‘Conan the Barbarian’ & ‘Transformers 3′ TV Spots: Blood & Metal

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Conan the Barbarian and Transformers 3 TV spots Conan the Barbarian & Transformers 3 TV Spots: Blood & Metal

“Smash” appears to be the key word, when it comes to battle tactics for the titular hero of Conan the Barbarian and the other-worldly giant robots in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Then again, what else would you want (or expect) from summer popcorn fare about ancient world warriors and metallic extraterrestrials the size of buildings?

New TV spots have been released for both these film, which definitely aim to deliver all the bang you could want for your buck. They do beg the question, though: Is either film actually going to be “good”?

If the official Conan the Barbarian trailer is anything to go by, Jason Momoa’s incarnation of the muscular Cimmerian warrior certainly looks like a fittingly fierce killer – and the ancient realm of Hyboria appears to be both appropriately savage and, well, barbaric. However, when you also throw in CGI sand creatures and some Clash of the Titans-inspired production design into the mix, the results start to look a bit more like a cheesy action-fest than a memorable summer blockbuster.

One thing the Conan reboot is guaranteed to feature is unflinching violence, bloody sword action, and Momoa grunting more than his fair share of corny one-liners. There’s a bit of that on display in the first TV spot for the film – along with a better look at Stephen Lang as the vile warlord Khalar Zym – though there will be plenty more in the R-Rated final product.

As for the matter of whether or not Conan will be worth seeing in 3D? Based on the footage shown so far, the film looks far too visually dark and gloomy to work well in the format. Best save that extra cash to buy a 3D IMAX ticket to the third Transformers movie instead (more on that later).

Check out the first Conan the Barbarian TV spot below:


Transformers: Dark of the Moon

While there’s been little proof yet that the human drama in Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be that much better than director Michael Bay’s last two giant robot flicks, the effects-driven action appears to be worth the price of admission alone. Between hyper-kinetic sequences involving actual base jumping off the Sears Tower and stellar early reviews of the film’s 3D visuals, the action in Transformers 3 shouldn’t suffer from the same issues that plagued its predecessors (ie. excessive editing and shaky camerawork that made it difficult to watch the giant CGI robots in motion).

The first Dark of the Moon review pegged it as being surprisingly serious-minded “from time to time,” in terms of its themes and plot twists. That’s certainly the idea this new TV spot wants to push, with its ominous voiceover narration and the now familiar imagery of downtown Chicago being laid to ruin by an invasive Decepticon army.

Of course, that foreboding atmosphere might deflate some if the film goes overboard with the juvenile humor again – or the customary scenes of Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) yelling until his voice cracks – so best to not go in expecting too much on the non-action side of things just yet.

Check out the latest Transformers: Dark of the Moon TV spot below:


Transformers: Dark of the Moon arrives in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters this month on June 29th, 2011.

Conan the Barbarian arrives in 2D and 3D theaters later this summer on August 19th.

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  1. Who wants human drama from a Transformers movie? It’s a film based on a toy, directed by Michael Bay, as long as everything explodes in a pretty way, I’ll be happy. An actual plot that makes sense would be nice, but hey, its about giant robots.

    • Second that. I never went to a Transformer movie expecting an Oscar performance. I went expecting cool special effects, great action scenes, and that’s what I got.

    • Actually if it was all about robots it might be good but most of it is about humans, which is where it loses its appeal. The storyline dealing with the humans is so detracting and rediculous at the least and badly written and acted at the most. Perhaps if they focused on the Autobots then you would have an argument.

  2. how much are you being paid to promote Transformers 3? You tore apart the Conan spot and finished saying we should save our money for T3. Seems a little biased. Based on history alone people should go see Conan instead of Transformers. Transformers 2 was nothing but a steaming pile, yet you still have faith in part 3?

    What do you have against Conan? It may not end up being a great movie(Though I have high hopes, I love the character), but it looks like a fun ride. Better than the contrived tripe you will be served when you fork out extra for the latest Michael Bay music video in 3D. In case you haven`t noticed, I will NOT be paying to see Transformers. Part 2 left a REALLY bad taste in my mouth.

    • You DO know that Screen Rant is funded by Michael Bay, right? And that’s why we’ve never complained about Transformers 2 being terrible or how we’re skeptical that TF3 will offer anything but cool 3D action? :-P

      Seriously, dude – asking “how much are you being paid to promote Transformers 3?” is kind a of a trollish question. Let’s not go that route, cool?

