Bay Confirms ‘Transfomers 3′ is His Last; Sentinel Prime in Film

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Michael Bay discusses Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Bay Confirms Transfomers 3 is His Last; Sentinel Prime in Film

Love him or hate him, Michael Bay is going to let you know what he thinks, and you’ve got to admire him for that.

In a recent interview, the director of the Transformers franchise spoke openly about the problems he had with Transformers 2 and why he thinks Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be superior. He also dropped some interesting information about some of the new characters in the film.

While speaking with MTV at the premiere of I Am Number Four, Bay credited the writer’s strike as a big reason why Transformers 2 was so disappointing to many fans. Bay explained that, “It was a very, very tough thing to make a movie under those circumstances,” but also clarified that they’ve worked extra hard on the third film to make up for it, saying that he “did not want the third one to suck.”

So what’s different? According to Bay, the third film will be more accessible because it all takes place in a city (downtown Chicago where filming took up parts of the city for weeks) and follows a “small group of heroes,” a la Black Hawk Down (you know, if a band of Army Rangers crash-landed in Somalia only to find giant robots battling each other).

Check out the video of Bay’s interview below:

Sentinel Prime

Off camera, Bay also talked about new characters in the franchise, Sentinel Prime and Shockwave. A while back, our own Paul Young wondered if Sentinel Prime might make an appearance in Transformers 3, and now we know he will, thanks to Bay’s confirmation. We also know that he’ll be “great” according to Bay, who said he couldn’t say anything more about the character. As for Shockwave, Bay said that he’s “bad” and that “He’s got a much bigger gun [than Megatron and is] a little bit more vicious.”

Bay also said that Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be his last Transformers film, which is probably for the best. When all is said and done, the Transformers franchise will have made well over two billion dollars. Even with disapproval from critics, that’s an impressive accomplishment.

transformers 3 trailer Bay Confirms Transfomers 3 is His Last; Sentinel Prime in Film

You can count me among the many people who thought Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was a terrible movie, though I actually enjoyed the first film. I think the biggest problem with Transformers 2 was the confusing plot and the many strange tonal shifts throughout the film. Hopefully Bay is right and that was all because of the writer’s strike.

Based on the response to the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer and the Transformers 3 Super Bowl trailer, fans have given Bay the benefit of the doubt and will again be coming out in droves for the third film in the blockbuster franchise. Honestly, I’m in the same boat. So far, the footage from the movie is looking pretty epic, and if they can deliver even a moderately interesting story, I think I’ll enjoy the film.

Obviously, trailers can be misleading, so it’s wise if we all hold off judgment until the movie gets here. In the meantime, what do you think of Michael Bay’s comments?

Transformers 3 ended up at number 7 on our list of the 20 most anticipated movies of 2011. Where does it rank for you?

Source: MTV

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  1. lets hope he can go out with a bang after the last 2 failures of this franchise

  2. Really tired of all the negative talk about TF2. As adults, we have to remember these movies ARE more for kids…and kids love ‘em. Most of the storylines in the original cartoons and animated movies were also full of holes and things happened that didn’t make sense if you watch them now as an adult. For one thing, why does Bumblebee’s cybertron humanoid form look the same as his earth humanoid form. His feet looked like the volkswagen beetle’s doors and roof sections on cybertron!

    Also, the shot composition and cinematography of TF2 still delivered beautiful scenes and memorable locations/environments. The cg animation was still high quality. Let’s not forget that coordinating live actors, puppets, and cg elements in a believable way (which it did) should still be appreciated…even if the story was riddled with issues and the character interaction ended up being flat and predictable.

    • Really, these movies are for kids?? Megan Fox leaning over a Mustang with clevage showing and wearing short shorts, I can see where you would get that impression.

      BS dude, these movies were hyped to the kids who grew up in the 80′s and watched the cartoons and now wanted to see it brought to the big screen. But I can see where you might confuse these movies are for kids since the writing is reminescant of an 8 year olds version of what a film should be.

      • They are definitely for kids. If you hadn’t noticed yet, kids like girls too.

        • It’s trying to be for BOTH kids and adults. For all of those that grew up watching the original series and to introduce it to the new generations. I personally think they are great movies. Lets keep in mind, the movies are about WARING GIANT TRANSFORMING ALIEN ROBOTS. So many people do not take this into account. They expect a Godfather or Citizen Kane for every single movie they see. That just does not work with transformers. Considering that, I think Mr. Bay did and continues to do an excellent job. Sure, Revenge of the Fallen def had its problems, but it was still an enjoyable WARING GIANT TRANSFORMING ALIEN ROBOTS movie. Think about that

          • I can name you several sci-fi/fantasy or any number of other films that if one takes the most basic description of its plot elements, will sound incredibly dumb and would incline you to have the lowest of expectations and standards, which you would appear willing to accept. And you would be wrong.

