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Transformers Dark of the Moon official logo 570x2691 New Transformers 3 Details Revealed

Michael Bay has been promising Transformers fans that his third entry in the franchise, entitled Transformers: Dark of the Moon, is going to be the best installment yet – one which will do away with the mistakes of the previous films to offer a more refined and epic Transformers movie experience.

Of course, Bay promised the same thing about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and as it turned out, that mess of a movie was anything BUT what Bay promised.

Well, you can fool fanboys once but it’s a hard trick to pull off twice, and ever since Transformers 3 started dropping trailers, images and such, Internet watchdogs have been tracking Dark of the Moon every step of the way, keeping the film squarely under their ever-watching eye to see if Bay is finally going to deliver a truly awesome adventure about the titular robots in disguise.

Empire magazine is also keeping watch on how Transformers 3 is shaping up, and they’ve put the film on the cover of their latest issue, complete with a feature article full of new pictures and details about the film. The pics have already leaked online as scanned images, but we won’t be posting those – grab the latest issue of Empire or wait until we post official versions of the pics if you want to see them in full glory.

[Update: Empire has released their Transformers 3 cover featuring Sentinel Prime and Optimus Prime]

As for the story details revealed in the article, fansite Transformers World 2005 has been kind enough to share some the more relevant points about specific things Michael Bay and Co. did to make Dark of the Moon the best Transformers yet. Revealed are some plot-points from the film, so if you want to remain in the dark (no pun), you’ll want to stop reading right about now.

For those who want to know, we share the latest details about Transformers 3 below:
















  • No “dorky” humor (Bay: “We wanted to make the movie much more serious, more adult”).
  • When robots die, they’re really going to die and those deaths will be shown.
  • They’re not bringing people back [from the dead we assume].
  • The robots have been given more ‘weight’ in the story (Strong backstory and pathos).
  • Sentinel Prime is “A big brother and mentor to Optimus Prime.”
  • The Ferrari (Pictured HERE) is a ‘Decepticon who (Michael) Bay is ‘Dreadbox.’
  • New companions for Starscream, Shockwave and the rest will be included (Laser Beak).
  • “The scale on one of them is jaw-dropping” – “It will be ‘what the Hell was that thing?”
  • Apollo 11 ‘incident’ show in the teaser is government secret.
  • No army for this, Chicago is left up to the Autobots but some heroes sneak in through the back-door so to speak
  • The human gliders are used because they slip under the Decepticon radar – as do humans – so they’ll be the people who can hammer it to the Decepticons and create an opening for the Autobots.

I’m particularly skeptical about Bay having killed the silly (and for some off-putting) humor of the first two Transformers flicks. Revenge of the Fallen in particular seemed to involve the human characters  (Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Kevin Dunn and Julie White as Sam Witwicky’s parents) playing out a continuous string of gags that added nothing to the story (at best) and totally derailed the film for some viewers (at worst).

Kevin Dunn and Julie White return for Transformers 3 New Transformers 3 Details Revealed

Will 'Mojo' show more dramatic chops in 'Transformers 3'?

We already know that Dark of the Moon boasts an impressive cast of actors playing human roles – John Malkovich, Francis McDormand, Community‘s Ken Jeong, Serenity‘s Alan Tudyk – and that characters like John Turturro’s goofy Agent Simmons and Sam Witwicky’s parents will once again be featured in the film. When I look at that cast of actors – who can all bring the funny – it leaves me with only 3 possible scenarios, none of which is all that promising:

  1. There is still dumb humor in the film, despite claims to the otherwise.
  2. The human actors are going to be shamefully underutilized and are there just for show or quick cameos.
  3. Bay has chosen better actors with better comedic chops to elevate the humor of the film to a “smarter” level (which isn’t saying much).

Either way, I still don’t know if we’re going to get a Transformers movie that’s as straightforward and epic as it should be – but hey, anything is possible, right?

Besides, by now people have seen that Transformers 3 Superbowl Trailer and Daytona 500 Trailer and are drooling over the sick visuals and robot-on-robot action we’ll be getting. Long gone are thoughts about those pesky humans…

Transformers: Dark of the Moon will hit theaters in 3D (yes 3D) and 2D on July 1, 2011.

Source: Transformers World 2005 via Cinematical

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  1. Bay and smart humor? That like Megan Fox and acting. Doesn´t match.

  2. I really do hope that they do get rid the “dorky” humor as they put it, since that is one of the reason why it ruined the movie, for me at least. I mean Sam’s parents were really freaking annoying especially the mom.
    “Look what I found. It’s your little baby booty’s” :(

  3. GARBAGE! Michael Bay is dead to me, darling.

    • Someone needs some help.

  4. I’ll go with option 1) There is still dumb humor in the film, despite claims to the otherwise.

    • Exactly. I read they’re going to have a robot with a mullet (a mullet!!!). And I’ve also have seen pictures of toys called “Dreads,” alien-looking robots with dreadlocks. That can’t bode well.

