‘Transformers 3′ Teaser Trailer Finally Arrives

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Transformers Dark of the Moon official logo 570x2691 Transformers 3 Teaser Trailer Finally Arrives

Mechanical juggernauts will rampage across the big screen yet again in action movie auteur Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third entry in Paramount’s cash churning toys-turned-TV-show-turned-blockbuster movie franchise (and the first to be shot in 3D).

Now the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer has arrived and it offers assurances that there will be massive metal men wrecking havoc in the film, but as to the quality of the film’s appearance when viewed in the stereoscopic format (re: 3D) – that issue remains up in the air.

The 3D issue has caused us here at Screen Rant a collective headache in the past as we were led to believe not once, but twice that segments of the live-action footage in Mr. Bay’s third Transformers pic would be converted to the third dimension in post-production – that is, until our claims were swatted down firmly by both studio officials and the director himself. Yet still there are lingering rumors that the film’s CGI sequences won’t be the only bits of footage getting the post-conversion treatment.

As noted in our Transformers 3 Teaser article, Dark of the Moon‘s 3D cinematography will now be subject to an unheralded amount of scrutiny from movie buffs who might’ve otherwise just sat back and enjoyed the sight of crunching metal, explosions, and destruction onscreen without questioning whether it was actually filmed using 3D camera rigs – or converted after the fact.

There’s not enough actual footage in this Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser to resolve the issue, but expect this matter to be raised again when the next trailer hits – and with our Transformers 3 review, naturally.

Check out the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer below:

The atmosphere of this teaser trailer is very much on the dark and ominous side – more akin to that of the original Alien than is to be expected from a sci-fi flick about giant robots. The bit of CGI on display certainly looks as cutting-edge and eye-dazzling as Bay has promised, so we’re willing to wait and find out how it looks in the third dimension – for now.

This preview also gels with previous rumblings that Transformers: Dark of the Moon will revolve around the Autobots and Decepticons being involved in a space race between the U.S. and Russia. Whether a mystical MacGuffin – like the All Spark in the first film or the Matrix of Leadership from Transformers 2 - will be used to get the threequel’s plot mechanics working is not yet clear.

new robot Transformers 3 Teaser Trailer Finally Arrives

Here’s perhaps a more interesting question – just who is this new robot (see above) that appears in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser? It could be Alpha Trion, who (in Dreamwave’s Generation 1 comics) was a prisoner of Shockwave, a character we know WILL appear in the third Transformers pic. If that is the case, then it’s nice to see that Bay is including certain details in the film that should sit well with longtime Transformers fans.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon arrives in 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on July 1st, 2011. Will it be the best of the giant robot trilogy?

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  1. but come to think of it… it does resembles Optimus Prime… very strong resemblance indeed… look at it’s nose, mouth and the head (esp the ear piece)..

    Optimus’s daddy (Alpha Trion) haha i’m sold

  2. I can’t see it being Unicron, no way can he hide himself inside a moon cause he’s bigger than the planets he devours. It has to be Alpha Trion being held captive on the moon or been stuck there just as Megatron was buried un-activated in the arctic in the first film. Just a thought.

  3. is t possible that is vector sigma? he has been making allot of appearances in the cartoon lately

  4. That could be the V’ger (ship) and the junkions…it would fit Bay’s sense of humor, but i hope it’s Alpha Trion.

  5. Was the look of the crashed ship supposed to be an homage to “Alien?” Gee their are more ways to show a crashed ship than that! I will admit Apollo 11′s command module looks pretty cool. The space suits don’t look quite right, they probably should have used air or gel pillows to fill out the suits, especially the boot closeups. Is this going to make any more sense than the last movie? Hopefully Mr. Bay will move on after this. I’m actually starting to have nostalgic feelings for “Armageddon” and that’s not exactly a great thing…

  6. its Unicron, yeah he eats planets but in the comics it was a little different. Maybe they are borrowing the Unicron story from the comics. Wiki explains some of it “he learned to psionically shape his asteroid, and transformed it into a metallic planet, and then again into a gargantuan robot. Primus, fearing that to follow suit by forming himself in a similar manner would simply pick up the conflict where it had left off, sought an alternative way to defend the universe against the threat of Unicron by turning his asteroid into Cybertron; a planet that he populated with robotic beings that, like Unicron, could alter their forms.” I am hoping that this movie gives a nice nod to The Transformers animated movie, Galvatron and Primes death.

  7. great, another crappy Transformers film….

  8. Shockwave, Unicron, and Alpha Trion.

    Yep I’m seeing it.

