‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ Spoilers Discussion

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Transformers Dark of the Moon Spoilers Transformers: Dark of the Moon Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already chatting away  in the comments section of our Transformers: Dark of the Moon review, this is the place where you can discuss SPOILERS about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Below you can rate Transformers 3 for yourself. After that, feel free to Discuss away!

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  1. I’ve been hearing about a special cameo… who is it?

    • Charlie Sheen’s septum…………. Too soon??

  2. Buzz Aldrin is the special cameo.

    • Well him and Jesse Heiman…that annoying curly haired kid who cameos in every movie/TV show in existence. That almost took me out of the movie.

  3. i’v been waiting for transformer’s 3 from past 3 month’s . i would expect that this movie is going to be a blockbuster , mind blowing , superb of transformers so far i covered…………

  4. I honestly can’t believe they end it like that if I have read correctly. Prime and Megatron all of sudden see eye to eye? Give me a break.

    • not quite eye to eye. But they kinda team up for all of 2 mins.

    • Eye to eye is a stretch. I actually thought the way Megatron is brought back into the fray at the end was pretty sharp – it was enjoyable to see the Decepticon’s back-stabbing power-grab relationships from the animated series and comics used to tie-everything up.

    • Not eye to eye at all. Megatron realized Sentinel is taking the leadership role out from under him, and takes the opportunity to attack him while Sentinel Prime is occupied with battling Optimus. It didn’t have anything to do with Optimus’ and Megatron’s ideologies matching up.

  5. This is by far the best of the transformers movies, fromt he special effects to the hour long final battle scene which in 3d is spectacular and faultess throughout.

    My only gripe was the new girl (carly) as hot as she is (and she is) she was about as much use as a wet rag in a swimming pool, from the really fake English accent to the god awfull acting that stunk as much as a rotting corpse, but she was hot in the white dress (that never get dirty even when scrambling in a toppling over building) her best scene is at the begining half naked crawling on the bed!

    Other than her lack luster performance the film will please most if not all fans. And theres a few good laughs aswell. This really is the must see movie of the summer (other than HP7p2)

    • fake english accent?!?!?!? Uh, she was born and raised in england dude.

      • I say fake accent because of how she spoke, it just sounded really fake and put on to emphasise that fact.

      • she is english. born and raised. that was a REAL english accent.. have you ever heard one… seems not.

        • I Have heard one being English myself, and that is not a typical English accent, Thats a Im posh English accent that is put into many a films to show the character is English. We do not speak like that unless you are high class (royalty/Toff)

    • duuuuude, you had me into everything you were saying and then you mentioned harry potter… im now questioning if this movie’ll really be that good. xD

      • lol harry potter ftw :)

      • Whether you like Harry Potter of not – Part 2 is going to be huge with crazy action and an enormous scale. In writing the review, I decided to change a line calling TF3 the biggest film of the summer, just because I’m expecting Potter to offer a lot of crazy set-pieces too.

    • i have not seen this yet, but my 7 yr old wants to go and the last one had that provocative scene with the tramp-bot. Was a little too saucy for a kid that young. should I be worried on taking him to see this movie, or is it tastefully done? & how many other inappropriate scenes are there?

      • I mentioned this in the review comments. This one has less “sexually suggestive” content but definitely is the darkest of the three films. Fan-favorite bots and humans die and there are some pretty brutal sequences.

        Obviously it depends on the kid but it I’m debating taking my GF’s nephews (who are around the same age) – and it’s not an easy decision.

        • The violence isn’t an issue, but nudity and sexual content is my main concern. His dad made him leave the theater in the last one becuase he said that the brief sexual content was too much… I disagreed. Our son didnt even realize what was going on other than the fact that the girl was a decepticon. If the new girl is showing too much in this film I would not like to take him, but if its not really that bad, Id hate not to take him.

          • There’s no nudity this round. Some suggestive close-ups of the Carly character (think the motorcycle shot in Revenge of the Fallen) – as well as what is supposed to be a funny scene between Sam and one of the male VPs at his company in a bathroom stall together.

            • ok great! thats what i wanted. thanks so much!! really appreciate it.

          • “The violence isn’t an issue, but nudity and sexual content is my main concern.”

            I’m sorry but I can’t stop laughing from this statement. Maybe I need to have kids, but this statement just seems absurd.