      Bay is full of crap, people need to stop feeding the beast.

  5. As long as there’s no robo-testicles, then it’s fine. And thank the Lord the Army is out of this film. I want a movie where the AUTOBOTS kill the Decepticons, not the Military. I was severly disappointed when Devastator was destroyed b/c of the Navy, and the only Autobots that fought him were The Twins.

    • How about a NASCAR-themed robot with a mullet? It sounds like Bay’s just going from stereotypes of inner-city blacks to stereotypes of rural/trailer-park whites.

      Pick your poison.

      I hope Bay’s stopping with this one, because who knows what other lame-ass, juvenile stereotypes he’d present. When I first heard that someone was going to make a live-action Transformers, I thought it could hold some promise. Boy, was I ever wrong.

      His stabs at humor feel more like juvenile antics: I’m going to make these movies as dumb and crappy as possible because people criticized my first one.

  6. I’m just glad that I was stupid enough to read those spoilers just to find out that it didn’t really spoil the plot. Thank god. I am actually trying to go in this movie as blind as possible. I’ve actually read the books adapted from the movies before I see the films in the past, this time I’ll see what happens when I don’t.

  7. Sigh… I’ll believe it when I see it. The trailer gives hope, but so did the trailers for part 2. And yet, there we were watching Sam’s mom go on a pot-brownie rampage -shudder-.

    The problem with this franchise has always been quite simple: Bay is under the impression that the issues of Sam finding a girlfriend or going to college are somehow more interesting than the intergalactic war of giant robots. Until he’s willing to make the Autobots actual characters and their struggle the crux of the story, we will continue to be disappointed.

  8. Wasnt the whole point and plot of ROTF that Optimus was the LAST Prime and thats why the Fallen came to Earth? So his Big Brother is a half brother that just inhereted the Prime name or am i missing something?

  9. I ve always felt there was to much Human interaction in the movies , however, I have to admit Sams Parents always crack me up , They can stay as long its at the very start of the movie and then after the credits role. Then im good with the humor, I will be very happy if this is taken to more of an adult level. other then that ….

    LETS ROLL OUT, lol

  10. Pleeeeeze Michael, no Jar Jar robots! (That includes the parents)

  11. Wait, no army? Not happy now.

    • I really didn’t mind the military action because, realistically (I know :-) ), the military would be involved. I just want more Autobot butt kicking action than US military.

      • It doesn’t make sense the Military were the ones who destoryed Devastator, but not the Autobots.

  12. Well, I’ll be waiting for the Screen Rant review this time. The 2nd movie was crap and Bay isn’t going to fool me again.

    • Fool me once… shame on… you. Fool me twice… you can’t fool me again. :)

  13. “The scale on one of them is jaw-dropping” – “It will be ‘what the Hell was that thing?”

    Could this be Astroplane, or better yet, Metroplex? Please say yes!

    • Or better yet, Unicron!

      • Omega Supreme!!!

  14. I don’t have a problem with Transformers 2 it wasn’t even bad IMO

  15. Hopfully Bay’s 3rd film doesn’t have alot of sexual humor like the 2nd film did.I wouldn’t mind actually little less human military involvement & more robot action since the previous 2 films had plenty of that.

    • Hear hear.

  16. The first movie was ok.
    The second movie was ok-ish.
    I expect the same from the 3rd.

    The army didnt bother me. If there were no Army people would ask where the army was during all these battles. You cant please everyone. I just hope they gear this movie for adults instead of kids and this movie will make an “okay” grade. Anything less will earn “okay-ish”. LOL see you at the movies.

    • TOYS!!! Child’s TOYS!!! That’s what these movies are based on. That’s what came first. Before the comics and cartoons.

    • These movies aren’t targeted to neither kids or adults, but teenagers (hence all the stupidity). The films are based off a toy line, but the humor is too mature for kids, and too immature for adults. Only the idiotic teenage community actually laughs at these “jokes”.

      • Ha ha, you are so right.

  17. The giant robot he is referring to is “Ark” who was the ship that crash landed on the moon carrying Sentinal Prime. I’m sure he’ll pop out at the last minute. BTW some of the illustrations of Ark standing next to Optimus makes optimus look like a freaking baby! That huge.

  18. I’ll probably still go see it. The main difference for me between one and two was I bought one on DVD, but not two. So one time in the theatre is about all they’ll get from me.

  19. The first movie was GREAT. The humor was GREAT the action was GREAT and the story was GREAT.

    And I’m not sure about anybody else, but I DO KNOW I speak for myself when I say ALL OF THE CARTOONS and ANIMATED FEATURES ever to be made about Transformers have sucked “incredibly”.

    Let me first start by saying that this is a movie based on TOYS!!! Not on tv show, not the animated features… Not the comic books!!!


    • Transformers: The Movie was amazing.

      Unicron, deaths of main characters, beginning of a new story for the Transformers, great soundtrack…..all amazing stuff. I will admit it hit a slow point in the middle for about 30 minutes.

