First ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ Clip Is All Human Drama

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First clip from Transformers 3 First Transformers: Dark of the Moon Clip Is All Human Drama

The heavy focus on human characters in Michael Bay’s Transformers movies essentially boils down to this: it lowers the cost – so that less expensive CGI and effects work need be done in order to bring the titular giant robots to life. Just about everyone who considers themselves a Transformers fan knows this – and accepts that this summer’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon will introduce several new characters that are not created digitally (insert obligatory Rosie Huntington-Whiteley joke here).

Speaking of the model-turned-actress: her on-screen counterpart, Carly, is one of the new flesh-and-blood characters new to the Transformers movie universe – and is introduced in the first clip released from Dark of the Moon.

A recently-published Transformers 3 review claimed that the third Transformers film has a surprising amount of heart (for a Transformers film, that is) and that moviegoers will actually care when certain human characters’ lives are in peril. So it is nice that this first clip allows us to take a look at three such individuals: Carly (Whiteley), her boss (Patrick Dempsey), and franchise protagonist Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf).

Will people actually care about what happens to any of the aforementioned characters? Most moviegoers already know their feelings about Sam, and it’s obviously impossible to fully gauge how Whiteley (or even Dempsey) will come across in Dark of the Moon – nonetheless, first impressions are important, especially in a film.

With that said – enjoy a scene from Transformers: Dark of the Moon (via Yahoo! Movies) below:

LaBeouf as Sam (with that suit) arguably still looks kind of like a kid trying to appear all grown up, but at least it seems the character is maturing slightly with each subsequent Transformers movie. Whiteley doesn’t have much to do in this scene other than look pretty and deliver some exposition – but since she’ll probably spend most of Dark of the Moon running around and looking cute, her acting abilities won’t likely be strained too much. Lastly, does the manner in which Dempsey’s character dresses and talks remind anyone else of Michael Bay (not per se in either a good or bad way, that is)?

Reportedly, almost the entire last hour of Dark of the Moon chronicles the destruction of downtown Chicago as a full-on war breaks out between the Autobots and their Decepticon rivals – so, just like in any war movie, audience members will only find the action engaging on anything deeper than a visceral level if they genuinely care about the people (and robots) in danger. It’s impossible to say right now whether any of the new and important human stars will be all that interesting, but at least none of them seem too annoying right now. Considering how some of the Transformers characters came off in previous films (Sam’s parents, we’re looking at you), that’s a move in the right direction.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon arrives in theaters this summer on July 1st.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. Rosie’s acting seems just as stale as Megan Fox, but at least Whiteley is easier to look at (IMO).

  2. Didn’t realize Rosie has an accent. Cool :).

    • Accent? she didn’t look er sound like she had an accent.

      • She has an incredibly obvious British accent, which they didn’t try to hide. It’s not a problem for me b/c I love it.

  3. Cant wait for this (:

  4. Eh. Typical Bay. Pretty face, lousy acting, but as long as the story is as good as the initial reviews hint to, I’m happy.

    • So you are going to be one of the ones who is fooled for a third time in a row???? good luck to you sir…..

  5. That is the first time I heard Rosie speak. I like.
    As for the rest of her, what’s not to like? Woof.

  6. I’d rather them just show us very little/nothing and surprise us with ever when we see the film. I hope we don’t see these clips in the upcoming weeks

    • Well, they said this is gonna have more Transformers backstory.

  7. that is bad what can i say

  8. The camera shots seem better than they did in ROTF. One of my biggest complaints with ROTF was that almost every camera shot seemed to be a hundred times brighter than it needed to me. It looks better here.
    Also, Shia seems much more focused here, which is a good thing. And above it all – as we’ve seen in the trailers and continued here – the curse of Orange and Teal is gone. The skin tones looks like skin tones (more or less), whites are actually white, and there’s more than two colors in frame at any time. Yay.

    • Did you see the continuity errors when the camera views were switching back and forth?

