LaBeouf: Transformers 3 Is Better; Space Center Location Added

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Michael Bay Shia LaBeouf Transformers 3 LaBeouf: Transformers 3 Is Better; Space Center Location Added

Shia LaBeouf recently shared his opinion on the potential of Transformers 3 with the Huffington Post and his outlook is good. Then again, it can’t get much worse than Transformers 2, right? According to LaBeouf, Transformers 3 will go back to what made the first one more widely appreciated – humanity.

In other Transformers 3 news, the production has added The Kennedy Space Center in Florida to its wide array of filming locations. The shoot will take eight days in September at the same facility Bay used to shoot some scenes in Armageddon. But this news takes a backseat to LaBeouf’s comments.

Michael Bay has been a human dartboard for criticism. The fans are entitled to their opinions, but no filmmaker can ever get used to the sound of an actor bashing his film. Around this time last year, Megan Fox openly badmouthed the director for focusing on special effects rather than the acting. With Shia’s harsh words regarding Transformers 2, it may be time for Bay to re-think his approach.

Mind you, LaBeouf is a bit more diplomatic with his choice of words and he doesn’t exactly go out on a limb. It seems common knowledge Transformers 2 was not a film worthy of its $836 million worldwide box office. Blame its faults on whatever you want, but LaBeouf has his own theory:

“When I saw the second movie I wasn’t impressed with what we did…We got lost. We tried to get bigger. It’s what happens to sequels. It’s like, how do you top the first one? You’ve got to go bigger. Mike went so big that it became too big, and I think you lost the anchor of the movie…You lost a bit of the relationships. Unless you have those relationships, then the movie doesn’t matter. Then it’s just a bunch of robots fighting each other.”

Many directors allow the actors to provide insight on the plot and character arcs of the film. Maybe it’s time Michael Bay started taking some notes. The problem is, even though LaBeouf seems confident Transformers 3 will be better overall, his next comment just seems contradictory.

“There’s going to be a lot of death, human death. This time, they’re targeting humans…It’s going to be the craziest action movie ever made, or we failed.”

It’s got to be one or the other. Is the action bigger and crazier or is there more humanity and heart? Honestly, it is impossible to believe the two can coexist in a Michael Bay film. But according to fans in 2009, the movies are interesting because of robots, not actors. Let’s just see what happens when human lives are truly at stake in Transformers 3.

Transformers 3 Optimus Prime Kennedy Space Center LaBeouf: Transformers 3 Is Better; Space Center Location Added

The additional news of Bay’s intention to film at The Kennedy Space Center is not simply passing fact. I checked the schedule and a shuttle launch is scheduled for mid-September. Maybe I’m stretching here, but Bay could be setting up to film the NASA launch. The approach would be similar to his own Armageddon, using real footage of shuttle launches to mimic the film’s team taking off. According to, the space shuttle Discovery is set to launch on September 16th.

Could he be planning on duplicating his strategy from Armageddon? Or does he simply want the massive hangars to house a few Transformers?

Bay has an uncanny ability to talk major government forces into heeding his every request. Throughout his career the cooperation from the armed forces and NASA has been unprecedented. It also makes his films more believable and engaging, while commercializing the technology America has used to fight the “evildoers.”

Transformers 3 Optimus Prime LaBeouf: Transformers 3 Is Better; Space Center Location Added

Transformers 3 continues to look like a good movie. Every piece of bad news, like the return of the “twins” gets shot down. The actors seem to be more optimistic. Set photos show signs reading “Robots Go Home,” which may prove an interesting dynamic between mankind and the robots. Either Bay and Co. will learn from their own mistakes or they will compound them.

What do you think of LaBeouf’s comments? Do they give the film any merit or are you still skeptical? What could they be filming at the Kennedy Space Center? Deliberate and discuss in the comments section below.

Source: CF News 13 via Collider, Huffington Post via /Film,

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  1. Shoot me, but I thought Revenge of the Fallen was better than the first.

    I went to leave my brain at home and watch robots bashing each other up. I got what I paid for.

    I couldn’t give a rats for this humanity shizzle – if I did, I’d watch “It’s Complicated”.

    This sounds bad, bring back the 2-hour robot-bashing movie!!!

    • Steve, you are out on a limb – far away from the sensibilities of the average human being.

      If I EVER have to see TF2 again, my eyes will melt. My local comic shop tried to give me the movie adaptation comic for free comic day – I threw it back at them.