            • No offense to anyone, but I think that´s a major american problem. For example, it´s ok to show someone getting shot, stabbed or killed in general and show all the blood, but if someone says the f-word, all those hypocrites (again: NO OFFENSE) are on the fence…

            • Don’t you guys think you’re being a little hard on a mom who is just trying to make sure a film is appropriate for her kid?

            • Yes, you DO need to have kids.


              • Perfect answer Vic…..short and to the point!!


              • I just don’t see how guns and violence are ok but 2 people making out aren’t…

              • I just grew up in a pretty strict household. Sample conversation:
                Me: “Can I watch Batman”?
                Dad: “What’s it rated”?
                Me: “PG-13″.
                Dad: “Are you 13″?
                Me: “No…”.
                Dad: “Then you don’t need to see it then do you?”

                Ratings are there for a reason…

      • This film is not an superhero movie. I am an avid Transformers fanatic, the violence is intense and some of the beloved autobots meet there end. But there is very little in the way of sexual humor or foul language

    • well if u watch the gen 1 cartoons then you would know that carly was always useful for nothing.

    • Yeah, I hated the new girlfriend. She was totally useless.

      • Yeah, it’s not like it was her that talked Megatron into fighting Sentinel Prime, and allowing Optimus to get the upper hand. Yes, very useless (please note sarcasm).

        • Noted, and approved. :-)

    • ridenar…..all i can say is that you are a hater….why not do it yourself if it had that many faults….didnt think so….HATER!!!!

  6. I am a diehard transformers fan and i have to say i absolutely loved this movie, it was excellent, the action was mindblowing, the visuals/cgi were stunning and even the acting was good at most points, i fell in love with this film from the very start all the way to the heartstopping end. I felt all kinda of emotions throughout this movie. I felt excitement, i felt complete awe, and i felt utter sadness, i swear i cried when ironhide was killed and when bumblebee came a breaths away from getting killed my heart stopped and i almost cried, i felt complete sadness but then optimus came in and kicked some ass as he always does. This was my favorite film of all time and not just because its Transformers, but because of the highly detailed storylines and plot, this movie was by far ahead of the second film by a million miles. I really dont see how their could be a fourth film by the way this one ended but by being a transformers fan, i hope for more, definitely 5/5 stars for me, no doubt in my mind.

    • Absolutely It sucked hard to watch Ironhide die. But it made it all the better to watch Prime…well do what Prime does

    • Is that you Michael Bay? Stop pretending to be Chris. Crying? Really? It’s a movie about robots and a crummy one at that. The 1st one was a 10, but the last two were a 2 and a 4 at best.

    • …ummm, “highly detailed storylines and plot”…??? THIS movie?

  7. So if the Space Race was just a cover up for the Ark crashing on the Moon, then are they trying to say that there were never any Autobots in our Galaxy before 1969? If so I’d prefer as it semi-erases the events of Revenge of the Fallen… except for the Matrix of Leadership and Sam’s little Decepticon pet of course:)

    • another thing, why was prime like ‘oh my bad i didnt know it was a covert mission, sorry for misjudging you’ kind of attitude.just shoot the b****.

    • I’m trying to figure out why you think the space race being a covert mission to find the Ark erases the ancient events portrayed in the 2nd film.

  8. The action sequences in the final hour were amazing and the 3D was the best I’ve seen since Avatar. As a Transformers fan, I loved seeing more screen time for Optimus Prime and the way they portrayed Megatron was awesome. But there were tons of problems.

    Michael Bay’s attempt at comic relief fails 9 times out of 10. If he played more scenes with a serious tone, like the office scenes with John Malkovich and Ken Jeong, then he’d get more impact out of a few moments of comic relief. Instead, John Toturro, John Malkovich, Ken Jeong, Alan Tudyk, Sam’s parents and the two small Transformers are all characters used as half-ass comedy devices throughout the film. There are too many characters trying to be funny, making most of the jokes miss their mark. (Although I thought Sam’s parents and John Toturro were better this time around.)

    I did love the highway chase fight with Bumblebee and the sequence where the Decepticons take over Chicago was breath taking. The emotional impact of humans getting blasted to dust hit it’s mark. The final Optimus vs. Sentinal Prime vs. Megatron fight was head and shoulders better than the end of Transformers 2.

    Overall, the movie was pretty good, but it could have been great if Bay had J.J. Abrams talent for character development and if he could have cut the movie down to 2 hours.

  9. So do they explain why megan’s character isnt there or no?!!

    • Yep. She dumped Sam. It’s referenced a couple times but they definitely don’t dwell on it.

