‘Transformers 3′ Set Photos & Possible Title

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transformers 3 space Transformers 3 Set Photos & Possible Title

Michael Bay and his Transformers crew are done destroying Chicago for the time being and have moved on to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida as the next shooting location for the Transformers 3 production.

Several new images of vehicles from the Florida set have emerged online, but the more interesting news is that we may now have an official title for Transformers 3 – and no, it is not Transformers: The Search For More Money (in 3D).

The third Transformers movie looks to up the ante and include even more extraterrestrial metallic giants than its predecessor, Revenge of the Fallen. Fan favorites Sideswipe, Sentinel Prime, and Ultra Magnus could be among the Autobots featured in this new film, which will still include the likes of Bumblebee and – of course – Optimus Prime from the first two Transformers movies.

You can check out some of the fancy race and sport cars designs that will appear in Transformers 3 in the photos below (for the full gallery, go to Super Hero Hype):

Transformers 3 Title Is….

The bigger news is that a series of Transformers novels for children are now available for pre-ordering on Amazon and it features the title Transformers: The Dark of the Moon. While there is no guarantee that this will be the full Transformers 3 title, the fact that these books are scheduled for release about a month and a half before that film is slated to hit theaters suggests it will be.

Here is the basic synopsis for Transformers 3, as given by Screen Rant‘s Rob Keyes:

The story of ‘Transformers 3′ also promises to bring an interesting plot centered around the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States, hinting that there was some alien influence guiding what happened in one of the most notable aspects of the Cold War.

Between this description and what we heard about the Transformers 3 opening scene, The Dark of the Moon is a fitting subtitle for the film – though really, is Michael Bay not sure he wants to go with something like Transformers: The Dark Side of the Moon instead?

Transformers 3 not shot in 3D Transformers 3 Set Photos & Possible Title

Franchise stars Shia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel have said that Transformers 3 is looking to be the best of the giant robot trilogy so far – yes, that’s not saying much – and Michael Bay has assembled an impressive collection of supporting players for the film. It can’t be worse than the first two, right? Right?

Transformers 3 hits 2D and 3D screens in the U.S on July 1st, 2011.

Source: Coming Soon and Amazon

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    • Long time reader, first time caller…

      I can’t believe that anyone over the age of 8 is interested in the transformer films?!!

      The actors do what they can, but ultimately the scripts have no interest in them, the transformers, when robots (especially so in the 1st movie), look identical; and the continious slow motion fight scenes are so far away from exciting that they become monotonous after the first one.

      It may be snobbish of me to suggest but if you enjoy these films and are older than 8 I can only conclude that if you had another brain it would be lonely…….

      I loved the series when I was a wee lad and had the toys etc, but these films are the epitomy of boredom. More importantly they are perfect examples of what is wrong with the modern cinema production line which only cares about profit. We are slowly but surely dumbing down mass audiences across the english speaking world and turning them into whooping, happy-clappy seals whom if they had their own way wouldn’t loose interst until Transformers 14: Please buy the new toy in the foyer! In my lifetime I fully expect that films like dogville will never ever get a nationwide cinema release. The thinking, crtical audiences will be driven underground and the cinemas will be full of punters watching saw 8; another string of boring deaths back to back for 90 mins.

      • @Potrik Berger

        To each his own. I for one hate reality TV and believe it is the the most damaging brain rotting form of entertainment there is, far out beating anything Michael Bay has or could dream of doing. You may find Transformers unbearable and that anyone who likes as being without a brain but I bet if e looked we could find a few intelligent folks who would saythe same about one or more films you like.

        So remember, to each his own and be grateful we aren’t all alike for that would be a very boring. Place.

        P.S. I did like Transformers although I liked the 1st one much more then the sequel. I also am a big fan of films like INCEPTIION and small independents like CUBE, both of which an 8 year old would not have the first clue on how to take.

  2. why not just title it “Give me your Money, Suckers”?

    • If we are going to speculate as to what Michael Bay would call his latest action fare, how about

      “The Dark Exploding T&A of the F&^%ing Awesome Moon”

      “The Dark of the Moon… in your FACE!”

      “The KAPOW! of the WHOA!”

      “Transformers 3: Optimus TOTALLY Dies!”

      “Transformers 3: Mikeala… in your FACE!”

  3. Oh god the moons going to be Unicron isn’t it?!

    • I hope not. Unicron would be cool, but also f-king ridiculous. As for the title, it’s lame. I would have been more pleased with just “Transformers 3D”. Anyway, I still can’t wait for this film (shut up lol).

      • I can’t wait either. No really!