  2. This is a good thing…I think. Really, anything is better than Transformers 2, so let’s look at it that way for now.

  3. Sorry but Transformers are about the robots – Who wants togo see a bunch of half witted actors try and act – you idiot actors – if you were not on the film it would still make a gazzillion bucks!!
    Be thankfull your even in it this go around.

  4. Sorry, but I agree with Steve. I saw no errors in transformers 2, and I yet still believe that it was better than the first, and cannot see why anyone would think any different. People go see transformers to see just that, the transformers. We want to see the characters that we grew up watching really come to the big screen to devlop relationships, fight, and thrive. The humans are really just there for atmosphere, nothing else. The films focus on humanity seems to be something that will upset many, and I myself am now a skeptic, since it seems to me that they are already messing up. The actors should just let Bay do what he feels best, he seems to be doing a good job so far. To me Transformers 2 proves just that. If Shia wants to switch, I’d be happy to take his role. :P

    • sooo….. You grew up with the “twins”? You grew up with a Bumblebee that couldn’t talk? and an aging Scottish Jetfire who needed a walker? You grew up with an Optimus Prime that would cover himself in ridiculous flame decals? Or maybe you’re just referring to the episode where Prime dies and they drop his ass from a helicopter in the most undignified way anyone could ever imagine? or the episode where Chip dies and goes to autobot heaven? Wait!!! maybe you are referring to the episodes that deal with the allspark. You know… that device that creates nothing but decepticons, and has the power to both kill and revive Megatron. Yet also apparently can not be used to bring Optimus’ worthless corpse back from the dead. NO!!! they have to use it to bring Jetfire back to life so he can decipher some cybertronian characters that would lead to the matrix of leadership that MAY bring Optimus back to life?

      I guess the point I’m trying to make here is… The transformers we grew up with have never been apart of Michael Bay’s ludicrous vision.

      • And don’t forget that “only a prime can kill a prime”, but how did Optimus die now? And, oh yeah, Transformers have reproductive organs; I forget which episode that was in.

        The only good thing about T2 was the CGI was good and the fight between Optimus and the 3 decepticons.

  5. The giant transforming robots are what made the first film good, not the human characters of which there were too many.

  6. yes, the forest fight was the only redeeming quality of Trannies 2, otherwise it was an awful movie, I about fell asleep by the end of it.

  7. first of all, transformers dont have reproductive organs, they could just build their own “children”
    with energon, which is why theyre looking for the matrix and allpsark, because theyre low on energy.
    and the “only a prime can kill a prime”, isnt it obious th@ beacause optimus is the last prime, he doesnt have the abilities of the first primes, so he’ll die much easily like any other transformer.
    and everyone just shut up about to much action!
    you were all the loud mouths that mouthed off to ‘bay about “pliz more action” well you got what you asked for so shut up!
    and making up new ideas for transformers isnt bad!!
    and about skidz and mudflap, idont see any racism in them, although i may be wrong about that, but i just think the whole racism thing is stupid. and jetfire, whats wrong with old folk?
    its so stupid that just beacuse theres a crippled transformers everyone has to be offended.
    besides there are only like 4 senes with them in the whole movie!and jetfire, whats wrong with old ‘bots?
    its so stupid that just beacuse theres a crippled old transformer everyone has to be offended.its like saying real old crippled folk are an offensive concept.
    and to me there have been many long movies, and no one mouthed up to them!! besides theres like 1 out of 2 hours of no action so wtf?
    people who mouthed up to rotf are exagerated. WAY TOO EXAGERATED.
    i could go on pages to prove my point.
    any ways killing the humans in tf3 sounds like an epic concept of the plot.
    just hope they tell us which bot’s are in the movie.

    • 1st off… I never called the twins racist. I’ve heard that argument a lot though… I just think they are annoying as f**k.

      2ndly. Yes I do have a problem with Jetfire being old. not because I hate old people… but because he shouldn’t have been old!!! Seriously??!

      3rd!! the movie was bad not because of “too much action” but because of too little common sense. Why didn’t they use the piece of allspark Megan fox had been carrying around to bring prime back? why couldn’t the twins or Bumblebee read those symbols? why did Sam and tits mcgee have to run through the desert? where the F**K did bumblebee disappear too? because he wasn’t helping the twins fight devastator? why did the Primes hide the key to operating the sun-destroying machine only a few miles away as opposed to somewhere else in the galaxy?!? let’s not forget that this is a race of creatures who are capable of interstellar travel. Why would they hide either of those things anyways? they fought off the fallen…. now they could continue searching the universe for stars they could harvest. Instead they doomed their whole race by hiding it. Why is there a robot heaven to begin with? why would Sam go there? How were the transformers a subject of conspiracy internet sites? there were hundreds if not thousands of eye witnesses to their exploits at the end of the first movie. Why does the Matrix of leadership operate the sun-destroying machine to begin with?