    • They tried to toss it under the rug. They briefly mention that she dumped him, but they don’t give reasons or go into details.

      • Honestly, who cares? I really don’t want them to waste 5-10 minutes on why she dumped Sam. They gave enough explanation that was needed.

  10. its 5 out of 10 for me…ya well i know the action is great, storyline was ok until sentinal prime… (ah well u knoe the rest)…is just that the way they kill off the robots (mostly decepticons) far too easy like starscream gets owned by a kid.. the infamous shockwave get distracted human gunsfire then a ko punch by optimus (so much of epicness) and lastly Megatron aka the decepticon boss not to forget the reason of the war gets a biggest LOL.. well putting that aside… at the end of the movie after optimus delivers an axe at face of megatron and stand between the scrap metal of sentinal and megatron..i feel that there somewhat lack of emotions ..aww comeon man u have just end the war by killing MEGATRON (n there’s no way hes comming back) after xxxxxx years no victory cry or dance..lol ..other than that the movie is awesome

    • I was surprised that it just kind-of came to a screeching-hault ending as well. I’m sure they were pretty aware of the runtime – so that’s a possible reason.

      But, no doubt, Bay tied-off his installments in the franchise. Pretty definitive deaths for a number of fan-favorite villains.

      It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here – there’s no way that Paramount is just going to let the franchise go altogether.

      • The sudden ending was a bit disappointing since the first 2 somewhat set an expectation where you have Optimus giving a “wrap up” speech atthe end that is shortly after the last battle scene.

        I for one fully expected Optimus to say they were leaving so as to not bring any more Decepticon problems to Earth by being there.

        • Did you not hear that they said there was at least 200 around the world?

      • Bring in Unicron and have him revive Megatron as Galvatron, and Starscream’s spark is immortal if I remember correctly.

    • i couldnt have said this better myself.
      megatron pwned by a one-armed prime.lame. yeah he has a bald spot but he;s the frickin supreme ruler of the cons. show some respect bay!

  11. i really enjoyed the film… alot, the sentinel prime twist really surprised me, good story, awesome action, it was immensley well done and even though the story was my favorite in this one i still felt it needed more action(grantd the last hr was one big finale, itjust needed it more peppered throughout the movie, and dont get me wrong ilove long movies but DAMN was this one long. I know it sounds like im complaining , im not, itruly loved the film. ill be definitely seeing it again. its sad that this was the end 5 OUT OF 5 STARS

  12. RIP Ironhide. Only problems w the film was the write off scene of ironhide’s death, backstory to characters & at the end of the film you’re wondering what happened to a majority of the transformers (the wreckers, sams pets & soundwave)

    • soundwave got ruined by Bee (for which I gave a fist pump and I’m not embarrassed to admit it).

      • you and me both knowledge

  13. Who Died?

    • D-Cons: Soundwave, Shockwave, Megatron, Starscream, Sentinel Prime, Laserbeak, the Driller
      A-Bots: Que, Ironhide
      Humans: Ken Jeong’s character (a conspiracy theorist) and (what seems like) thousands in Chicago

      • You left out Barricade.

        • stoked they brought back barricade. i know i couldnt have been the only one wondering what happened to him after the first movie

        • I didn’t even notice Barricade in the movie! There was so much going on, and I had no idea he was even there. I was under the impression Barricade was dead,actually.

      • Haha, when the various humans in the streets got vaporized, and their clothes and bones when flying, I involuntarily let out a yelp of “oh crap!” because I didn’t expect it in a sorta-kids movie.

  14. I think they underplayed Shockwave, because he was reduced to a mere secondary villain with absolutely no development at all.

  15. TF4 = Unicron + Galvatron

  16. Here’s the thing: it was incredible if you went into it with the right attitude.

    Were there faults, for sure. 1. Sam didn’t need a love interest. I know a sexy female is a good thing to have in a movie, but it just didn’t require it. That isn’t to say she did a poor job, in fact, I think she did well with what she was given, but her role was just unnecessary. 2. The love interest talks Megatron into going after Sentinel? Really. That was the perfect moment for Ratchet or Dino or Bee to step up and have the same discussion with Megatron. Maybe the writer figured that it was either die because its the end of the world or die by Megatron’s hand so she didn’t have anything to lose. 3. Give us a transformation of all of the bots at the end, not just Bumblebee and Prime. 4. Ironhide went down when Ratchet has been useless from the get-go. That was garbage but I get why it happened. 5. Megatron had very little screen time. 6. Shockwave was presented as so bad ass in the previews, but Prime makes him look like a throw-a-way. 7. The Wreckers were under-utilized (but still awesome) 8. Sideswipe needed more action scenes. 9. Que, an Autobot, went out like a pansy, A-Bots aren’t weak and he went out wimpering, I cringed.