      • No trolling intended, it just seemed like your whole article was slanted to promote one film and bash another and I called you on it. I am a huge fantasy fan and this film is still pure in my eye as a new property and shouldn`t really be compared to TF. Different genre, different style, not a sequal, etc…

        AND saying you should save your money…Conan comes out in AUGUST! Transformers in a couple weeks. YOU CAN SEE BOTH! What is your problem with Conan? I ask again.

    • @silverfall

      …as if non one could just watch both TV spots and conclude that one looks better than the other? Or that Conan doesn’t look all that exciting?

      You like Conan, that’s fine and well. Doesn’t mean somebody has to be “paid off” to have a different opinion.

      • And as such, just because the writer doesn’t care for a trailer (not having seen the movie) doesn’t mean they have to intentionally drive viewers away from one movie to another.

        • Which is exactly what he was doing and it came across that way to everyone but Kofi and Sandy who seem to worship at the manure filled alter of Michael Bay.

    • The Conan spot was effing horrible! It looked like some cheesy SYFY original. Screenrant is right. The Transformers spot is much better.

      • You obviously havent watched syfy lately, their movies are not even worth being called “made for TV movies”.

        • “Lately”? I’ve never seen a SYFY original movie that was worth anything. Conan looks the same.

  3. I enjoyed both trailers. Conan looks to be a lot of fun CGI or otherwise and I will see it in 2D.

    As far as T3 I will be there for the 3D. Several sites (including this one) have stated the 3d is awesome. Bay knows the mistakes of part 2 and wont repeat those.

  4. I dont know why, but Conan looks boring to me….?

    I know TF2 sucked, and I know Bay knows TF2 sucked, so im really excited to see what hes doing with the 3rd run at it this time.

  5. I’m hoping Conan will be fun, but its not a film I would pay to see in a cinema at all.

  6. I have a feeling Conan will bomb.

    • The Conan spot has bomb written all over it. Quite disappointing.

      • Agreed

        • smells like this years “300″

          • Does not look appealing at all. Ill watch it on FX in 5 months on DVD for TV

          • AFAIK, ’300′ didn’t bomb at the B.O. 300 was ‘ok’ for what it was, but nothing great. The Conan spot makes the movie look absolutely horrible.

  7. I am still setting my expectations pretty low for Conan in the hopes it well exceed them.

    But, in looking at what some of the producers of this film have done in the past, I think they just want to cash in on the IP.

    If given the choice, I’d rather have producers and a director who were passionate about an iconic character and make it low budget, than just push something out that with a lot of effects and little substance so they can add another action movie to their resume.

    Still… I am hoping.

  8. Conan looks like a flop, its clash of the Titans all over again. I am expecting generic tripe from Michael Bay, but it will be the best looking tripe coming out this summer

  9. Transformers 3 and Conan The Barbarian looks good so let’s hope they turn out to be great.

  10. Ouch. Conan looks incredibly cheesy. Why can’t they realize that fantasy doesn’t have to equal cheese?

  11. Transformers — Wow. Just wow. Not in a good way either. Is it wrong that I wish I could use comic book logic to go back in time and ensure that Michael Bay never had a directorial career.

    • After reading the TF3 novel i took back EVERYTHING biased i had said about it, the early review was right, this is the best of the 3, and possibly, one of the top 20 of the year. yet. as for CONAN, looks like this years 300.

  12. Conan, looks OK.

    Transformers 3, rental at best.

  13. Conan looks so syfi channel,T3 another human movie,but it still looks better,did I hear someone say Green Lantern.

    • i read the novel, the human part is another small subplot, actualy im impressed with what bay, i mean the writer (bay gets TOO much credit, he just directs) has done an amazing job,the characters ACTUALY HAVE DEPTH!i HATED the second, but managed to get passed the 1st, this one should make us forget the last two.

  14. You guys are crazy, Conan looks awesome. I think too many of you have forgotten how to just have fun with a movie, not every movie needs 2 hours of character development and deep meaningful exposition, Its a movie about a Barbarian, he should spout one liners and slice his way through men and beasts. Just like the first Hulk movie that everyone hates, i walked into that theater expecting an hour and a half of Hulk smashing things and thats pretty much what i got, the Reboot/remake/retread whatever was alot better but that doesnt make the first one terrible, just inferior. Just let go and watch somebody wreak havoc onscreen every now and again.