      Trust me…. I too could go on for pages. This movie was flat out horrible.

    • First off, I didn’t say they reproduced, I said he had reproductive organs (when they changed to Devastator, what was hanging down between its legs). Second, if Optimus was the last prime, who the heck was this fallen guy? Third, Mudflap and Skids were an insult; I wouldn’t call them racist but definitely stereotypical. Fourth, too much action was not the problem, a dumb script was the problem.

      • The Fallen was a prime aswell as Optimus, Point made in the film was Optimus was the last surviving Prime that could destroy the Fallen. One thing that got to me was that due to what he looked like in the first film before he took on his semi persona-like transformation, Optimus didnt look like the other primes did in the 2nd films.

  8. people should actualy use their minds and infer about tf2:rotf

  9. I agree on part of both sides. I loved both Transformer movies so far. However, the second one would have been better and the next one will too, if they do concentrate more on character develpment…but not on the humans….on the Robots. The thing I liked about the cartoon was the interaction of the transformers. I want to see Optimus interacting with Ironhide and Ratchet. I want to see more of Sideswipe and the motorcycles (chick transformers rock). Let the other robot characters have more of the key roles. Even the Decepticons got more interactive screen time in the first two movies than the autobots. The humans should come in second, as support cast. The movie is Transformers…not human friends of Transformers. The cartoon was 85% transformers, 15% humans. Go with that formula. Build on the personalities and relation ships of the transformers.

  10. Any likelihood of OMEGA SUPREME showing up, being the Kennedy Space Center and all??

    Or even.. METROPLEX?..

  11. I actually preferred “Transformers II” to the original film since we got some more Transformer action throughout the film. Frankly, the news that the third movie will focus on the humans more is not encouraging. The issue with both Transformers I and II has little to do with the Transformers themselves except for the failure to truly utilize them as characters. The Twins were dreadful, and while they did provide a few comedic moments, I just couldn’t take them seriously when the story required it.

    Some other useful thoughts for the third film:

    1-Send Sam’s mom and dad go on a real vacation this time, and never let them show up in the film.

    2-Let Megan Fox do what she does best… look really hot when she doesn’t talk or try to act.

    3-No more “near-death, spiritual visions” of the Primes. Really? What the Hell were they thinking?

    4-And a really radical notion… why not make Optimus Prime the main character this time??? Hello! It’s called “Transformers,” not “The Transformers’ Human Sidekicks.”

  12. Transformers 2 was way better, than the first. I liked them both, but it needs a lesser of a love story. An they do not need mudflap or skids. Need more fighting robots. More combiners, like bruticus, superion, and even giants like metroplex, and even menasor. Would make the the movie so much better. Sky lynx, Galvatron, Hotrod, Ultramagnus, Astrotrain, or even Grimlocck nad the dinobots. Would be very awesome. They do need to bring in more robots, and some good ones that would make it awesome. Work off the second movie, but make it even better. Like they made Optimus better in the second. In the first one Optimus Prime was a whimp against Megatron. In the second on he was awesome against Megatron. They still need to go bigger and better than the last, and make it for the fans want more of it.

  13. Gotta love this from Shia:

    “Mike went so big that it became too big, and I think you lost the anchor of the movie…”

    Followed almost directly by:

    “It’s going to be the craziest action movie ever made, or we failed.”

    You’re too funny, Shia. Too funny. :)


    • Well, there’s a difference between “controlled” craziness and “getting out of hand craziness”

    • “It’s going to be the craziest action movie ever made, or we failed.”

      I´m starting to get worried, that the 3rd movie will even more suck than the second…

  14. Everyone should read this article. It really sums up the whole movie experience.

    • Hilarious. I laughed so hard, I almost threw up… Basicly the same reaction, when I watched the movie. EVERYONE, WHO THINKS TF 2-ROTF IS A GOOD MOVIE SHOULD READ THIS!

