Early ‘Transformers 3′ Review Says It’s The Best One Yet [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated June 28th, 2011 at 1:33 pm,

First review for Transformers 3 Early Transformers 3 Review Says Its The Best One Yet [Updated]

[UPDATE: We’ve seen it with our own eyes – check out our Transformers 3 review]

There’s been more than a healthy dose of skepticism on our end whenever we talk about Michael Bay’s trilogy-capper, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Even Bay has come clean about what a mess the second Transformers movie was at this point – and just about everyone involved in the production of this summer’s entry in the giant alien robot series has gone on about what an overall improvement the third film is (enough so that the TF3 entry on this “Honest Summer Movie Posters” list is more than appropriate).

Now that the first “official” review for Dark of the Moon has been released, it begs the question: Is the film actually all that better than Revenge of the Fallen?

According to Capone over at AICN, the answer is definitely “yes.” As he put it:

“I’m genuinely surprised what a strong effort ['Transformers 3'] is, not just in terms of its scope, but also in its pacing, performances, and ideas. This one dares to go dark from time to time, and that helped me find the often-lacking component of many Bay films: emotion. You probably won’t shed any tears watching DARK OF THE MOON, but you will care when certain lives are lost or in peril. This one might actually rock you a little to your foundation; get excited about that.”

Capone was also keen to emphasize just how awe-inspiring he found the second half of the film, which primarily focuses on the destruction of downtown Chicago – as was featured heavily in the footage from the Transformers 3 trailer. He even praised Megan Fox’s replacement (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), expressing gratitude that “she’s actually got something to do here beyond just looking like a million bucks.”

For more from Capone about Transformers: Dark of the Moon, read his full review (WARNING: It heads into MILD SPOILER territory) HERE.

Transformers Dark of the Moon 3 Early Transformers 3 Review Says Its The Best One Yet [Updated]

Obviously, there’s good reason to take all this Transformers 3 praise with a grain of salt. The review was actually of an unfinished 2D cut of the movie, and sometimes early word about how much better a sequel (or threequel) is can be a bit inflated (remember how enthusiastic early reviews for Attack of the Clones were, in the aftermath of The Phantom Menace?). Lastly, considering that Dark of the Moon won’t hit theaters for another six weeks or so, it would’ve been much more shocking had an early negative review of the film been released. You have to imagine that the studio wouldn’t want any bad word of mouth circulating this early.

With all that said: this early review is still a good sign for those hoping that Dark of the Moon could be a great conclusion to possibly the most financially-successful franchise that’s ever been assaulted by critics. The trailer for the film was pretty impressive, there are a number of noteworthy additions to the cast – and, with added bonuses for Transformers fans (like Leonard Nimoy voicing Sentinel Prime) this could actually be a pretty rockin’ finale.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon arrives in theaters this summer on July 1st.

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  1. I’m just waiting to see if Tyrese got another promotion.. to an Officer this time.

    • He went from being a TSgt (TF1) to a Chief (TF2) in only 2 years, so anythings possible.

      Regardless of all the negative commotion I plan on seeing this one as I did the last 2.. Loved TF1 but TF2 had major issues, lets hope MB delivers on his promise of fixing them for TF3.

  2. It cant be an unfinished cut of the movie as the rating just came out. By the way the rating for the film is PG-13 for intense prolonged sequences of sci-fi action violence, mayhem and destruction, and for language, some sexuality and innuendo.

    • “intense prolonged sequences of sci-fi action violence, mayhem and destruction”. That’s what I go to see in movies like Transformers, so I’ll be happy ^_^

  3. Why am I going to watch Transformers 3?The trailer got me.

  4. Imo, trailers can be decieving. Transformers:ROTF’s trailer made the film look great to me but the film didn’t turn out as great as i thought. Same goes for other films that didn’t turn out all that great that their tailers made them look better. I loved the first film, 2nd film was ok so im hoping the 3rd film can redeem the greatness of this franchise can offer.

  5. hello

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  7. whats with all the negative comments u guys going to watch it anyways….

  8. Even if its not good, I’ll go watch it (even though I’ll be shaking my head at the bad stuff like in the previous one). How often do you get to see amazing special effects and giant robots fighting on the big screen? Most action/superhero movies these days focus too much on character development and what not instead of action sequences (Iron Man 2 anyone? long, with only 2 major action scenes and the rest filled up with excessive comedy?). I get the importance of story and all, I love emotional dramas, but come on, I’ll go for this to see some good action sequences! So what if it’s dumb, I got other movies to see if I want good stories and acting and what not.
    Just hope there’s no cheap comedy this time around. But I believe it can’t be as horrible as the previous one. Anyone learns from such mistakes, hehe

  9. Looks like this will be an awesome movie. Shia Labeouf is wearing the Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger backpack in Act 3. Can’t wait to see it!


