Transformers 3 Villain, Story Details & 3D Confirmation

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transformers 3 updates Transformers 3 Villain, Story Details & 3D Confirmation

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was a pretty big disappointment last summer. After the first movie debuted in 2007 to launch a massive film franchise and re-ignite Hasbro’s merchandise toylines, we hoped Michael Bay would take the criticisms of his first summer Robot explosion party and improve upon it for the sequel.

Needless to say, our hopes were dashed and we instead were treated to a rushed and convoluted movie which increased on the problems of the first Transformers. Going forward, it’s hard for our expectations on Transformers 3 to sink any lower and Michael Bay seemingly understands this.

For that reason, Bay is admitting to some of the problems of Transformers 2 and is willing to accept some of the criticism, while offering his plan of how to bring back some love for the Cybertronians in TF3.

“I’ll take some of the criticism… It was very hard to put (the sequel) together that quickly after the writers’ strike (of 2007-08).”

The strike certainly explains the scenes with Sam Witwicky’s (Shia LaBeouf) mom getting drugged up on campus and the dog humping shots…

Fixing the Franchise

So, what will Transformers 3 do differently to win back fans and deliver something new for the franchise? According to Bay, there’s no more of the childish forced humor and many characters will be killed off. And when they say characters will die in Transformers 3, they mean no more resurrections (a la Megatron and Optimus Prime).

Michael Bay already informed the world a month ago that the film-ruining characters of Skids and Mudflap (the twins) would not be back for Transformers 3 and that’s a big step forward. But in this latest interview with USA Today, Bay revises what he says about them to, “they’re basically gone.” It seems pretty evident that the characters will only cameo before being quickly killed off. At least we hope that’s the case.

The Story of Transformers 3

The story of Transformers 3 also promises to bring an interesting plot centered around the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States, hinting that there was some alien influence guiding what happened in one of the most notable aspects of the Cold War.

“The movie is more of a mystery… It ties in what we know as history growing up as kids with what really happened.”

Let me guess; The Apollo 11 command craft, Columbia, is an Autobot!

Continue to Page 2 to find out who the villain of Transformers 3 along with confirmation that the movie is coming in 3D!

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  1. does anyone remember the first teaser trailer for transformers were that satelite landed on moon or mars i think and then this transformer showed up…well it could tie to that a little

  2. This could be good. If the story is good then i’m in

  3. I don’t see how Shockwave would make a good villain unless they make some major modifications to him but other than that it sounds like the movie will be a blast. Can’t wait till 7.1.11

  4. The 3-D cash cow plague continues. IF I go to see this, it will be in the regular 2-D.

  5. Oh man I really wanted to see Unicron in this movie, but Shockwave is a good choice as well. I home this movie isn’t ruined by the Victoria’s Secret model though i mean Bay could’ve at least gotten an actress with some skills.

    • no skills is better than megan fox could do…

      • lol

      • False.

    • @”I home this movie isn’t ruined by the Victoria’s Secret model though i mean Bay could’ve at least gotten an actress with some skills.”

      That doesn’t matter. Whiteley is cast for the same reason Fox was, eye candy. All Bay has done is replace a hot woman who can’t act with another hot woman who we assume can’t act.

  6. the idea of a transformers movie made me think” this is dumb” then i saw the Mars teaser and thought it would be an epic, seeing as how shia said it was his lord of the rings… maybe this movie can satisfy the 15 year old that saw that mars teaser…

    • I bet Bay will incorporate Unicron somehow, probably give him the same treatment Devastator received.

      • Which was an awful treatment.

        Devastator had no purpose in TF2 at all.

        • Lol,you’re reaching. Honestly. His purpose was to not only fight,but
          was to destroy the pyramid so the sun harvester could be used.

        • Are you one of those guys who needs everything spelled out for them?
          If you are,then I understand. Sort of.

        • Devastator was completely wasted in the film. He served a purpose, but very little. It was very sad seeing the Decepticon monster get beat by The Twins.

          If Bay gave Unicron the same treatment as Devastator, then I don’t even want to see the character brought in. As for Shockwave being the villain, I love the character, but can’t see him taking on Optimus or Megatron. Has anyone else noticed that Bay has been wasting the main villains in the films? Megatron didn’t get enought screentime in the first film and “The Fallen” had only ten minutes (total) on screen. I just hope that doens’t happen this time.

          • The twins didn’t beat Devastator. Devastator got destroyed when Agent Simmons gave his coordinates to one of the warships with the Rail Gun.

            • I didn’t say the killed him(?), but The Twins did give Devastator a beating.

  7. what’s this talk of “who’s the villain” in the TF movies? How about the DECEPTICONS!? Then again, Shockwave is a Decepticon, so I stand corrected.

