Early ‘Transformers 3′ Review Says It’s The Best One Yet [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated June 28th, 2011 at 1:33 pm,

First review for Transformers 3 Early Transformers 3 Review Says Its The Best One Yet [Updated]

[UPDATE: We’ve seen it with our own eyes – check out our Transformers 3 review]

There’s been more than a healthy dose of skepticism on our end whenever we talk about Michael Bay’s trilogy-capper, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Even Bay has come clean about what a mess the second Transformers movie was at this point – and just about everyone involved in the production of this summer’s entry in the giant alien robot series has gone on about what an overall improvement the third film is (enough so that the TF3 entry on this “Honest Summer Movie Posters” list is more than appropriate).

Now that the first “official” review for Dark of the Moon has been released, it begs the question: Is the film actually all that better than Revenge of the Fallen?

According to Capone over at AICN, the answer is definitely “yes.” As he put it:

“I’m genuinely surprised what a strong effort [‘Transformers 3′] is, not just in terms of its scope, but also in its pacing, performances, and ideas. This one dares to go dark from time to time, and that helped me find the often-lacking component of many Bay films: emotion. You probably won’t shed any tears watching DARK OF THE MOON, but you will care when certain lives are lost or in peril. This one might actually rock you a little to your foundation; get excited about that.”

Capone was also keen to emphasize just how awe-inspiring he found the second half of the film, which primarily focuses on the destruction of downtown Chicago – as was featured heavily in the footage from the Transformers 3 trailer. He even praised Megan Fox’s replacement (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), expressing gratitude that “she’s actually got something to do here beyond just looking like a million bucks.”

For more from Capone about Transformers: Dark of the Moon, read his full review (WARNING: It heads into MILD SPOILER territory) HERE.

Transformers Dark of the Moon 3 Early Transformers 3 Review Says Its The Best One Yet [Updated]

Obviously, there’s good reason to take all this Transformers 3 praise with a grain of salt. The review was actually of an unfinished 2D cut of the movie, and sometimes early word about how much better a sequel (or threequel) is can be a bit inflated (remember how enthusiastic early reviews for Attack of the Clones were, in the aftermath of The Phantom Menace?). Lastly, considering that Dark of the Moon won’t hit theaters for another six weeks or so, it would’ve been much more shocking had an early negative review of the film been released. You have to imagine that the studio wouldn’t want any bad word of mouth circulating this early.

With all that said: this early review is still a good sign for those hoping that Dark of the Moon could be a great conclusion to possibly the most financially-successful franchise that’s ever been assaulted by critics. The trailer for the film was pretty impressive, there are a number of noteworthy additions to the cast – and, with added bonuses for Transformers fans (like Leonard Nimoy voicing Sentinel Prime) this could actually be a pretty rockin’ finale.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon arrives in theaters this summer on July 1st.

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  1. I am shocked.

    Michael Bay with two strikes, and hits a home run?

    • lol

    • Michael Bay 2 strikes? The man has had about 10 strikes in his career so far.

      • He’s talking about two strikes as in the Transformers trilogy moron.

        • He hasn’t made any strikes with the series imo.

          • @ Ghost

            Imo, i thought Transformers 2 was a strike despite great action scenes that was in it. First film was better.

  2. It looks like it will be a really intense film and much darker in tone while less camp than the first two films. It’s played a lot more straight but still really epic.

    John Malkovich and Patrick Dempsey seem to have intriguing roles in this that are being kept under wraps.

  3. Sweet. Not saying all that much calling it the best yet. I did enjoy the first so now I want to see this movie if the reviews stay +

  4. Phantom Menace was better than Attack Of The Clones

    • HAHA…. Pretty funny. Did everyone hate the first one too? I thought it was good the first time I saw it. Well not good but enjoyable.

    • Who cares? All the prequel sucked (IMO).

    • That’s like saying poop is better than dookie.

  5. I remember AICN also gave the second one a pretty strong review and I nearly walked out of that garbage. I’ll stick to my original plan of skipping this “third installment”

    • Sounds like a good plan. I hope many others do the same, but I absolutely will not be holding my breath.

      My main thought about this review is: How much was the reviewer paid by the studio?

      • the only reason to “hold your breath” will be to avoid the stench of this crap film.

        • Hahaha, I’ll put on a blast guard over my eyes so I don’t have to see it either. :)

    • Me too, Transformers 3 will SUCK.

      • Apparently it won’t. Did you not read the article?

  6. Hey Sandy,
    Is that a typo on the Hottest Summer Movie Posters, or is it supposed to say Honest in the big yellow letters?

    Good, 3rd times a charm I guess…..

    • ‘Tis fixed. Thanks for catching that, dannyboy. 😉

        • Sorry about that. The link’s been updated.

        • ROFLMAO
          as much as I know I’m going to like a few of the films they lampooned, those posters were fricken’ funny!

