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transformers 3 trailer Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer

Outside of the four blockbuster superhero movies sure to grab the attention of moviegoers around the world, another explosive action flick which could easily dominate the summer box office is Michael Bay’s third – and apparently last – Transformers movie. We saw the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer already, as well as the early-released Chevy-Transformers Super Bowl commercial, but we’ve yet to see footage of Shia LaBeouf and his Cybertronian allies and enemies. Until now.

Megan Fox isn’t around this time but that doesn’t matter; the movie is about the robots. That and they found another super model with no acting experience to takeover the female lead role in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Hopefully, she takes advantage of the opportunity to showcase her potential and launch her acting career.

Fans of Screen Rant know that we are not fans of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In fact, we thought the movie was pretty terrible and several steps down from the rather enjoyable, albeit problematic, first Transformers. Michael Bay and co. blame the writers strike but they have no excuse this time. Can Michael Bay make up for the Transformers 2 mess with Dark of the Moon? Will Shia LaBeouf’s promise that this movie will be “good” hold true?

Despite the franchise’s history, the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer was very cool and some of the set photos depicted some neat new heavily armed vehicles added for this movie and so the film has earned a spot amongst our most anticipated movies of 2011.

Watch the trailer to see if they’re on the right track:

Same problems as before? Too many characters? Or have they nailed it?

The trailer looks cool, Optimus is continuing to up his level on the bad-ass scale, and watching the short video sure gives you a sense of impending doom with the aesthetic. But with all of the additional enemies, will there be any characterization given to the Cybertronians (good and bad)?

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Transformers 3 hits theaters July 1st, 2011.

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  1. Unbelievably great. Chicago is on full display here. Having been there almost every day, watching them film, I must say this is truly movie magic at its best. I can’t say whether or not the movie in its entirety will be good, but that TV spot was pure awesome.

    • Yeah. No. No impressed. Definitely not my definition of the best in movie magic.

      But I know a lot of people were impressed by it.

      Now CAP – THAT was a trailer.

      • There was something off about Captain America for me…especially the huge head on Chris Evans with his tiny CGI body pre-super soldier.

      • As far as a trailer goes, I take this over Cap any day. When it comes down to finished product, I won’t be surprised if Cap is 1000 times better.

      • Cap looks really bad. please…

    • The tv spot will most likely be better than the film itself, but I agree with Mike, it is what a trailer should be like. Makes me want to see the movie and after ROTF that is certainly saying something.

  2. damn… speechless. Sums up everything for me

  3. On the right track? I believe so! That last part with Optimus coming in and kicking some major Decepticon behind looks wicked. I can’t wait for this movie!

  4. well it looks like its gonna be way more action packed then the last one and more about alien robots kicking the crap out of eachother rather then doing pervy shots of Megan Fox not that i didnt mind them 😉

  5. Were one of those Transformers a… DINOBOT???

    • If that was Megatron in his Dragon incarnation, I will be nerdtastically happy

    • I think it was Laserbeak.

    • thats what I thought to , that would be epic if we get Dino Bots

  6. Seems like alot more robot fight robot, unlike 2’s robot chasing college students and fighting the army. Looks high octane at least.

  7. I must say I´m impressed. And I loved the music! But the trailer for the second movie was great as well. And we all know how it ended…

  8. That trailer makes up for ROTF for me, Optimus was takin names, and kicking ass on that last part lol

  9. Like the last two Transformers movies, this trailer looks epic/awesome, even though Megan Fox isn’t in it, it’ll still be a good movie.

    • It might gonna be a good movie BECAUSE Megan Fox isn´t in it.

      • ZING!

        I’m cautiously optimistic about this film, but I am not a diehard Transformers nerd like alot of people here. I just want to see robots kicking butt and destroying things and this trailer has this.

      • Ouch. It wasn’t her fault for the 2nd movie. It was Michael Bay’s ego.

        • But she´s still a horrible actress. But she´s incredibly hot though…

      • here here

  10. cool trailer but call me when they fire Shia

  11. holysh*t!!!!!!!! when i saw it on tv live i had to rewind it over and over again, i even watched it in slow motion to look at all the amazing detail…
    Cybertron war ships, which im assuming are decepticons given the fact that there firing is nailing skyscrappers, Optimus with a jetpack attachement which by itself is awesome but if they have Ratchet build it for him it would be a nice little node to the animated series, and that whole scene with optimus (looks like two) where they show him battling decepticons from a distance in the city.. was much like my favorite scene in RotF (battle in the woods), as much as ppl like to say they hated that movie you have to admit that the woods scene was crazy—minus OP’s death. this little teasers left me with no doubt that DotM will be amazing!!

    • The “jetpack” was totally his upgrade parts made from Jetfire’s remains from the second movie; this is obviously apparant if you pause and watch that part in slow motion… Its the same wing parts and thrusters from Jetfire. Guess he didnt just get rid of them at the end of the last movie, though my guess is that is actually an early scene from the movie and he ends up losing the upgrade later on, and gets either a different upgrade or, even better, combines with Ultra Magnus to make the ultimate Autobot for the climax.