  9. this looks promising transformers revenge of the fallen was rubbish i hope transformers dark of the moon will be better than the 2nd one 3d transformers i don’t think so i saw the first two transformers films in 2d so i am going to see the third one in the same format there is a chance transformers dark of the moon will be better than the second one no 3d transformers dark of the moon for me next year 2d transformers dark of the moon for me defo next year i’ll see it next year in 2d not 3d

    • Don’t be fooled. The first 2 and a half minutes of Revenge was dark and gritty and then everything changed.

  10. I compared the image from the trailer and images of Alpha Trion and Unicron. I am almost sure that it is Alpha Trion, the facial features are extemely similar, although we’ll have to wait and see the movie to know definitely who it is.

  11. I don’t think the robot is Unicron because of the size but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Alpha Trion like some people are saying. And the ship seems to be the crashed Ark.

    • The size of Unicron could be irrelevant at the moment. Why are they referencing the forty years? There have been story arcs where Unicron was once able to devour planets but was defeated and left to rot and rust in the capsule that is his body. There have been many different versions and takes so we can’t assume that it is or isnt him based on size only appearance and from what I see its Unicron. A small Unicron that could have been feeding off of the moon for forty years? Earth is next? Its either Unicron or a prime. Unicron is supposed to godlike corect? Does the gold hint at that?

  12. I dont think its alpha trion. They have typically stuck to the color schemes of the robots especially the autobots. As far as it not being Unicron because of the eye color says nothing becausse Unicron is not supposed to be a decepticon or an autobot. Michael Bay said years ago that he would like to do Unicron but feared his size so I was afraid they would make him an aircraft carrier. Bay said that he would like to make him the size of the moon. Who knows? Unicron would be nice, could be a prime? I am sure we will find out soon…

    • the only autobots that have had the original color schemes were Optimus and Bumblebee

      Teh face looks a lot like Alpha Trion, and I think if Bay were to do Unicron his face would look more evil

      • Why would they feature a random robot in the teaser trailer? Why would they build up so much hype around another “prime” and why would they make him so small? Maybe to deceive the initial viewers? This robots a big deal to this movie whoever it is. As far as making him look more evil? Nah, Unicron is more Neutral and purer than what is evil. We all so did not see any facial expressions only a lifeless robot face. I like this debate and the anticipation but I think its Unicron. I am obviously skeptical and questioning myself but other than the obvious facial hair I think it looks more like Unicron than anyone. I like how wiki already has this robot listed under autobots as an unknown yellow robot. If there has been a prime on the moon for forty years what is the big deal at this point in the story other than the obvious government cover up?

      • Well, let´s compare then:


        • It’s definitely Alpha Trion. It looks just like him, except for the color.

  13. Did anyone notice that the left side doesn’t match the right… I think zipper is right to think it’s a JUNKION! So then is it Wreck-Gar it sure looks most like him and he is even orange! The Jonkions love earth T.V. and aften mimic T.V shows and commericals, that sounds like somthing Bay would do to me…. IT’S A JONKION FOR SURE!!!!

    • Junkions – Transformers Universe MUX looks just like Werck-Gar leader of the jonkions.

  14. http://www.unicron.us/tf2003/cartoonpix/unicron1a.jpg

    I think it IS Unicron…. check out this pic and compare

  15. No way this is the Unicron….look at it! it is made of junk that is why it’s not uniform and the ship is made of junk and old robots, I am telling you this is Werck-Gar the leader of the Junkions! the eyes don’t say destroyer of worlds to me either! The junkions will Join the autobots to save the world because they love earth T.V… sounds like a Bay story line don’t it? at least thats my take…I can’t see why else this robot is not uniform from one side to the other… look closer!

    • I actually wouldn’t mind Bay having Wreck-Gar quoting TV shows. Well, as long as Bay doesn’t have them quoting the rejects from ‘Jersey Shore’. I’ll actually walk out of the movie if that happens.

      • Now that mudflap and skids are out Bay will need comic relief to come from somewhere?

        • Sam´s parents?

        • Uh Mudflap and Skids arent out, there was some confusion on this issue, they will make an appearance in the movie. hopefully they will just get destroyed early on.

          • damn! I really thought they were gone.

      • There’s that famous positivity again, Lil’ Monstah

        • Shut the f up and stop offending LM.

  16. I agree with what youre saying about the junkions, he def looks like a Bay version of the leader and it would make sense after the last movie. Then again if he wants a more serious tone to this movie which he claims it has, it would be a very poor choice of characters to involve especially if they have John Turturro returning and are trying to establish a new love interest for Shia The Beef. Won’t be surprised either way really. I am really hoping for a banged up Unicron though.

  17. The mysterious transformer is Alpha Trion. Want proof? Well, read this article by /Film:
    Pay close attention to the picture comparing Alpha Trion to the unkown transformer. The color scheme may change throughout the film. Unicron may be in Transformers: Dark of The Moon, but he’s not the character in the trailer.