    Maybe there will be more to do on Cybertron this time, since in the 80′s cartoon (and most comics runs i believe) Shockwave was exclusively based on Cybertron rather than Earth

  8. It does sound intersesting, still not sold on the movie though and I can definetely do without the new love interest here. Was kinda hoping for something epic though, like the Decepticons and Autobots teaming up because something is threatening to destroy them both like in X2.

  9. Not to mention they’ve also locked in a voice actor. James Avery (Uncle Phil, the Shredder in the original TMNT cartoon) will be voicing the autobot Silverbolt.

  10. Uh Shockwave was never second in command, Starscream was, and when he wasn’t Soundwave is.

  11. Some of the Blame? Bay deserves all of the blame. The only way a film about the Transformers could be mildly entertaining is removing Bay. I don’t think a movie about the Transformers could ever be good because it’s such a dumb concept but it could be a mildly entertaining franchise worth viewing if they removed that horrible director. Bay could take a brilliant concept and make an idiotic movie.

  12. Hopefully Bay has learned from his Many mistakes with the last movie. And am I the only one who thought Soundwave deserved more screen time in ROTF? It seems like Bay used him and Ravage simply as fanservice.

    • The same was for Devastator.

  13. Thanks for picking my Shockwave art for this article. Most people don’t bother crediting me either, so thank you for that as well! :)
    If they’re using Shockwave as a main villain I’m hoping he’s in opposition to Megatron; he was always much more fun in the comics as Megatron’s rival for Decepticon leadership, than as the lackey he was portrayed as in the cartoons.

  14. 3rd time should be the charm.

    • i disagree with you sir…….

  15. Post-production 3D again. I hope nobody sees it in 3D. One way or the other I feel that this film will have potential an dwill make money no matter what regardless of how bad the 2nd film was; which was pretty bad I must say. The first film, although nothing close to fantastic, was fun and that is what I expect out of the 3rd. If you go into these films with teh expectations that the film will be an oscar winner then you will be in foor a world of dissapointment. But if you go in looking to have some fun then I think you will be fine. I think that Bay and Lebeouf have it takes to bring this 3rd film back to par and salvage the franchise.

  16. I dunno why people were disappointed with the second one. There were more locations, more fighting, less tight-angles than the first, and actually attempted a plot. You knew what you were getting into after seeing the first!

    Listen, you can expect more of the same with Transformers 3; and shame on you if you’re expecting something better. (Fool me once and all that). Great idea having T3 in 3D; it’d really be beneficial for the type of movie this is (just eye candy). Plus we get it in 16:9 :D

    • im not expecting anything from it, which is why im not gonna be seeing it lol

  17. The fact that Bay has fessed up to some things is a big step; how many producers would do that?

    As for Soundwave as the villinaa, great move. This keeps the main focus with characters we are familiat with unliek the FALLEN and the personality diff with Soundwave offers up some interesting options. I imagine that since Bay has said characters will die that some how wel will see Megatron killed and quite possibly by Soundwave. Perhaps after being fed up with Megatrons half-arsed shcemes fialing and his constant love-hate relationship with STar Scream, Soundwave walks in on the 2 while they are arguing and kills them both and walks off leaving teh rest of the Decepticons with dumb looks on their robotic faces.

    I do hope he does some mega robot thing like Devestator because that was vissulay cool.

  18. I thought ROTF was pretty good,some people are just so damn sensitive.
    It could have done without some stupid humor,like Jetfire farting especially.

  19. I watched the original series in the 80′s ..I don’t remember Shockwave at all…

    I agree with Rob though they did waste Devastator and Jetfire in ROTF..I would like to see Omega Supreme and the Dinobots make a big appearance in the film though

    • Jetfire wasn’t completely wasted,a side from fighting and dying,he
      helped Sam and the others get to the Matrix of leadership with the spacebridge and also helped Prime defeat the Fallen after he took the Matrix of leadership from him.

  20. Like greenknight, I don’t remember a Shockwave, but I do remember Soundwave. Soundwave, in the cartoon, was analytical and was third in command behind Starscream. But he didn’t turn into a cannon, he turned into a boombox. Hopefully this will make up for the last film (Transformers 3: We Apologize :-) ).

  21. Not gonna lie, I will not see this movie. Revenge of the Fallen disappointed me so much, I almost walked out. I sat there texting all of my friends throughout the entire movie telling them not to see it

    • i agree with you gaebik, i dont even have the second movie on dvd, as i was no fan of it at all, the ending battle was too long, too drawn out.

