Transformers 3 IS not Being Shot in 3D [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated October 21st, 2010 at 1:45 pm,

Transformers 3 not shot in 3D Transformers 3 IS <del>not</del> Being Shot in 3D [Updated]

UPDATE: After digging deeper, it appears 3D cameras were used throughout production.

Once we contacted sources closer to production, it appears Michael Bay did not ditch the 3D cameras for Transformers 3. If anything, the 3D technicians likely found alternative ways to effectively use the 3D rigs while filming in Chicago. The information from our source was apparently four to five weeks old and very well may have changed between then and when we spoke.

Further discussions reveal that while 3D cameras were used throughout production, not every camera shot is native 3D. While some of the footage may be converted in post-production, there were always 3D cameras somewhere on set. Rest assured, Michael Bay’s Transformers 3 will still be a 3D movie.

I apologize for running with information that was not fully formed, as the intention was to simply present a newsworthy topic for discussion. Nothing was fabricated, but rather information from the source was outdated. We can admit we were wrong in this post (me especially), but know that we always approach stories with good intentions to deliver timely news as accurately as possible.

Since the start of production a few months ago, Michael Bay’s Transformers 3 has made a number of unfortunate headlines. Now, we have learned from a source close to Bay that the movie is not being shot in 3D as originally believed.

Instead, next summer you will see yet another product guilty of a post-production 3D conversion. Apparently, filming did begin in 3D, but Bay opted out when the production moved to Chicago.

Considering how open the Chicago sets were to the viewing public, it’s surprising there haven’t already been more definitive answers regarding the lack of 3D camera rigs on set. I took some photos and video of the downtown shoots and each time I scoured the set for a 3D rig – but there were none to be found. Today’s news would explain the absence of the mammoth cameras.

It was revealed two months back that Transformers 3 would be shot in 3D but it’s sounding as though nobody followed-up on that report. The film’s rushed production should have been fair warning that a full 3D shoot would be extremely difficult to pull off.

The misdirection should come as no surprise – considering Bay’s penchant for releasing false information. We’ve already been thrown for a loop regarding the appearance of the infamous twin Autobots in Transformers 3. In case you need to be caught up to speed on that rumor, the Twins are definitely in the movie. Couple that news with the Megan Fox fallout and Transformers 3 has been one confusing shoot.

Michael Bay Shia LaBeouf Transformers 3 Transformers 3 IS <del>not</del> Being Shot in 3D [Updated]

It’s unfortunate that Bay changed his mind during production. Shooting using stereoscopic cameras is about the only way to create a truly immersive 3D final product. I might argue that the only truly effective mainstream 3D film to date is Avatar. Of course, accountants would say otherwise, since the last three films to gross $1 billion each were 3D. That said, we’ve yet to see really great post-production 3D – and it’s doubtful that Transformers 3 will be the first.

If you are wondering why Bay would cut 3D cameras (a drastic decision), it’s probably related to his aggressive filming style. Bay has never been shy about throwing a car through a building or running a camera alongside his actors. The intensity of his filming style requires a lot of handheld camerawork and multiple angles. Those multiple angles may have been the deciding factor, as filming using a 3D rig is very restrictive.

Transformers 3 Optimus Prime Transformers 3 IS <del>not</del> Being Shot in 3D [Updated]

While money may be a non-issue considering the massive budget of Transformers 3, it still costs a lot to shoot using five 3D cameras at once. Bay’s shots are constantly moving and require multiple rigging systems. Add everything together and it seems it just wasn’t worth the price and trouble. In addition, Bay is known for his on-the-spot directing and 3D rigs are less maneuverable and could have slowed production.

To be fair, it is possible that Bay shot certain scenes in 3D and the rest in 2D, with a post-production conversion. Even if that is the case, Transformers 3 just isn’t going to be the 3D robot action movie we hoped for.

What do you think about a post-production 3D retro-fit for Transformers 3?

Transformers 3 hits theaters July 1st, 2011.

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  1. I truly dont care if it is in 3D or not. I really am looking forward to seeing the movie. I liked the two other movies. There were aspects that could have been better. I think there is also the video quality aspect that turns certain directors off also. Christopher Nolan does not want any of his films to be filmed in 3D so, I think it would be difficult to really know the reason why this movie is not being filmed in 3D. There could be substantial reasons.

