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The Villain of Transformers 3

Another tidbit of information was revealed in the USA Today report that may get some of the more hardcore Transformers fans excited and that’s the news of who the villain of Transformers 3 will be. According to the report, after Michael Bay cursed at how bad The Fallen was as the villain in Revenge of the Fallen, Shockwave will be the feature villain in Transformers 3.

For those who don’t know, Shockwave is a Decepticon whose power rivals that of their leader, Megatron. Unlike the other Decepticons in many ways, Shockwave is both unique in his character traits and visual design. He is more robotic in look, with only one eye and his alternative form is that of a giant cannon instead of an Earth-based disguise.

Shockwave is second in command to Megatron and while he acts in a more more scientific, precise and civil manner compared to the wild beast-like mentality of his allies, he is ruthlessly destructive in combatting Autobots.

Here’s the original Shockwave we know and love [click to enlarge]:

Will Shockwave keep his original design in Transformers 3?

As it turns out, Transformers 3 will be coming at us in 3D and this will no doubt be done in post-production (the bad 3D) due to the rushed production schedule.

Shie LaBeouf returns as the star and joining him as his new love interest (replacing Megan Fox) will be Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Most familiar faces will return along with our Cybertronian friends.

If you missed them, some set photos for Transformers 3 hit the web on Tuesday and while they depicted only characters we’re already familiar with, they do reveal the new paint job for one of the veteran Autobot characters.

What do you think about these Transformers 3 updates?

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Transformers 3 arrives in theaters July 1, 2011.

Source: USA Today

Shockwave art by Draven

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