First Look at Sideswipe & New Autobots in Transformers 3?

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transformers 2 sideswipe2 First Look at Sideswipe & New Autobots in Transformers 3?

A YouTube video of the Transformers 3 set was captured in downtown LA next to the Barclay Hotel, and the video has geeks fans talking about the new – or possibly new versions of – Autobots that will be featured in the film.

Take a look at the video and then we’ll talk who or what it is we think we’re seeing.

There are three cars in the video: one is the yellow Chevy Camaro we now know and love as Sam Witwicky’s (Shia LaBeouf) best pal, Bumblebee. The red car is believed to be a Ferrari 458 Italia (a new Autobot?) and the gray car is a Chevy Corvette Centennial Convertible.

Take a look at the video below and then we’ll move on to the speculation:

So the red car is anybody’s guess, but early word around the Blogosphere is that the gray Corvette Centennial Convertible is actually a new version of Autobot Sideswipe, the robot with bladed arms and tires for feet, who was so cool but shamefully underutilized in Transformers 2.

If you need a reminder of just how badass Sideswipe is, there’s a video clip below that should help job your memory (sorry that it’s not in English):

In Transformers 2 Sideswipe was a Chevy Corvette Stingray hardtop, so it’s not that much of a stretch that he would “update” himself to keep in step with the latest Corvette model (read: Chevy wants to promote its latest, greatest design). Here’s a side-by-side of old Sideswipe vs. new Sideswipe (if this rumor turns out true):

sideswipe transformers corvette stingray centennial First Look at Sideswipe & New Autobots in Transformers 3?

What do you guys think – is this the new Sideswipe we’re seeing in that YouTube video? Do you hope (as I am) that the character gets much more screen time in Transformers 3? Which Autobot do you think that red Ferrari represents?

Transformers 3 will be in theaters July 1, 2011.

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  1. Sideswipes brother Sunstreaker could be the red car. I know he was a yellow car originally, but they probably want to avoid another yellow since they already have Bumblebee, so as to not confuse the audience.

    • i think it will be hotrod

  2. I think the red Ferarri could be Cliffjumper! Who was (I believe) to be Bumblebees brother from the original cartoon series; was a red sports car! I pray that Sideswipe will have more screen time in this sequel. He’s just a bad ass bot, like Jazz was! Also, I would not be surprise if that is an “updated” version of Sideswipe.


    • no way, to me it wouldn’t even be worth watching without optimus, i really didn’t wanna continue watching when they killed him temporarily in T2, its just not the same without optimus, optimus has to be in all the films or i won’t have much interest

  4. it definately could be hotrod

    although that would be really lame if prime died TWICE within three movies lol

  5. i just cant wait to see it its going to be epic i dont care if theres new characters or not BAY is awsome just for bringing this to life i think he was the perfect man for the job nobody wounld have made it better

    • Wow…NOBODY would have made it better? Bold statement indeed…I actually think any “fan” of the original cartoon/toys would have made better movies (after all, Bay himself admitted he knew very little, nor cared about the franchise before taking the reigns for the first film). I do have hope for the third film though. Bay seems to have acknowledged at least some of the criticisms, which can only be a good thing…we hope.

  6. I agree the odds of the red car being Cliffjumper are good in my book. I’d also like to see Jazz return I mean he’s supposed to be Primes second in comand! And more Soundwave damn it! Also may not be a bad thingto see more Decepticon jets other then Starscream. Bay just would need to make then each a little different. Really happy to hear that Shockwave may be the villian this time. Much better then the Fallen for me anyway. But yeah I think the red car is Cliffjumper. “Till all are one”

    • The concept of it being Hotrod would mean bay has learned his lesson. Hotrod would bring another Autobot with a lot of personality and could only increase the quaility of the script so it couldn’t be Hotrod.

        • I can’t see Grimlock getting into this movie or any future movie. There’s just no way to introduce Dinobots in a way that would be believable. Unless of course, Bay changes Grimlock into something else (like he did with Soundwave). But even then, would it REALLY be Grimlock? Soundwave was only Soundwave in ROTF because of Frank Welker. But that’s just my take…

  7. Oh and yes I think the silver one is indeed Sideswipe! He needs to keep up the the times you know.

  8. It was Hotrod that caused Prime’s death! Gosh if it seriously was him, the movie has already gone downhill.

    • Sideswipe was a red sports car. Cliff Jumper was a red beetle. They need to bring out some dino bots and Bring out a monster bot. Not like Devastator, he sucked. He looked more like a robot dog on all fours as opposed to a monster robot. Maybe they can bring out Defensor he is the monster bot made of police vehicles. Also I would like to see perhaps shockwave, the bug bots, The Predacons to fight the dinobots. What about Ultra Magnis, Blaster, and Omega Supreme?

      • The gray autobot is Sideswipe the red one is Mirage

  9. WHAT ABOUT PROWL? and let us see devastator rip some crap up like the twin. yeah lets see him crush them both. and some sounwave,starscream,and the cooler well known robots fight the well known good robots and end these films right.

    • Devastator died at the climax of ROTF, and The Twins aren’t coming back.

      • well they say the twins aren’t coming back but they were seen on set but with a different look, unless those were two new autobots that so happen to look like the twins, which i doubt is the case, so we’ll see

  10. sideswipe was badass…too bad you barely see him in the movie

  11. hey i know he was annoying in the cartoon but what do you guys think about making a newer version of hound?

    i hope prowl is in this as well and longhaul would be pretty cool too
    or maybe even skyfire to transport the autobots around instead of a stupid c130 plane lol

    • you know if done right Hound could be an asset to the autobots. i mean after all he was an army jeep right. what about Fortress Maximus??