  22. ok first off guys
    SHOCKWAVE and SOUNDWAVE are different robots even though they are both communications experts

    SOUNDwave=blue robot rarely fought mostly was used as a tactical advantage/spy using ravage and air razor (the bird thing)

    SHOCKwave=the purple robot that would primarily be on cybertron and would do things like open space bridges for the decepticons on earth.

    sidenote the story of revenge of the fallen actually makes perfect sense if your a die hard fan because its an ommage to when megatron would always try to harvest the earth’s energy and turn it into energon cubes. that was the point of destroying the sun in ROTF. also the mountains of petra were uber badass and i believe only one other film crew was able to shoot there in all of history…so thats pretty cool but im getting off subject

    michael bay is by far the most technically advanced director next to james cameron and in my opinion is arguably more technically advanced than cameron (watch ROTF speacial features dvd and try to tell me different)

    my point is that he is super focused on making the film the way HE WANTS IT and does NOT settle for less when it comes to technology. he is also technology jaded which is why ROTF still is technically the biggest accomplishment ILM has ever done. michael bay would never let the 3D be crappy in this movie ever. for a while he hated the 3D approach and has said that its gimmicky. the guy is soo rich that money would not be a motivator for him so im thinking that he found an amazing 3D conversion company and if he doesnt think they are doing theyre job id bet dollars to doughnuts that he will pull the plug on it and get into a fight with the studio over it.

  23. SHOCKWAVE AWESOME at least they r sticking with origanals in TF3 as far as TF2 the story wasn’t bad at all though they took the humor a little too far made everything bigger (aka devastator)witch I think was pretty awesome I think most charactors didn’t have enough screen time (soundwave) but with another TF movie on the way hopefully soundwave will get his share of the action as well as more new additions to the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS

  24. Air Razor was a Predacon. Soundwave had two tapes that turned into birds Lazerbeak and Buzzsaw. Lazerbeak was the cartoon favorite and most used for aerial surveillance and espionage.

  25. My additions to this one would be a set of Autobot combiners that didnt result in a massive mindless beast. Omega Supreme would be my first pick, leading to a trip with Sam, New Love Intrest, and the Military, to Cybertron. One problem with Cybertron, atmosphere. Will it have any for the humans? But as it seems Silverbolt has been on the boards as a new addition, then one could assume that we might see Aerialbots and a possible forming of their combiner Superion. Not my first choice but perfectly acceptable. However with Omega Supreme they could delve a bit into his connection with Devastator that was so often written about in the Comics. Either way a good Combiner that results in something more than a mindless beast shamelessly (and might I add not funny) showing off its testicles for the big screen would be a vast improvement over the last two films.

  26. oh right lazorbeak my fault

    hmm i think sam having a NEW love interest would turn the series into twilight transformers and thats not cool.

    they really should do omega supreme and superion though as the smithonian scene in ROTF had ALL of the aircrafts that combine in the background lol

    yeah the balls thing was really dumb in my opinion as well.

    i honestly dont want to see retarded sounding dinobots in the film though
    it would almost certainly ruin the film for me unless they somehow went back in time or something which would also be kinda lame.
    bring on the cybertronian environments!

  27. seriously how would this line work

    “me grimlock the strongest of the dinobots” or something like that i dont think anyone wants to see the twins reincarnated as a jar jar binks robot

    • I dunno,

      If they do the Dinobots more like the most recent comics, I could stand having them in there. They were more like Klingons, you know, honor, duty, and so on. Very samurai like in the most recent comics. Those I could go for. The idiots in the cartoon were buffoons. That I could do without.

      As far as the new love interest. She is blond and if they follow the old cartoon series. Sam eventually marries this computer wiz named Carley and they have a son named Daniel. Maybe this is the road they are taking. If so then I can deal with that. But to have yet another pretty face that cant act, just for sake of eyecandy. I can do without.

      • Klingons???!!! No piece of tin can come close to the honor of a true Klingon warrior, petaQ!!!

        Sneakey Pete, you just had to go there, didn’t you? :-)

        • Hey I didnt say they were Klingons, I said they were LIKE Klingons. No one can out Klingon and Klingon. Well maybe… No no one.

    • hahahahahha……

    • hahaha too damn funny

  28. I for one would like to see a revised set of COnstructicons that get more air time. Devestator was cool looking and it was CGI wowness seeing them assemble into Devistator in T2 but I like the less chaotic and less dog looking version of the Cosntructicons from the cartoon. They would need to make them more serious of course but it would enable Bay to amke the final sceene of a movie about 50 foot robots fighting, have 100 foot robots fighting so some measurement there of.

  29. @Rob Keyes

    I read about the 3D (post fiming) but does that mean theres no chance of Bay using the filming equipment pioneered by Cameron for Avatar? And I’m refering to the high def piece of the system and not the 3D piece.