            Lord of the Rings is about a some midgets with hairy feet trying to destroy a ring by throwing it into a volcano. How could one possibly expect a greatness out of that?

            Ratatouille is a movie about a rat that wants to be a chef. How can that possibly be any good? I don’t know, maybe as long as the animation doesn’t suck it might hold my attention.

            Toys that come to life? You’re joking. Straight-to-DVD, amirite?

            Batman is just a comic book about a crazy billionaire who dresses funny and fights crime. No expectations there. Consider it lucky if the set design is attractive.

            Raiders of the Lost Ark is about a college archaeology professor who moonlights as swashbuckling adventurer. Puh-leeze.

            The point is that source material or basic plot elements have almost zip to do with what one can and probably should expect out of a film on the basic levels of what qualifies as good film. Character, story, script. Both grape juice and fine wine comes from grapes. Same source material, very different value.

      • “Hm… Megan Fox leaning over a Mustang with clevage showing and wearing short shorts…” <- imagine Homer Simpson saying that.

        • haha

        • mmmmm < doughnut hole mmmmm beer jugs lol has Homer written all over it

    • Igdomanious,

      Sorry, but TF2 was definitely not kid friendly. There were a lot of distasteful moments that it could do without.
      - Humping dog
      - Humping robot
      - pair of wrecking balls on Devastator

      I know a lot of parents were really disgusted by those points, and regretted taking their kids to the movie. Hopefuly those points were a result of the writers strike. However massive the plot holes were, this is not a movie people should expect a strong story from.

      I did enjoy the Battles, those were great to watch especially on IMAX.

      • I agree. I loved both films, but they weren’t kid friendly. That’s one of the problems with the series. It was based on a kids toy, but it was made for teenagers (who don’t play with those kind of toys lol). Heck, the toys are gonna be attracting the kids, but the parents will have to explain to a five year old just what the robot was doing to Megan Fox’s leg or what masturbation is.

        • I agree with you on this one Little Monster.

    • Veggietales is for kids.

      Presumably one would think films like the Transformers films, which are fairly deep in their own sci-fi mythology, can handle a mature story capable of being enjoyed by kids and adults equally for different aspects in spite of the fact that it was based on an 80′s cartoon series which aspired to little more than toy commercial status. The basic mythology was there. People with actual artistic talent can take those bones and put real epic mythological meat on it, making it worthwhile for a much larger audience, and makes it worth more as a franchise in the long term.

      Lord of the Rings is a basic quest story, but it’s the very human side which gives depth and meaning which makes the whole thing worth the while.

      Yes, the special effects were impressive. I’ll take issue with you on the shot composition and choreography which I still recall inducing much pain in the first film (because it was in a theater environment) and simply laughed out loud at it in the second (watching it when it came on television at home, where it took up a much smaller percentage of vision space).

      I give props to the effects work, but that’s about all, and in the end it doesn’t make the end product worthwhile. As the Mythbusters proved, you can indeed polish a turd. That one can make a turd look less like a turd does not make one more inclined to consume it.

  3. I didnt see the second movie because of all the bad reviews. Should I just skip it or is it worth watching for continuity before I see the 3rd movie?

    • i dont think it would matter. you’re better off for having not seen it.

    • I bet you’d be perfectly fine skipping the 2nd movie. I don’t think there was an ounce of plot that would be integrated too much into this new movie. I mean new girl, new tranformers, new city, practically new everything. And Optimus will just narrate the beginning anyways. If you must watch the 2nd one, find an HD TV, have a party, and put it in the background on mute. It’s pretty entertaining to watch in high-quality on mute.

  4. I’ll see this, I like that Bay is at least honest but he should have postponed ROTF, that would have shown real balls. Directors need to stop being chained to these release dates that are set before anyone is hired or a script is written.

    • That would be lovely, except Bay said in an interview that a lot of his crewmen were in danger of losing their houses if production didn’t start when it did. Man, I’d love having a boss that is that considerate to his workers.

