‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ Spoilers Discussion

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Transformers Dark of the Moon Spoilers Transformers: Dark of the Moon Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already chatting away  in the comments section of our Transformers: Dark of the Moon review, this is the place where you can discuss SPOILERS about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Below you can rate Transformers 3 for yourself. After that, feel free to Discuss away!

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  1. This film was total rubbish! Honestly the main story: to bring Cybertron to earth, not that creative. Plus
    Does anyone else not realise that the main bad guy in Revenge of the Fallen was an old Prime and the main bad guy in Transformers 3 was again ANOTHER PRIME? I mean really, thats pretty freaking unimaginative!
    And my goodness what the heck is up with all the lame Star Trek references!
    Bay needs to be only filming Chevrolet and Army recruitment adds, because thats all these films are.

    • Well the bad guy has always been a Prime, maybe because only Primes can fight each other . . . Megatron was a Prime as well by the way.

      • Pretty sure thats not correct at all. The bad guys have not always been Primes. Thats only been done in the crap that is transformers 2 and 3. I’ve never heard/seen/read where megatron is a prime, he’s not. and thats the crappiest idea that only a Prime and fight a Prime. If thats the case its only a matter of time before Optimus goes postal like all the other Primes and shouldn’t be trusted or be a leader.

      • The bad guy hasn’t always been a Prime, it’s only been a Prime in the 2nd film, and in the 3rd film a Prime was *one* of the bad guys, not THE main bad guy.

        Megatron’s never been considered a Prime, but in the film continuity, he was co-leader of the Transformers back in the day on Cybertron, before the war.

      • can u xplain dat? how cud megatron been a prime?

        • He wasn’t.

    • “This film was total rubbish! Honestly the main story: to bring Cybertron to earth, not that creative.”

      The “bring Cybertron to Earth” and “spacebridge” are not original per se, but only because they’re pulled directly from the G1 cartoon & comics, and are actually fantastic references/nods/whatever-you-want-to-call-them to the original source material. Fans of the old series are very happy with this particular plot point.

      • yeah, i know. I get that. I used to watch the show and all that stuff when I was kid. I just think that Transformers deserved a much better story than that. And as for me, being a fan of the old series was not happy with that whatsoever.

  2. Last night I went to see Dark of the Moon with my girlfriend, in RealD 3d. I enjoyed the 1st film, hated many things about the 2nd film, but was ready to give Bay & Co. a chance with Dark of the Moon given that they claimed to be improved upon the complaints about RotF.

    I really enjoyed all the ‘bot action, and a lot of the human stuff that was related to the military, but honestly I got burned out on all the other human stuff (except some of Sam’s stuff) pretty early on. I don’t much like the “Sam and his girl” scenes in any of the TF films, and once again I found myself rolling my eyes in DotM.

    The dialogue was dorky at times, sometimes I felt like the rapid-fire debates between Transformers as they duked it out hand-to-hand seemed way too speedy and seemed disconnected from the action, as if Bay forgot to ask that the voice-over actors reflect the action (bumps, smashes, struggles) in their voice work. The dialogue between battling bots was completely uninterrupted by the efforts of their combat.

    The plot was very manic and all over the place, but this is expected in a Bay film. People throwing a fit because the plot wasn’t wrapped up in a nice package like Citizen Kane entered the theatre with the wrong expectations, and they were going to be severely disappointed no matter what actually happened on screen. One has to suspend your disbelieve, put your imagination in overdrive, and check your more lofty expectations at the door. These films were always supposed to be about bots, action, mythology and excitement, and in that regard they succeeded greatly. Are there flaws, both large & small? Are they peppered in many areas of the film? Yes and yes. That doesn’t mean the film utterly failed in its goals.