  2. Okay so I just had a thought. So maybe Mr. Bay did use some 3D tech, Christopher Nolan did use some IMAX cams in his movies and look how well they turned out. Soo maybe, just maybe any 3D work that Bay did will turn out okay in the end. Fingers crossed anyway. Perhaps it will be like one of the origanal Nightmare On Elm Street films, can’t remember which one but one of them had some 3D in it. There was a whole section of that movie in 3D. Anyone remember that? Lastly, it’s no biggie Nate but it’s said that it’s Bay himself spreding this false info just to get our panties in a twist.

  3. Oh dear. As far as blunders go, this is a pretty big one. I wouldnt like to have Michael Bay pissed with me, he’s frickin mental!

    • It’s not a blunder Doc; we have a reliable source with audio to back it up. Debating whether to post it or not. We shall see shortly.

        • @ The Chump

          And if we’re NOT bluffing and DO have audio to back us up? Can we expect you to man up and apologize for the harsh things you just said or will you simply slink away quietly?

          • Kofi, can’t belive I’m saying this, but don’t rise to idiots like that trying to provoke a reaction. You should know better.

            And if you guys have audio, that’s cool, I wasnt having a go, and besides, everyone makes mistakes don’t they?

            • You effed up, Screen Rant. Big time.

              No wonder so many people can’t stand this website. Next time, post the TRUTH—–that is if you want people to take you seriously.

              Hard to believe that’s even possible.

              • I don’t mean to do a personal attack, but wow dude. You suck

            • I’m not rising to anything – simply asking a fair question :-)

              • Hey Kofi, do you think one of these overly agressive people might actually be Michael Bay?

                • Don’t know Beckett.

                  Would I would hope is that Anyone involved with the TF3 production (or fans of) understand that we aim to be fair and level journalists – we’ll acknowledge a mistake if we’ve made one.

                  Maybe Someone (Mr. Bay?) officially attached to TF3 would like make an on-record statement about the specifics of this 3D format and filming to us? I’m sure we’d be happy to publish it as the amendment to our report.

                    • i think the people who got over aggressive with their comments need to get their pannies out of a wad. People make mistakes and and like it was said it was news but it hadnt been updated in a lil while. Screen Rant is one of the best sites to find reliable movie news. So just get over the fact they made one mistake.

      • Listen, it’s not true. Capone from AICN said that he visited the Chicago set and that Bay showed him some footage they’ve shot in 3D. Oh, and he says it looks insane. The moderator at the official Bay website (who is a close personal friend of Michael Bay) said that about 85% of the movie is being shot in 3D.

        I think that, once again, this is just another attempt to try and undermine anything Bay does because, you know, it’s “cool” and makes you think it will score you points.

          • You got a response from Bay himself on his website and he confirmed the 3D cameras.

            • That wasn’t a response it was an outburst.

                • But is it really a big deal? I mean “hey! you’re not using 3D” is kind of a stupid thing to get upset about. a simple “yes we are using 3D” would’ve been fine…

  4. This is amazing news!

    • Well… nevermind

  5. @ the chump

    screen rant is an extremely reliable source and whenever they make a mistake they correct it sometimes just hours after its been posted especially when it comes to casting rumors. you should do your research before you make a claim like that. how would you like it if someone tried to slander the work you do at your everyday job?

    what a douche! (sorry screenrant im not sure if i can say that or not)

    I dont know who is right about this one though because bay has a pic of a 3d camera in what looks like chicago on his site.

    im guessing what happened is that the person close to bay simply was working on a section of the movie in which they werent filming in 3D because not all scenes need to filmed with the 3D cameras if there is possibly a deleted scene or limited edition section that would include extra material not in 3d.

    • Thanks Teron…

      We strive to be as accurate as possible. As a journalist, I was told something by a source I trust and went with it. Whether it is true or false, I am reporting. This isn’t about getting page views. It is about reporting news.

      We are working hard to continue to get more facts on the matter and get to the truth behind the clues. But I can tell you my source is not a production unit member, but a highly regarded member of the studio system and part of the pioneering of the 3D generation. His role in 3D filming and presence in Chicago during Transformers filming made the reliability something that was NOT a question for me.