  10. Its amazing how so many people didnt like Revenge of the Fallen are sounding off, I mean ROTF made what over 400 million in the US alone, and about 800million plus worldwide, sounds like alot more did like the film than didnt. Was it perfect, uh no, did it have flaws,uh yeah, but alot of folks saw the film for what it was and enjoyed it,the film also had alot of repeat viewers, guess they were all ADHD like me :) People knew going into these Transformers films what to expect, the Transformers films are action packed science fiction rides that are to be enjoyed not analyzed, and picked apart. Some of the haters complain about the plot, right the plot about a fictional film concerning autonomous robotic organisms from the planet cybertron?? Come on haters, get down off your soapbox. TF3 will be the BEST film of the trilogy. and will be the boxoffice king of the summer if not the year. These films are escapism. They are fun. Quit being cynical and Enjoy the Ride. And if your not up for the ride, then please do not stand in line in front of the millions…and millions..of fans who are going to have one hell of a good time 4th of July weekend enjoying the Transformer MADNESS!!!!!!LOL!!!! Till All Are One :)

  11. I couldn’t care less if this movie suck or not. I will go watch this movie because it’s summer and what do ppl do durring summer? Is to have fun. That’s what this movie will be about. It’s a “Transformers” movie. I’ll go watch it and at the end of the day if it suck then I’ll just laugh my ass off and have some fun.

  12. Guys, it’s actually getting great reviews. And the people who saw the pre-showing loved it. Just read the user reviews on imdb.com. People are saying that the movie focuses more on the character, and the 3D is amazing. In fact, somebody said that the 3D is actually BETTER than Avatars. It might sound hard to believe, but it can actually be true. Also the new girl in the move is probably more smokin’ than Megan Fox. Anybody should see the movie.

  13. I’ve never really understood why Revenge of the Fallen got such bad reviews, I absolutely loved it and the first Transformers film,-and I’m quite fussy and critical of the movies I watch. Thumbs up for Dark of the Moon I can’t wait I’m gonna be there July 29 to see it on the big screen, Transformers ftw!

  14. This was the greatest movie ever! Plot was perfect! Not predictable and keeps you on the edge of your seat! It had the comedic parts that made you laugh! Graphics were out of this world! People in the theaters were ooohing, aaahing, aaawing, and clapping! I loved it! I’m going to see it 3 more times in the theater!

  15. I totally agree, we have these bell tv package where we have 6 movie channels, and for the past 5 months tf2 has been played over, over and over again… literaly. And that is beacause of the high views..

  16. I will admit that I am not a fan of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies. It might surprise some that it isn’t because they are mindless action films. Mindless action films have their place in cinema, and well-executed ones should be praised as highly as any art film. My problem with the films is that it’s obvious that Michael Bay has no interest in the Transformers at all. Bay cares little for the titular robots, pushing them out of the runtime in order to make space for soldiers and shapely young ladies. This approach continues in the latest installment, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The novelty of seeing the robots on screen has long worn off, leaving the flaws all too visible.

    In 1961, an Autobot ship carrying a secret weapon crashes on the lunar surface, secretly setting off the Space Race. In present day, Optimus Prime discovers the existence of the ship while off on a mission. Meanwhile, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is now out of college and looking for a job. While he’s found some satisfaction in his new girlfriend Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whitely), he’s uneasy about leaving his life of adventure and robots behind. While Optimus Prime and the Autobots set out to recover the contents of the ship, Sam stumbles back into his old life when he encounters a Decepticon plot to assassinate certain people.

    There is one scene in the film that pretty much defines the entire experience. Late in the film, Autobot Bumblebee is slugging it out with Decepticon Soundwave. It ought to be an epic battle, but we hardly get to see any of it. In the foreground, Sam and Carly are rolling out of harm’s way. The fight is left blurry and incoherent in the background. One would think that the Transformers would be the primary focus of a film called Transformers. But the film doesn’t even make them characters. The robots are basically just plot devices, providing the impetus for the action but rarely taking part. The film doesn’t even make an effort to make characters out of the Autobots. Few of them get lines, and the few lines that they’re given are mostly cheap stereotypes.

    The story is already nonsense, but the film’s insistence on marginalizing the robots causes bigger problems. The real emotional arc of this film belongs to Optimus Prime, but he isn’t given nearly enough time to make it count. Also, the lack of definition in the robot characters means that it’s hard to care when they die. The film is pretty cavalier about the robots dying, but it doesn’t really spend the time to make those deaths matter. Bay just doesn’t seem to understand the value of these robots as characters. Decades ago, thousands of kids cried when Optimus Prime died in the animated film. Here, whatever deaths there are feel completely meaningless.

