‘Transformers 3′ Recycles Footage From Michael Bay’s ‘The Island’

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Transformers Dark of the Moon The Island Footage Michael Bay Transformers 3 Recycles Footage From Michael Bays The Island

Transformers: Dark of the Moon owned the July 4th holiday box office, proving yet again that even though critics aren’t fans of Michael Bay’s robot slugfests, there are plenty of moviegoers out there who still get a thrill from seeing that one-of-a-kind Bay-brand action.

Our own Transformers: Dark of the Moon review overlooked some the glaring weaknesses in the film’s plot, editing, and acting, in favor of the sheer enjoyment and awe that was inspired by the amazing 3D action sequences Bay managed to capture on camera.

But would we – or anyone else – still feel that way if we were to learn that some of the action in Dark of the Moon wasn’t as revolutionary and original as we were led to believe?

Personally, I don’t care (the action in Transformers 3 was well worth my 3D ticket money), but one movie sleuth on the Web (name: Jermaín Oldremán) did care – enough so to have spliced together a reel of comparative footage that offers pretty glaring evidence that Michael Bay recycled shots from the highway chase sequence in his 2005 film (flop) The Island for the epic highway chase scene between Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), Bumblebee, and a few other Autobots and Decepticons in Dark of the Moon.

Check out the comparative footage here:

A couple of points:

  1. Some people are already accusing Bay of “pirating” this island footage he used in Dark of the Moon, but as pointed out by our own Rob Keyes – “When The Island was made, Paramount & Dreamworks were partners, both owned by Viacom. Paramount is still the worldwide distributor for Dreamworks.” So no, there’s not really a conflict of studio interests in terms of Bay using this footage.
  2. There IS, however, a conflict of interest with Mr. Oldremán using bootlegged footage from Dark of the Moon to make his point. It’s also deliciously ironic: exposing a director for “borrowing” from his past film while you’re “borrowing” from his new film. Totally meta…especially if there’s a lawsuit.
  3. Movies recycle things all of the time. Sound effects, establishing shots, stock footage, plotlines (Zing!). It’s not exactly a crime (Example: The Wilhem Scream)
  4. Does anybody even remember The Island? (As always, I’m sure the film has at least a few fans.) And even amongst those who remember it, does anyone really have THAT much love for the movie that they don’t want to see one frame of it “exploited” for the purposes of another movie?

In the end, there’s little “controversy” here. More like another fun Transformers Easter egg for fans of the movie to discuss.

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon is now in 2D, 3D and 3D IMAX theaters everywhere.

Source: YouTube via The Playlist

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  1. I’m pretty much done with the tone and snark that permeates almost all posts from here.

  2. I dont mind the reuse of footage at all.

  3. People who are just noticing this now don’t watch bay films enough. How about bad boys 2 when they swing the boat around by a chain on the back of a semi truck, decimating 5 o clock traffic? … very similar to BOTH scenes in the clip. Bay likes flipping cars around and blowing stuff up. That’s why people pay him to make movies, that’s why we pay those people to see his movies.

  4. Eh.
    Bay-splosions. They’re pretty much the same after a while…

  5. I read that the reason he used footage from the Island was because original footage of the highway chase included the accident where a woman was left paralyzed. Hence why they switched to old footage. Granted I read this in the Youtube comments section, not the most trustworthy source.

  6. Personally I dont care. But imagine if Rowling had decided Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix needed beefing up so she threw in a generic classroom scene from her second book, The Chamber of Secrets.

  7. All this hate for this man. I personally have grown to like him more and like other popular and critically acclaimed directors less. He’s a summer action movie director. Not a Cannes film festival director. Even the fanboy-beloved Nolan said he admired his work. You gotta give props where props are due. Now the scripts he shoots from? That’s you weak link. Beyond the Rock and the first Transformers I can’t think of a single movie he’s done that didn’t have script problems. He panders to action junkies. Just like other directors pander to the arthouse crowd and so on. I have to admit though,I’d love to see him shift his focus a little to story and characters with his patented action as a backdrop instead of vice versa. Maybe something like a under 100 million dollar budget big screen version of Spy vs. Spy.

  8. If anyone has an issue with this (and there is no issue in my opinion), then they need to be checked in the head.

  9. Am I the only person who enjoyed ‘The Island’.

    • I thought it was a great flick. Loved it.

  10. I noticed this when I watched Transformers 3… I just picked up The Island on blu-ray and had watched it last week before seeing Transformers 3 so the scenes were clearly in my mind.

  11. Did anyone notice the hot chick in the movie was a hotter version of Megan Fox but no toe thumb? A hotter verson with an accent and no toe thumb!!!

    • Who also happens to look like a guy.

      • Naaah, she REALLY doesn’t.

    • Rosie Huntington-Whateverhernameis is hotter than Megan Fox? In what universe?

