‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ Spoilers Discussion

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Transformers Dark of the Moon Spoilers Transformers: Dark of the Moon Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already chatting away  in the comments section of our Transformers: Dark of the Moon review, this is the place where you can discuss SPOILERS about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Below you can rate Transformers 3 for yourself. After that, feel free to Discuss away!

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  1. i really liked how sam wasnt useless in this one though!

  2. I want to know how Optimus gets stuck in the crane’s cable? How can ne not get loose? He’s a Prime!

  3. blu ray version better have an alternate ending where bumble bee dies!
    and is the extended 5 hour movie! lol

  4. yeah he should have had his melee weapons with him since he got the tech from his trailer before flying.

  5. why was it megatron was not even really important in this one?

  6. Am I the only one that knew that Sentinel was going to betray the A-bots…. How could you not see that coming… it’s a classic plot that’s been done hundreds of times. It was a real surprise that Ironhide died, he was one of my favorites. I admit that threw me completely off. I will be going back to see it in 3D (w/o the kids).

  7. megatron wasnt as important in this one because thats what made sentinel look soo bad ass…especially since sentinel QUICKLY beat the brains out of megatron. (literally)

    also megatron was healing the whole movie…which i guess it makes sense why sentinel was able to take him down so fast and thats why prime was able to eviscerate him quickly at the end.

    i just wish he had fully healed before he fought sentinel.

  8. Not as bad as the 2nd movie, but not great. It is my opinion Bay only knows how to make one kind of movie and then just rehashes it over and over.

    There were so many times I saw “Revenge of the fallen” in this film. Way to many.

  9. mike i disagree this film was by far the best out of the three and even though there are plot holes and wtf moments its still a huge technical and visual achievement. the story is pretty easy to follow as well unlike ROTF which is also easy to follow if your a hardcore transformers fan but not if your the everyday casual movie goer.

    there were no random wardrobe changes. there were no decepticons that had been destroyed that kept coming back. there werent two shockwaves like there was two devastators in rotf.

    so in what way was DOTM like ROTF?

    • there were 2 devastators??

  10. yeah i for sure wish barricade had a bigger part.

    i guess i just wished they named the decepticons like that badass green one that looked like an industrial praying mantis…that thing looked raw. i wish they used less ships that didnt transform. and more transformers that transform. but i still absolutely friggin love this movie! and visually it was far better than avatar.

  11. Did anyone else notice the similarity to Armageddon at the end, when Sam and his girl embrace?

  12. The lack of screen time with Megatron and star scream is because Michale bay like to tell the story of the human prospective. Plus he seemed kind of emo over his head wound. Wearing a hood over his head. Hideing out in the dessert with a bunch of robot pets most of the time hes siting down acting like its his throne and acting like he still matters when really he lost the control of the decepticons thanks to setinail prime. He didnt even get off his butt to do something untill Carley had a little pep talk with him by calling him Setinail’s b****.

    • So really the wound to his face was also a wound to his ego.

    • The preqel comics show that those aren’t pets; they’re young Transformers that Megatron is raising to be loyal to him and the Decepticons…kind of like the Hitler Youth.

      • ARGH! That should be preQUEL.

        • Well they made them seem like pets. And yea i whould love to see a all CG war of Cybertron prequel! That or in about 5 to 10 years a whole new trilogy. Like a Generation 2 kind of thing.

          • Any ways i still say that his head wound is also a wound to his ego.

            • If they were his pets or even robot “youth” that he was raising, then why did he keep killing them? I.e. squishing them between his fingers when he picked one out of his cracked open brain-case.

              • Ummm, because he’s Megatron and is evil and a tad bit insane…

              • werent those parasites

          • They didn’t seem like pets to me at all, and certainly didn’t seem like young bots he was brainwashing to be Decepticons. I’m not doubting the prequel comic, but sometimes novelizations and comic versions of films, and their related stories, change certain things to work better for the medium.