  6. Wow nate.
    Calm down, its a freakin movie dude. It’s not politics or world issues man. If they make a mistake they will correct it. Im sure you’ve made some in your life.

    • Well said man!

    • It’s a bad sign when people take movies more seriously than politics. Haha

  7. I actually didnt listen, if you say you have it I believe you Mike. Keep up the good work.

  8. Dr sam
    Haha i was thinking the same thing!

  9. Ok no offense to mike or kofi or paul or any screenrant staff, but that audio was pretty ambiguous. It really didn’t prove or disprove anything imho. But i honestly don’t care cause im going to see it anyways :). And i also respect this site.

  10. your evidence shows nothing that the movie won’t be filmed in 3D. you should check your sources before reporting false info.

  11. Looks like a 3D camera to me.

  12. Maybe the movie is going to be shot in 3D but some parts may be converted because of tight angles with the cameras. Don’t forget that some of Avatar was converted, and that was pulled off well. Plus Bay is good friends with Cameron (according to the ROTF commentary), so he may end up getting a bit of help.

    I’ll expect to see 3D drama and comic-relief filmed with the cameras and 3D action being a mix of the two…

  13. I just saw the question mark in the heading. still, misleading headline.

    i don’t care whether it’s shot in 3D or not because I’ll see it 2D. It will be horrible, I’ll love it, probably see it a second time to experience the awfulness yet again and then get the DVD. Ain’t life grand?

  14. Days like this I wish a giant black hole would open up and suck Michael Bay, his staff and all the fans of this cinematic load, up, up and away to another planet where they can play and love their Transfomers films far away from me and Earth.

    Take your 3D cameras with you!!! ;-)

    • preach on brother 790, preach on!!

  15. Hey, uh I don’ understand what the all the hullabaloo is…..I mean what do you expect with a movie news, info and RUMORS site. I mean this is the business that (I myself par-take in) we go about, spreading rumors and getting news — otherwise if we just posted fact after fact on the only 100% backed then it would only defeat the purpose! If you want fact go to Wikipedia, but if you want rumors and UP TO DATE rumors and movie news then come to Screen Rant….I mean I own a movie blog: and I come here to get some of my news!? Just leave if you can’t handle a little bit of rumors

  16. We’ve gone back to the source of the information and gotten clarification – the article has been updated.


  17. Hmm, *shurgs* I hope those 3D purists are happy now. Wonder if the movie theaters will give us folks how can’t always afford a 3D ticked an alternative 2D version of the film. As for this site, I really enjoy checking it out from time to time and I belive it’s not the staff’s compleate fault here. They got bad information. Yeah sure maybe a little backgound check would have been good but these guys are just doing thier jobs. So NOT an attack on other people but you all can relax now, your 3D is safe and it’s going to make the movie worse. Life can go on now. Maybe someone will reboot this film series without the 3D.

  18. Wow, apparently every hater here is a PERFECT human being. I bet none of you have ever failed a test of even fallen down because you are sooo perfect. The internet is filled with so many trolls is unbelievable.

    Keep up the good work Screen Rant! However, if this happens again, make sure you kill that source! hahaha just kidding!

  19. The war cry of the @Nando,,,

    “apparently every hater here is a PERFECT human being. I bet none of you have ever failed a test of even fallen down because you are sooo perfect. The internet is filled with so many trolls is unbelievable.”
    When did being “perfect” factor into the comments on Transformers?
    I’m a troll for not giving my lifeforce over to Transformers???

    Caa!!! Caa!!! The warcry of the Lando!!! I mean Nando,,, wgas?

  20. I love how people keep bringing up AICN. Because that site is always full of fair, just and accurate reporting.

    That second sentence, if spoken out loud, would be in a sarcastic tone.

  21. Mistakes are excuses for not having reliable information.

    • MChops, give it a rest.

      There was a misunderstanding/miscommunication. We reported what we had in good faith and owned up to our mistake. I know it’s beyond you to show a little grace since you’re a die hard Transfomers defender. One would think you had a cut of the profits or you had a child involved in the production with the way you incessantly stand up for these movies.