    • Now that was funny! :-)

  15. Great link Raven! Well even with all that explanation it still makes nonsense and it’s pretty obvious,the Beef (gotta love that) is just regurgitating what he’s read online somewhere, like here, because he sounds just like we do as a whole. Half want to blow everything up and let the critics sort it out and the other half want a story that makes sense out of humanity being involved with the Transformers. In other words this story has no point being on Earth if the whole point is to just have giant robot fights. You can stage that anywhere, like Cybertron! But never let it be said this exercise was pointless. I now believe that “Transformers 3″ will be a cross between “Transformers 2″ and “Armageddon,” which is the last Bay movie I can remember that had a modicum of humanity and heart, even if it was covered in caramel…

  16. The first film was great, the 2nd was good but could of been better i thought. The film seemed more focused on the human cast than the robots which makes me little skeptical about the 3rd film.
    The thing i didnt like about Transformers 2 was it little too much humor, especially sexual humor i think wouldnt be appropriate for kids who were in the theaters. And the Twins and Sam’s roomate Leo were just plain annoying to me. Im still skeptical about Unicron being in the 3rd film. Its easy for him to be in a animated feature, but live-action is somthing else and to use Unicron like that id expect the film to expand for approx. 3 hrs atleast with a really good script. Hopefully the 3rd film will make up for 2nd film.

  17. This movie needs to blow the other 2 away. I believe the other 2 with the could of been bigger and better. Alot more action, especially with the robots. I disagree with Shia that it got to big for its own good. Both movies had room to grow. It needs more in your face robot action. The problem was with the movie to many humans. If you followed transformers from the begining, like transformers G1. Very few people in the series.

  18. Michael Bay wants to make Transformers better?

    Yeah right.

  19. All of the actors are just trying to cover themselves because everyone knows the sequel was terrible. If they thought it was “so bad” then they shouldn’t have been involved with it. They just don’t want to be blamed so they throw it back at Michael Bay. I agree most of the blame does fall on his shoulders, but Megan Fox’s “acting” certainly didn’t help anything!

    As for the third one… I’m not so sure I’m interested. As of now… I’ll pass on it, but I might change my opinion once a trailer is released.

  20. I’m actually with Shia on this one. I’m probably one of the few people who actually liked the balance between the robot action scenes and the suburban sitcom-style scenes in the first movie. The second movie tried to cram so many explosions and random action scenes into it that the characters didn’t have time to show any personality whatsoever…so, yes, I think the sequel did lose some heart, and I can only hope they bring it back in Transformers 3.

    Of course, I’m also one of the few people who really enjoyed Transformers 2 (just not as much as the original), mostly because of the supernatural angle. So I’m not expecting too many people to agree with me on this one either :)

  21. Am I the only person that noticed that they put soooo much time into developing the Autobot robot form to make them look different and somewhat unique and pretty much gave up on the Decepticons. They all look the same pretty much! I really would have liked unique looks for all of them in robot forms. Also I would have liked to see more of soundwave!

  22. Part of what made the second movie such a bomb was the addition of too much human presence. In the original series, the humans were always auxiliary to the robots, and that was what made the series such a success. This is an alien, robot species that has been at war with itself for millennia. We are not helpless, but these creatures have had a long, long time to perfect their technology to damage and kill their giant robot adversaries that we cannot possibly compete with. This is what the fans expect. This is what was not delivered. The second movie has humans standing toe-to-toe with weapons that could (in the original) level city buildings. In the final battle, the Autobots weren’t much more than a shield for the humans in TF2, excluding Optimus’s heroic solo efforts, and that was a disappointment.

    Shia wants to argue that the third movie needs more human screen time. I strongly disagree, and I argue that if there is more human action, it needs to be used to portray the interactions of characters like Will and Epps, characters who actually contribute to the pace of the movie, with the Autobots. (Sorry, girls, but Sam and especially Mikaela’s roles should have ended after the first movie.) If there is to be fighting before they leave for space, then the humans need to take a step back and let the boys who know how to deal with the Decepticon threat deal with it as they have for millions of years. This is also what the fans expect.

    All of this is just my personal opinion, of course, but I’ll go ahead and add another one right here in closing: In regards to the third movie, if Bay truly wants to make this piece compare to the first in terms of likability, there is NO reason for the humans to follow their robot friends out into space to help them continue/end/TBC their war.

  23. More ‘heart’?! Who wants more heart in a movie about a war between alien robots? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I want action, crazy, heart pounding action. If I want heart ill rent the notebook.

  24. More ‘heart’?! Who wants more heart in a movie about a war between alien robots? That is dddstupidest thing I have ever heard. I want action, crazy, heart pounding action. If I want heart ill rent the notebook.

  25. Ha Ha Very Funny