      • i thought that at first too, but after going over it the turbines look different then RotF. now thats not to say that hes not just using parts of jetfire and some other misc. parts but its so hard to see. i was leaning more towards the custom build side because when he does his spin after landing he doesnt have the pack, much like how he battled in the animated series. my idea is that yes, they are jetfires wings and jets, but rachet has customized them so that when he needs to he can toss them at will and gain the upperhand .. unlike RotF where they where fused to him and after flying in to battle Megatron and the Fallen they became a burden. hope that makes sense but i might be over thinking it lmao.

  12. Hell yeah, i for one liked Revenge of the Fallen, i do recognized its mistakes, but all in all the end was so badass i forgave everything, this one looks to top both films, bring on the Summer.

  13. I missed Screen Rants beef with the second flick. I enjoyed it even if Tyrees’ character got an unheard of 3 stripes promotion between films.

  14. it looks good,but it will probably be more or less “revenge of the fallen”

  15. Now This is TRANSFORMERS…..

  16. People give Michael Bay so much crap but we are so jaded these days as movie goers.

    This looks insanely good.

  17. Well, for a teaser, it seemed very cool. We’ll see…

  18. What is that looming above bumblebee???

    • i believe they are the next class size up after the decepticon warships which you can also see in the teaser but im not sure what those are called… it would be cool if Nemesis was in the movie and all the ships we see come down from it…the Ark is activited in the 60’s sending a signal to cybertron as to there location but the autobots have lost on there home planet so the Decepticon space fleet follows the signal… also in the first movie maybe Bumblebee is signaling to the Ark where all of the autobots have been hiding… who knows, need more info

  19. Did anyone else notice when optimus spins he takes off his jets and turns them into guns??

    • hes firing the guns while he flies in and spins. the jetpack gets disengaged when is chest is facing the camera

  20. looks good but will probably be no more entertaining then RoF. alot of the new aliens look alot like things from crysis 2 the game, wonder if bomberman (bay) copied then seeing as how crysis has been in production for over 2 yrs.

    one thing this will have is kick a** large scale battles as seen in some of the scenes in this clip. to me its as if the clowns that are doing battle LA where watching transformers whilst coming up with creature ideas.

    • Yes..i really hope Bay use a vocoder on Soundwave this time!

    • Same actor, different character. He’s referred to as General Morshower in ROTF

    • As I understand, that’s how Soundwave’s voice sounds without the vocoder, which is essentially Frank Welker’s Dr. Claw voice (from Inspector Gadget). I’ve heard that Welker was never really happy that they processed the hell out of Soundwave’s voice in the G1 cartoon, so it’s entirely possible Bay did this accommodate Welker (who is a voice acting legend).

      • Roberto Orci actually said that Bay didn’t do it because he was concerned that the general public wouldn’t be able to understand what he was saying.

      • FFN

        Soundwaves voice in the G1 cartoon was the best. Such a shame they changed it.

        • Eh. I can take it or leave it. I prefer clarity and subtlety of performance than “COOL 1980s THING”.

  21. Kofi get ur head out of ur @55 really come on that was kick ass!!!! dont judge from one 36sec clip!!!!! Cap was good as well super 8 well……wait and see does have a very 80’s feel

  22. that thing with 8 legs was a Quintesson

    • that would change everything… autobots and decepticons would have to team up to defeat the quintessons lol

    • Quintesson? Yeah I really doubt that.

  23. My first thought was that a lot p[eople that havent seen that first teaser yet might be scratching their heads as to why an an action packed movie that takes place on Earth is subtitled “The Dark of The Moon”.

  24. I can already hear the Ca$h-ing!

  25. EPIC!!!

  26. Im so excited about this. This commercial made the super bowl amazing for me

  27. Looks like Decepticon warships attacking L.A. As for the Quintesson, if I remember right from the G1 cartoon didn’t they make the transformers? But then again I do realize that Bay hasn’t really paid much attention to the original series. So more then likely he changed that fact. Otherwise I’m impressed, looking forward to this one…so far.

    • The tentacle thing is most likely not a Quintesson.

      The Quintesson origin thing only ever really applied to the 1980s cartoon, but what happened in it and what it established had no bearing on the Marvel comic book that it was based upon, or subsequent fiction. Post G1 cartoon, Hasbro adopted the supernatural origin (involving a creator god of some sort) from the comic books as the basic explanation for how the Transformers were created in sequent series, including Michael Bay’s movies.

      • The tentacle was most likely apart of Shockwave. I saw a pic of the toy, and it showed something similar coming out of Shockwave’s chest. Bring on the dick jokes Mr. Bay.

        • Nah. The tube on the Shockwave toy comes from his cannon and connects to this back. The tube is a reference to the wire on the original Shockwave toy’s gun arm (it connected the from the battery and trigger to the light bulb in his gun).

          We currently don’t know what that monster thing is.

      • Thank you for clearing that up, as a kid I never read the comics but only watched the cartoon. So that makes sence to me.