            The small bots crawling around in Megatron’s head wound and on his body were in there repairing the damage, and they looked identical to the ‘Doc’ decepticon that revived Megs in RotF, except they were much smaller. You can see them welding little areas in his head while he walks around. They’re slowly working on him, but he keeps squishing them in annoyance while he ruminates about his situation.

    • The other day I saw a ADHD-riddled adaptation of the movie by some 7 year old on YouTube. Oddly enough, he pretty much nailed it perfectly. This movie was poorly made. La-dee-dah it was made in 3D. It was the least entertaining of the 3 for me. The editing made me feel like I was being drug around in a store by children and ultimately forgetting what I came in for…..

  13. TRANSFORMERS 3 – Dark Of The Moon


    After the defeat of the attempted invasion the movie cuts to a short time later to a wedding for Sam & Carly in a secluded area (meaning now media or public) where all the Transformers Movies characters are in attendence (basically everyone from the movie who was involved in fighting off the Decepticon invasion). At the post wedding reception Sam and Optimus (who is wearing what one would guess is the Transformers equivalent of a Cast) step away together for a private chat.

    Optimus tells Sam that the day may come when he and the rs of the Autobots are unable to sucessfully fnd off Decepticon attaacks and so he and the others have decided to take the fight away from Earth by seeking out the remaining autobots & deceptiocons. With Cybertron destroyed from the singularity that sucked it in (at the end of T3) and both Megatron & Sentinel Prime dead he hopes the remaining few Decepticons can be convinced to agree to a truce and start over somewhere else working together as brothers and no longer fighting. He tells Sam that Bumble Bee will stay behind on Earth as protector (of Sam & Carly) and as lookout to call to Optimus should any more Deceptiocns show up.

    Cut to Africa to Megatrons retreat as seen in the movie. The hatchlings are crawling around and feeding on Energon. Up thru the ground comes a badly damaged Shockwave who opens a hidden door leading to a large cache of Energon below the ground. He goes in taking the hatchlings with him and closes the door after blasting away the above ground remains so as to remove evidence that anything or anyone was ever there.

    Roll the main credits (director, star cast) then cut to bonus scene.

    6 Months later…. that same hidden door breaks open and out comes a fully restored Shockwave along with the half dozen hatch lings which are now about fully grown. All 7 transform into arial mode and fly away.

    Cut to NEST headquarters which is now abandoned save for the Autobots and Sam. Sam and Optimus say their goodbyes. One by one Optimus and the rest of the Autobots transform back into the same metal like comet form that first brought them to Earth. Bumble transforms into a large cannon and one by one shoots them into space. After the last one is sent into Space Bumble transforms back to car mode and he and Sam drive away.

    Cut to NASA..

    Two patrol guards are discussing the alien invasion that occurred 6 months back and how the world has changed now that know we are not alone. A bright flash surrounds the area and the guards are left paralyzed like statues for several seconds. Camera cuts to scenes all over the world where the same flash occurs and persons the globe over all freeze for several seconds before resuming normal activities like as as if the flash and their standing motionless for several seconds had never occurred.

    Cut back to NASA – The 2 guards are now unable to recall what they were just talking about and so the forget about it and start their rounds.

    Cut To Home Of Sam Witwiki where we see he and Bumble bee (in new Camaro car mode) driving down a neighborhood street. The same flashes before occurs and Bumble stops motionless. Both he and Sam just sit there for about 10 seconds. After the 10 seconds Sam resumes driving but the Camaros engine is off and is just rolling powerless down the street. Once it stops Sam tries but can’t start it back up. After several unsuccessful attempts to start the car he calls Carly who picks him up.

    When Carly arrives we see Bumble Bee is back in his Old Camaro model mode as seen in Transformers 1. Sam tells Carly hes tired of this POS and that tomorrow he’s trading it in for a new vehicle and she tells him its about time he got rid of that junk. Bumble Bee is quote and motionless.