  4. Either way, side or not, the title reminds me of that song from Mulan.

    • When I first read it, I thought it was ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, and immediately said “I smell a lawsuit lol”. I would actually think that sounds better than what it is, but I also don’t want them ripping off Pink Floyd.

      • hahahaha That too!”The Dark Side Of The Moon” does sould a lot better than what it is, but in terms of ripping them off I agree.

        • “Let’s get down to buisness, to defeat, the Huns.”

  5. The title seems to work. Kinda ominous, and I’d rather prefer it over “the dark side of the moon”, which makes it sound like a cheesy kids movie.

    • Floyd would slap it with a lawsuit lol

      • No just roger waters, since he thinks everything p.f. did was his creation lol

        • he was one of the founding members, gilmour was not lol

          • Nope and gilmour still has th audacity to tour as pink floyd!

            • well he should just call it quits with that band Wright died a couple of years ago. i feel the same about the who as well.

  6. who cares about the title,,,that much,,i have been working on the set,,and have seen the cars in florida,,and it is amazing, it will be awesome,,,these pics dont do the cars justice,,cant wait,i know more of the plot,but i cant say,,,its worth thew wait,,

  7. Thats almost as bad as when I heard the second prequel for star wars was “Attack of the Clones”

    • This title joins the ranks of films with bad titles, like ‘The Phantom Menace’, ‘Die Hard 2: Die Harder’, ‘Alien vs. Predator: Requiem’, ‘The Dark Knight’ (j/k on that one).

      • I actually think The Phantom Menace is a good title, it’s appropriate considering the Darth Sideous stuff going on in the background.

        • I think all the Star Wars titles are great, one of the few elements I think I can say are consistently well executed in each film

  8. Terrible Title: A title with the word ‘moon’ in it just somehow doesn’t scream Transformers to me, maybe for a TV episode or book, but surely the most intriguing element in the third transformers film will be something more enticing and relevant than the moon? And i think it would be a very good film if it was the best in the series, yes, better than Transformers 2 is not hard to pull off one little bit, possibly one of the easiest tasks ever given to a film lol but Transformers is a superhero sci fi classic in my eyes (especially considering there aren’t that many family superhero/sci-fi/space opera/robot movies out there)

  9. Bay couldn’t use “The Search For More Money” because he’d have to pay Mel Brooks royalties. 😛

    • Good thing they can’t use the Schwarts too.

  10. This might be the best title for the movie:… Transformers 3. Stop with the title thing. Revenge of the Fallen was terrible. It didn’t suit the atmosphere of the second movie. So just leave it at Transformers 3, or maybe even Transformers, Part 3.

    • Hopefully it’s just not Transformers 3D.

  11. I’m not really diggin the title for TF3 but if thats the title I think they should just go with TRANSFORMERS 3 DARK MOON instead , though I think they can come up with a much better title anyways still can’t wait to see this when it releases ^_^

  12. Bay was shooting 2 weeks ago in downtown Detroit.

  13. WTF is going on here? All these stupid titles i mean seriously?!?

    The mission,5inal destination,saw 3d and now this?

  14. Oh and fast five too lol

    • Calm down rick, nothing is set in stone till we see a poster or a trailer :)

      • Well i wont be surprised if THIS is the title im getting used to all these stupid titles unfortunately *sigh*

        • Michael bay may make some bad movies somtimes but he never realy has that bad of titles. I bet this is just a working title.

  15. It’s not a nonsensical title. “The Dark of the Moon” refers to the last 3 days of the lunar cycle.

  16. Often times childrens books are titled based on smaller, more digestable parts of the bigger picture… Dark of the Moon could be just one of several “side-events” that occour within the film, worthy of it’s own 12 page mini-story.

    Just a thought…

  17. Dark Side of the Moon is an actual geographic location… You can’t copyright that.

    That would be like saying, you can’t call it:

    Transforers 3: Eclipse

    Because then Twilight: Eclipse could sue them…

    It’s a slippery slope for sure!!!

    And I am pretty sure I saw a Terminator in Transformers 2… but nobody else seemed to notice.

    • I don’t think you can copyright a title unless it’s a unique word, and even then it’s not guaranteed.

  18. this better not be in 3d

    • It’s already been confirmed to be shot in 3D. Sorry.

      • god damn mother son of a hate 3d so much

  19. can’t wait loves transformers. wonder if jimmie johnsons car is a autobots or deception and dale earhart car is to.

  20. Transformers: The Dark of the Moon is close to the real title,since Transformers 3 is really named Transformers: Dark of the Moon.