New ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ Clip: Patriotic Base Jumping Soldiers

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Transformers  Dark of the Moon Lennox Epps New Transformers: Dark of the Moon Clip: Patriotic Base Jumping Soldiers

Paramount is really ramping up the marketing campaign for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. An explosive trailer really established that this third Transformers film could be the action movie event of the summer, and some early reviews have certainly echoed that sentiment.

However, action was never this series’ weak point so much as cheesy humor and lackluster human “drama” – both of which were still on display in a recently-released Transformers 3 clip.

Today we have a new clip from Transformers 3 to share. It doesn’t show any of the Autobot vs. Decepticon action you might be hoping for, and is yet again an exclusively “human” scene – but, it’s not all bad. While people often break down Michael Bay’s Transformers movies into two core elements – stupid human stuff, cool robot action – that is actually a misleading reduction.  There are, in fact, three core elements of a Michael Bay Transformers movie: stupid human stuff, cool robot action AND patriotic military odes. It’s this third element that is put on display in today’s Dark of the Moon clip.

Actors Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel provided some of the better human moments of the original Transformers, playing Sgt. Robert Epps and Lt. Colonel William Lennox, respectively. The two characters were part of a military squad that first encountered the Transformers, and many fans were peeved when their role in the sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, was grossly marginalized to the point that Gibson barely uttered three lines of dialogue in the whole film. Considering that Epps and Lennox were put in charge of a combined military/Autobot strike force called NEST, fans expected the characters to play more of an active and badass role in the sequel. No such luck.

As you can see from the scene below, Michael Bay has heard fan outcry about how Lennox and Epps were treated in Transformers 2 and aims to correct that misstep in Transformers 3:

In her report on the recent Transformers 3 preview event, our own Roth Cornet reported that the scene previewed in this clip is actually quite badass – especially when viewed in 3D. Bay’s films (in general) have always been (in part) glorified recruitment films for the U.S. Military, and from the tone of the scene above it looks like he will once again pay homage to the bravery and courage of service men and women everywhere…as they battle giant robots.

Personally, I would’ve been much happier if these movies had always focused on Epps and Lennox as the human connection, rather than Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) constantly alternating between screaming “Optimuuuuuusssss!” and “Bumblebeeeeeeee!” – but that’s just me. As it stands, I’m glad to see that at least Lennox is getting some time to shine – hopefully this scene isn’t the only time he does so in the movie.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be in theaters on July 1, 2o11.

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  1. Impressive

    • yep

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing Patrick Dempsey’s role. He’s playing the first human villain in a Transformers movie.
    I don’t want to ruin it for people who are still interested in the story, but it’s at the very least one of the more interesting and intriguing plot developments that’s happened in one of these films.

  3. Like I keep saying, he is going to direct the TOP GUN sequel/prequel someday.

  4. After Transformers 2, there’s NO WAY in hell I’m paying to see Transformers 3. Yea yea I know Bay said sorry and he wants to us to give T3 a chance. Honestly, what’s he going to say? He desperately wants it to be a hit, not for the fans, for HIMSELF. Disgusting. If he’s really sorry how about he gives all of us who paid to see T2 in the theaters free passes to see T3. If it’s really that good I’m sure we’ll pay to see it a second or third time.

    No? Then no way no how I’m going to help make Transformers 3 a hit.

    • @ Rich Lee

      That’s the thing though. At this point you don’t have to help make it a hit. It’s a sure thing blockbuster and Bay knows it. Not saying you HAVE to be a fan but if you are and are going to watch it it seems like it will be pretty epic on the big screen and in 3D. Just saying don’t possibly short change yourself for spite. That said Bay is a liar and a cheat! :)

      • I’m with you to on this. NO to Transformers 3. I’m not taking my kids to see this.

        • what if they want to see it? just because the 2nd was bad doesn’t mean this will be, the first one was good.

          • where is the like button?

    • @ Rich Lee haha I agree with you! I walked out of transformers 2 because I got so bored, and I walked out right before Prime gets killed…so clearly the emotion was lost on me ha. I loved transformers as a kid so i’m still sad the films haven’t been uber great. but at the rate films are being rebooted give it like 3 years and we’ll get a new set :)

    • Hm. You’re taking the stance that he’s just saying that to get more people to see TF3, but all indications (the trailer, articles written by people who’ve seen it, etc.) are that he’s not just SHOWING contrition, he’s actually making TF3 in such a way that it rectifies the issues at hand. Personally I hated a lot of ROTF but still enjoyed it as well, but I’m hopeful about TF3. The trailer was pretty awesome, and intellectually I like the idea of the Decepticons launching a full-on invasion. I know the first two movies had to build in such a way before an invasion like this, but I wish ROTF had gone differently.

      • Rich your post made me crack up in a good way haha :)

  5. Oh man, this is going to be so damn good! Can’t wait!

  6. I want a wingsuit

    • uh i don’t think so

  7. “Personally, I would’ve been much happier if these movies had always focused on Epps and Lennox as the human connection, rather than Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) constantly alternating between screaming “Optimuuuuuusssss!” and “Bumblebeeeeeeee!” – but that’s just me.”

    No it is not just you.

  8. OK, Look. Im really tired of seeing these “i hate micheal bay” band wagon ppl on here. we know you “hate” the man. But don’t sit here and judge his moral and character based off his film. You ppl dont even know the guy personally. Some of the ppl on here are acting like the guy insuleted you personally. Really now, c’mon. Give him the benifit of a doubt that he IS trying to make a better and not if, the best transformer movie of the series. Don’t judge something so HARSHLY when you havent even seen the film yet. Yes the 2nd wasnt all that good but hey i’ll give this film a shot, looks pretty good by the way.

    • Co-sign.

    • Yes.

  9. There are No Twins from PT 2 in this movie!

    Sentinel Prime dies by a rust gun by… 1)Soundwave or 2)Megatron
    ***Hey Fans is it 1 or 2 -maybe 1 and 2

    Wheelie and Brains are the New Twins!

    Sam Witwicky and Carly get a ring near the end of this movie
    by Bumblebee.


  10. my e-mail is not working.
    Please note that.

  11. Brains????