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During the visit, Bay frequently acknowledged the “morons” who questioned his use of 3D. Finally, we get the numbers straight from the director’s mouth. While every frame wasn’t shot in 3D, it would appear the entire movie was at least accounted for being in 3D. Hopefully, this will end the debate over the 3D format of Transformers 3 and we can turn our focus onto the quality of the film as a whole.

“I figured the rate of converting stuff is about 30-35% when I average all my native shots to conversion shots. So we think we’ve found a happy medium where we’re able to keep it looking really sharp and make it promising 3D.”

“We shot most of my close-ups with faces with anamorphic film, cause that stuff’s easier to convert and it’s just more beautiful than the digital.”

So, they did push the boundaries of 3D as Bay has exclaimed in his comments over the past few months, but it seems those boundaries were not exclusively in 3D. Bay pushed it to the limit and gave in to allow some 2D shots for post-conversion. Most, if not all, 3D releases have done this and it tends to be a necessary evil to get the desired shots.

The extensive edit bay visit has every piece of information possible right now and should help you determine your level of interest in the film. Carve out a block of time and really read it all, because it is interesting. More importantly, we may never get this much out of Michael Bay ever again.

To read the entire transcript, head over to Collider.

We should start to see plenty of footage from Dark of the Moon over the next few months and in the interview Bay references multiple teasers apart from the one that just came out. But the post-production process is still in its infant stage, and may be ongoing until the release date next summer. Still, we anxiously await the first full trailer with fully rendered footage of robots doing battle.

As critical as we have all been of the Transformers franchise, it delivers huge box office numbers and plenty of action. We should remember there are plenty of worse movies out there than Transformers 2 and it served as a great learning experience for Bay to build upon for Dark of the Moon. The third, and most likely last installment for Michael Bay, comes with high expectations from fans across the world. Today’s revelations serve as a reminder that it might yet be the best of the trilogy. Might.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon hits theaters July 1st, 2011.

Click to watch the first Transformers 3 trailer.

Source: Collider

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