  5. looking forward to a little redemption for the franchise after the fallen fell flat

  6. Will not waste my money on this mess of a franchise.

  7. Not expecting Shakespeare here. Cool action scenes with robots fighting and the rest is gravy… unfortunately with ROTF, a good chunk of the action scenes was a blur of metal, and no gravy. The trailer shows they’ve backed up the camara for the fight scenes at least somewhat — so far so good.

  8. To tell the truth, despite being let down by the second film when I first saw it, it actually got better every time I watched it. Weird how a crappy movie gets better after a few more times watching it. I sort of enjoyed T2. The fights were epic, the bad guy looked awesome (just because he was a walking pretzel doesn’t mean he wasn’t huge or threatening), low-brow comedy was a chuckle here and there (not all of it though I can say that), and the robots got a little more screen time.

    I can say it was the worst out of the series so far though, despite all the positives I can give it. As for this, I can say I will be willing to give Bay one more shot to bring down the curtains of this film series in the best way he could. WITH EXPLOSIONS!!!!

    • That’s largely because it broke down your defenses, you accepted the crap it was shoveling.
      It’s similar to when people hear a pop song, a crappy pop song, on the radio, and their first thought is: This sucks! Then they hear it a couple more times, and think, Oh, it’s not THAT bad. Then they hear it a few more times, and being to like it. A couple times more, and they think: This song is great!!!
      NO! It’s the same crappy song it was in the beginning, but you just got used to it, it broke down your defenses, and you’re likely more in love with being familiar with it, rather than it being any good.

      It’s like someone settling for a bad relationship. Transformers was likable, but Transformers Revenge was an irredeemable pile of crap. I saw it for free because I had a movie certificate, but I’d still rather have the time back, it was that awful. It’s not even good as mindless, summer entertainment.

  9. bad video embed?

    • but wait, in the 2nd movie, wasn’t Optimus the last of the Primes? I am a big TF fan of the old 80s cartoons, but in the BayVerse that fact was stated. They better have a good explanation as to why there is one more Prime. Shockwave better be loyal to Megatron is all I’m gonna say about that.

      • Yeah, I’m wondering how Bay is gonna explain that too.

        I don’t think Shockwave will be loyal to Megatron, or at least, I hope not. I want Shockwave to have his own agenda, and not anyone’s lap dog.

        • its simple he was not functional while sitting up on the moon, they didnt know he was there

  10. So Bay is gone, and based on the studio’s rationale… the next director of transformers 4 is…. McG, no…. Uwe Boll, no…. brett Ratner!

    Halleluah!!! he’s gone at least, and now the raping of my childhood’s fave cartoon and toys is hopefully done.

    Really now, come on… all three films were ill-designed from the get-go, in every way. That’s a fact Jack.

    • I disagree, for most part I felt where they made the mistake was by having to much human interaction, i want transformers, keep the humans out of it for most parts. That said I felt the first movie was pretty good and i like what they did with all the transformers that where in it, well except for killing Jazz off and frenzy, but overall i thought it was ok , the 2nd one I had major issues with the Bots , starting with the twins, Jetfire, devastator, oh and the fallen himself. Oh and then there was way to much human crap acting. The third will be better just from them getting rid of megan Fox,god she was horrible.

  11. This better be good. If bay ruins my childhood for the third time I will strap him down clockwork orange stylee and make him watch art house films for or a year. Or I will pit him in the middle of the human centipede. Oh snap!

  12. don’t get most people when are the critics going to WAKE UP and realize the Transformers movie trilogy is a commercial for overpriced toys and Chevys so of course there wont be character development and/or Oscar worthy acting?!

    • Regardless if it was based off of a toy, the G1 transformers had story and character development. This isn’t a joel shumacher batman film.

      • even the cartoons were commericals they cant all be winners

        • Yes cause it was based off of a toy. Thank you for your insight …that doesn’t mean we can’t be entertained. Some people can suspended disbelief to have a good time.

          • Correct. And you can make a really good film out of almost any premise, no matter how absurd it sounds when its synopsis is boiled down to a soundbite.

    • Just because a movie has product placement doesn’t mean it can’t be decent.


    • Source material means next to nothing. You can make a great movie out of almost nothing (The book “The Godfather” is mediocre at best, yet it inspired one of the most critically revered films ever), and you can take great source material and muck it up real good.

      And I swear, if I hear one more person use the ‘what were you expecting, Oscar quality’ canard, when I have never, ever heard anyone say that’s what they were expecting, I’m gonna punch a pillow. Nobody expected that. There’s a huge gulf between “unwatchable mess” and “Oscar Contender”. I thought the first Mummy film was highly entertaining, and it’s dialog is as simple as simple gets, but its characters were written in earnest in their cut-out way, and the plot maintained its own internal movie logic. Two things the transformers films consistently failed at.