    Cut to An underground area somewhere in the mid-west of the continental United States. We see Shockwave along with the 6 hatchlings (now to grown to be called hatchlings ) enter a large area where hundreds and hundreds of Decepticons are busy working at various tasks. In the center is a large structure similar to what we saw in T2 that would convert the Sun to Energon. Shockwave walks over to a large Decepticon whose back is turned to the camera and whom appearsto be in charge. Without turning around the Decepticon says Shockwave “Report”.

    SHOCKWAVE: The hatch lings are fully developed and trained and are transport capable.
    DECEPTICON LEADER: Have they successfully united yet?
    SHOCKWAVE: No but they are very close to completing the process.
    DECEPTIOCN LEADER: Excellent. We are ahead of schedule and so we have the extra time to allow the process to progress without acceleration howeverthey must be complete with that step within no more then 30 more complete planetary rotations (aka 30 days) if we are to keep this schedule.
    SHOCKWAVE: If there is nothing else I will return to my scouting duties.
    DECEPTIOCN LEADER: Have either showed any signs of regression?
    SHOCKWAVE. No the wipe remains in place with both the boy and the autobot Bumble Bee.
    DECEPTICON LEADER: Keep a very close eye on the Autobot until we are ready for him to signal Optimus. We don’t yet want Optimus returning until Omega Supreme is ready.
    SHOCKWAVE: Yes Lord Galvatron. (Walks away)

    Cut to Sam & Carly at home where we see Bumble Bee being towed away.
    SAM: Weird how the guy couldn’t get the car to start no matte what. He said it was like as if the car never ran to begin with. He said all the parts look to be there but that underneath/inside its all solid and he can’t get anything off or apart to check out the engines insides.
    CARLY: You deserve better then that old ugly piece of junk anyway.

    Cut to a planet far, faraway from Earth where we see Optiums and Ratchet hiding and watching a small band of Decepticons.

    OPTIMUS: How long since Bumble Bee last reported in?
    RATCHET: He signaled me just before we got there.
    OPTIMUS: I mean how long has it been since he reported in?
    RACTHET: A while buthis vocal circuits were still damaged when we left and so he very well maybe incapable of doing anuything but signaling till I return and can look at him. You sound worried Optimus.

    OPTIMUS: I just have a bad feeling. Its been several Earth months since we left and not one report from Bumble Bee about a Decepticon citing. I thought some wood have come to Earth by now since we have been unable to find more then a handful out here.
    RATCHET: Its possible that more died along with Cybertorn when it collapsed into the singularity then you previously thought?
    OPTIMUS: Perhaps. Still I’d prefer some communicate from Bumble Bee aside from a fixed signal. Send an immediate message to Bumble Bee that we are coming back to Earth early unless he signals that all is Well.

    A few moments later..
    RATCHET: Optimus, Bumble Bee is not responding at all not even with a signal.
    OPTIMUS: Did you try calling Sam?
    RACTHET: Yes I did but he said he did not know any Ratchet and to stop calling and harassing or he would call the police. Optimus, I don’t think Sam knows who I am.
    OPTIMUS: Send a message to the rest of the Autobots to make for Earth immediately and at top speed; the Deceptiocns have already landed and it sounds like the first battle is to them.

    • this is a retarted idea transformers is done micheal bay said this is the last one

      • Bay said HE’S done with Transformers, but the studio will obviously continue. Megatron can be brought back as Galvatron by Unicron, and Starscream’s spark is immortal from what I remember. There’s plenty of lore to use. The Quentessons (sp?) can be brought in too.

        • Starscream’s spark is immortal in the cartoon, due to events that happened in the cartoon. Those events that happened in the cartoon haven’t happened in the film versions, so film-version Starscream doesn’t have an immortal spark.

    • fanboy fiction awww how sweet. next!

    • dude i would have loved to have seen dat in transformers 3

    • Blue CollarCritic,Post creditcreits cenes are one scene.
      No one is going to do a post credit scene with at lest six cuts in it.
      Nice imagination though .
      I am glad The autobots didnt leave, saves the trouble of bringing them back for the fourth film.

