Arguably Transformers: Dark of the Moon is this summer’s most anticipated film – showing up as number 7 on our list of 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2011. Early reviews say the film is better than the first two with even director Michael Bay saying the third installment is the best of the series – take that for what it’s worth though. With the exception of the only non-robot clip released, all of the footage and trailers so far certainly give Transformers fans hope that Dark of the Moon will be a stellar film.

Just as they did with the previous two Transformers films, Hasbro is releasing a brand new line of toys associated with Transformers: Dark of the Moon – which they will showcase at this year’s Bot Con in Pasadena, California. For those fans who can’t swing a trip across the country to attend, Hasbro has graciously posted some preview images of the new toy lines on their official Facebook page. There are four specific toy lines with all new robot toys – MechTech, Robo Power, Cyberverse and MechTech Human Alliance – each having their own unique look.

Official toy lines for movies can at times give fans a first glimpse at specific characters – and some insight on the film they are promoting. Cobra Commander’s mask from G.I. Joe and the Mark V and Mark VI armor suits from Iron Man 2 were all confirmed through toys well before any official images were released from the studios – could the same be true for this new line of official toy images for Transformers: Dark of the Moon?

Take a look below see the potential new characters from Transformers: Dark of the Moon and then check out all of the new toys afterwards in our gallery.

The Twins – Skids and Mudflap



Let’s just get this out of the way now and not dwell on it too much. Michael Bay has explicitly said the two controversial robot twins from Transformers 2 will NOT be in the this film. He even went so far as to offer a $25,000 “bounty” to anyone that can find them in the film! While the robots may or may not be show up in the movie, as you can see from the images above, they certainly have a presence in the new toy line.

Just because a robot has a toy associated with the the new film though doesn’t mean it will be seen on screen – although two cars looking an awful lot like the official Skids and Mudflap toys were seen on set this past summer during filming.

That said, no one is calling Bay a liar. It’s possible the twin bots were originally in the movie – but then cut from the final film – which happens quite frequently during the editing process. Moving on…

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While Skyhammer may not be officially listed as a character on the IMDb or Transformers 3 Wiki page that just means Paramount may not have a voice actor associated with the character. There were several robots in Transformers 2 who both appeared in the film, and were represented in the official toy line, who didn’t have a voice or show up in the credits. The scenes from the trailer where military personal jump out of a helicopter wearing “wing suits” could certainly be Skyhammer.


Just like Skyhammer, Powerglide isn’t listed on IMDB but with a band of Transformers waking from their deep space slumber on the moon – who knows what other new characters fans are bound to see on screen.


It’s was confirmed early on that Shockwave would be the main villain in Transformers 3. However, like Megatron, Shockwave was a gun in the original comics and needed a hefty make-over for the film. Bay went with a more believable tank mode and while the on-screen version appears to be a sleek shiny metallic color, the toy sports the purple Decepticon color fans know so well.

Sentinel Prime

Since last fall, fans have known that the mighty Sentinel Prime would make an appreance in this film as a Rosenbauer Panther 6×6 firetruck but what part he will play in the overall story is still a mystery – though if they let him chop up some Decepticons with that massive double-sword then fans may not care.

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The Wreckers: Leadfoot – Roadbuster – Topspin




We know all three of these characters will appear in the film, as they were both seen on the set AND have voice actors assigned to their roles. Just like Sentinel Prime, they most likely have remained dormant in the Autobot Ark which crashed many years ago – where they stayed until reactivation.

Autobots: Backfire – Icepick – Thunderhead – Sandstorm





These four robots could be the new Arcee of Transformers: Dark of the Moon and like her will most likely be seen and not heard. The toys come from the MechTech Human Alliance line so don’t be surprised if you catch glimpses of them working in unison with military personal – to protect the planet from the Decepticon invasion.

Decepticons: Crankcase – Crowbar



Even though most Autobots in the comics were ground vehicles (with Decepticons ruling the air), Crankcase and Crowbar will join Barricade and the new Dreads in the ground assault. It looks like Optimus Prime’s right-hand men, Ironhide and Rachet, will have their hands full with these new characters.

Bumblebee’s New Look

This is purely speculation and rumor but if the toy line is any indication then Bumblebee could receive a new paint job by the end of the movie. While Bay decided to ditch the iconic yellow Volkswagen Beetle for the modern Chevy Camaro he did keep Sam Witwicky’s friend painted the yellow color Transformers fans are most familiar with. Even in this new yellow-on-black color scheme Bumblebee looks pretty slick.

That said, we’ve seen plenty of footage from the film to indicate that Bumblebee remains true to his yellow roots – so it’s certainly possible that this is just a cool color variant.

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In the gallery below you will find all of the new images of all the toy lines, as well as, some familiar faces including – Rachet, Ironhide, Sideswipe, Megatron and Starscream.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens everywhere June 29th, 2011.

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Source: Hasbro