Transformers 3 Empire Cover With Sentinel Prime

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Sentinel Prime Optimus Prime in Empire Transformers 3 Empire Cover With Sentinel Prime

Move over Optimus, it’s Sentinel Prime’s time to shine!

One of the most anticipated movies of 2011 and a sure-fire box office blockbuster of the summer is that of Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Bringing back Shia LaBeouf, his character’s parents and all of our familiar Cybertronian friends and enemies, this Transformers film is also introducing plenty of other characters, including of course, Sentinel Prime.

Sentinel Prime and Optimus Prime are the poster characters thus far for Dark of the Moon and the latest issue of Empire features them as the Cover stars. What a photo shoot that must have been!

If you’re Transformers movie buff, you’ll want to check out this issue of Empire for its candid interview with franchise director Michael Bay. In it they chat about how Transformers: Dark of the Moon is different and much better than its predecessor (Recall: LaBeouf said Transformers 3 is good). Bay describes his third and last Transformers movie as more of a spy film, and explains how and why Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen sucked. Hint: it has to do with the lame and childish out-of-place “comedy.”

For now, let’s look at the Brothers Prime looking armed and dangerous on the magazine’s cover (click to enlarge):

Transformers 3 Sentinel Prime Optimus Prime Empire Cover 280x364 Transformers 3 Empire Cover With Sentinel Prime

In the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer, Sentinel Prime is shown being discovered by the Apollo 11 Moon landing crew in the crashed Autobot ship known as the Ark. As for his character and role in the film, Michael Bay describes him as a mentor/big-brother figure to Optimus.

Sentinel Prime looks (and is armed) just as he is with his Hasbro toy counterpart. In comparing him to Optimus, you can see that Sentinel Prime rocks it old school – From his metal double sword vs. Optimus’ dual wrist-mounted Energon swords, to his Fu Manchu metal mustache, a must for any legit mentor.

Any bets on Sentinel Prime dying in this movie?

For more mildly spoilerish info, check out our earlier report on the Transformers 3 details revealed in this issue of Empire. And to see Optimus in action, be sure to watch the Transformers 3 Super Bowl trailer.

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens in theaters in 3D and 2D on July 1, 2011.

Source: Empire

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  1. Okay, who is Sentinel Prime? He looks more like Alpha Trion. Is it that difficult to follow a previously created story? Bey keeps jumping the shark. smh

    • I was thinking the same thing about Alpha Trion.

    • Sentinel prime was the prime before optimus comes into power

  2. I thought Sentinel was the Autobot leader before or after Zeta prime?

    • Sentinel prime is leader before optimus and before the were called autobots. Alpha trion is optimus boss when he worked as a communications officer. Read the book exodus. Shows how the 2 factions can to be

  3. @”Any bets on Sentinel Prime dying in this movie?”

    And then Optimus will officially be the last “Prime” as it was said (but now a plot hole) in the second film lol.

    Anyway, both look bad-ass to me.

    • I was thinking that Sentinel may have been crashlanded and shut down on the moon before even Megatron hit Earth, in which case the Autobots were unnaware of his survival, thus believing Optimus was the last. Plot hole filled.

      • Plausible.. i like that possitivity there heheh

  4. So bay won’t be finishing off Optimis but he’ll be killing a prime…sentinel

  5. man Optimus looks so bad ass with his massive mech tech gun and Sentinel Prime he has a metal moustache which is hilarious,i bet in the movie him and Optimus will fight Shockwave

  6. You can hate Bay but the end of the day everyone is gonna jizz their pants when they watch Transformers 3.

    I wanna watch it so bad. With the 3d Optimus Prime headgear on.

  7. I dont know jack about Transformers, it’s not from my childhood. But the first one I watched and it was okay, I skipped the second one because everyone here says it sucked hard, but this third one looks appealing.

    STILL, Im waiting for SR to gimmie the goods on it before I risk a dime on a guy who promised something different last time and didnt deliver (from what the majority says).

  8. ^ Watch the second one. Yes it is bad but it is worth a watch. You’ll enjoy it if you can bear stupid attempts at humor. But there are some amazing action sequences like *spoiler* Optimus Prime being killed by Megatron. Apic

  9. Yes, if Bay can get this right – take out the cheesy humour, set a much darker tone and show some restraint in terms of pacing and ease up on the soundtrack use – Revenge of he Fallen was such a head inducing experience even worse so than Pirates 3 – we should be looking at the most awesome summer blockbuster of the year particulary if the 3D is done properly.

    I expect that with the addition of 3D prices that this could come close to grossing a billion worldwide

  10. Had a thought …

    We all know the feelings on TROTF here in the USA. Does anyone know how it was received abroad … say in Japan? Just curious.

      • Better than this first?!?!? What! Either that guy is crazy or he has terrible taste.

        • Different people will have a different aproach on their personal expectation..its subjective like most feel TF ROTF was bad..there are some who agreed it was better in some technical aspects.

          Everyone has the rights to an one has the rights pass judgments.


  11. Could Sentinel Prime be the one who kills Shockwave??
    Time will tell.

  12. I don’t think there is any doubt that the tone of this film is going to be darker. I love what Bay has done with the Transformers on the big screen, but that being said, the second movie just wan’t any good. I still love what he has done in that he brought the Transformers to the big screen in a respectable way CGI and action wise which, I admit, I didn’t think was possible when I first heard he was doing a Transformers movie in the first place, way back when. The reason I think the 3rd one will actually be good is because he has come out and said, “Hey, about the 2nd one… my bad. It wasn’t any good.” I think it says a lot when a director who just made a ton of money on a movie worldwide apologizes. His business is to make bankable movies and he did that and still recognized the faults of the movie. Look at Shyamalan, who hasn’t taken a step back to admit some of his movies were garbage, I don’t see him changing. Bay, on the other hand, knows this is his real last chance to put his (to use a phrase) money where his mouth is. If for that reason alone, I think TF:3 will be darker in tone and better on screen.