    • people now adays, people have no f***ing idea what the whole point of a movie, theyre like the new south park episode, they litteraly see evrything as crap, theyre just cynical biased a$$holes.

  15. I had to go back and read what Sandy said because there are a lot of strong comments about his article. No one knows whether these films will be good or bad (T3 has had some good reviews so far). I don’t think anyone was really thinking of seeing Conan in 3D (at least I had no plans on doing so). And I agree with Sandy that Mamoa does look like a worthy barbarian and Hyboria does have that barbaric feel to it. But no way will the visuals of Conan compare to the awesome CGI of T3. I’m just going to wait and see what SR has to say about Conan before making a decision; I’ve already decided to see T3 in 3D.

    • Well if you enjoy seeing crappy looking Transformers with lips then that is your thing.

      • Still playing that card huh? Well if you want to spend ur time biching and biching, its your time your wasting no one elsrs, if ur gonna be so dam biased , pick up the novel, besides, the desighns r better than having forty fot talking blocks

        • Yeah its so much better to have billions of pieces when simple block armor and a face shield would suffice. That way Bay couldnt complain about how he couldnt do something because it was so expensive. There was no reason to make the Transformers look like they were put together with billions of digital Legos.

  16. “One thing the Conan reboot is guaranteed to feature is unflinching violence, bloody sword action, and Momoa grunting more than his fair share of corny one-liners.”

    Yes, if handled properly then it could be the next 300 which earned tons of money and praise from a lot of fans. I would like to see a decent first movie and a better second attempt. If it isn’t your thing then get someone to review it who knows the lore and has an appreciation of the genre.

      • Hmm lets see, I have a little girl running behind me telling me how wrong I am and all my comments are whines. Then she goes on to whine about how my comments are interrupting her whines….

        Oh Tim, the little girl is you dude.

        • Well lets see:
          1. Your comments ARE wines and b!tching, so if anyone is a little girl the girl is YOU.
          2. The films exist, and theres absolutely nothing you can do about it but watch g1 all day on you computer while you jack off to it and using g1 megatron as a fvcking d!ldo, and in the end youll still end up seeing the mivie despite your pretentious hate for it because your simply that fvcking stupid.
          3. Shove your b!tching up your a$$ and STFU.

          • *movie

        • Nic good one! Boo Hoo Ms. Negative Nancy

          • LOL @ Dennis

            • U do realize that you have laughably stupid come backs right?

  17. both look like a dose of good old fun :D
    i like how TF3 actually has a story, might be worth watching for more then the visuals and action. i’m always open for a decent conan remake (like this one), it has decent looking visuals, momoa looks in shape and the action is set on entertaining and stylistic – looks properly choreographed and intense. not to mention its R rated :D

  18. I have nothing with Conan but I absolutely love the Transformers and everything about it. This movie is a must if you are a Transformer fan. I personally cant wait :)

  19. Will the T3-Movie be complete in 3D (I-MAX?) or only some scenes like T2.
    T1 + 2 were awfully bad, so IMO T3 can only score when it is complete in 3D.
    And what is this freakin female creature with the blown up lips, it is very disturbing to me.
    Whats wrong with all this Hollywood female actresses, who is saying them that dinghy lips are sexy. They’re mostly good-looking, then they’re pumping they’re lips up, so they look like some horror-monsters, i can’t stand it.
    They surely don’t need life vests when they’re shipwrecked

    I don’t watch it anyway, because of her.

    • She’s a runway model. Her lips are natural, AFAIK.

      • Never ever, but maybe they’re breeding mutant women with monster lips.
        Mmmh? “MUTANT WOMEN WITH MONSTER LIPS” – THEY’RE WILL SUCK YOU’RE HEAD OFF; thats a cool title for a B-movie.
        OK, bye i have to write a script for that.


  20. I’m running off topic from what everyone is talking but.. James Avery is voicing “Silverbolt” right? so how come we haven’t get a glimps of him as of late? just wondering :)

    • Sorry to be the one to tell you but, james meant the video game, not the movie :( . Hes not even in the novels.

      • aww shucks.. :(..