New Transformers 3 Trailer is Explosively Awesome [Updated]

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Transformers 3 Trailer 2 New Transformers 3 Trailer is Explosively Awesome [Updated]

[UPDATE: Check Out the First Official Transformers 3 Poster!]

The teaser trailer brought us to the first moon landing and the Super Bowl TV spot introduced us to the action. Now, the first full trailer and second official theatrical trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon is online, bringing with it the story.

Seemingly everyone involved with the Transformers movies thus far, from star Shia LaBeouf to director Michael Bay, has admitted to the faults of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and promise much, much better with their third and final go. We cannot deny that Transformers 3 looks promising, but we haven’t had a look into the story and characters yet… until now.

While the Apollo 11 teaser trailer gave us a very unique intro to the story for the next Transformers, it was the brief Super Bowl spot that pulled us into the action, right in the middle of a horrifying invasion of Chicago. Many new Decepticons, much larger ones at that, scoured the city and and the visual effects were miles ahead of the rushed production of its predecessor.

Let’s put that into context with the new full trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

Head over to Apple for the HD version

We’ll update with our own version as soon as we are able.

A common criticism for the last Transformers movie is that they added so many characters without actually adding any character to them. Revenge of the Fallen was weighed down by a convoluted plot and countless nameless characters whose only purpose was to justify an extended Hasbro toy line. From what we’ve seen from Dark of the Moon so far, there are twice as many characters (Cybertronians and humans) in TF3, so we can only hope they serve a legitimate role in the story writer Ehren Kruger put together. We can at least say, they all look better in their action sequences!

Update: Now Check out the first theatrical poster for Dark of the Moon:


Transformers 3 Theatrical Poster 280x418 New Transformers 3 Trailer is Explosively Awesome [Updated]


The first teaser gave us our first look at what we believe is the Ark (an Autobot ship from Cybertron) from the perspective of Neil Alden Armstrong, but this new trailer shows the Ark crashing, but not revealing when that occurs. From the original Transformers cartoon and the Beast Wars animated series in the 90s, the Ark crashed millions of years ago and became the base of operations for the Autobots after awakening from a volcanic eruption in the 80s. We can expect that the film will explain much more of the backstory of the Autobots and Decepticons and how they came to Earth. Here’s a little side-by-side put together by our own Paul Young of the Ark from the trailers and the one from the original animated series.

Transformers 3 Ark 280x261 New Transformers 3 Trailer is Explosively Awesome [Updated]

The one redeeming quality of Revenge of the Fallen was how they amped up the bad-ass factor of Optimus, emphasizing him as not only the poster bot of the franchise but the greatest warrior of the Aubots. In this trailer, that idea is taken to an entirely new level as Optimus seemingly comes from nowhere againt all odds, to wreak havoc on a group of Decepticons (parts of this seen were shown in the Super Bowl teaser). In this sequence, he’s again augmented with additional parts which allow him to fly, like we saw when he merged with Jetfire (an old Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird) in the last movie.

The set pieces are much more massive and bring the story much closer to home, as they tear apart the City of Chicago. From a visual standpoint, Michael Bay has taken the franchise to an entirely new level and from this trailer alone, we can recommend this as an IMAX experience worthy of the extra dollars.

Some quick observations of note are that they don’t really hone in on any of the new autobot characters, and we know there are many from the set pictures that surfaced during production. That’s not at all a bad thing, and it actually allows them to slowly reveal more as we approach July. The less they show before the film hits, the better. You’ll also notice that Megan Fox’s replacement, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley doesn’t speak a word.

Story isn’t the selling point of the Transformers films but it’s important that it’s at least compelling and enjoyable. What are your expectations now for TF3?

Transformers regulars Shia LaBeouf, John Turturro, Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson return for Dark of the Moon along with our favorite Autobot heroes and are joined by series newcomers, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Patrick Dempsey, Kevin Dunn, with John Malkovich and Frances McDormand. Let us not forget that Leonard Nimoy will be voicing the mighty Sentinel Prime.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon hits regular theaters and IMAX on July 1st, in 2D and 3D.

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  1. this looks freakin awesome!!! our theatre is gonna get man handled on opening weekend!!!

    • Sh*t just got real.

  2. hopefully its as good as that trailer

  3. Not so sure about this one… That porn star lady looks even more useless than Megan Fox, and she looks uglier too. And not in the “looks more normal kinda way”, she just looks plastic fantastic.

    As for the story, I have to agree. I do not watch Transformers to get served a good story. Because of that I actually enjoyed the last two movies, I really liked Transformers 2.