  7. Do I need to watch The second transformers to follow the story in Dark of the Moon??…cause I really don’t want to see the second one. The first one was also unimpressive.

    • I doubt it has any relevance at all, most people who watched ROTF wished they could have those 2 hours back, save yourself

  8. Awesome! love the others and love Michael Bay, so I’m sure I will love this one too.

  9. I didn’t like the first TF movie. Second, a little better. Let’s hope this is the best!! Summer movies rule.

    • The second one was much, much worse than the first one.

      • Agreed. The 1st one was semi-enjoyable, but the second one was so incoherent it’s actually insulting.

  10. TF3 is the summertime movie to see. Its a made for summertime movie.
    This one is going to be 110 percent kickass. The fighting and destruction of “Sweet Home” Chicago lasts a solid hour itself. Thats alot of Pyro. But then again this is TRANSFORMERS. Thats how it should be.
    TF3 not just a movie, its a Cybertronian EVENT. Hottest ticket of the summer.

    • At the very least, I hope you’re being paid to do PR for the movie.

      Let me help you out, for free. It’s also the best thing since sliced bread, right?

  11. Looking forward to this. I’m hopeful that Bay’s claim of a darker and more serious tone are accurate.

  12. I did some searching and Capone from AICN, who provided the comments above, pretty much hated Transformers 2. So although I am very much not a fan of this franchise so far, I’m hopeful that this one will be decent.

    Also, that link to “honest posters” was hilarious. 😛


    • The only people who didn’t hate ROTF were those movie goers who don’t really know much about films beyond explosions and hot chicks. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed parts of ROTF, I’m just also very aware that it had enormous flaws that made it almost unwatchable. I’m glad Bay is showing contrition and is giving the 3rd film a real effort.

      • Or maybe some people just felt like relaxing after a long day and watching a movie without thinking. Just because you enjoyed ROTF doesn’t mind you don’t know anything about movies on a more deeper level.

        • As I already said (and you apparently didn’t bother reading?) It had lots of entertainment value. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a terrible film. People can sit back and enjoy a bad movie. It’s when they don’t KNOW it’s bad that it indicates they haven’t experienced many films, or they don’t put any thought into it beyond “Ohh pretty lights!” Not knowing a movie is bad doesn’t mean it’s not bad, it means they don’ t know any better.

          • Or maybe what you consider to be a bad movie Others consider to be a good one. Out of the two opposing opinions which one is correct and which one is void? And who, honestly, has the right to decide that?

            A movies job is to entertain an audience at the end of the day. Plain and simple. If it does that then mission accomplished. Or am I wrong?

          • Actually, Transformers 2 was good for what it was….a summer blockbuster. Do people really expect anything more from Michael Bay than fun action?

            • But what I’m talking about is within the parameters of a summer blockbuster. No one expected it to be Citizane Kane or Breakfast at Tiffany’s. When I say it was bad, I mean it was bad in the context of other summer blockbusters. It’s not just me saying this, I’m not alone in saying ROTF has monumental issues. Even Bay himself has acknowledged its flaws.

              • I can admit the flaws too, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the movie. I admit the flaws in every movie I watch, and it doesn’t hurt my enjoyment at all Guess what, even The Dark Knight had flaws.

  13. They must have promised that fanboy reviewer from AICN website a brunch with Michael Bay and a cameo in the fourth movie for that favorable review. Everyone over the age of 12 knows that movie’s gonna suck big time. It looks like a big hunk of steamy messy garbage to me.

    • Bay’s only making three TF films.

      “Everyone over the age of 12 knows that movie’s gonna suck big time.” Actually your statement runs contrary to the evidence, and contrary to what many reviewers who’ve had a look at footage are saying. Sure we won’t know for sure until it comes out, but by most accounts it’s everything the first two should have been. I hope it’s good but who knows with Bay.

    • People must gain psychic powers after they past that age eh? I mean, if they already “know” the film will “suck”, then they must have some crystal ball or supernatural power.

  14. Although there were problems with both the 1st and 2nd films, I thought the 2nd was just too rushed, which is what caused it to flake out. I’m looking forward to the 3rd installment this summer for sure. Here’s lookin’ at Bay to deliver the best of the 3 films. I also hope he got some more Gen 1 autobots into the mix for this film!! There are so many to choose from..!

    • I like how they break down a wall in the Smithsonian (in Washington DC), and then suddenly they’re in a desert.

  15. Footage!!! You can’t go by bits and pieces of footage on a Michael Bay film. All his movies look great. They could splice together a great looking trailer or commercial from what he shoots. But the cornball stories and the choppy editing is what sucks about his films.
    But go ahead and fall for the hype “again” so you could be disappointed “again” then wait a couple of years and they’ll shovel out another hunk of crap Transformers movie and fall for it all over “again”.