    The visuals remain the film’s biggest draw. The explosions are pretty, and a couple of set pieces are pretty impressive. But it’s striking how most of the set pieces don’t involve any robots at all. Again, it’s all soldiers doing all the cool stuff, while the robots stay in the background. This wouldn’t be so bad if the humans were actually worth caring about, but they’re all either cartoonish or devoid of personality. Sam Witwicky has turned into a truly unlikable character. I’m not sure what his arc is supposed to be. He starts out feeling entitled and unwilling to put in the work to succeed. The laws of drama ought to have the character learning that starting from the bottom can be a rewarding experience. Instead, the film pretty much gives the character everything he wants, and he ends the film still an entitled jerk. Shia LaBeouf’s one-note performance does the character no favors. Everybody else gets stuck with flat characters, and most just choose to ham it up.

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon might be an attempt to test the limits of what a blockbuster can get away with. It is a film with a nonsensical plot populated by unlikable characters. To top that off, the supposed main attraction of the film isn’t even featured prominently. Rather than have Optimus Prime regale audiences with his leadership and compassion, the film has Sam Witwicky whining about civilian life. Instead of having Bumblebee in an epic swordfight with an enemy robot, the film has a bunch of nameless soldiers somehow saving the day. It operates on the idea that people will swallow anything as long as something blows up every now and then. I hope that’s not the case.

    • This guy is spot on… I saw the movie last night, and although I liked it… Sam Witwicky drank one too many Red Bulls, he’s super hyper active for every damn thing and he’s annoying as hell… anybody going to see this, turn off your smart sensors… it’s simply senseless action nothing more nothing less. Awesome special effects and incredible action, out doing Thor out of all the summer action movies so far.

    • Are you the critic guy from clickthecity.com? If you aren’t, you ripped off his thoughts. Duh.

    • I feel sorry for you. By your “review” it is obvious that you can’t just enjoy a movie. It is obvious that you will take apart every single second of the movie just to find some bad. I don’t care if you are a critic or not. I don’t care if it is your job to write reviews, either way, you can’t just enjoy a movie. Transformers 3 was a great movie. I realize that is an opinion but it doesn’t matter, you wrote your review, which was pure opinion, like it was complete truth and fact, so… why shouldn’t I? You never once mentioned that others should at least try to watch the movie. You never mentioned once that this was YOUR take on the movie and others might have a different take. Also, you didn’t say one good thing about the movie. You did mention that “The explosions are pretty, and a couple of set pieces are pretty impressive.” but you put a negative spin on even that small compliment. Once again, I feel sorry for you.

      • hahah the other guy is right though this movie suuuuucks shia is horrible sad to say Shia kills everything…having a cute gf lmao they stink.

    • You know why you hate BAy because he doesn’t care about artsy fartsy movies. T1 awsome t2 sucked t3 mind blowing

  17. trans formers movie is all good
    my rating this movie 10/11

  18. abbba em cinima ro eyes chediripoyayi
    what a action ,graphics ,sounds

    really godd movie
    gays dont miss thios movie ok

    • you should learn how to speak English more, duh………….

  19. It would be a great action and fun in this series…………

    Every moment you will fill alive,,,,,,,,

    must go for this……..

    • Did we watch the same movie? I was bored for most of it! I thought the squid looking thing that was clearly stolen from inception was dumb and idk. I didn’t like it at all!

  20. Movie was what Transformers SHOULD HAVE BEEN from day 1. As a DIEHARD cartoon fan from 80′s until now and in my late 20′s… Michael Bay got it right this time. It’s a little long at 2hrs 30mins+ but it was acceptable. Didn’t particularly like how they resolved all those decepticons in Chicago part but overall I’d give the movie a SOLID B+ on its own and an A+ when compared to the first two films.

    If you’re coming here expecting Oscar worthy performances, you’re sadly mistaken. That doesn’t mean the acting is horrible, it just fits the movie well enough to get us to the action and the transformers themselves.

    I can see how they could have stretched some of the transformers personalities etc but honestly… the movie was already 2hrs 40mins… People aren’t gonna stick around for another hour. If you need to know how they feel, watch the cartoon series. The movie is PERFECTION… minus the fact they should have put Omega Supreme in the film.

    • @ Knicksfan84

      I absolutely agree with ya. I saw the film last night & was wowed by it when hesitant before due to the last film. But this film surely as heck made up for the last film, thats for sure & i don’t care what Roger Ebert or Rotton Tomatoes gives it. Hard for me to decide right now because i plane to see this film again but i think maybe it might be better than the first film, Maybe. It was too bad Omega Supreme wasn’t in the film, would of been awesome.

  21. i saw the film today and i felt it succeeded the other two films by far. The storyline wasnt perfect but i still enjoyed it. The person playing Carly is a fantastic replacement for megan fox, what a stunner. The action in this film is brilliant i would give this film 4/5 because of the storyline everything else about the movie is spot on!

