Official ‘Transformers 3′ Toys Show Potential New Characters

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The Wreckers: Leadfoot – Roadbuster – Topspin

transformers 3 leadfoot robot mode 280x309 Official Transformers 3 Toys Show Potential New Characters



transformers 3 roadbuster robot mode 280x334 Official Transformers 3 Toys Show Potential New Characters



transformers 3 topspin robot mode 280x290 Official Transformers 3 Toys Show Potential New Characters


We know all three of these characters will appear in the film, as they were both seen on the set AND have voice actors assigned to their roles. Just like Sentinel Prime, they most likely have remained dormant in the Autobot Ark which crashed many years ago – where they stayed until reactivation.


Autobots: Backfire – Icepick – Thunderhead – Sandstorm

transformers 3 backfire robot mode 280x240 Official Transformers 3 Toys Show Potential New Characters



transformers 3 ice pick robot mode 280x310 Official Transformers 3 Toys Show Potential New Characters



transformers 3 thunderhead robot mode 280x220 Official Transformers 3 Toys Show Potential New Characters



transformers 3 sandstorm robot mode 280x280 Official Transformers 3 Toys Show Potential New Characters


These four robots could be the new Arcee of Transformers: Dark of the Moon and like her will most likely be seen and not heard. The toys come from the MechTech Human Alliance line so don’t be surprised if you catch glimpses of them working in unison with military personal – to protect the planet from the Decepticon invasion.


Decepticons: Crankcase – Crowbar

transformers 3 crankcase robot mode 280x313 Official Transformers 3 Toys Show Potential New Characters



transformers 3 crowbar robot mode 251x430 Official Transformers 3 Toys Show Potential New Characters


Even though most Autobots in the comics were ground vehicles (with Decepticons ruling the air), Crankcase and Crowbar will join Barricade and the new Dreads in the ground assault. It looks like Optimus Prime’s right-hand men, Ironhide and Rachet, will have their hands full with these new characters.


Bumblebee’s New Look

transformers 3 new bumblebee car mode 280x196 Official Transformers 3 Toys Show Potential New Characters

This is purely speculation and rumor but if the toy line is any indication then Bumblebee could receive a new paint job by the end of the movie. While Bay decided to ditch the iconic yellow Volkswagen Beetle for the modern Chevy Camaro he did keep Sam Witwicky’s friend painted the yellow color Transformers fans are most familiar with. Even in this new yellow-on-black color scheme Bumblebee looks pretty slick.

That said, we’ve seen plenty of footage from the film to indicate that Bumblebee remains true to his yellow roots – so it’s certainly possible that this is just a cool color variant.

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  1. Wow, this is really the funniest article I’ve seen on here. Half of those are toy-only characters! And a LOT of your plot details are WAY off, the movie adaptation was leaked and the entire movie was basically leaked on the internet, I was surprised you guys didn’t make an article on it.

    • Maybe they didn’t want to perpetuate the idea of revealing leaked scripts being a good thing.

    • As the title says, “Official ‘Transformers 3′ Toys Show “Potential” New Characters”. Potential is keyword.

  2. So Bay says the twins aren´t in this movie… Why the heck do they release them as toys under the banner of TF:DOTM?!

    • M-O-N-E-Y
      Most (young) kids don’t care if the robot/vehicles were in the movie.

    • I can understand people who aren’t familiar with merchandise production not understanding this…..The toys they release for each film aren’t just characters that were in the film. There will be just as many that are new characters (or old characters) that don’t even show up in the actual movie. This is common practice, nothing new, been done for years.

    • Just b/c there’s a toy of it doesn’t mean the characters are in the movie. There was a toy of Arcee based upon the first film, and she wasn’t in there. The Twins are NOT in this movie.

  3. Ugh. Skids was my favorite Transformer toy from G1. That ‘Skids’ looks nothing like him, and I hate that he’ll be associated with the Twins. :(

    I guess we should just be grateful they at least got Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Jazz close to their original looks, as well as Shockwave and Megatron, but it DOES bother me that they just decided to go off on their own tangent with the rest.

    I can ignore it though as long as their names aren’t mentioned too often.

  4. I hope that Michael Boom Boom Bay steps down as director, and a good one comes aboard, and finally we get to see the Dinobots in a live-action, feature film

    • Oh man, id love to see the Dinobots in live action film. I know James Cameron will be too occupied w/ the Avatar films but get a great director to really bring greatness to the franchise, Heck bring in Chris Nolan if needs to be.

      • I fully agree. A guy like Cameron would likely do wonders with the Dinobots. Given the scale they’d have to be at (although I guess they could scale them down so they don’t look like gargantuan robots), it would be cool to see Cameron’s touch.

        I wouldn’t mind a visionary such as Nolan, although thus far, his fight scenes haven’t been the best and thus have room for improvement.

        I definitely say NO to a Zack Snyder Transformers movie.

        Maybe it might even be good to give a shot to a small, up-and-coming director who’s worked in sci-fi, but hasn’t made a huge, big-budget flick yet. They could bring something great to the table. I’d like a new Transformers movie to have a darker, more serious feel… be more sci-fi film than summer blockbuster.

      • Yeah it will different Movie with James Cameron and awesome!!!But i totally disagree about nolan he cant direct his kind of movie it`s action and CGI he dont know to use CGI..Bay And James cameron r best wud CGI action!when it comes to nolan he`s good script and actionless director in ation if u compare vay and nolan bay thousand times better!

  5. Skids and Mudflap are not in the movie, they are in the novel until Shockwave…well go buy the novel. I think if the movie stays close to the novel it will break some serious boxoffice records.

    • Until Shockwave what? I’ve had the novel and comic a week early, Shockwave doesn’t do anything, it’s all…


      Sentinel Prime

  6. Why are they even making toys of these blatantly racist Transformers?! Now I definitely will NOT be paying to see Transformers 3. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg owe me a refund for Transformers 2.

  7. I will not pay to see Transformers 3 simply because I will not help make this film a success so that Michael Bay can go on to ruin another franchise.

  8. I stopped supporting Michael Bay’s movies ever since he messed up Transformers 2 and don’t get me started on his Platinum Dunes garbage.

  9. Hope we get some more robots time,that is all I am asking for,less humans and their comedy.

  10. Sandstorm looks kinda like beach comber.

  11. the only reason I would want Mudflap and Skids to return is so that I can watch them die in a comical way.

  12. Cool it be cool if powerglide was in the movie, but would rather wanted to see Prowl and Wheeljack!

    • Wheeljack’s in. He’s the blue Mercedes seen on set.

  13. No Grimlock? Weak!

  14. Hold up. “The Dreads will be joining Barricade”? So Barricade’s just been hiding during the second film? I wish I could have done that…

  15. these toys are already in the stores, have been for weeks. most are at wal mart, toys r us and target. i haven’t found the target nascar yet.
    one of the toys with a human counterpart comes with spike witwicky,.. remember him? he has a helmet on, can’t tell what he looks like.
    i think there is a new soundwave also- not sure

  16. I’ve read the comic adaptation, so I can clarify which of these guys are in the movie or not. There’s only 5 here that are in the film: Sentinel Prime, Shockwave, Topspin, Roadbuster, and Leadfoot. Skids and Mudflap are in the adaptation, but as we’ve all heard, they’ve been cut from the final cut.

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