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transformers 3 trailer Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer

Outside of the four blockbuster superhero movies sure to grab the attention of moviegoers around the world, another explosive action flick which could easily dominate the summer box office is Michael Bay’s third – and apparently last – Transformers movie. We saw the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer already, as well as the early-released Chevy-Transformers Super Bowl commercial, but we’ve yet to see footage of Shia LaBeouf and his Cybertronian allies and enemies. Until now.

Megan Fox isn’t around this time but that doesn’t matter; the movie is about the robots. That and they found another super model with no acting experience to takeover the female lead role in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Hopefully, she takes advantage of the opportunity to showcase her potential and launch her acting career.

Fans of Screen Rant know that we are not fans of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In fact, we thought the movie was pretty terrible and several steps down from the rather enjoyable, albeit problematic, first Transformers. Michael Bay and co. blame the writers strike but they have no excuse this time. Can Michael Bay make up for the Transformers 2 mess with Dark of the Moon? Will Shia LaBeouf’s promise that this movie will be “good” hold true?

Despite the franchise’s history, the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer was very cool and some of the set photos depicted some neat new heavily armed vehicles added for this movie and so the film has earned a spot amongst our most anticipated movies of 2011.

Watch the trailer to see if they’re on the right track:

Same problems as before? Too many characters? Or have they nailed it?

The trailer looks cool, Optimus is continuing to up his level on the bad-ass scale, and watching the short video sure gives you a sense of impending doom with the aesthetic. But with all of the additional enemies, will there be any characterization given to the Cybertronians (good and bad)?

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Transformers 3 hits theaters July 1st, 2011.

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  1. Anyone who’s a regular reader here knows I’m not a fan of the first two movies – but I have to say this bit of footage looks pretty bad-ass to me. And you can actually TELL what’s going on – Bay has pulled the damned camera back a bit so you can identify robots and it doesn’t look like a close of of a junkyard during a tornado.

    I’m hopeful this one erases the dreck that was the last film.


    • Dreck indeed. As long as they dont have more jokes that involve robots humping people, dogs humping other dogs, and robot “balls”. I’ll be happy.

    • Perhaps it is possible even for Michael Bay to learn from his mistakes?

      • Why not? Even mouses in a maze learn from their mistakes…

      • Lol…I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Yea i am also feeling a bit relieved as the cameras don’t look too close in this one. It was a pain watching both previous movies as we could not see nothing with that close / jittery camera.

    • I agree Vic, the trailer does look rather good although there was a little voice in the back of my head asking the stupid question of “So are they gonna tidy up the robot designs and make them?” , although when I first saw those two black cars ram and transform, I just thought that they were getting smashed (bumpers cracking, mirrors cracked) and lifting off the ground because of the impact of the collision, until I rewound the clip and saw the back half of the cars become legs. I didn’t know they were transforming because the whole transformation process looks like the car is getting smashed into a thousand pieces anyway. I’m not trying to troll (this is my personal opinion) but I just thought that those transformation sequences still looked like car crashes in and of themselves.

  2. this movie looks sweet I think it will be better than the first two and I can’t wait to hear the haters unleash their craziness

  3. I think i figured the jet pack thingy on Prime..could it be a Minibot/con?

    the jetpack looks very similar to the leak photo on of the set where you see Sam and Carly climbing onto a set of jets thingy while bay is directing with a haler..

    it can’t be Silverbolt combining with prime as many are saying in Silverbolt has to be larger..

    ahh whatever…can’t wait to see a full blown trailer and of course the movie itself!

  4. Guess I’m the only cynic left on these new-age transformer films… couldn’t help but shout out “Who cares!!” when I saw the clip… sure it’s action-packed… but the whole franchise stop making sense to me since the first 10-20 minutes of the first film.

    • heheh but it does in the fandom world :)

  5. That sound-over is just annoying. Wouldn’t it have been better if we got some kind of on the ground comments from the actors, an analysis of some kind? Like why this happens here instead of in space, before they get here.

  6. Surprisingly the best Super Bowl trailer out of the lot. Lots of great shots. Makes me want to see more.

  7. But wait… I saw Transformers 2 and I am not rewarding Michael Bay by paying to see another one of his films unless he refunds me. So I will pass unless my friends get me in the theater for free. :)

  8. Great preview, but where is Shockwave??

    • LK

      you can see Shockwave in the back left corner of the scene where Optimus is flying through the air.

    • They’re probably saving him for the full trailer. Technically, Shockwave being the villian is supposed to be a secret or something (since most of the general public wouldn’t have heard.)

  9. DOnt know why people are haters, i loved the 2nd transformers. Optimus Prime at the end of the movie was a BA

    • And people say there arent minority’s these days.