  3. Action-wise, this is as good as it gets even though I would have preferred a more solid plot or just get the plot out of the way as quickly as possible and concentrate on the action. In T2, Megatron and the Fallen attempted to activate the Sun Harvester that would steal the Sun and destroy the world, including humans. But in T3, Megatron was revealed to have plotted a long time ago to use Earth’s resources and humans as slave to rebuild Cybertron. Didn’t he thought about that in T2 that if he succeeded in claiming the Sun, he would have thrown his own plan into disarray? A bit of tie-in needs to be established.

    But back to DOTM, the plot was so-so and the human characters remained secondary, no matter how hard Michael Bay tried to make them significant. At times, it seems they were slowing down Optimus from his objective of defeating the Decepticons. If anything, it only serves to enhance Optimus’ reputation as a valiant and wise warrior as not only does he have to contend with the mighty Decepticons (who always get the good s***) but also put up with interfering-humans who don’t really know what they’re doing. Aside from all that, DOTM is, as had become too oft-repeated, how a Transformers movie should be, action-wise. However, still I was a bit disappointed with how some of the action unfolded.

    Firstly, DOTM being Bay’s final installment of the franchise, I would have imagined a full-blown all-out war between the Autobots and the Decepticons on Earth. Meaning more Transformers characters participating in the fight. I understand there won’t be enough time to introduce more characters, considering the film is already taking a whopping 2 and a half hour of screen time. But if we cut out all the unnecessary scenes, especially involving human characters that serves no purpose to the plot apart from comic relief and by reducing the hassle of trying to tell the plot by just having a simple one where the Decepticons found the Pillars, activated it and brought their invading armies and the planet Cybertron to Earth, and the Autobots doing like-wise by sending out SOS to surviving Autobots, we can kick start the action in less than half an hour, so plenty of time to introduce more major robot characters. For non-fanboys, they don’t really need to know their names and personalities (I know some still can’t separate Starscream from Megatron). Just how they look like and what they transform into would be great. For us fanboys, we would have guessed who they are anyway.

    Secondly, I thought the scene where Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Ratchet and Wheeljack getting squared up by some Decepticons, led by Soundwave, could be better. (Talking about Soundwave, how could a robot big enough to transform into a satellite in T2, be only big enough to transform into a car in T3?) But back to that scene, I would have preferred Bay showing some battle scenes involving Bumblebee and co. and how they got outnumbered by hundreds of Decepticons before surrendering rather than just getting captured without us knowing how much of a fight they put up. I know the scene was intended as part of the dark theme where Soundwave goes about killing the Autobots one by one with no mercy. It was a great idea and had me really moved to see Wheeljack getting blown off piece by piece.

    Thirdly, I thought it’s time the Autobots themselves get some good s***. I was hoping for the Aerialbots to make an appearance since we’ve never seen an Autobot with flight capability apart from Optimus in the previous 2 films while the Decepticons have been flying around in the shape of Blackout, Starscream and Grindor. It would be cool to watch an Autobot combiner (such as Superion) and a Decepticon combiner (such as Menasor) do battle. We get Bumblebee vs Soundwave in individual fight but I’d hoped for more. Perhaps, a Sideswipe vs Starscream battle (the small guy vs the big guy) would be great especially given the cool acrobatic moves that Sideswipe can serve up. Fans would enjoy seeing the cowardly Starscream’s butt getting kicked by one of the smallest Autobot, excluding Wheelie and Brains. And talking about the duo, good job with the idea that being small doesn’t prevent them from causing some serious damage to the Decepticons.

    Fourth, the fact Optimus have to take on three major Decepticons (Driller, Megatron and Sentinel) showed a bit of incompetency in the other Autobots. Bay could at least have the Wreckers take on the Driller and display some cool combo moves as they work as a unit. And I felt Shockwave wasn’t dealt enough justice for his reputation as a powerful Decepticon. He got killed by humans who landed a parachute on his head and ambushed him with mere guns? Seems comical to me. Could have been better if Ratchet, Bumblebbe and Sideswipe take him on in a 3-on-1 fight, thus giving more fight scenes to the trio rather than just showing how great Optimus is, which we already know from T1 and T2.

