” can be loads of fun, and there is ample proof of that around. the problem with Transformers 2 wasn’t the dirtiness of the humor, it was the incredibly, inescapably, pathetically, abysmal QUALITY of the humor. It literally sounded like it had been written by a depraved grade-school student.

    • well said

  15. Believe me I understand that Mike but my response was directed at Galla who wasn’t refering to the humor sucking but how dirty it was I was commenting oh here ” oh my stars what about the children ” response. Going as far as to call it Evil and Transporners was so over the top. Of course I’m not sure what upsets me more the whine we are all going to hell religious attitude or saying Bay has a gift unless u mean gifted at making bad movies.

  16. I only loved Transformers because of Megan Fox and the bots. However, since Megan Fox is not in this one and how bad Revenge Of The Fallen was I will give this one a miss.

    • dude don’t give it a miss…. this may be having shockwavw as the last villain,but bay neva said he won’t introduce unicorn… have faith…TF3 is the last part…. it is a trilogy and i am sure that the trilogy will end in an epic way….

  17. Instead of innocent skids and mudflap leaving….Michael Bay can exit the film. Now, that’s the RIGHT thing to do! Thumbs up to you Megan!

  18. Words cant describe how much I hate these films for ruining probably my earliest and fondest childhood memories

    All Bay has to do is watch the 1986 cartoon film and translate it DIRECTLY into a live action film and it will be the first step toward redemption of this horrible franchise

    • Exactly! When I first heard of Transformers, I thought of the 1986 movie in live-action. With the amount of technical expertise Bay has (we have to admit he does have that), why not just create an all CGI movie with humans just being the voice of the robots? The money for the CGI would be extreme but since you won’t be giving $20 million, $10 million, etc… to actors, it should be a good balance financially. This could be a great Unicron movie.

      • You got the touch! You got the poweeeeeer, YEAH!!

        It’s a close tie to which version of Wheelie is more annoying, the *^ animated or ROTF

  19. Ok. I have been a fan of Transformers since the beginning. I had all the toys and still have quite a few of them. I have every season of the G1 series and the original movie. My question is this. Have you guys sat down and watched the original cartoon recently? It may be a classic but it does NOT hold up well. LOL Yeah, it was a Huge part of my childhood but, honestly, it’s pretty darn awful. If Bay were to make a movie 100% true to the source material it would be far worse than ROTF. I’ll take a somewhat bad movie to no movie at all. I mean come on, Peter Cullen back as Optimus is good enough for me.

    • I agree. Seeing the original designs would look ridiculous in live-action. People whine and say Bay “ruined” (I don’t see how the films could ruin the franchise, when you could just not watch them) the franchise, but forget that every director that was offered to make the film turned it down because they didn’t think it would be marketable. If it weren’t for Bay, then they wouldn’t have gotten them period.

      The original series just isn’t fun to watch anymore. The only show I can watch over is the ‘Beast Wars’ cartoon and the films.

    • finally someone says the same thing I’ve been asying about both movies for the last 3 years. The G1 cartoon is pretty cheesy today, and I don’t know why people expected a G1 movie (it is NOT G1 nor is it meant to be).

      (not sure if you were going here but I will) if Bay had made the movie like the series, with dramatic dialogue between CGI TFs, it would have failed miserably. Have a strong human lead character and then TFs fighting for the action scenes. Don’t really need the dog humping, but that’s a different matter

      • That’s one of the main things. I mean, I could have sex with the concept pages for Transformers. It’s unbelievable what these artists have taken from literally primary colored cubes.

        If you want Transformers that look like boxes, sure why not. But in rl? OHOHOHONO THANK YOU. I prefer Bayformer camaro over a bug any day.

  20. It all sounded good until you droped the bomd, post production 3D. He should shoot the movie in 3D from the begining.

  21. oof shoot

  22. In Bay I trust!!!

  23. ill say this once and ill say it again

    im pretty sure bay wouldnt go the post production 3d route unless he found a company that has made a major breakthrough in the technology.

  24. I think post prod. 3D is starting to phase out anyway. There are too many small theaters that just don’t have the money to convert their equipment to 3D

  25. starscream is still alive after the fallen episode. Maybe in part3 he can be ripped into pieces by AERIAL Bots. Revival or appearance of the DINOBOTS can be a highlight while smashing down Shockwave. TF2 is a lousy episode.

  26. why do you get annoyed by the religious sentiments, you know were not all going to hell, and i did not mean that, sure i am incapable of knowing such things. Were all human, we all got feet of clay, but i am just sick of the over sexed in films and the media,, it always going to be there lets face it thats the reality of it.. media folk are going to produce what others and myself don’t agree with and there is nothing we can do about it, but only make an opinion that is all we can do and leave it at that.

    I am just stating my views and i get things wrong sometimes, I am aware that there are some who hate the holy than thou, attitude plus i do too, if i came across that was not my intention. Its just so important to state the Devine with God we would never have some of the greatest films, God inspires the great stories that become film, Jesus was a great story teller,, and His stories have inspired some of the greatest films and songs.

    I just taught when i saw transformers 2 i was so let down, by it and one of the factors was the slight sexual stuff in it.. but there was more that bombed t2, the story was weak, it was rushed,, etc we all have our views and i look forward to the next transformers.

  27. Well, I think paying attention to the rating of a movie will solve all your problems. If you don’t want sexual humor, go see a PG rated movie. That’s really all you can do. That’s what the system was created for. If you don’t want to see it then don’t see the movie.

    • The point is that Transformers is based on a line of kids’ toys and will therefor attract kids to see it – so why put that crap in a movie when it adds NOTHING to the story?


      • Er, nowadays most of us stupid grubby little children don’t even know that there was a Transformers cartoon. For the most part, the kids that watched Transformers were all grown up by the time Bay shat out TF1. See? No problem.

  28. I would say to Michael Bay, FOCUS ON THE ROBOTS! Not with the human characters. This is Tranformers the Movie and not “Sam Witwicky and the Transformers! featuring Mikhaela Banes……” just cut the sexy things and lousy green humor. They are not funny actually! Kids are also watching the film.

    • ya man u are right!!! this movie should be serious…… and if this movie is goin into space surely sam witwicky and mikaela should get lost in the space and never come back again….. or optimus must tell sam to stay on earth…. n if he doesn’t listen to optimus then he should kill him with a punch on his face…..

  29. you know i think the third film should be rated R

    what are your thoughts?

    my logic is the true fans of transformers are actually much older and can deal with the mature content.

    i understand that along with the 25th aniversary of transformers that they were trying to get more kids into the series. but i think the movies would be far better if they were rated R