Transformers 3 Prop Photos & Tilting Set Video

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Michael Bay Shia LaBeouf Transformers 3 Transformers 3 Prop Photos & Tilting Set Video

The Transformers 3 shoot has begun to reveal some pretty interesting production props – with intriguing story implications.

The latest round of photos and video reveal craters, likely from the arrival of new protoform Transformers, outside of an office building – as well as video of the massive tilting office set (which includes exploding windows and screaming actors) that we reported on a couple weeks ago.

Obviously with onlooker-footage, especially when it comes to Transformers, what isn’t in the picture (currently presented as blue screen) is still the most intriguing aspect.

The Chicago shoot, especially, has already presented Transformers fans with a lot to be excited about – and filming is just getting started. Most of the larger shoots are scheduled for later this week as well as the following week.

Check out the images of the crater props courtesy of Aint It Cool.



The craters definitely look similar to the protoform impact points seen in previous Transformers films.

Though, I’m inclined to say they may not be craters at all – maybe they’re eruption points for large-scale Insecticons (or some other burrowing Transformer)? Simply looking at the pictures, given the symmetry of the prop, as well as the direction of the broken asphalt, I’m more inclined to imagine something exploding out of the ground rather than crashing in. Obviously, it all depends on how the props are implemented when they’re actually used on film.

In addition to the new Chicago images, Coming Soon has put up a few images from the Los Angeles shoot featuring Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) as well as Mikaela Banes and/or eye-candy (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) in formalwear – as well as a few shots, originally from Premiere in France, of Huntington-Whiteley in a more casual look.

We’ve hand selected a few of the better shots but definitely check out Coming Soon for the full spread.




Aint It Cool has also acquired video of the infamous tilting office rig in action – showcasing the destructive wake of a massive Decepticon on-screen, and a lot of crazy set-techs off-screen.

The rig is ambitious to say the least. The potential scale of the shot gives me pause, as I’m not particularly interested in seeing another Devastator-size Transformer – which was just too epic to be taken seriously or offer the great bot on bot action that makes the series fun to watch.

That said, Devastator would dwarf the blue screens used in the shot, so hopefully we’re talking about a Demolishor-sized enemy this round. There’s no doubt that the Demolisher scene was one of the few highlights of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen – and it happened in the first 5 minutes. With Demolisher, Bay had a large-scale baddy that was actually interesting to watch. When he upped the anti with Devastator, he went too big – leaving viewers with nothing more than a lumbering brute.

devastator transformers 2 Transformers 3 Prop Photos & Tilting Set Video

Thankfully, Bay has promised that he’s aware of the problems in Revenge of the Fallen, and is attempting to reign it in for Transformers 3 – and I for one believe him.

What’s that? Transformers 3 is being shot in 3D? I thought Bay said that he couldn’t shoot action in 3D

What do you make of these mysterious Transformers 3 eruption points/craters? What would you like to see in Transformers 3?

Transformers 3 is scheduled for a July 1st, 2011 release.

Source: Aint It Cool, Coming Soon

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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing another combiner like Devastator….as long as it’s not wasted, like Devastator.

    • you got that right :) i was expecting there to be a big brawl between dev and a group of autobots, but instead got beetus and butthead messing around and then bang shot by some alien technology which i specifically remember optimus saying he wasn’t going to let humans get a hold/learn about that WTF ?!?

      either way im not watching this BS.

  2. You got that right!

  3. Excited!! I need to know which robots are in this time though!!

  4. I sorry but Micheal Bay Transformers Films sucks, BIG TIME!!!!!! All his movies are the same version of BAD BOYS. Hear me out, Big Explosions and Hot Babe, there you have it a Micheal Bay Film. He has sucked the life out of the Transformers Property. Personally, I think 3rd installment is going to suck just like the rest. The story about the all-spark was so stupid!!!!!! What about those deform transformers? Mr. Bay, Transformers is about robots not humans. To bad this Mr. Bay has not figure this out!!!!!!

    • i still wontbe seeing this lol. looks just like a retread of the first two

  5. I would’nt mind seeing giant robot brawl myself. Maybe see the Aerialbots vs. Stunticons that combine to form Menasor. So they recasted Megan Fox with someone to play Mikaela?

    • No, Whiteley is playing a different character. She’s replacing her as the eye candy.

  6. IMDB keeps changing but other sources still have Huntington Whiteley listed as Mikaela – though my comment in the article was definitely intended to be tongue in cheek.

    I don’t think Bay is too concerned about dropping her directly into Fox’s role. Continuity certainly isn’t the largest concern in the franchise. Though the most likely non-Mikaela role is Carly from G1 Transformers – a tech head and MIT grad.

    With the script complete, and production underway, it shouldn’t be too long before we find out what direction Bay is taking the female lead.

    • I don’t listen to IMDB. It’s just a user edited site, like wikipedia, and holds as much credibility too.

      • Agreed, that’s what I was trying to get at – a lot of people think it’s official, and when it keeps changing, it serves to stoke speculation. Wasn’t implying that IMDB was a go-to source.

        The point I was trying to make is that it doesn’t matter whether it’s Mikaela or not, the function of the character in the story is entirely the same. Even if Huntington-Whiteley is playing a different character, it might as well be Mikaela. Huntington-Whiteley’s lack of action chops is an obvious red flag.

        • I’m definitely willing to admit that I’m not expecting Huntington-Whiteley to actually be Mikaela. But I wouldn’t be shocked if Bay unapologetically swapped Huntington-Whiteley into the role either.

          What do you make of the ‘crater’ props?

  7. Can we really believe Michael Bay is going to rein this thing in? The guy loves him some explosions, CGI effects, and throwing money at stuff like tilting office rigs. I can see this movie getting wildly out of control in terms of budget. Plus, he’s going to go in with the whole “Gotta top the last one” mentality. That’s why so many third installments of franchises epic fail (See Spiderman 3).

  8. Gotta agree Ben, those craters look like something coming out of the ground rather than areas of impact. What gets me is their size… seem a little small for the massive robots we’re used to seeing.

    Perhaps though, they might just be footsteps? Hmm

  9. Is it weird that I’m not at all excited for this movie?

  10. Michael Bay can’t film action in 3D? That’s funny because I would say Michael Bay can’t film action PERIOD. And he’s aware of the problems with Revenge of the Fallen? Well how about the problems with every other movie he’s even made? He is by far the worst film maker working today.