    OK, I knew some would have thought I was being unrealistic about a film that’s supposed to be screened within a 2 hour time frame, that DOTM is already scoring high marks and that what I was asking for are fan-boy stuffs. But it would have made this my best movie experience ever.

        • yess bring the dinobots!!

    • What About in T1 Megatron is already on earth, frozen under the pole in the late 1800′s, but in T3 is already suppose to met on earth with Sentinel Prime in the 1950′s. That even a bigger mistake in the script then the T2 plan vs the T3 plan.

      • CR
        I believe Megatron and Sentinals plan was hatched on Cybertron and they were supposed to meet on Earth but Megatron was frozen and Sentinal crashed on the moon.

        What’s strange is that despite being an advanced race, Tranformers can’t land for crap!

      • Sentinel & Megatron met in the 1950′s? Where did you get that? They colluding on Cybertron however long ago that was (thousands or millions of years).


    • lol :D

    • Or actually he’s respectful to the plight of one of his extras, ass.

      • HOW is Bay showing respect for the plight of the stuntwoman? The accident occurred, so they couldn’t use the film. Solution: Recycle an old shot that’s similar in nature. It may not have been lazy…more like a practical business decision, but do NOT assign some kind of humanitarian saintliness to Bay or his production staff.

  4. Negatives:

    Really, kill off Ironhide, about the only Autobot other than Bubblebee and Optimus anybody cared about. (Ratchet 4th) Why not kill an unknown Autobot character like Dino or the Target car that walked like he had elephantiasis. This was my largest grip of the entire film. .

    The whole human story line was a mess, very awkward to watch. If they were still going to keep a love interest in the film they should have just kept Megan Fox. The scene where “I’m blonde, in high heels and not really dirty after a city has been destroyed” bia talks to Megatron like he really knows her was so outlandish. While a good point to make to Megatron it would have been better if made by LaBoof or Fox. I’m also not going there with the drama they tried to create between the two.

    The continuity was also horrible, its really hard to say this is a trilogy. First the allspark then the harvester and now this. Very hard to overlook the fact that out of all the plants in the universe Earth would have had two crash events. Can somebody also explain to me how the hell humans were to be slaves to the Decepticons??? Even bringing Cybertron to our atmosphere would have not provided enough life support for us to work on their planet. And how were we going to help rebuild a plant that’s a million times more advance than ours??? Guess its apart of the master plan.

    The ending was also way to quick, and I still don’t understand why in the first movie Optimus was overwhelmed by Megatron just to kill him with one arm in the ending of this film.

    Also Bay, your not Nolan, please don’t provide a crap ass story then use an Inception style soundtrack at the end of your movie to get my attention. And while the wing suit scene was great it then became 2012 all over again. And please create new stuff for us to watch, this was almost like watching the Island, Armageddon and your other films all rolled up into one.


    I liked seeing humans working with the Decepticons, was a good story point that could have been added to the first two movies.

    The military in the film was awesome!!! NEST meeting the Navy Seals and then later what appears to be Army “something” was very nice to see.

    The actual wing suit scenes that filmed the stunt men were very cool.

    Alan Tudyk, Lester Speight, John Malkovich and Frances McDormand were good additions.

    The moon race conspiracy was also interesting. Although its very hard to understand how you already have a branch of the government that specializes in space robots yet they were never passed any information on the event. But I guess its how our government really works.

    Overall it was summer fun and screenrant’s review of the movie was spot on. Very hard to make it through the first hour but the action scenes were impressive and tried to make up for the human story line. Will I see it again, yes, but only to better understand some of the fights that took place. Also not a kid friendly movie, don’t know how many youngsters I heard crying and not because they saw Ken Jeong with his pants down. For once I’m looking forward to a reboot by somebody that has a better vision of a Transformers trilogy.

    • The deminishing power of Megatron was about the only thing that did make sense to call this a trilogy.

