Is This a New Robot from Transformers 3? [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated June 4th, 2014 at 10:09 am,

[Update: I was right: not from Transformers 3, likely from Real Steel. Stay Tuned.]

AICN was sent a reader-submitted photo that allegedly came from the Chicago set of Transformers 3, and allegedly displays one of the new robot characters that will be featured in the movie.

This photo has me feeling a bit skeptical at the moment, only because it looks nothing like the indistinguishable CGI tech-insectoid  Transformers that the movie franchise is now known for.

If anything, the robot model in this photo looks like something off the set of the upcoming robot boxing drama movie (yes, you read that correctly) Real Steel. If you haven’t seen the first images of what the Real Steel robots look like, you need to go HERE and check that out.

Now that you have a good frame of reference, take a look at the image AICN received and see if you aren’t as skeptical as I am:

AICN speculates that since early details of Transformers 3 point to the story involving the U.S./Russian space race, this thing could be a commie-bot…or something. Ok, well, while we’re throwing out wild theories: maybe the Beast Wars Transformers are featured in the third film, or maybe Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is injured and has to have his brain implanted in a robot body! Who knows what crazy things can happen in a Michael Bay flick!

Sarcasm aside, as long as there are no dangling robot private parts, ebonics-speaking bufoons, leg-humping midget bots or hot chick robots with tentacles potruding from awkward regions of their bodies, I’ll take just about anything as an improvement over Transformers 2. Hell, at least I’ll be able to distinguish this guy in the photo from the other hordes of robot clones onscreen…

What do you think – actual Transformers 3 robot or something else entirely?

Transformers 3 will (suddenly) be in theaters on July 1, 2011.

Source: AICN

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  1. looks more like Real Steel to me, I can’t see that as being a transformer

    • this is a guardian

    • It is.

  2. If you guys care about movies at all. Please Do not pay to watch Transformers 3.

    • I understand your enthusiasm somewhat, but why level the hate at Transformers 3?

      • I’m looking forward to it if it’s more like the first Transformers. I’m also hoping that they don’t have “3” in the title. I could just get the third and have it next to the first on my shelf. Then, I could pretend the second one never happened :)

        • well even revenge of the fallen didnt have a 2 on it, but i wouldnt completely throw away the second movie cause it had awesome special effects and i am probably the only one who likes the twins…but my point was that it probably wont have a 3 on it.

          • You’re not the only one, I loved The Twins as well.

          • same here

  3. Looks more like something from Robocop or Judge Dredd to me. But definitely not Transformers, unless Bay had a change of heart and is going with a more traditional sytle bot over their punk stylistic organic bots.

  4. uh…shia lebeouf’s brain in a robot?

    i think we might be on to something here…

    • Actually there was a storyline that involved Spike getting his brain loaded into a Frankenbot while his body healed. Wheeljack (another character I would love to see on the big screen along with Mirage) and Ratchet built him a body out of spare parts found on the Arc (another contrivance that would be nice to see in the movie) to house his mind while he healed from an injury he sustained getting in the middle of a Prime vs. Megs throwdown.

        • Spike would be the nickname of Sam Whitwicki. Spike and Sparkplug from the G1 series… You know the humans. Bumblebees best friend… Ringing any bells? Granted they havent used those names in the films, but one can only make the assumption that this is who they are talking about.

          • thanks,i havent seen any of the cartoon series in so long i cant remember, but thanks for the info!

  5. I want to see Omega Supreme in the movie!!!!!!!

  6. Looks like Optimus Primal to me.

  7. I feel like this movie is going to suck, I love transformers its the best movie out there, there’s so much action and that’s what I like about it I watch the transformer movies like a billion times and I never get tired out it, I just feel like now with megan fox and a new following character it won’t make sense I hate when people change the movie shia lebouf and megan fox are good together . Michael is gunna regret it, ehhh.

  8. Reminds me of the robot from Judge Dredd too…………….

  9. i wonder if megatron will come back and how will he look like if he did

    • I’m sure Megatron will come back. I think all the Transformers are getting make-overs, well, the Autobots are anyway. It’s possible Megatron (and the Decepticons) will have a new look.

    • yes he will and maybe or maybe not he’ll look the same or not plus im sure they’ll be over 300 new characters of decepticons and autobots. plus they’ll be new venues!

  10. it looks like a na’vi robot. :(

  11. it just dont look like a transformer to me

  12. it look like freak’in ironman

  13. wrong they’re not getting make overs!

  14. and ihope they make a movie for they’re game transformers war at cybertron! and ihope they put new 1999 characters and put all venues in the game and put the missions also put 2999 more new venues!

  15. I think revenge of the fallen could have been better. The ending where optimus prime & jetfire merge than a quick 2 minute fight & than roll credits. A longer fight scene would have been better, other than that the movie was not bad, & I liked the introduction of jetfire. Would be good to see Omega Supreme & or Omega Prime (Optimus Prime & Ultra Magnus combined)

  16. Hello, it’s probably RUMBLE, silly humans.

  17. Hello people, it’s gonna be RUMBLE, if any of you remember who he is actually.

  18. So lets get to the root of transformers, its a toy line, the show was created to sell toys, and the movies aim to do the same, so more robots and make overs are standard! Its a crime they did not keep “Spike”, really! that would of almost been enough to keep me happy!…Please get hot rod in there! Megs is dead, expect one of the other Deceptions, Shockwave or someone like that…Does anybody know what Autobots are all-ready known?