  14. Well, that was…intense. I DID think it was much better than TF2, but I do NOT think it was better than TF1 (as good as, but not better than)…with ONE exception: Bay finally got the battle scenes clear enough to truly appreciate their intricacies, unlike the hyper-kinetic schrapnel-fest that occurred repeatedly in TF1. Also, I did like the new girl…I’m surprised people said she was useless in the film. True, she did not do a lot…UNTIL she played on Megatron’s vanity to turn the tables on Sentinel Prime (granted, a total deus ex machina, but nicely done nonetheless…and needed).

    I was amused, as well, by the two things that very likely had certain legendary creators rolling over in their graves: Ian Fleming about “Que” AND Gene Roddenberry about Sentinel’s “many” vs. “few” line. They were fun, just a tad bit corny.

    Other than the fact that he IS Megatron, Megatron was fairly pointless in the film. Optimus proved, on the other hand, WHY he is the last Prime. Also, I got a slight Anakin-with-R2-piloting-the-Naboo-fighter-to-destroy-the-Droid-control-ship vibe from the the two pet bots taking down the large launch-platform ship.

    I DID have fun watching TF3, despite its weaknesses. :)

  15. Did any one catch all three Star Trek (actually Spock) references?

  16. Does anyone remember what optimas prime said at ending? He didn’t say “I AM OPTIMAS PRIME AND I SEND THIS MESSAGE SO” thing right? ._.

  17. This movies was fricking epic! The only bad things were that Megatron and Shockwave did not do much throughout the movie. Still though, their both badass

    • Agreed. Shockwave was wasted. I was happy Bay finally brought him in, but he didn’t do much of anything.

    • IMO, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was more tolerable than Fox, and served a much bigger purpose than Fox did in the films.

      • amen

      • To be honest, I think the only reason that the girl was given as many roles as she did was Bay’s way of justifying casting her.

    • thay had to fight all of them they said even kno it didnt feel like it

  18. TF3 Epic as hell! When i was in the theater and Bee was about to get killed had all the girls in there at the edge of their seats starting to weep and cry and gasp and say no! I was laughing like woooow! And me and my bro couldnt get over the fact that Rosie was clean as hell throughout the whole damn movie!?!! Like Shia is all bruised up dirty got cuts this girl look like she just took a bath out her clothes in the washing machine then BOOM cleanas a whistleand none of her lil white clothes or shoes torn/rip/or broken! But what really didnt make any sense to me in the movie is why Rosie is talkin to Megatron! She dont know him! Giving him a lil speeech an ll that! It would have been way better if Shia talk to him that would’ve made more sense!

    • She knows about the auto bots so odds are Sam told her about Megatron at some point and what he looks like.

      • l

          • I am a little conflicted when it comes to the deaths of Starscream, Shockwave and Megatron in the “Dark of the Moon”. Let me preface though by saying I loved the first one and think it may be my favorite movie and I also enjoyed the second one. However, my biggest issue concerning “Revenge of the Fallen” was ultimately how anticlimactic the final battle scene was, mainly, how easy it was for Optimus to blow up the device that would destroy the sun. I mean, he basically just jets over there and shoots a bomb into it and that’s it, nothing more to worry about after that. The whole movie led up to that point and then the Fallen’s whole plan is undone in two seconds. I enjoyed watching Optimus get some revenge against Megatron, blowing a hole in his head with his own weapon and then I loved watching Megatron cry out to Starscream but the Fallen was supposed to be the primary antagonist and he’s basically just toyed with almost until Optimus gets down to business. All in all, I loved both of them but the ending to the second could have been a littl better.