    The awesome: 1. Prime gets pissed and he takes zero prisoners. He isn’t going at this half-assed and you can feel the tension. 2. The part where Bee is about to get grounded by Soundwave and the Wave gets distracted and Bee turns and punches him in the face was sick. 3. The first highway chase scene is how action needs to be done. I’ll never forget it. 4. The last hour is the autobots and humans methodically taking out the cons. It was insanity. 5. Dino is a badass. 6. Prime’s brass knuckles. 7. The soundtrack hit in all the right moments. I thought Iridescent by Linkin Park was a dumb choice but hearing it while Same and Epps are on the way into Chicago was gnarly. 8. The humans fought tough even though you got the sense that they all knew they weren’t going to win, very cool. 9. Brains and Wheelie were actually pretty cool. 10. The Sentinel twist, completely unexpected. 11. The humans playing for the dcons in the way they did, completely unexpected. 12. There’s actually a good plot. 13. Megatron trying to do what Megatron does there at the end. He backstabbed Sentinel after an alliance with him and now he tries to backstab Prime… what does he get, ax to the face. boom, good talk. 14. The tone of the movie was consistent. 15. Bumblebee and Sam, the goodbye part was actually pretty touching.

    I could go on and on, but I’m a fan. A fan who knows this is based off a children’s toy and loved that toy as a kid. I embrace what Bay’s done with it (minus ROTF with the exception of the ROTF action sequences) and I don’t think anyone needs to over-think a movie like this. In the end, he brought a children’s toy to life and made it matter to me, will you like it, maybe, maybe not. That’s your call, but as a fan, I didn’t just like this movie as a finale, I appreciated it.

    • Great post my man! The movie was awesome, the best one yet and I want more!!!

    • “it was incredible if you went into it with the right attitude.”

      I concur entirely, and would add “expectations” to that. The movie had its issues but it was pretty great if you went in expecting awesome ‘bot action.

  17. Did anyone stay for the credits, pls tell me if there was something!

    • There was nothing

      • I stayed hoping for something… there was nothing which was very disappointing.

        • Yeah that last bit with Turtorro was lame, wasn’t funny and completely unnecessary…would have been better with nothing at all.

  18. they should of killed ratchet not ironhide wtf… movie was great though awesome effects hope theres a 4

    • Yes as much as I agree. If Bay had elected to kill Ratchet I would’t have despised Sentinel Prime with so much conviction

    • but who will repair optimus’s arm? heheh he is the medic…i smell a 4th movie

  19. michael bay totally got our ass with the “shockwave is the main villain” bs. well played sir, well played

  20. i am wondering does megatron die in this movie because in the novelization of dark of the moon he survives does anyone knows if he dies and who kills him?

    • Yes optimus prime does an excellent job of killing megatron

  21. So, I’m wondering, does Sidewswipe have more screen time in this, because I was really mad that was all he got in ROTF.

    • Yes, he gets a bit more – and definitely has a cool action-scene with Ironhide but he’s not a “main” focus or anything.

      • awesome! I love Sideswipe and I’m looking forward to the movie!

  22. Seriously, NOT the way to kill the Great Starscream!
    Unless they can find a better way than Galvatron vaporising him, Starscream should not have been killed like that. He’s the very definition of survival of transformers on Dcon side: cunning, manipulative, evil and yet totally a coward. The real Starscream would definitely just transform and jets away.

    Oh ya, why was Shockwave a mere tourist in this movie? He had no impact on the story on the story what so ever…

    • I agree! That was def not the way for him to die. Just like in the “Transformers: The Movie” he shot his foot and took off. How is it that that his one eye gets hurt and he can’t transform and fly out with Sam? Oh well.

    • totally agree with the starscream bit. it made him look too pathetic.he should just jet away with sam hangin on or something.dammit bay.

    • I know!! I was really upset at the way they took down Starscream, if Sam wouldn’t have been holding on, I think he would have made it. :(

  23. The scene where Starscream blasts the shuttle and Sam’s reaction was the most chilling ever. It would have totally sold if the previews didn’t reveal the Autobots were fighting in Chicago.

    • No kidding!!