      It’s getting tired, frankly and using a different screen name doesn’t make it any better.


    • @Jake the Snake

      Actually, making mistakes is a legitimate way to learn (hence, childhood). To believe otherwise is to show how much of a bufoon you truly are.

      • @Jake the snake

        See? I made two mistakes there: I spelled “Jake the Snake” CORRECTLY (unlike your Gravatar name) AND I misspelled “buffoon”. What did I learn? I now know not to take you seriously, AND I know that I should avoid typing responses to BUFFOONS at 1:15 in the morning :)

    • Why’s it even matter??????????

      Goodness gracious me!!! There was a mistake and they fixed it. It’s not like this is the first instance of something being wrong on the internet. Good God dude! Put your laptop down, get a girlfriend (or a cat), and give it a rest. Life goes on…

  22. I would like to point out that a lot of sites dont update their stories like ScreenRant does .
    What they basically did was ask the question,Has TF3 decided not to shoot in 3D ?
    And then they definitively answered that question.
    No big deal at all.

  23. Screen names are different depending on whether I’m on my mobile or desktop. I don’t try to use different names to act like two different people. You guys hate transformers and bay but the fact is that it brings conversation to the site. So keep bashing haters. Give it a rest oooohbhh

      • Well played Paul, well played 8)

    • @Nate,

      Thanks for your polite response. I just want you to know one thing (and any of my friends will prove it)… I love Michael Bay movies. Transformers 2 was the only movie he has ever done that I disliked. Even then, I feel the sound design is state of the art and mind-blowing. The Island is one of my favorite action movies of all time. Transformers was awesome. Bad Boys 1 and 2? Are you kidding me? I love them. So on and so on. Just know that we don’t sit around looking for a reason to “bash” Bay. Thing happen and news gets broken. It’s not always going to put him in the most positive light, but when we found we were incorrect, like you pointed out, we totally retracted it out of respect for Bay. We didn’t have to do that, but we have always strived to write responsibly. We didn’t take our time when we should have and that was the only problem here.

      Here’s to Transformers 3 being an entertaining and fun movie that everybody enjoys and showcases my hometown, Chicago, as well as it seems it will. *raises glass of imaginary wine.

      • Thanks for the reply. I understand now. Guess I was wrong to judge all of the people working here.

        I apologize. And I’m not going to waste your time anymore. At the end of the day, one thing is important: for TF3 to be a good entertaing action film. That’s it.


        I’m sure Bay didn’t really mean what he said. We say harsh things when we’re angry. It’s human nature. And Bay’s not an exception.

    • nate,

      We’re known all over the web? :-P

      Seriously, thanks for that parting comment. The last film of Bay’s that I actually LOVED was The Rock. The last one I enjoyed for what it was, was Armageddon.

      And despite what people may think (including one particular commenter here) he’s one of those directors whose movies I *want* to like. I can appreciate an all out action film – it’s just that there are things he does with his films and things he injects into them that I just do not like.

      Take the first Transformers movie: Remove most of the sophomoric humor, pull the camera back on the action scenes so I can see what’s happening more clearly, don’t make the robots act like adolescents, and I would have given it probably 4 – 4.5/5.

      Best regards,


      • Well no plublicity is bad plublicity from what I know :)

      • I thought the humor in the first movie was alright (just at the line), but Revenge of the Fallen went so far past the line it was ridiculous. I have nothing against Michael Bay (seeing that I have never met the man), but when you put testicles on a giant robot you’ve gone too far. I mean it’s a Transformers movie. You know who really wants to watch a movie about Transformers? Kids! I actually witnessed a mother take her son out of the theater when the mom started eating the brownies.

        I thought the first one was a good movie, I really did I’d have given it a 4 out of 5. But ROTF was just so unnecessary I agreed completely with your review of it Vic :)

        By the way I really enjoy your site

  24. i still think Bays best movie is The Rock, but thats just me, im not gonna be seeing T3, but thats not in stone, as i have teenage nephews that poke and prod me into taking them to movies from time to time lol

    • I agree, ‘The Rock’ was a beast.

  25. Vic,Arent there some regular contributors who Liked the first Transformers film?

    • I do.

    • Rob Keyes liked it. I don’t think Kofi thought it was awful.