First Peek at Megatron’s New Look in Transformers 3?

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megatron truck toy First Peek at Megatron’s New Look in Transformers 3?

Director Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures have tried to keep a lot of information regarding the third installment of the mega-successful Transformer franchise – Transformers: Dark of the Moon – under lock and key. However, because a lot of footage was shot in public locales, like the downtown financial district of Chicago, Paramount was fighting an uphill battle in hiding key scenes and vehicles from those who seek it out.

Every onlooker with a cell phone camera and a Flickr or YouTube account was able to share photos and video of every new vehicle they saw on set. Of course, this led to a lot of speculation about new Transformers 3 characters.

I addition to the unintended viral media, we also got a look at a new robot in the Dark of the Moon teaser trailer a couple of weeks ago and now we may have a look at an old foe – Megatron. We already know the new main villain of Transformers 3 will be fan-favorite original character Shockwave but since we saw Megatron run away all mangled from his fight with an augmented Optimus Prime at the end of Transformers 2, can we assume he will eventually show up in the third film as well – but what will he look like this time?

If the “inside source” over at JoBlo proves accurate, he will look like the truck we see pictured below:

megatron toy robot First Peek at Megatron’s New Look in Transformers 3?

megatron toy robot hood First Peek at Megatron’s New Look in Transformers 3?

If you have been following any of the Transformers 3 set pictures from this summer’s shoot then you may remember seeing this truck before.

megatron toy truck mode First Peek at Megatron’s New Look in Transformers 3?

As you can tell from the side of the toy truck, this is a Decepticon. But other than the word of the inside source, we can’t say for certain that this is truly Megatron’s new form. If it is, it plays into the fact that throughout the first two films, Megatron never took on an Earthly form to disguise himself. In transformed mode, he’s always been a Cybertronian vehicle. Even if he doesn’t transform into the iconic Walther P38 most fans grew up seeing in the 80s original cartoon, it will be nice to see him in something more familiar to us measly Earthlings.

It will be interesting to watch two big rigs battle it out as he and Optimus Prime are sure to clash on-screen once again.

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon hits theaters July 1, 2011.

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Source: JoBlo

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  1. Why would Megatron all of a sudden be a truck when he was never a truck in any of the source material? If he is to take an earth form Tank is the logical option….if this movie turns out to be even remotely bearable (as opposed to the 2nd film SHUDDER…im hoping for Galvatron to make an appearance)

    As for the truck, perhaps the stunticons are going to show up in this film. and the truck could be their leader Motormaster



    • haha yee

  3. Alright megatron a truck not sure but it better version of him then the first two film


    Love the cape covering hes face

  4. i think it is megatron since the figure has the thin blade like claws megtron had in #2. he looks pretty cool (i like the covered shoulder, it makes him look old and worn out) but it doesn’t make sense to have him take on the form of a military vehicle, i mean from a movie stand point it might (he steals a truck that was at the desert battle at the end of #2) but origin (comics, tv shows etc) wise it doesn’t.

    i considered the 2nd one to be an action movie so i didn’t really go in expecting it to be ‘the best’ especially after the 1st one (though i mildly liked it) and bay’s budget increase for this one.

  5. Well after what Prime did to him in the last film, I’d be wearing something over my face too.. But almost reminds me more of Scurge from the Robot In Disguise serise. Or perhapse Onslaight of the Combaticons?! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Then again the head of the toy does look like the film vertion from the first movie… Weird..

  6. I like it. He got pretty messed up at the hands of Optimus in ROTF (one of the good parts). It makes sense that he’d change his look

  7. Changes in design for creative reasons I can always forgive if those reasons fit a particular vision for an established franchise.

    However, as Bay’s ‘visions’ for Transformers have nothing to do with telling stories, creating characters to care about, or having ideas to think about, or having humor to laugh at, I’m going out on a limb to say that this particular change of Megatron into a truck is probably a random one. They could have made him a Cuisinart for all that it’s likely to impact the way things develop in the film.

    • I concur wholeheartedly.

  8. Also it’s about time he tries to blend in. That way he’ll have the element of surprise, unlike the first two movies. Ya know where he’s a Cybertronian jet then a tank in ROTF. Yeah that doesn’t really say disguise to me.