      • I totally agree with everything you guys say, starscream is known for being a coward, but you could tell he tried to fly away but sams restraint restricted him to, but i got some major chills in that scene as well, even though i knew it wasnt possible that they all died, but i am an autobots guy but i was stilled bummed to see megatron and starscream die, if michael bay by a very slim chance actually did decide to do another he would have to pull a rabbit outta the hat to try and make it interesting for the fans

  24. Is it me, or did Optimus sound like he was “begging” Sentinel not to kill him at the end? Thought I heard him say please….if so, that’s weak, OP was so bad-ass for the rest of the movie.

    • Yep i caught that but i’m feeling it in a way that he wishes some compassion from ol timer Sentinel..

      • Yeah, as in please come to your senses and see what you have done.

    • Optimus was begging for his life; he was pleading with his mentor and friend to wake up from his foolish betrayal.

      • ned butter fingers: was NOT begging for his life!

        • Holy Hell! That was supposed to be DAMNED butter fingers! Why is my keyboard laughing at me? Sheesh!

  25. This is the first transformers movie i actually shed a tear watching.

    The scene were the autobots are about to leave earth and the rocket gets blown up and the scene were they made you think that they were about to kill off bumble bee. Notice i said killed off. Because the auto bots wouldn’t been held captive that easy.

    • I don’t know, if i’m about to get killed, you better believe i’m going out with a fight. Bumble Bee should have just turned and started blasting!

      • totally. he was like oh im so pathetic i cant fight but when those large things started falling he fought back pretty quick.why didnt he do that in the first place. dammit bay.

        • You do realize there was five or six decepticons around him with their blaster out dont you?

  26. Lol… Why is it that all these new films make the original 1980s version look bad-ass?

  27. Saw this film last night. Much better than Transformers:ROTF despite little good & bad things about it but overall i have to see it once or twice to decide if its better than the first film. I have to i was caught off by Sentinel Prime’s action when he killed Ironhide. I literally wanted to shout bastard!out loud,lol. I was disappointed that both Shockwave & Soundwave were hardly in the film that much. But both were relentless in the film. At first, i thought two of the Wreckers were Bay’s version of The Twins w/ a upgrade but realized later they weren’t. I loved Optimus Prime’s trailer, it looked great, like the 80’s cartoon and what they did with it in the film was great. I loved how Prime had his ax in this film & loved how he dispatched both Megatron & Sentinel Prime-Awesome! Good thing i went to 9:00 showing instead of Midnight show cause id hate to stand outside for it,lol. I clapped after the movie.

    • Yeah, Loved how he shot Sentinal! point blank, no sorrow!

  28. anyone of you saw Barricade?..he appeared all of the sudden next to Shockwave like a drill sergeant yelping in cybertronian language to the drones..and all of them get caped in the eyes…

    how i wished he had entered the scene in his Saleen mode as a surprise attack when capturing the autobots and giving a line “We meet again bumblebee. payback time!”…that would have been a good comeback then kill him off..

    overall i am so overwhelmed by the quality of the VFX and 3D..Prime is a Badass

    Que (wheeljack)..the head face suck..

    and whatever happened to the con drone who scanned a truck when they all came through the space bridge?

    Shockwave: i was hoping of some introduction on how did he end up on earth with his pet bot worm driller?

  29. i understand that megatron was still healing but prime tossed his salad with one arm…wtf?

    that was kinda bs and the fight was over too quickly…megatron has ALWAYS been more powerful than optimus prime.

    when did soundwave die?

    also it made sense when the autobots were captured because they RE-opened the space bridge. and therefore more decepticons came from cybertron.

    shockwave could have had at least one line though.

    also i guess it makes sense for sam to kill starscream because seriously who else could do it?

    ironhide? nope prime? maybe? bee? ummm no… ratchet? no sidewipe?…hmm maybe but probably not. the wreckers? hmmm no that wouldnt make sense. dino?…no (by the way why was dinos part so super small?)

    what happened to jolt? arcee? (couldnt ratchet have healed her?)
    also why werent there very many TYPES of decepticons in this movie?
    We didnt even know who ironhide dismissed in class. also when megatron turned into a waste management garbage truck…we never saw him transform back into a waste management garbage truck. he should have stayed badass like the truck he was in africa by the elephants. oh and what was the purpose of the leader of the doc bots that green slimey decepticon?
    i would have much rather have seen a full size decepticon in its place.
    the doc bots were a nice touch though.