      Being 9 years old when it came out, I still remember crying when Ironhide was killed and when Prime died. I still get a little choked up when prime goes gray on the table…..I know, sad really lol.

      • I love the opening song to this day! TEANSFORMERS!!! DUH DUN DUH DUN! * Guitar break *. It so cheesy yet awesome at the same time

        • I want that song on my MP3 player. I loved Transfomers: The Movie, but I never really got into the actual show. The only version of Transformers that I can still watch is Beast wars and Transformers: Prime.

          • I really like Transformers Prime. It is a great show so far.

            • @ GreaterTater

              Only Tranformers show ive watched is still the 80′s animated series till this day. I wish i could of seen Transformers: The Movie in theaters. So many movies i missed cause of my age, felt i was cheated from childhood lol.

          • see, I absolutely cant stand Prime, I would prefer that they got an animator who worked on either the Gundum animes, then bring us a more mature and better animated show.

  20. In all honesty, I’m hating some of the critics that diss the movies. I’m sorry, but I think Mike Bay was doing really good with the movies. Yeah, there were a few parts that I didn’t agree with but I absolute loved both movies. I loved the first Transformers; I loved the second Transformers and it’s more than likely I will love the third Transformers. Michael Bay is the best and I’ve followed every single movie he’s ever made. The only thing I didn’t like was Megan Fox. I’m sorry, guys. She’s smoking hot and everything but that’s all there is about her. She can act just as Lindsey Lohan can act. BAD ACTING!!! And I guess I can say seeing John/Simmons in a thong was bad too. That was just NA-ASTY! But I can seriously not wait till Transformers 3 comes out. So I say quit complaining about the movie until you actually see it. Once you see it, then you can complain.

  21. but…but… Chicago already has Decepticons, and one of them became president. Can the Autobots save us now?

    • Ha

      • LOL, that was awesome!!!!

    • better than the palin tetardbot 2000

    • Excellent!…I concur!

    • nice

  22. Optimus Prime versus Obamatron!

    • I can just see it now: There as been a moratorium on energon so all the Transformers have to use wind to power their internal reactors but because the EPA has decreed that the waste generated by the Transformers is harmful to the earth’s Ozone Layer, a tax is put on the Transformers which make the Autobots leave and Megatron destroys the world because of stupidity in 2012. 8-)

      • Lol….

        Didn’t you read the fine print in the Obamacare bill? It clearly says, “More than meets the eye!”

        Starscream..I mean..Rahm Emanuel was just declared mayor of Chicago. Obamatron must be pissed because his henchmen retreated back to Cybertron.. I mean… Chicago.

        • @ Marcus

          Lol. They don’t call them Democepticons for nothin,lol.

          • Ho ho ho, you guys are so knee-slappingly funny. Like to be robbed by Republicans, do you?
            You don’t care if you’re being fleeced, so long as it’s not by Democrats.

            • Not to make this political, but Michael… Do we enjoy being robbed? Then do you enjoy giving all your hard earned money away? Because that’s what Obama believes in… Socialism.

            • I smell a Decepticrat. Lol…

              • Lol Marcus

            • @ Michael

              And liberal democrats aren’t the same as you claim republicans claim to be like? Btw i was having fun w/ Marcus’s post. Back to movie talk shall we?

          • Lol…

            • Well I love a political cage fight as much as the next guy, two things:

              1. Online, it’s pretty much pointless.

              2. This isn’t the forum for it.



              P.S. And yes, I know I’ve been guilty of it in the past – but I’m trying to reform myself. :-P

              • Sometimes these comment threads baffle me. How does a Transformers 3 plot details article turn into a bout of political mudslinging?


              • Reform?! Never mind. :-)

                I guess I started it. Sorry about that.

              • No problem man. I will keep the politics down or out of the ranting. :)

  23. hmmm i think the humor in the first transformers was really good and SOME of the jokes in the second one were pretty good as well…however there were A LOT of really terrible jokes in the second one.

    but the thing is the reason the jokes are there in the first movie was to add a different dynamic to the movie and in my opinion it worked wonderfully since it made it more real because everyday of your life there is usually something that is rediculous that happens and its usually pretty hilarious and when you have things that are serious in the main story but jokes in the background then i think it is definitely more realistic because it is more like reality. rotf just took it too far.

  24. I thought the first one was really good. I thought the humor, while not necessary, was not all that bad. ROTF however, passed the line and then turned back and showed the line it’s “balls”

    I’m excited for this

  25. “robot-on-robot action”


    • Start the cheesy adult film music now!

  26. *says to self* please don’t get excited for this, please don’t get excited for this…

  27. aw yeah the wreckers are probably gonna kick decepticon ass and Optimus Prime will probably fight Shockwave in the end

  28. The easiest place to start is to make the robots the main focus of the film. You know, since it’s called “Transformers” and not “Humans and how they react to giant alien robots.”

  29. Who cares about humans it’s a transformer movie it’s all about the robots! Ppl are so thick to want human interaction the cartoons showed more robots more out of space scenarios!