            Now, having seen the third, knowing that Michael Bay is done and that Shia Labeouf is out, I think it was wrapped up pretty well. Maybe that’s what Bay intended. Some people were upset that Optimus becomes this ultra-violent Rambo-style assasin that goes berserk on the Decepticons because they think that is not Optimus, but I was glad to see him finally show some serious emotion. It was a little disappointing to see Starscream killed so, well, in such an uneventful manner considering how big of a player he was, but he had it coming to him I guess. I also thought Shockwave would have played more of a role in the final battle and it was weird to see such a supposed bad ass downed by a hail of gun fire. In the end, I am happy that Optimus simply executed Sentinel Prime on the spot because he cheapshotted Ironhide and I loved Ironhide, and he betrayed Optimus when he had put his trust in him, and would have killed Optimus had Megatron not stepped in. As far as Megatron goes, for him to have been such a prominent character in the first two and then relegated to an extra pretty much in the third, I would have liked to have seem him survive because of the whole Optimus/Megatron dymanic like Batman and the Joker, but apparently Optimus was done with the bull**** and so I can’t fault him for that. Maybe this is it for now and if so, then Bay brought things to a good close. But I just wonder sometimes what they are going to do if they make a fourth. As I said, I love the “Transformers” movies and I have already seen “Dark of the Moon” three times. I just would like to see a battle that actually meanssomething and isn’t resolved in ten seconds.

    • How can you say the movie had no comedic relief Autobots? Sam’s two companion/pet ‘bots were PRECISELY that.

      • I think he ment ones that sucked at being funny but all they did was try to be funny.

        While funny at least wheelie and his friend did something.

        • Naaah, they were only slightly less annoying than the Twins in TF2…and the Twins also did something…if you remember, they caused a great deal of trouble for the biggest Decepticon in TF2, so that argument doesn’t actually work. All four were irritating “comedic” characters who were artificially given purpose in their respective films…

          • The twins only effect devastator because the twins (Like there comedy) was bad of his digestive system.

            • …but they DID affect him. 😉 That was my point.

  19. I thought that transformers 3 was really good. even though it was kind off slow in the beginning it was still great, the writers added lots of humor which was needed. I was never once dissapointed with it while i was watching it. i thought that adding the new girlfriend (rosie huntington) would ruin it for me but i found she did a pretty decent job. i still think megan fox wouldve been better because shes the original and the 2 little robots and sam just subtle-y said that mikayla dumped him which is unrealistic because in the end of T2 they finally said i love you. But i guess they couldnt really have done it any other way. I thought the plot line was done pretty well, there was a little flaws but there was lots of surprise when sentinel betrayed the autobots. I found that this transformers was just as good as the first because it kept you on the edge of your seat and it got you emotionally involved with the movie.

    • I think it was very unprofessional of Bay to make Mikaela sound like such a horrible person (from the few comments that Sam and Wheelie gave) I mean if you fire Fox because you didn’t like her, fine, just don’t put it into the movie, I think the character could have been given more respect. Maybe like she was killed in an accident or something >=( Cause seriously, if Mikaela wanted to dump Sam, she would have done it two movies ago when she found out he was running around with robots.

  20. I was pretty impressed with this movie. I can’t believe how my childhood obsession has evolved into such a mega-blockbuster with so much money thrown at it and so much detail… it really was fun.

    I actually enjoyed the human interaction and comedy very much. I laughed a LOT.

    And the action and drama were… yes, epic is the only way to describe it. There WERE a couple of disappointments I had, though.

    1) When Chicago went from being intact to being devastated so quickly on screen. I was a little disappointed because I think it would have been awesome to witness these ships come around and destroy stuff. But we just got to see the aftermath. I guess it’d be a little too ‘War of the Worlds’ like, though.

    2) Shockwave. My favorite Decepticon. Really just a two-bit part in the end, which sucked. He should have gotten a fun one-on-one battle with Optimus Prime (actually it is a shame that Optimus is the only “badass” Autobot that you’d match up with these bigger Decepticons lol. They should have brought in somebody like Jetfire or Ultra Magnus… oh well.)

    I actually liked Megatron in this movie, as a broken-down shadow of his older self – for some reason I found his look very intriguing. His truck mode was cool, too. And I liked the twist at the end.

    I didn’t mind the humans taking down Starscream but I do think that he should have given them more of a scare instead of just jumping around in pain, but I suppose that’d exactly be what I’d do if somebody anchored my eye like that.

    I actually think Bay directed the first movie better, I sort of liked the first movie better, but the third movie was definitely epic and made up for the second movie in spades.