  22. Bet transformers movie yet? well that’s not much of an achievement!

  23. I walked out. I have not walked out of a movie in probably 30 years. It was that bad.

  24. TF3 was, perhaps, as good as the first, definitely NOT better…though it WAS better than TF2. The fights were a lot clearer, thus, more easily appreciated. There was, however, nothing stunning or particularly new in the film. Even the twist was not particularly surprising…neat to see, but nothing new.

    The film was fun, but it was not the best of the summer, by ANY stretch of the imagination…Oh, and to that person who said the 3d was better than that of “Avatar”…ummm, NO.

    I walked out of the theater afterward and thought, “Hmmm, cool”; then, I moved on to other concerns…I thought little about the movie, except to post on these threads. This was the only movie so far this summer for which I’ve moved on THAT quickly. It didn’t really stay with me, fun though it was.

    • …oops: FROM which, not FOR which…

  25. Okay I am usually a huge transformers fan so I was pretty excited to see this one…..transformers 3 was the worst one yet, it dragged wayyy too much and I really tried my hardest not to fall asleep in the theatre I kept starting at my phone waiting for this movie to end.! I would’ve got my money back if I hadn’t gone with a group of my family!
    Not the biggest Megan fox fan but it would’ve been nice to see her in it and the new girl is beautiful but she needs to stick to what she knows best and that modeling lingerie!
    My advice is wait till the movie comes out to dollar movies or red box! Very disappointment!

    • I agree completely!

  26. great movie man.!! just came home after watching this movie.. really treat to watch…

  27. I’m a huge fan and i love all three movies!..however the feeling of a rather disappointing character development lingers in me…after watching the movie in 3D my mind really felt exhausted of what i believe was an epic mind blowing experience. i totally felt the last hour of the movie totally eradicated my memory of the 1 hour and a half.. i came out of the hall in a daze thinking if i was pleased of what i saw but yet really digested the fun. it is already 3 days from the fiasco and im going to watch it again this time in IMAX 3D. i need rewind what the 1st half was all about.

    my own version of how characters in this movie should have been:

    Optimus and fellow Autobots were at the NEST base with Lennox..”Que (Mirrage) notifies Prime:

    Que: Prime! i have detected a strange yet familiar energon reading in a facility called “Chernobyl”.
    Prime: :Elaborate!
    Que in front of a autobot size computer (teletran): Chernobyl is a nuklear facility in the country “Ukraine”. the energon reading is of cybertronian. we should investigate”
    Prime: “And investigate we will..Autobots! transform and roll out..Lennox assamble your team..we are going to Ukraine!”

    after the scene with Mearing, Prime set a mission to rocket to the moon.. scene pans away to the roof of the NEST facility where Lazer beak observes..then takes off.

    Megatron scene at the dessert:

    Soundwave: “Megatron..Lazerbeak returns”
    Megatron: “Lazerbeak..unlike my other warriors ..you never fail me!
    Starscream cowardly behind a tree grumbling
    Soundwave: “Lazerbeak report!”
    Lazerbeak: “The Autobots are heading to the moon.. as we expected”
    Megatron: ” Excellent!…Excellent!..soon we shall unleash our mission to revive Cyberton with earth’s Natural resources ..and Optimus will unlock the key for us!..it will be a shocking surprise!.(cackling evil laugh)

    Battle scene:

    Ratchet, bumblebee, Que, Dino and the wreckers attacking decepticons and were getting out numbered by the drones..a screeching sound heard ..autobots veered their attention…Barricade rolled off the bridge and transforms crashing onto bumble bee..they struggle in a brawl and barricade subdues BB like a hostage
    Barricade: We meet again Bumblebee..payback time!! Autobots surrender!! or BB gets it!”

    • I honestly hope you know that Que is Wheeljack and Dino is Mirage.

  28. Transformers 3 is the best of the trilogy especially in 3d, it focuses more on the characters n the story but delivering alot of powerful action. it will keep u on the edge of ur seat n watching it in 3d was awsome! This movie will not disappoint, infact for me it was an amazing thrill ride n the best time at the movies in years, i highly recommend

  29. I honestly didn’t think ROTF was that bad. Granted, Bay did mess up a bunch of things, but at least the effects and storyline were good.

    As for the “emotion” aspect, it really did show in this movie. Both the first and second movies didn’t really have that true sense of emotions, and basically sometimes the acting wasn’t that good, especially from Megan Fox, and that really affected the whole outcome. Personally, I cried through 3/4 of Dark of the Moon and I’m damn proud of it too! :P I’m hoping they’ll decide to make a fourth, but that’s just me. Though I have no idea what the storyline would be :/