  18. Im basing my opinion due to 80′s cartoon. But by the looks of the robot, it has that old & noble look you’d expect Alpha Trion would have in the film. I think if it was a Junkion, they had have a better face & don’t seem like the type to be taken prisoner. Unicron id expect would have a much evil appearance like Megatron. My bet its Alpha Trion held captive maybe somehow on the moon who’s discovered.

  19. Not convinced it’s Alpha Trion … look closer… he’s eyebrows don’t even match…that is because he is made of JUNK!

  20. I’ll bet its called Vector Prime, who for the most part is a variation of Alpha Trion”s character. That would fit better into the established story of the original Primes.

    • I actually thought that myself as well.

  21. can someone give me the story behind Alpha Trion held captive by shockwave? i make my own transformer movie comics, and i can always use a oth storyline…can u email me Giantsfan11703@aol.com with thesubject transformers.

  22. holy shizz teaser was pretty sick

  23. It looks nothing like Wreck Gar or Unicron.

  24. Not impressed by the film’s title – not as bad as The Dark Knight Rises – I suppose and the robot face looks dodgy. It’s only a teaser so need to see more obviously

  25. unfortunately it will probably suck just like the other two films do. I personally would like to see the movie revolve around the robots mainly not the humans. After all that’s what the movie is supposed to be about.


    • “After all that’s what the movie is supposed to be about.”

      I have to respectfully disagree Mario. Though the story began on Cybertron if it was just about the bots the story should have stayed there. By coming to Earth and the whole thing developing more and more about the adventures of both human and bot characters they became interlinked. So much so to the point that it doesn’t make any sense to phase the human story out…

  26. Who cares, I like the sound effects and cg animated transformations. they can poo poo on paper and call it a script for all i care. Bay’s movies are eye candy, plain and simple. T-formers have always been eye candy too. Could you ever say any of the T-former stories (in any media) have been that deep, no. Eat it haters! Bayzilla is gonna gobble up your hard earned cash, Whoooooooo.

  27. maybe christopher nolan can stop by and do a transfomers reboot =D

    • What´s the big deal about Nolan?! Yeah, he made some good movies, but the majority of you guys are talking about him like he´s the saviour of every franchise. Why not let him handle the Avengers, the SM-reboot, Iron Man 3, XM:FC, Transformers 3, etc…

      He´s overrated. Period.

      • I think that he may be joking scapegoat… but on the other hand, i agree with you… he did so many good things with batman, a franchice that was going down hill fast (ie, bat nipples) and completly turned it around with just one movie, batman begins… so although i agree with you that he shouldnt be a topic on every movie that doesnt yet have a director or is also going down hill, you must admit, that he is a great director and brilliant mind to make these movies come to life…

        • @ brandon

          I agree with both you & Scapegoat honestly, he had a valid point. Seems like anywhere i go & hear about a reboot, Nolan’s name pops up. Unlike most people i was never hyped up when he was producer behind the Superman reboot because unlike Batman, Superman is somthing that would have to be handled more differently, & heaven forbid he was or even Snyder right now wants to make Superman darker. I rather see Nolan handle the Spider-man franchise & X-men franchises since they seem to need someone like Nolan more. Im not really one whos for reboots but i enjoyed Nolans Batman films but id like to see someone like him tackle a DC character who hasn’t been on the big screen before that could be challenging while be in good hands at the sametime. Films like a Aquaman film or WonderWoman maybe? Anyways, i can’t see Nolan wanting to reboot Transformers, but someone will probly one day.

        • I know Mikey is joking, but it doesn´t change the fact that Nolan is overrated. I liked his Batman movies as well as any other comic book movie fan, but I think Burton´s movies are better. I agree, Nolan is a good director and stays true to his visions. And I´d love to see what he could do to the X-Men.

          • @ Scapegoat

            Glad im not the only one who likes Burton’s films more than Nolan’s. I agree about your comment about Nolan handling X-Men. Im confused if First Class is intended to ignored X-men Origins: Wolverine. I mean White Queen doesn’t age slowly right?

            • Burton´s Gotham City had a really depressing atmosphere. Steam coming from the sewers and all the gray coloring everywhere. In Nolan´s film, it was just Chicago.
              I don´t know how they´ll explain the X-Men fiasco… I mean, in XO:W they mentioned that Emma Frost was Silver Fox´s sister (WTF?!), and now she appears as a young woman in XM:FC that´s settled about 20 prior to XO:W. We´ll see. But this is a Transformers thread, we should discuss this somewhere else…

  28. So that’s where Barricade got to!!!