    I don’t think this will be so much better than Transformers 2 though, if we are to judge it from anything other than visuals, fight scenes etc. But I don’t care, I’ll watch it, and probably enjoy it. If I want some cool CG and some robots slaughtering each other, Transformers 3 will scratch that itch. And for that reason, I will watch it.

    • She’s a model…not a porn star and she has not has cosmetic surgery.

      • She isn’t nice to look at.

        • i agree

        • I find her far more attractive than Megan Fox, but to each their own.

    • Someone apparently doesn’t check their sources… nor ever picked up a Victoria’s Secret catalog, somehow.

      • Of course she isn’t a porn star, but she might as well been.
        The point is, she isn’t an actor, she does not contribute greatly to the movie it seems. She just stands there, with her mouth hanging open, that’s her role. Even Megan Fox did more, this blonde chick didn’t even have a single line in the entire trailer, even if she was shown in several scenes. She looks to be useless, when I’m sure the writers could’ve come up with lots of creative/cliche alternatives to actually giving the female lead a function to the movie other than gasping and looking pretty.

        • @”Even Megan Fox did more, this blonde chick didn’t even have a single line in the entire trailer”

          Yeah, like contributing to the bad acting and plot holes of the last movie. She only had one purpose in the first movie, and that was to drive Bumblebee. Her purpose in the second movie was to just strip and run in slo-mo.

          @”She looks to be useless, when I’m sure the writers could’ve come up with lots of creative/cliche alternatives to actually giving the female lead a function to the movie other than gasping and looking pretty.”

          Um, Megan Fox’s function of the previous film was to just look pretty. So, I really don’t see what your complaint is?

          • At least she managed to trap that little Wheelie decepticon in that box and make him his little pet. She had some role at least.
            And this girl seems like doing even less, even a romantic plot seems useless now, since the last one just went away like nothing happened.

            Don’t get me wrong, I will watch Transformers 3 and probably enjoy it, but I just don’t see how hard it would be to get a female lead with some purpose other than just standing there. Or get an actress who can actually act, there are plenty to choose from. Even if the female lead’s only function is to look pretty and keep the other half of the audience interested, they could at least try to make her do something else. When they don’t even try to give her some other plot or function it looks very.. pathetic :P

            • Since when has any of Michael Bay’s film been known for the acting? I honestly don’t care much for acting when I’m watching a Bay film. Just a time to sit back, shut my brain off for a couple of hours, and enjoy the fireworks. I’ll the films with story and character development to Christopher Nolan, Darren Aronofsky, and a others.

            • Dude, Megan Fox had barely one line in the Trailer for Transformers 2. It’s a two and a half minute trailer, for goodness sake! You can’t make any specific judgments about plot and/or character development from just a trailer. By your logic, Sentinel Prime must have nothing but a small cameo appearance in this film, because he’s not even in the trailer. Yeesh.

              • We’ll very likely see/hear more from her in the next trailer.

              • No, actually, by his logic, Sentinel Prime is clearly in the film just for the sexy factor.


                • Isn’t he? :)

            • megan fox is a horrible actress and barely fulilled her simple eyecandy role. and in both past films – every line she had was some airheaded question or complaint. she only got the part for being a ________ in front of the right people. in all honesty, shes about as much of a star as miley cyrus. both are “butterfaces” that cant act. this new girl is a whole lot better looking but the clothes shes wearing dont do her justice. even megan fox who has the chest of a nine yr old boy looked good in a tank top and short shorts.

  4. But my main question is, what is it going to offer that it didn’t before? That is, something more than just bigger, louder explosions and fight scenes? Something more than just quicker edits and more lame humor?

    But I guess that’s what sells, so Bay’s going to just pour on more of the same.

    • If you’ve been keeping up with the movie they said this is more mature with no stupid humor and actually has a good, fresh story. And not as much action as the first two, but better action scenes.

      • If YOU’VE been keeping up with the movie, Bay said there isn’t as much humor but there is some. And Bay knows nothing about humor so it’s a scary comment. Turturro is in the movie again, that’s enough cause for this to have some lame-ass humor once again. Why is he in this movie again?! He was worse than Megan Fox in these movies.

    • Welcome out of the white lotus! So many here live there and I fear some will never get out…

  5. That was sick

  6. Woooo! Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be the biggest movie ever! Watch out Avatar!

    • Cute comment.

    • Could I have what he’s drinking? :-)

  7. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is amazingly gorgeous. This sensual young woman is indescribably beautiful. English perfection doesn’t get much purer than her. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl.