      Remember after dying in the initial movie, he had sub-par parts attached from a smaller Decepticon, then Optimus disabled him more in “…the Fallen”. He was only a fraction of the mighty leader, thus the spider/doctor bots where putting him together again.

      Optimus on the other hand, gained parts from the aging, but still affective turncoat, Jetstorm in the 2nd, those parts became his trailer in this movie, allowing him the ability to fly and more weapons.

      Your right about the humans. But, I still do not understand why any of the non military humans even had roles in the movie in the first place. Megan Fox nor the new girl should have even been in any of the movies, not needed.

    • The Inception score was just a ripped off Dark Knight/Batman Begins
      score which was ripped of from the original Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean.

      • …and you say this WHY???

        (Please, back up this claim with something more intelligent than: “Because it’s true” or “It just was” or “They sounded the same”.)

      • Inception (2010), The Dark Knight (2008), Batman Begins (2005) and Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) all had Hans Zimmer associated to the soundtrack. So one could conclude that they would have a similar feel/sound.

        I’m however talking about the “boooonnngggg” sound (watch Southpark’s Insheeption) that was ripped. Also the first Transformers movie came out in 2007 after Pirates and Batman Begins.

  5. I’d say it was a 6.5 for me.

    Only thing, they kept breaking the momentum in the last act.

  6. I saw it today.
    I enjoyed the first hour better then the rest.
    I liked the Apollo 11 link as well as the build up to the revelation of Sentinel Primes betrayal.
    I enjoyed some action sequences , the fall of the bulding.
    They used the miltary well in this one I thought.
    But it was needlessly violent in regards to the killings of the humans .
    3 stars from me.

    • I agree with the human part that whole directing the attack on humans was unnecessary because:
      1 why kill em if they were gonna use em
      2 with the destruction of chicago we could have put two and two together
      Plus for me the ending was to abrupt if it was that easy to defeat the decepticons (megatron) why could they not defeat them earlier.(It made the cons look weak)

      (I think optimus killing sentinal and megatron was a bit cold blooded)

      • two and two together that many died in the choas

  7. “Sam Witwiky and the Robots in Disguise”
    by Blakblu (movies profile) Jul 3, 2011

    This would be a better title.

    Sam was worried about his girlfriend, not the enslavement of the human race. This was a lifetime movie, basically. I hate love stories.

    Many didnt like the Twins from the second installment, but, for me, I enjoyed any dialog from a Transformer, since there was so little in the first place. What we got here is no Twins, and even less dialog from any of the robots. For me thats a lose-lose. I’d trade the annoying Sam for the annoying Twins, get rid of Sam Witwicky.

    Actually this movie, these movies, really should only “refer” to the Transformers of the 80′s not carry thier names. Its like any robots would have done here, no need to ruin the beloved Transformers.

    The Go-bots would have been a better and cheaper choice. I wonder why they didnt go that route, so we can actually still get the Transformers movies done correctly. I’m pretty sure the reviews and all would still be the same, with either the Transformers or the Go-bots. All of the generic, lifeless robots, may have well been the Go-bots anyway, right? Shockwave, Soundwave, Starscream and Sideswipe were lucky to simply have a name, and thats really all the had. Soundwave fought like a girl, Bumblebee offed him, WHAT!!? Shockwave looked cool, but didnt get a single kill. Starscream was destroyed by Sam…uh…ok. Why didnt he just transform and fly away? If you where not Megatron, Optimus or Bumblebee, the one Transfromer I never really liked, you may as well had on a red uni from Star Trek.

    Enough on the horrible use of the robots, I’m sure other reviews will go over more of that.

    Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky gets an F, he got a C in the first, then a D in the second.
    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Carly Spencer, she wasnt bad, just very unnecessary, just like the other girl, F.
    Patrick Dempsey as Dylan Gould, his characheter gets the B, cool, the human pet.
    Kevin Dunn as Ron Witwicky and Julie White as Judy Witwicky, C, tolerable, the actors where better in a slimmer role.
    John Malkovich as Bruce Brazos, C, but, Y? Red uni character, too.
    Josh Duhamel as U.S. Army Lt. Colonel William Lennox, John Turturro as Agent Seymour Simmons, and Tyrese Gibson as USAF Chief Robert Epps, all get A’s. Needed characters, interesting and well portrayed…just the right exposure…Good job Micheal Bay on these guys. (lol @ good job Micheal Bay.)
    Lastly, and that brings me to…drum roll, A++ goes to Alan Tudyk as Dutch, clearly the best character in the movie, since the Transformers where not the main focus.

    I only touched on the characters basically, since to me that is the most important part, the story contradicts the other two movies, so I didnt really review that part.

  8. If I am In Sams situation, my first priority is to take care of the people that I care about .
    I would have gone after Carly too.

  9. Saw it today, and I was at first hesitant to see it because I got so psyched for Revenge of the Fallen and afterwards felt like I’d been “Punk’d.” Anyway, I was generally entertained by the film, but I’m not sure whether Bay made me care about the enormous battles or if I’ve just grown to accept the robot-bashing genre.

    I’m a huge Transformers fan, so I’m always a bit more critical if the characters aren’t fleshed out how I perceive them. Alas, I wasn’t satisfied with Soundwave’s portrayal, even though ScreenRant’s Ben Kendrick excited me with his praise of the increased role of Soundwave. I only saw him three times, and the the third time he was an executioner — just didn’t seem like him at all. PLUS he was a Benz, and during the Africa scene he looked tiny next to Megatron and Starscream, almost as small as Jazz. And Soundwave didn’t have his trademark automatic voice, but I didn’t expect Bay to follow through on that, anyway. Truth is, Laserbeak appeared more and looked a lot cooler than Soundwave really did. Unfortunate. Really, really unfortunate.

    And I’m still a bit puzzled about Megatron. Carly nailed it on the head when she said “Sentinel’s b****.” Then, Megatron fights Optimus himself and goes down quicker than a Decepticon henchman (and Optimus only had one arm). I mean come on, this guy was THE villain in the first film, and now he’s nothing more than the “Brett Favre” sitting on the Decepticon sidelines. I’ll never understand it.

    Just in general, I think Bay is done with the franchise. He killed off so many characters that there isn’t much room for any sequels that I see. Check it: Ironhide (wow, what a way to go), Starscream (about time, but Sam? Yeah right), Sentinel (Completely opposite of his G1 character), Soundwave and Shockwave (No reason for a casual moviegoer to care anyway), and Megatron. There are no antagonists for the Autobots to fight. And frankly, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Bay went through with Bumblebee being executed. He definitely pulled out all the stops, huh? Ah…

    Alright, I better quit before I talk myself out of liking the film. I’d love to see more of Rosie Huntington-Whitely though. Whew, what a woman.

    Ranters, transform and ROLL OUT!

    • yeah optimus owning megatron that battle scene was way to quick =0

  10. I admire Michael Bay’s commitment to Star Trek; no less than 3 Leonard Nemoy as the Bad Optimus; resistance is futile;references..”The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”; we get it Paramount should have put out ST2 instead of Super*

  11. Overall I think the movie is draggy, and the movie focused too much on humans, there is hardly any transformers interaction. I mean c’mon! Ironhide died and NOT even ONE autobot mentioned about him.

    What really gets to me is, this being the final film of the trilogy and the Decepticons are there as if they are some grunts. CANNON FODDERS! I still cant get over the fact that Starscream(coolest decepticon ever!) got pwned by humans. Shockwave was a waste of time.

    The humans, from the beginning of the movie till the end, they tend to keep screaming! especially Sam, so angry and non stop yelling. Talk about an emo kid == I’d still prefer Mikaela over Carly, and i think Mikaela wud have yanked Megatron by the nuts(pun intended) rather than calling him a b****.