  13. its as simple as those who lost faith in Bay and /or the franchise DONT WATCH IT!! Too many people think there Roger Ebert out there

    • Talk about hypocrisy. You’re criticizing a movie franchise then saying people should stop judgement on movies. Okay dude…

      • talk about griping im reserving judgement on the 3rd movie until it comes out most people already made there decisions

        • Most of the comments I’ve seen are people hoping it’s gonna be a good film. ROTF was great visually but lacked in story and character. The first one was actually decent.

          • Screen rant isnt the only site people have been griping on

        • good for you , i guess your the man, i dont get people who make those comment I dont have to eat something to Know I dont want to eat it , its really that simple the product is described to us , then we get a preview of the product. We then make a judgement as to whether we like it or not. Why isnt it ok for someone to voice their reasons for not wanting to see something. Espeacially if its a trilogy, if they didnt like something the first or second time then they more then likely wont like it the third time

          • The ONLY reason this dude has a job is because he makes studios money. Period. Regardless if you think his work is “entertaining” or “garbage”, he will always have a job because he brings in the green. so keep complaining it really helps

          • Actioneer is right nowadays, studios could give a flying spit if people like their movies. The first question on their minds is “What was the take at the box office?” And then the next question is “Can we milk this idea for more money?”

            This is the sad truth. The lot of you need to grow up and realize that.

      • Plus dude your twistin words

        • Its actually “you’re” and I was just responding pretty blatantly to your comments. Everyone has the right to criticize a film.

          • did i say they didnt have a right you and i both know people are already criticizing the 3rd movie based solely on ROTF?

            • Exactly, and we all (tf fans) want a good closer.

            • How can one truly criticize a movie they havent seen yet?

              • It’s called making an educated guess.

                Based on what has come before, and based on what’s been shown for this new movie, one can get an idea of what it’s like.

                I don’t have to see more than a little bit of a Britney Spears movie, and do some reading on it, to know what it’s going to be like.

                I don’t have to see the Justin Bieber documentary/movie to have an idea of what it’s like. I already know I don’t want to see it. Could it possibly BE the best music documentary ever made? Sure, why not. But how likely is that? Very unlikely.

                Michael Bay is just another in a long line of directors who churns out shallow, empty wham-bang movies. He’s not really doing anything new — it may be bigger, faster, louder, but it’s all cut from the same cloth. If anything, his movies are dumber as well.

                • you still havent seen the movie

                • The ONLY reason this dude has a job is because he makes studios money. Period. Regardless if you think his work is “entertaining” or “crap”, he will always have a job because he brings in the green.

    • Freedom of speech :) I think the first film was ok, but the second was horrible. I will be there for the third, hoping it will be a good send-off to a very “reboot-able” franchise.

      • I really hope you’re right. With directors like Nolan and Aranofsky taking on comic book franchises, that the curse of low expectations will mean a reboot that means something.

    • Actioneer, I agree with Sully that you’re being hypocritical.

      You are telling people to stop complaining about the movie, and that they don’t have to watch.

      Perhaps you should take your own advice, as you don’t have to read what people complain about, nor respond to their complaints. That’s within your power.

      • I saying reserve judgment most everone here is acting like a gun was held to there heads when they watched transformers

  14. Okay so there was a writers strike, doesn’t Bay get any blame for how bad TF2 was? He was the director of that mess right? My point is that he should have taken a minute and thought, hey this looks very stupid maybe even though there’s the writers srike going on maybe I should do my best and make this better. But instead he just let it happen. I thought the part of director means that they direct the movie,another problem I had with TF2 was Soundwaves voice. If they can get it right in War For Cybertron then they can do it right for this last Bay movie.

    By the way Sully, Free Comic Book Day is May 7th, come on down to Salem at Tony’s Kingdom of Comics and have some fun!

    • Oh what! That’s sweet I will definitely be there!

      But I do have to say sometimes it hard to step back from something your making and go “this is crap” especially with deadlines and what not. Sometimes I make a song and get so into it I don’t realize it’s not as good as I think till it’s done :(.

      • Good point.

  15. Good, Bay will be gone after the third movie.

    At least these movies proved one thing… people definitely want to see the Transformers on the silver screen. They’ll be back, and maybe they’ll be better.