      • Uhm…In the universe where a Victoria’s Secret model is much more beautiful than Megan Fox.

        Megan looks mean–Rosie looks adorable, sexy, and she is obviously much more personable than Megan.

    • And not to mention that she can actually act, unlike Megan Fox.

  12. Never seen The Island so no problems here. Even if I had seen it or see it in the future then still no problem. Some people have waaaaaaayyyyy to much time on their hands.

  13. “The people who live in a golden age usually go around complaining how yellow everything looks.”
    ~Randall Jarrell

  14. I’d say it’s more of a case of lazy film making or cost savings than anything else.

    Also, “amazing 3D action sequences Bay managed to [i]capture on camera[/i]” is a joke, right?

    • It wasn’t a ‘case of lazy film making’ a stunt driver got hurt doing the scene that was going to go there and they didn’t want to risk more injuries trying it again

      • That has nothing to do with it. If it did, there would not be one single new stunt since someone else could get hurt.

        • Somewhat faulty logic. Not to mention incorrect. It’s well reported that an extra was injured filming that scene in The Island. The woman had to undergo brain surgery and is paralyzed on one side of her body. She has permanent brain damage. When something that serious happens, they don’t try the same stunt again.

  15. First I don’t really know why anyone trying to prove anything as moderately complicated as this would bother to use YouTube as a platform to show it. It’s almost totally unplayable! From what I can see it looks like Bay used his own footage but at least he didn’t have the temerity to try re-filming a very dangerous scene or use footage where someone got hurt doing it. He redressed the footage too, so unless you’ve got both films in your library, which I can’t possibly understand anyone having, UNless they liked Michael Bay films, you’re just hating way too much in your life! OK I admit I’ve been bashing on Bay for this series of films because I dropped, adjusting for inflation and what-not $60.00, last time on number 2. But, being that I have a certain streak for those that just can’t leave well enough alone i.e. the negative comments TO this article and the comments of a young friend that said he would buy me a ticket because he wanted to see it so bad and had no one to see it with, I’m going to go see this movie! If I turn out of the theater entertained I’ll forgive Bay his second act failures because I know how it is when you have to carry the whole load when someone drops the other half, even if they have a good/bad execuse…

  16. Meh. As long as the footage works in the movie I don’t see where it matters. Stock footage is used in movies all the time. Look at how many times we’ve seen an aerial view of New York. What would be the point of reshooting that over and over?

    • The unmitigated joy of redundancy?

  17. This isn’t the first time he’s recycled footage. If you watch “Revenge of the Fallen,” you may notice several clips that were recycled from the first film, including the shot of the predator drone and other military footage, and the shot of the Autobots (or in ROTF, the Decepticons)arriving on earth. He even recycles clips in the same movie. The clip of Soundwave’s first appearance is reused later in the film when he mobilizes the Decepticons. A couple Jetfire clips are reused too.

  18. ok now dis myt b out of subject for this forum(nd myt b stupid..i dnt care eithr way) but i hav a question…now by wat i’ve been reading reviews bout bay’s movies frm d last couple of years most of d ppl hate him…is it bcs he tries 2 make his movies soo awesome dat he doesnt care bout d story?? anyway ma questn is do u think dat michael bay lacks a gud set of writers to back him up 4 his movies??

    • For God sakes please speak english, I get your point but honestly it took me 5 mins to read this paragraph.

      • I’ll translate:

        “Okay, now this might be out of subject for this forum(and might be stupid..I don’t care either way), but I have a question: Now, by what I’ve been reading in the reviews about Bay’s movies from the last couple of years, most of the people hate him…is it because he tries to make his movies so awesome that he doesn’t care about the storyline?? Anyway, my question is Do you think that Michael Bay lacks a good set of writers to back him up for his movies??”

        Now, neeraj? See how much BETTER it sounds when you use REAL words?

  19. Do you understand what “conflict of interest” is?

    • Recycled footage,I am surprised no one mentioned the skyscraper scene,Spiderman3 had something similar,and now I see Mission Impossible4 with another.

  20. It’s not betrayal. Laziness. Sloppiness. Lying. Or even a lack of basic internet research on fan’s parts.

    It’s a reason for people on the internet to b****. About something. At least until their WoW account gets unsuspended.

  21. Personally from my perspective, and I do not care what anyone else thinks, if he wants to use scenes from HIS movies that’s fine, whatever. But I must say I LOVED this movie as well as the 1st two. Some people didn’t get it, didn’t like the plot. Me on the other hand, I think the plot was one of those WTH moments where you’re just like NOOOO! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING! Which is the whole point. I GOT IT. I think it was smart to shake things up a bit. Yeah, it took some time to get to the point. In my opinion you can’t just get there from the beginning, what fun is that? But once it did, I was thrown through a loop. I HOPE they decide to make more. As long as the origional cast is involved, I will definitly be a fan for life.