    Overall the movie is okay, but hey tats me. The chicago battle is LONG.. but the fight scenes are less than 10 seconds. Loved it when Sentinel quoted Spock.. WIN

  12. Positives-
    1. Awesome fight scenes
    2. Humans working with Decepticons= AWESOMENESS
    3. In the end where Optimus went into total bada** mode
    4. One word…DUTCH
    1. Plot holes
    2. Not enough character development
    3. Too many characters were killed. (I would’nt have been surprised if they had killed bee.
    4. Too much human involvement
    All in all though, it was an awesome movie. Arguably the best yet. I recommend it to all. Hope there is a Transformers 4!

  13. I thought the movie was good if you are 10 yrs old and have no idea of what a good syfy movie should be. Dont get me wrong I understand what Bay was trying to do with the franchise but here is my question why ruin a good thing. The entire series seemed like one big chevy commercial with really good graphics. Now I am all for new, and fresh ideas. I was orginally upset with 1st film for changing the way the transformers looked. They didnt look like the transformers I grew up knowing and loving, they looked more like Johnny 5 on steriods. But the plot had some promise so I gave it a shot. But Bay really dropped the ball with the last 2 films. DOTM way too many plot holes, not exploring more of the transformers at all, diffrent characters disapper and reapper out of no where, megatron wearing a sheet to hid his face I mean come on peopl. And what in the world is with the hatchlings are they trying to say the transformers lay eggs now!!!! The plot was just garbage. If anyone has the cahones to rebot this take my advice and stick closer to the plot of gen 1 and for peats sake keep Megan Fox as far away from the set as possible.

  14. If there is a 4th movie, I would think it would be a prequel. If the director is Steven Spielberg, he will address the issue of how and what makes Sentinel Prime defect from the Autobots. I also think that he will explain the relationship between Optimus and Megatron before and after the Cybertronian war started. Some of the advantages of a Transformers prequel would be all robot action/interactions as all the action will be on Cybertron.
    If they decide on making a sequel, I’d like the plot idea of Unicron reviving Megatron as Galvatron with new decepticons Cyclonus, Bruticus, Motormaster. Autobots can add Starsabre or even Sixshot. Nemesis Prime can also be a good villain

  15. sigh – you gota realize, bay does not give a fk about the 80s babies growing up with G1. this was his (and his writers’) interpretation of that and they just kinda rewrote their OWN version of the story while having the existing material to draw upon.

    G1ners are naturally drawn to see this movie, other ppl who dunno sht about this want to see it for the girl, the big mecha fights, the loud sfx, and all the other stuff bay is known for.

    the revenue numbers tell the real story here – it appeals to everyone around the world despite all the plotholes because people watch it just for those special “awesome!11″ moments. sucked how many of the bots were killed off though u gota admit and i swear optimus got rid of meg and sent in the same minute. then it just cut to black (no fade) and we are sent off with that corny simmons kiss scene and feeling empty that it just ends LIKE THAT. (probably to cause outrage and controversy – like timberlake said at the superbowl incident way back “that’ll get em talking”)

    call me a sick freak, but if optimus died too after the fight and after headnodding bee and ratchet, it woulda been a more complete ending vs what was shown (and thats not saying much).

    Transformers : Dark of the Moon is THE best movie I have ever seen in my entire life ( although I am 14, but that’s not the point ) . Somehow, Michael Bay managed to impress me beyond the far reaches of space, past where Cybertron used to be. He has amazed me even more than TITAN A.E. and IRON GIANT did, and that really is saying something.

    Congratulations to Mr. Bay in choosing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for the ‘Sam’s girlfriend’ part, not because of her stunning looks, but because she acted pretty damn well if you ask me.

    I have absolutely no negatives WHATSOEVER for this amazing film. The effects were awesome and I am going to see the film again in a few days.

    However much I enjoy these effects, however, I don’t think that the film would be a film without the ‘human stuff’. With humans fighting alongside massive metal men, well, I’m lost for words, it was a great idea.