  16. Great can’t wait for the reboot

  17. Still no Soundwave?????? What a disappointment.

    • I’m pretty sure Soundwave is back. There were set pics that featured cut out of his face during Bay’s time in Chicago.

  18. It’s trying to be for BOTH kids and adults. For all of those that grew up watching the original series and to introduce it to the new generations. I personally think they are great movies. Lets keep in mind, the movies are about WARING GIANT TRANSFORMING ALIEN ROBOTS. So many people do not take this into account. They expect a Godfather or Citizen Kane for every single movie they see. That just does not work with transformers. Considering that, I think Mr. Bay did and continues to do an excellent job. Sure, Revenge of the Fallen def had its problems, but it was still an enjoyable WARING GIANT TRANSFORMING ALIEN ROBOTS movie. Think about that. I’m tired of people bashing Bay and his films. He is a talented director and film maker. Just because one doesn’t like action movies doesn’t mean action movie directors are bad. I am a film major at my university, so I know a thing or 2 about film making. IT’S HARD. The fact that Bay can direct such a large and epic film (and effect heavy, meaning directing many things and characters that are not there yet) franchise makes him that much more admirable.

  19. TF2 was rated PG-13 – does everyone here consider 13 year olds adults and unable to enjoy a hot girl or testicle jokes? I don think so. I’m sure 10 year olds or younger went to see the movie and they would understand it all. I think people forget that kids aren’t the same as they were 100 years ago. They know and understand more than most adults.

  20. As a celebration of this news, I’m going to play with my transformer millenium falcon that turns into han and chewie! I wish i didn’t give my little cousins my G1 bruticus, man I was dumb!

    • I know what you mean, I’m kicking myself for breaking every single classic transformer toy I owned. Even my original Optimus Prime. Mine was in the original Japanese packaging.
      One of my most destructive premise as a kid was if my GI Joe figures cold do the splits, my Transformer toys should too. If my Toys had emotions, then they would all be cringing in fear when they see me with a screwdriver and pliers :p

      • in respect for your toys, i’m pressing the button on the back of the falcon. it’s chewie’s groan sounding.

  21. Since we’re on the topic of Sentinel Prime, it’s just revealed the robot in the teaser is Sentinel Prime.

    • Could explain why they believed Optimus to be the last of the Primes — if Sentinel had been wrecked there for millenia.

  22. Sentinel Prime…Thats gonna be sweet!!!!!!!!!! LEGGOOOO!!!!!!!!

  23. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! The Writer’s Strike affected my movie!!!!!! -Cut the crap Bay. You couldn’t direct an action movie to save your life. He seems overly driven to convince us that this movie will be better than the last two. Even if it is better that’s not going to fix the trilogy.

    • I agree. Why reward this man by making the third and last a success so that he can continue onto another franchise of our childhood heroes to ruin? I for one will pass on this film and abstain from contributing to the garbage.

    • have you seen bad boys 1 and 2 ? they where pretty good ‘action’ movies, directing was good and the shoot-outs where pretty decent. but i sort of do agree, he is over is head a little

  24. Ok guys, question here.

    What’s gonna be the title for the Transformers reboot in 2014? Haha

    • Shia: The Robot Killer :P

  25. Will bumble bee speak in part 3 of this movie???

  26. Am I the only one who DIDN’T find the plot of Revenge of the Fallen to be “confusing”? I keep reading that everywhere, I didn’t find it hard to follow at all… I’m loving the Black Hawk Down parellel, the world tour part of ROTF was annoying.

    • There was a plot? :)

  27. Does it matter if Bumble Bee speaks if this the last film? Unless of-course another director continues the franchise from Bay.

    • It matters to me! They gave all the other transformers characters voices so why not give bumble one especially since its the last film. I would still like to see and hear bumble bee speak for once.

      • bumblebee spoke at the end of the first movie.

        • I doubt he will speak in this movie. As Jake stated, Bumblebee got his voice back at the end of the first film, but he was “playing it up” in the second. Why, because it’s “funny” to have a robot speak through the radio.

  28. Dude, TF:ROTF was the biggest let down ever for me. Ever. The first movie was one of my favorites of all time (transformers were my go-to toys alongside X-men as a kid).

    I truly enjoyed the trailer during the Super Bowl. That music was sick!

  29. TF part one is one my favorite movies of all time but part two wasnt as spectacular. hopefully the third TF is as good as Bay says it is. and if he wont return to the franchise then thats kool. i just hope if someone else tries to revive TF that they do it as beast machines. still transformers but animals instead of cars.