  12. ummm devastator did not die he was hit with a rail gun. they didnt say he died

    star scream got pretty messed up in ROTF and hes still alive hell he lost an arm haha then put it back on after megzatronz beat em over the head with it lol good ol megz

    • It pretty clear (and obvious) that Devastator was killed when hit with the rail gun.

      • He wasn’t killed by the rail gun. It just shot his arm off, and he was crushed under his own weight when he fell off the pyramid.

      • if you watch it again there are 2 sets of constructicons. one the twins take on and DO “kill” it, the other climing the pyramid got hit with the rail gun. also if you watch again you’ll see one has a green right leg which would be long haul. and then the other set has a yellow one that i’m not sure of the name of but it started to transform in front of simins. but the devastator that gets hit with the rail gun had a green leg.

        • And you can also see that Devastator’s head falls off when he crash-lands on that small building next to the pyramid… It’s pretty obvious that he died…

  13. You guys!!! Thats a GO-BOT!

  14. Answers…… Can you really say any Transformer is dead, Barricade didn’t die he just went AWOL for ROTF, Blackout definitely died yet Grindor?????? (saving money on CGI coz Bay cant be bothered coming up with a new badass decepticon) and with Silverbolt being in the film i reckon the Aerialbots will be too so i RECKON DEVASTATOR WILL BE BACK, ok i have read all the suggestions to who the Ferrrari who is ? Come on be realistic there is only one autobot it can be dont be ridiculous it aint Sunstreaker (he is yellow hence the name sun), Red Alert (correct me if im not mistaken was he not an ambulance), Cliffjumper (dont be silly) it is the final part of the trilogy and Hot Rod has just gotta be in it.

  15. If Sideswipe is getting more screen time then I want to see Sunstreaker, who I think is the red car, cliffjumper is a possibility as well. Either way I’m seeing this movie.

  16. There’s no doubt in my mind that the red Ferrari 458 Italia is none other than the show off himself, Hot Shot. He’s the only other MAIN Autobot that hasn’t been in the previous movies.

    • Prowl, Grimlock, Wheeljack, and Rodimus would like to have a word with you.

  17. It’s good to see that bay is using cars that aren’t made by general motors. I’m also hoping that omega supreme and blitzwing make the cut.

  18. they should have used hot rod in two, glad to see his possibilitie in three.

  19. As long as it has Transformers and impressive action sequences then they have my money. Revenge of the Fallen may have had a terrible story but it was really cool to see in IMAX.

  20. wish i was the lucky bastard behind the wheel of that vette

    • Same here Brother… It’s the car of my dreams! I hope it goes in production, though its rumored to be the next Corvette C7… I Freaking HOPE SO!!!

    • so do i

    • Nahh. Rather be behind the wheel of that camaro or even that truck playing as optimus prime. That would surely turn heads in my town >:)

    • Rewatch original series Cliffjumper wasnt a bettle.

  21. Man I wish they would also include a LAMBORGHINI REVENTON…
    adding the Ferrari is a nice change question is, is it gong to be HotRod? Sunstreaker or Red Alert?

  22. G1 CLIFF JUMPER was never a VW Beetle. He was a red compact coup with a spoiler. If this really is the third and final Transformers movie then the Ferrari is almost definitely Hot Rod. He’s too important to the franchise to be left out.

    BTW, I wouldn’t completely count out a Grimlock character. T2: ROTF introduced plenty of non-vehicular Bots (Ex: Ravage and Soundwave).

  23. please bring back BARRICADE…

  24. I can definitely agree with some of the comments on here that it’s either Sunstreaker or Hotrod.

    I HOPE it’s Sun, because honestly I was so stoked when rumors about twins for TF2 were leaked, and upon seeing the racist blackbots I was just. Just crushed. Please let it be the real twins!

    Or maybe Prowl? Hm…

    • I been hoping on WHeeljack and Prowl nothing yet though.

  25. Look, in my opinion, the Ferrari is Wheeljack (or Cliffjumper but i doubt it) cuz he has got to be introduced in the live action movies! But anyway I LOVE SIDESWIPE’S NEW LOOK!! 😀 He’s My Favorite! He was so underused in ROTF… But apparently, in this one, he’s one of the main Autobots (kinda like Skids and Mudflap’s role in ROTF)I really hope so!!

  26. How about Blur for the ferrari. I loved hot rod in the original but you never know who the hell bay is gonna put in the movie and change things around like iron hide was a van, jazz was the police car, bumblebee was the beetle, and in the first real action movie devastator was an actual vehicle not a combination of the construction vehicles. I mean the possibilities are endless for who the ferrari is cuz so much has already changed.

    • No Jazz was a Martini Porsche 935 turbo, but Prowl was a police car version of a Datsun 280ZX. What would be point of Silverbolt without the rest of the Aerialbots?

    • Jazz was a Porche 911 race car, Prowl was the polive car.
      Origionally, Sideswipe was a Red lamborghini countach and sunstreaker was a yellow one.
      my guessing is the new red ferarri will be hot rod, can’t wait to see!
      Sorry… i’m a nerd!

      • I’d hate to burst your bubble, but it is official that the Ferarri will be Mirage.