    • I loved the second film, but I can definitely understand why some hate it. Incoherent plot, immature jokes, robotic acting (and I’m not talking about the Transformers), wasted characters (Devastator, The Fallen, Soundwave), pointless characters (Mikela and Leo), it looked like it was one big commercial for The Marines (I half-expected to see “The Few, The Proud, the Marines” at the end), and Devastator testicles (facepalm).

      Overall, I enjoyed the film as a guilty pleasure.

      • I do totally get enjoying bad action movies, but ROTF was a step too far for me. I just couldnt understand what was going on half the time. But Michael Bay has made a couple of great movies, and quite a few ok-ish movies, I’m willing to give Transformers one last chance. Mainly because this TV spot looks awesome.

  10. looked pretty darn good I hope the movie reflects the trailer and has more robots and less humans

  11. I am curious to see what Shockwave looks like,with all that was going on he could have been in the shots and no one could have seen it. Fast and busy for a clip.

      • Judging from how out of focus that character, that could be anybody.

        • Little Monster

          just zoom in on the robot and you’ll see that he has one eye. or just go to any transformers site and they point it out as well.

          • I did zoom in. All it did was give me a blurry image.

  12. undeniably the most impressive trailer at the Superbowl. Next was Battle Los Angeles for me then Super 8!

  13. Again hard to gauge from a 30 second clip, but if were to start making comparisons early on, then this knocks Captain America right out of the park.

    To be honest though any Transformers trailer will always be visually impressive, it’s those elements that are the reason for the huge box office. It’s the story and characters that are hopefully a lot more enhanced this time round.

  14. looked nice but so did the images of devastator eating the Great Pyramid (but the overall movie of T2 sucked).

  15. Very nice!! Me likey!

  16. It looks very exciting. it looks like Earth and the robots are in a worst war than ever before.

    Optimus Prime looks like he is taking full advantage of his upgrade from the previous film.

    Did I see a dinobot flying in the air? I guess we’ll know July 1st. I’m sure it’ll be a huge hit no matter what critics say.

    • I think that was laserbeak, which would certainly play in with the inclusion of Shockwave in the film.

  17. Oh yeah, more explosions. BOOM Michael Bay!

  18. is it just me or does the “invasion” seem a little out of place…I have been thinking about this a lot and I understand why they went with the decepticon spaceships but it almost seems like all of the enemies of the autobots that are decepticons should transform and it doesnt appear that those floating spaceships are going to transform…i guess i could be wrong though.

    However if it makes the plot better i am all for it! and especially if that is my ONLY complaint.

    also at mike hamilton: I also think that it is very difficult to differentiate who is who in that car crash sequence but i do think that for them to choose that scene in the teaser trailer makes perfect sense…and by the way the truck that crashes into the hummer is most likely iron hide.

  19. I know that second one one had problems, but this short little trailer was freaking EPIC!!!

  20. damn the trailer was epic hopefully the story line will be better then revenge of the fallen

  21. Looks great, to all the negative people if you didn’t like it then dont go watching it, nonetheless trust me it’s going to be a box office hit witout you! Can’t wait…

  22. From the teaser with the moon landing element, and then this trailer, which already has “Revenge” beat hands down, I have high hopes for this film.

    The addition of the “Nemesis” style warships (G1/Beast Wars reference) is a sick addition, but completely contradicts the first movie, where the robots fell to Earth in protoforms, apparently not needing ships. But here we are with a teaser showing a crashed Autobot ship on the moon, and a fleet of Deception warships, so continuity be damned.

    • In Revenge of the Fallen, the starship wreck (evidently on a moon in orbit around Saturn) that Megatron visits is the Nemesis. During production of the first movie, they had the idea that the Transformers didn’t need ships to get to Earth, but it was never mentioned on screen, so it’s not a contradiction or a retcon.

  23. At Aric:

    That is an excellent point!

    It doesn’t seem appropriate to have the nemesis in the storyline but if they say that the ship is faster than the meteor/ pod transport…then…well…

    • I’d like to think that in the first movie and second..Transformers are able to travel in their podlike protoforms within range of the solar system.. i might want to believe that the ships we see are Shockwaves army with the sentinels from cybertron million of light years away..

      OP’s opening line did say that they all scattered across the galaxy to find the allspark.. in ROTF..the many decepticons we see are probably in close range on other moons and star system…

      i’d say it made sense

  24. I liked what I saw, though it was short. Agree that it’s nice to see that Bay pulled the camera back a bit so we can see what’s going on. If he abandons the juvenile humor, that’s even better. Still, I think at best we’ll get an average film. Which would be nice at least.

  25. Whis did they drop the role megan fox played? i heard it was cause of she had plastic surgery and it didn’t go good and they didn’t want her?