New Transformers 3 Images; Leonard Nimoy Voicing Sentinel Prime

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Transformers Dark of the Moon 3 New Transformers 3 Images; Leonard Nimoy Voicing Sentinel Prime

Considering the marketing storm – more like hurricane – that was unleashed by Paramount leading up to Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen‘s release date, it’s been a relatively quiet marketing blitz for Michael Bay’s third Robot v. Robot film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Of course we still have plenty of time for our faces to be stuffed with trailers, TV Spots, and plot details from Dark of the Moon, as well as the plethora of promises from cast, director and crew that this third installment will be the best yet.

If today is any indication, the Transformers 3 marketing machine is slowly grinding into gear: We have not one, but two things related to the film to share with you today.

First are three new Dark of the Moon images (see one above) that show the human cast doing what it is they do best they’ve become accustomed to in these movies: running around while stuff blows up, pretending to be battling broom sticks that will later be replaced with giant CGI robots.

Have a look at 2 additional new hi-res images below:



Leonard Nimoy Voicing Sentinel Prime

new robot New Transformers 3 Images; Leonard Nimoy Voicing Sentinel Prime

In other Transformers: Dark of the Moon news, EW nabbed the exclusive that Fringe star Leonard Nimoy – a.k.a. the original Mr. Spock – has joined the voice cast of the film, and will be voicing the character of Sentinel Prime (see image above), who was glimpsed at the very end of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer, and has since been seen gracing the cover of Empire Magazine.

Sentinel Prime will be a mentor/big-brother figure for Optimus Prime in Transformers 3, and of course any REAL Transformers geek worth their collection in mint condition action figures knows the sweet irony of this casting announcement: Nimoy also voiced “Galvatron,” the evil leader of the Decepticons that Megatron was…er, transformed into after being gravely wounded by Optimus Prime in the 1986 Transfomers animated movie.

With his casting as Sentinel Prime in Bay’s film, it looks like Nimoy is playing both sides of the Cybertronian war. (But hey, when you reach age 80 you can get away with that sort of thing.)

That’s it for now – though I expect we’ll be seeing and hearing more and more about Transformers: Dark of the Moon as the film gets closer to its July 1st release date.

Source: EW

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  1. Nimoy voicing sentinel prime should be sweet.

    • helll yh

  2. Good to see Nimoy Involved.

  3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is so beautiful and sensual. This incredibly gorgeous and curvaceous young woman is pure English perfection.

    I hope Leonard Nimoy does more mainstream films from now on.

    • Huh, sounds like her PR guy got a hold of Screenrant.

  4. Say what you want about his fils, but you have to admit that Bay knows how to put a cast together. Yes, even Megan Fox was a great cast as the eye candy.

    • Yeah, like Martin Lawerence and Will Smith, there was a great pairing. and lets not forget Ben Affleck and Kate Bekensale. /sarc

      • Insulting Bad Boys II, are ya? Aw HELL naw!

        • Let’s get him! *hands Iron Patriot a golf club*

        • haha, nice Iron Patriot.

          some people only feel better by putting others down. such a shame. I dislike Bay but I don’t go shouting it to everyone.

          • bay is a hack, he totally ruined the Transformers franchise for me by directing very crappy movies. He was the wrong person to direct the movie. I will always say that and never support this mess he calls a sequal.

      • Your forgetting Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi, Francis McDormand (sp?), Sean Connery, Ed Harris, Michael Bien, Nic Cage, Jon Voight (sp?), Cuba Gooding Jr., Ben Affleck, Joe Pantoliano, John Tuturro, Anthony Anderson, and now Leonard Nimoy.

        • Ohhh ghost with the six pick! Bad boys was fun and so was the first TF. Other than that meh. Just my opinion yos.

  5. Not a huge Shia Labeouf fan…. but that picture of him running through the building is actually badass.

  6. Wow, pics of them running…… Yawn……

    It’s gonna be weird hearing him as an autobot, but should be cool.

    The bus says Bay City? Is that a real city or an ego trip in the making?

    • …and an EXPLOSION. It IS Bay, after all. 8)


  7. Crap, Leonard Nimoy has the biggest amount of nerd cred like, ever.
    Oh and not feeling the model girl, like at all.

    • not feeling her either. though i wish i was.

  8. I have the original Galvatron toy. And the new girl is cute.

    • She’s much more attactive than Megan Fox, imo.

      • Yes she is!

      • No.

    • I think she looks like she got a drinking glass stuck on her face to get those puffy lips.

  9. Well this is the biggest waste of Nimoys talent ever. Hell even Futurama is a better endeavor than the Transformer trash films.

  10. almost looks like these pics are interchangeable with screenshots from the first two movies…

  11. When are we going to get some “plot” details…hahahaha…

  12. LOL how do you NOT see the plot details within these images?

    Think about how sam is dressed and how he looks way older and where he is those alone are questions that obviously lead to plot details.

    the story goes

    tf= high school sam
    rotf= college sam
    dotm= sam as an adult.

    • No, I think the plot goes:

      TF = crap
      TF2 = crappier
      TF3 = crappiest


      • No, I think the plot goes:

        TF = crap
        TF2 = crappier
        TF3 = crappiest

        As, I think the level of writers at SR:

        Mike = crap
        Rob = crappier
        Kahless = crappiest


        • Well, I am a crappy writer, and that’s why I DON’T WRITE FOR SCREENRANT! :-)

      • Agree



  13. I was just joking. And commenter I meant.

  14. Didn’t Nimoy voice “The Fallen” in Revenge of the Fallen?

    • Tony Todd voiced The Fallen. Bay originally wanted Nimoy, but was too childish to ask him. Seriously, that whole thing with Bay and Nimoy back then was immaturea and stupid. All Bay had to do was just ask. Nimoy even said he wanted to do it.

  15. If you squint a bit, Sentinel Prime even seems to look a bit like Nimoy. They must have had this role in mind for him all along.

    He voiced Galvatron in the cartoon Transformers movie (ah.. nostalgia!)

  16. Mark,

    I don’t believe Nimoy did any work on Transformers live-action movies.

  17. I think the best thing they can do with Transformers is start all over again. The first one was ridiculous, I didn’t think it was possible but the second one was even worse and this one I will never watch. Michael Bay, please walk away and leave Transformers alone.