  21. Yeah! I saw barricade!! And omg i was shocked when ironhide died! I teared up soo much :( i thought ironhide would get up and be healed but he just…fell apart…sniff

    Anyways this was a great movie, even though their were some plot holes and undeveloped new characters. They should make a prequel to DOTM or something.

    Also it was weird when they showed the civilians dieing, you usually dont see that. That was brutal. I love transformers so much

    RIP ironhide :(

  22. i loved the part when the wreckers took out that one decepticon drone from his ship and tore him apart, that just made me happy because i was sooo mad at the decepticons in the movie

  23. Did anyone else think it was odd how one minute Bumblebee is catching Sam after killing Starscream, and the next minute he’s on the TV screen captured? When did Bumblebee get captured? Something missing there.

    And why change the names of Wheeljack and Migage to Que and Dino? Why not keep the G1 names?

  24. I thought the action and effects were very good, but that’s it. The stupid humor was making me shake my head, and what was up with Prime being stuck in cables??!! And the whole Sentinel Prime traitor thing didn’t make since when Prime offered him the matrix and he didn’t accept it; Optimus and the rest of the Autobots would have been toast if he took it. I understand why Megatron fought against Sentinel but he should have waited until he defeated Optimus first; it just made more since. Or until Optimus seemed to be out. And Optimus begging was totally wrong! Also, I’ve never been in the Whitehouse before, so I might be wrong, but I don’t think they would allow cameras in there. This was better than 2, but about the same as 1.

    • Kahless…

      I thought pretty much the same as you. While I thought it was a fun movie, I didn’t actually think it a GOOD movie. It compared to the first, but it definitely was not better and was not THE summer blockbuster…IMO.

  25. there was an error in the movie, the part where one of the henchmen who helped sam witwickey to rescue carly, fell from the crashed glass building while being attacked by the robotic anaconda, should have died, but to my surprise, he was alive and was shooting decepticons at the latter part of the film

    • I thought the dude who said he’d find his own ride home died when his suit got caught while they were jumping out the plane, but he somehow managed to be blinding a decepticon 20 min later

  26. So . . . we’re just gonna act like Optimus and Megatron weren’t related? . . . ok.

    I love the film, though I do have some issues with it. Most of them have been talked about though, so I’m not all that interested in going over it. However, how are you going to have at least two diff languages in this movie and only like two instances of subtitles? The eff? I wanted to know what those Russian chicks were saying!

    Also the girlfriend’s boss’ secretary looked like she knew some stuff and IMO should’ve had more lines. Which reminds me of the few scenes where it looks like Bumblebee is talking, but no words are actually heard? And why does Sam hold on to his mouth piece in that one scene at Carly’s place, when they’d had a whole conversation 20 min before? Is Bumblebee Sam’s friend or his pet? I don’t even understand Bumblebee’s reaction to Carly . . . the preoccupation with her looks in this movie is entirely unnecessary. She’s hot, I get it.

    Also, all them damn Decepticons and you have the heart to tell me that there are only 9 Autobots? 7 of whom actually survive to the end. And then Cybertron swallows itself? That ending is just screaming for a sequel. I’m still trying to figure out when Bumblebee got captured . . .

    I do however love that Sentinel Prime quotes Highlander when he’s about to kill Optimus, and the Megatron paraphrases 300 when he’s taking out Sentinel.

    If there is a sequel, I request the return of Megan Fox’s character just to see what kind of tension it creates in Sam’s relationship with Carly.

    • Also, there was no mistaking the innocent bystanders being taken out for whatever reason by both sides in this movie. I like the realism, but the people in the droptop during the Mexican standoff did not need to be ran through a building

    • “all them damn Decepticons and you have the heart to tell me that there are only 9 Autobots?”

      That’s pretty much always been the case. One of the main points of tension in the various Transformers iterations has been the Autobots being outnumbered and outgunned. It’s tradition at this point, there’s no surprise and frankly no disappointment in that being the case for the TF films. It’s the way it should be, to make the victory of the Autobots that much more challenging and rewarding.