  8. Not gonna care. They got rid of Megan Fox so I won’t be watching this in theaters.

    • Seriously? Your not seeing this in theaters just because Megan Fox isn’t in this. I’m sick of people saying that. Yes, Megan Fox is hot as hell, but she’s one of the worst actresses out there. There’s giant CGI robots transforming and fighting with guns and weapons for christ sake, and people are worried about some girl who can’t act not being in it? Please. And who knows, this girl could be better than Megan Fox.

      • I’m glad she’s gone honestly. Hot, yes. But if I want hot girls, then I’ll save my money and watch porn. I watch a film like this to see bad-ass action, not skanks.

  9. damn that was awesome

  10. Wow! That was f-ing awesome.

    • most trailers look awesome until you watch the movie LOL

  11. The Apple website doesn’t work for the trailer. It said to download the Apple software to watch, so I did. I come back online to watch and then I tried to download the video and it doesn’t work at all!

  12. Trailer looks awesome . . . we’ll see if the movie is.

  13. Not sure why the robots are so human looking? Especially the more alien type that crashed on the moon. As for the main hot chick I was a lil surprised Megan was let go, especially after the whole love thing at the end of TF2. But I guess you gotta let a chick go if she gets married and can no longer blow the director…lol. But most likely asked for too much $$$ or was a pain. The new chick is hot but Megan Fox set a high standard!

    • I find that rather amusing b/c the only reason she got the job was b/c she washed Bay’s car to star in the first film. But the moment she compared Bay to Hitler was the end of her career.

  14. They did make the movie look good but we all know appearances can be deceiving. This may be good for the kids but I guess I want more than a thinly veiled plot to showcase a bunch of overly complex robots fighting.

  15. What exactly is a “Dark of the Moon”? Oooh tentacle Transformer, I swear if Bay adds one more made-up Transformer – I mean he has literally hundreds to choose from but nah let’s make one up, and I know, make him awesomely racially offensive!

    • Please stop with the “Twins are racist” BS. It’s been argued to death. And how do you know those tentacles aren’t part of one of the warships?

    • “Dark of the moon” is an actual term for exactly what it sounds like.

      Citation? My science text book.

  16. Well i am Officially not watching anything else transformers 3 related. This has gotten me too excited for it and i feel anything else would be a spoiler.

  17. Looks good. I think it’s a full-fledged Decepticon invasion now it seems, so I don’t think there’s as much concern about the “character” of everybody, they’re just human-killing monsters for the most part. I’d expect the characterization to mostly stick to the Autobots and Shockwave. Glad to see one somewhat resembling Buzzsaw and/or Laserbeak though :)

  18. Can’t wait!

  19. The srcond half with the music was bad ass, i may see this one :)

  20. Looks like the same ol same ol to me. Slo Mo and eventually the emotion will lead to stupid acting and lousy Bay cheesiness with that annoying style of filmmaking. Gotta just hope this film is a little better than the 2nd lousy film!

  21. looks about the same as all the others just has a darker tone. im gonna watch it in theatres but only for the huge robot battles on the imax screen. other than that it doesnt look any differnt from the previous films

  22. also the whole same screaming OPTIMUS or BUMBLE BEE just brings on the same feelings

  23. i want to think this is going to be an improvement but i’m afraid this is going to be another waste of my time, i suppose i’ll just have to remember that at the very least it can’t be worse then Skyline. ^_^

    • /Directs Kei to Transformers 2…….yes, it can be.

  24. So many things look familiar… Sam getting out of the car in slow motion, him telling the girl everything is going to be okay, and him screaming “OPTIMUS!!!” at the top of his lungs. That is not a complaint… just an observation. All in all it LOOKS pretty great. Still would like to see more of Dempsey and Megatron though.

  25. i would love to see devastator come in and wreck some $#!^ because he got his @$$ handed to him by the @#$%ing twins in the last one???? and i want to see soundwave fighting, and prowl.

  26. That was epic and Shockwave in action was saweet

  27. Let the hating begin

  28. Christ, you guys tough on trailers. Most are already claiming it is just as s***** as TF 2. And everyone is saying “how can you replace fox with this girl? And that messes up the story line.” Who says the movie is taking place right after TF 2? they could make the storyline set years from the TF2 and BAM….Shia went back to his normal life and boned a new chick at college and this is her. And another thing, a lot of ppl are bitching that she doesn’t have any lines in the trailer, but then everyone bitches when Fox spoke??? In some ways you are in-titled since TF 2 was terrible but give this one a shot.

    I thought the trailer made a great foundation to work off of with marketing and letting us know a little more about the storyline each time because it looks like things got crazy on Earth.

    Judging from the trailer, I am going to assume Shockwave found/made a bridge that they had in the 80s cartoon that allows them to travel to Earth?

  29. Yeah… THIS MOVIE’S GONNA ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!