    • Bravo!

  16. I honestly really liked the first one. But I agree that the second one was less than good.

  17. The second film was basically a repeat of the first with a few twist here and there,it did not excede the first film either,I agree it was really a mess.T3 trailer looks as if it will make up for T2.

  18. its funny “im not goin to see it” yea you are shut da heck^.
    i like da 1st one. 2nd one, them twins were annoying. fight scenes were clearer
    btter story was crap jet-fire was to old.
    3rd one looks like a sick war is about to break loose
    & a bunch of ppl/robots are going to die & it seems to b darker so thats a plus

  19. The guy who wrote this article is not very bright, Attack Of The Clones was an awesome movie, just like the rest of the Star Wars movies. Get a clue dude!!

    • Please tell me that was sarcasm…

  20. So i checked out the history of the “what did you think of Transformers:ROTF Polls for screen rant and about %50 of 3811 votes from screenrant readers said it deserved 5 stars (perfect robot awesomeness)? and %21 gave it 4 stars.
    so are we confused about Transformers:ROTF?

    • Guys Warner Bros owns Rotten tomatoes. This is what it comes down to. Do they expect us to believe this. I mean Guys if you really want to make a dent and have your voices heard do Not buy a ticket when this film comes out. Bottom line they are scared about their profits. They know that people are dissatisfied and want to trick guys into buying a ticket. STAY AWAY

      • I agree with you. But, unfortunately, this movie’s going to make tons of money because a lot of people simply don’t care about how bad the movie is most likely going to be.

        They have No Standard as their standard.

        We’re living in a time when the fanboys mercilessly blast critics who DARE criticize a movie they want to make off like gangbusters at the box office.

        It’s narcissism run amok. They want to have their “event” film and they will have it regardless of what the end result actually is because they don’t want anyone or anything to dare pour cold water over the opportunity for them to place themselves right in the middle of this “big event.”

        So, it won’t be too hard to “trick” the masses because millions and millions among them will go see this willingly, regardless of how critical the reviews are. The more critical the reviews are, the more likely they’ll go see it again and again just to spite the critics.

        • Get off your horse. I’m sure there’s movies that you have liked that have been blaseted by critics (and “fanboys”).

  21. I’m done with Transformers since ROTF.

    • Really? Really? You’re done with Transformers since the last Transformers? And really? You felt the need to tell us all you’re done with something? Couldn’t you have just been done with it, instead of having to announce you’re done with something that you just so happened to be done with now for nearly 2 years, since ROTF has come out?

      Btw, I’m done here…

  22. No Megan Fox no Transformers!!! I know it’s a juvenile attitude but I don’t care.

  23. I laughed when Shia said: Where is sheeeeeeeee? In the trailer? Was it meant for Megan Fox or Rosie? After 2 horrible episodes, the 3rd one can’t be worse, I’ll give it a shot. It’s a Michael bay film , it’s huge spectacle. Does it have brains? Who knows? I’d pay to see it anyway even if it sucks.

  24. Emotional? Care? only if Shia Lepoof dies in this film.

    The guy is SUCH a bad “actor” (and the word is in quotes because, honestly, calling him an actor is just ridiculous).

    However, back to the article:
    Say what?

    Wait, wasn’t the 2nd Transformers commercial…err…film supposed to be better than the first one? And now the third one is supposed to be better also?

    Yeah, I’ll pass. I didn’t even think they made particularly good popcorn fluff. Completely forgettable characters. Over-edited action sequences where you can’t even see who’s doing what to whom. Laughable dialog (yeah, even for a film about giant talking transforming robots… it was laughable).

    But it had Explosions!
    TransEXPLOSIONSformers! Yay! EXPLOSIONS!

    Cinema for the ADHD crowd.

  25. I’m honestly pretty excited about this but then again I’ve been burned before

    • “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

  26. Transformers 3 is goin to be much better then ROTF,we did some impressive CGI it will look like hell when will you see it in 3D its still incomplete we are doing the CGI parts and mid-action sequence!

  27. I am glad to see that Michael Bay admitted that Transformers II was “a mess”–IMO, it was a very boring and disappointing film–Close to Waterworld! The premesis of the story could have been easily told within a 22 min cartoon episode! Another thing I found was very inappropriate was the sexual talk and the drugs scenes on the college campus. Content like this was not needed in such a film–especially when it was a film based on a toy.

    I am hoping that Transformers 3 will be a much better film. I loved the first one, but hated the second. I hope the third will be a much better and enjoyable film.

    • Not sure about the drug references, but yeah, lot of content was unnecessary for a film based on toys. There was absolutely no need to show Job Turturro’s ass like a cheap comedy movie. That’s what I don’t understand. You had a strike, I understand, but where the hell did these cheap jokes and comedy come from?