    I liked the storyline, no matter how many people didn’t.
    I love how you have completely generated your own ideas for the franchise.
    I am aware that another film could mean Unicron, BUT, what people seem to forget is that if this happens OPTIMUS PRIME WILL DIE. I don’t see this is something I can accept, judging by the fact that he completely pwns everything in his way. Remember the scene in DOTM where he’s pretty much roller blading down the street slicing and dicing the Decepticons? That’s the sort of stuff that will be lost if Optimus dies…

    To be honest, there are a lot of ideas that Michael Bay has been left with. There is still an army of Decepticons around the world ( the ones that looked after the pillars ) . There are still a lot of Autobots and Decepticons that can be introduced, like Blast ( the micro – cassette holder ) .

    I can’t watch the death of Optimus Prime, so don’t do it.

    Why is Michael Bay not wanting to make a 4th Transformers? He’s made a heck load of money and Transformers has made him incredibly famous. Why is Shia La Boeuf not wanting to take part in a 4th Transformers? I love Shia in the films! His screams are hilarious and his overall acting is amazing. I don’t think Transformers would be as good without him because it wouldn’t really make sense. Apparently, Jason Statham wants to do TF4, but Rosie H-W probably wants to aswell. Yes the two are in a relationship, but in TF3, Shia and Rosie are in a relationship. It wouldn’t make much sense. Also, I most certainaly don’t want a reboot. I wouldn’t much like a sequel. But I would really want some more films!

    Transformers : Dark of the Moon has received a solid 1000000/10 from me, quite literally!.

    • SORRY, I wouldn’t much like a REQUEL.

      • Prequel

  17. optimus has nothing to do or live for now.

    his jerk hand got cut off. he killed his biggest enemy and his mentor in the same minute. he doesnt have cybertron to go home anymore to when white folks get on his nerves.

    and now USA is gona send him to help out in IRAQ and afghanistan. ROFLMAO hahahaa

  18. optimus has nothing to do or live for now.

    his jerk hand got cut off. he killed his biggest enemy and his mentor in the same minute. he doesnt have cybertron to go home anymore to when white folks get on his nerves.

    and now USA is gona send him to help out in IRAQ and afghanistan. ROFLMAO hahaha

  19. It doesn’t matter. Optimus is a G. He sliced his way through around 15 Decepticons in under 30 seconds. If he dies, I’ll die. I won’t be able to watch it.

  20. Someone earlier made a comment about the very end of the film. And I just had an epiphany. If the end had faded out to black, it would create some sense of ‘the end’. However, the film ended in a quick black screen. Perhaps this means a ‘to be continued…’ like the other films?


  22. LOL! I guess Michael Bay is a Doctor Who fan :D

    Spoilers follow for those living in a cave and not seen any of the Doctor Who David Tennant Specials, particularly End Of Time. Also spoilers for Transformers 3
    In End of Time, the Doctor is faced by a recently resurrected enemy. In Dark of the Moon, Optimus faces a resurrected enemy (technically though he thought it was a friend).

    In End of Time, there is a plan, involving objects that would bring back Gallifrey (the white point crystal).

    in Dark of the moon, same plan but it involved pillars and Cybertron.

    In End of Time, the plan was for Gallifrey to be pulled into the same orbit as earth, presumably destroying and replacing it

    ditto for Dark of the Moon, just replace Gallifrey with Cybertron.

    In End of Time, the Master regains his senses and messes with the plan, saving the Doctor.

    in Dark of the Moon Megatron realises that he wants to be in charge and attacks Sentinel, thus saving his rival

    In End of Time, getting rid of the connection to Gallifrey destroyed Gallifrey (presumably).

    in Dark of the Moon Disconnecting the main bridge destroyed Cybertron

    Also, on a seperate topic, I loved the camera they used for the end of the battle, much sharper and clearer and flatter (kind of like what you’d see on a high end LED TV), why couldn’t they use the same camera for the whole movie?