    • Well, his new vehicle mode isn’t exactly subtle. I mean, you would have to be naive to not notice it’s a bad guy.

      • You’re right there, but at leaste he’s trying this time.

  9. TF2 missed the opertunity on Optimus’ revival to put him into the classic form we grew up on. Oh well – glad to see megatron is getting a disguise. Hopefully TF3 lives up to TF1 rather than the dissapointing TF2.

  10. How incredibly boring. I can’t wait for this Bay crap to be done with. Reboot the franchise with fresh new talent that’s not related to anyone in the film industry. Here’s an idea. How about a director that actually understands and is a fan of Transformers?

  11. Everything about this movie looks terrible so far. They’re slowly ruining this franchise. I really hope this isn’t Megatron but who cares, I’ve lost faith in in this movie long ago.

    • My avatar shows exactly my reaction and distaste towards this movie.

      • slowly? I dare say it was ruined rather quickly, as in it was ruined before the opening scene of the first film

  12. I actually think it looks kinda cool, I like the way he uses the fabric to cover his face, its quite menacing. Maybe they could explain how Megatron can take so many forms?
    Also, it makes perfect sense for him to take a more earthly visage, the Nest team will be looking for him, he’s damaged and probably being hunted, and this is much better camoflauge than weird space plane or effed up tank thing.

  13. I don’t like it one bit. We already have a bad ass as a truck. Optimus.

    • Yes, Optimus is THE truck…but Megatron is just petty an petulant enough that he’d try to match or one-up Prime by taking a similar form. It would be his way of saying, “Neh-neh, I’m just as bad-ass as you, Optimus, only I’M even tougher (sticks hinged robot tongue out).” I actually think this look could work.

      • Maybe that’s why they made Megatron a truck too. Battle of the trucks!!!

  14. I like it, he needs to blend in now that Nest is after him since he aint dead, and plus he could be wanting to look close to Optimus to trick people maybe?

  15. It’s not traditional but I like it, it’s better than transforming into a tiny gun for Starscream to shoot 😉 …. Now to see what they have done to Shockwave.

    • Because that would be to awesome especially with the big cannon on the side of his arm.

  16. He should be a chrome Luger

  17. The only people who didn’t like the 1ST Transformers movie were the hardcore fanboys of the comics and cartoons who insist on nitpicking it to the very core!

    Accept the FACT that this is a series of movies based on TOYS! 30 year old TOYS.

    The cartoons are crappy and outlandish, and as a direct adaptation would have made for a ridiculously miserable live action feature.

    And as for Revenge of the Fallen… In case you haven’t heard… That movie was filmed without a script, due to the writers strike.

    That’s a FACT.
    Don’t take my word for it… Look it up!

  18. I really hope that’s a cannon on Meg’s arm. If so then it’s about time they got that right. Now they need to get Frank Welker to come in and voice over this time. I like Hugo Weaving and all but I just miss the old voice. Also after getting his metal arse handed to him who knows maybe it did something to his voicebox,I mean Bumblebee can’t even talk yet, and they could have Welker come in for Megatron. A fanboy can dream I guess.

  19. @Edward-Dumb Comment. Your point makes no sense. Why even call the robots by their appropriate names? Just name the robots bill and Steve or whatever. 1/2 the fun of the movie is to see your child favs on the big screen in live action. It’s stupid to see Michael Bay’s vision that is not even close to anything resembling the cartoon series. Robots that turn into a million ball bearings and mountain dew machines turning into robots is just dumb. I thought the first movie was enjoyable and had hope for the second movie to build on some momentum, but it’s was un-watchable. I actually walked out of the movie with about 50 min left to go (no kidding). The nonstop blurred action made me noxious. This series reminds me of The Matrix, both series sequels were a complete let down and the third Transformers movie will tank ‘Revolutions’ style. (Guaranteed). I’ll come back to comment on this string next August when I’m right. LOL.

  20. All I can say is that none of you who are complaining about this movie created this series. So stop complaining. When you create something that is greatly enjoyed by many people and someone comes along and puts their own take on it, then you have the right to complain.

    • Hey Trev,

      OK, well the next time you go to a restaurant and the waiter brings you a poorly cooked dish that tastes AWFUL – you have no right to complain and send it back. You know, since you didn’t actually COOK it.



  21. I usually don’t reply to replies but that was a great reply, Vic.