    • I thought the exact SAME thing man! Bay has no originality!

  23. what does megatron say when he dies? sounds like ROCK BARRRR or some sht like that. he says the SAME THING in ROTF when optimus shoots his face with his own arm blaster

  24. My god. Look people, no film is perfect. No film has a perfect pot hole, no film has perfect development for every character. Bay said he was gonna give a darker tone to this film and he did. Megatron says the same thing when he dies in this movie too? really thats what you paid attention to.

    People seriously need to stop bashing this movie as if they do a better job. If everyone is so sure the movie wasnt that great, well let the box office speak for itself.

    • @ Jay

      I agree. It sure as heck was alot better than the last film. After i seen it in the theater, some people clapped when the credits began rollin. Like all movies ive seen, it had a few things that left me displeased with but it didn’t leave me with hating the whole thing itself & more. Like you said, no film is perfect and there will always be flaws. Imo i thought it was great as the first film.

    • Hope you said the same about Green Lantern.

  25. This movie exceeded my expectations. I was sort of expecting a copy of TF1 and 2, but sure enough Bay managed to bring in a whole new ball game packed with action. Sure it was full of overly campy lines (Bumblebees joke about marriage at the end) and sure it may have had the flaw of leaving out Megan Fox but this movie was a new start of the already 4 year old series even thought it brought closure to the trilogy. This movie featured Ken Jeong from the Hangover which helped bring a bit of comedy to this movie even though it is a primary sci-fi/action film. The films C.G.I. did not disappoint and if you saw it in IMAX 3D like I did it was hard to say anything bad about the use of 3D that Michael Bay brought to the table. Even though almost every movie is 3D now. I do for the most part find 3D to be “annoying” but its usage in Transformers 3 was flawless. Transformers has been with us for years from its Hasbro toy roots to its Block Buster present state. Personally I have grown to love Transformers and even though it has its flaws (Bumblebee not being a mustang) it still finds a place in the heart of movie goers everywhere and that is why with or without Shia and Michael fans of the series will flock to the theaters to see whatever Dreamworks, Paramount, and Hasbro has to offer.

    • The effects were done by using pyrotechnics on city buildings. They explosions were not computer generated. The wing-suit stunts were actually really done in Chicago. With a movie budget of 160 million they could have done anything they wanted to do in the windy city

  26. I thought that TF3 was the best film in the trilogy and it didn’t have that many plot holes as TF2. The plot was good and the CGI and 3D effects were amazing and used well. I liked the character build up for Sentinel because they still made a good introduction for him and if you wanted to know more about him then you could search it up on the web. However, I didn’t like the build up or on-screen time for Shockwave because I thought that he was not featured that much or developed enough to be/despite being the main antagonist in the film, personally I felt that the main antagonist was Sentinel. The whole point of these 3 movies was to introduce new and younger people to the 27 year old franchise and to introduce the key characters from the old TV series and to include a different story arc to it, in other words, to TRANSFORM the knowledge that we old fans already know from the TV series that we have watched and apply it to creating another story from that. I think that the first two movies were excellent, despite the occasional plot hole here and there, but that this one topped them all. I think that TF3 fulfilled all of its purposes and more. No movie is ever going to be perfect as so many people have said, and if you are just going to whine about how the movie was average than some places then you clearly did not enjoy and take in that movie and that is what you have to do if you really loved the previous ones. There are flaws in everything that humans do. The debate about ‘why can’t it just be about the robots on Cybertron?’ is pointless because:
    a) Cybertron supposedly died/ imploded at the end of the film
    b) The majority of people just looking for a popcorn movie that it brings as well as the good plot lines and intricate detail of the ‘bots and ‘cons (previously) need some form of human interaction otherwise they feel (I’m talking stereotypically here) that they can’t relate to the characters at all, which is understandable because that is what 80% of the viewers that go to see it are.

    Overal a 5/5 for a fantastic movie that have beaten various and huge records and its predessesors by a mile.