  9. I yawned while watching the clip…

  10. Drama? Really? HAHAHAHA! There’s no way I’m paying to see Transformers 3 after I paid to see Transformers 2. Michael Bay and Spielberg want me to give 3 a chance. Sure. Refund me for 2 and I’ll use that money to see 3. Think they’d go for that?

    Yea, that’s what I thought. I’m not paying to see this and rewarding Michael Bay so he can go ruin another franchise from my childhood memories. I will look elsewhere for entertainment.

  11. Primarily about incredible CGI robots?
    The Transformers movies have NEVER been primarily about robots.
    Here’s the focus breakdown:
    50% lame screwball comedy about some teenage moron and his teenage moron friends
    40% mindless adoration of the American military
    10% badly designed CGI robots with little to no personality getting into badly filmed fight scenes

      • That is a gross generalization. I strongly disagree with you, Vic.

        • Rich,

          Granted. I just don’t react well to gross generalizations and tend to respond in kind. Some things bring out the old “New Jersey” in me. 8)


        • GK,

          I thought it was quite clear within the context of what I was responding to.


    • and my question is why shouldnt I adore those who serve in the military and give their lives in service of their country. I personally think people dont do enough to show there appreciation for our troops.

  12. Stay Away People. How awesome would it be if this movie Bombed at the Box Office?? Then we could have something to build on.

    • It most really irk you huh? Than not everyone agrees with you. That so many people are excited for this movie. Do you lose sleep at night over this?

      • I’m with Hyman. I am boycotting Transformers 3 unless they refund me for Transformers 2. The whole forgive me and give this one a chance is desperate and pathetic. NO. I will NOT pay to see this film.

        • yeah until we all come back and start posting how awesome the movie turns out to be , then you’ll run your asses to the theaters or just rip it off the internet like you plan on doing anyway, Trolls…..

  13. Poorly shot and edited action scenes. Incoherent robot designs. Dumb rehashed story. Terrible comedy. Bad acting. Horrible dialog. Lots of cheesy over dramatic slow mo lens flare scenes. Excessive misogyny and obnoxious racial stereotypes.

  14. This movie will take in millions.

  15. Oh! I am SOOOOO going to get that Dark City Bluray!!!!!!! lol

  16. Rosie is terrible. Another reason why this movie is D.O.A.

      • She had the better face and actually did help in the movies (kill Brawl, injure Frenzy, kill Alice).

        • And you know everything that Rosie will do in this movie i presume? dude you saw a 50 second clip where she had 2 lines? 3? please..

  17. Great clip. Rosie looks amazing and love her accent.

  18. Two lines. thats all she had in this scene and she already sounds like shes a better actor then Megan fox. Hey i am not expecting a Oscar wrothy performance. Its dumb that so many people expect that in every single movie they see. But i am expecting her to do better then Megan fox. Also shes British… i have higher expectations then i should give her. The British are good actors.

    • lol actor i meant actress.

  19. I can’t say that I’m wowed by that scene. Looks a bit stale to me.
    What I’m still struggling with is the need for deep human characters and back stories. Transformers are sentient, they have their own character and back story, and this is what we’ve been crying out to see, mixed in with great story telling and action.
    A little more of that and I’m guessing that more people would be far happier, myself included. Just think how different the films could be if Starscream actually plotted against Megatron for control of the Deceptions, while Megatron seeks domination. Wheres the real character growth of the robots? their motivations?
    Saying all that, I still love watching the films, but I’ve been hoping for something better!

  20. The only reason I saw either of the first two movies was my sister and niece. So go figure you got the girls nagging the arguably geekier one to go with them to see the geek movie, and why, Shia, :/ need I say more…

    • Wow. Jay, it’s like you took the words right out of my mouth.
      Very well put, my friend.

    • completely agree!

    • The first one was fine. The second on was trash. I’ll wait for the reviews on this one.

    • I don’t think anyone is saying the films are amazing, but to me, they’re just fun. A good time to shut your brain off and enjoy the Bayhem for a couple of hours.

      • @ Ghost

        couldn’t agree more with you but then I read “Jay19′s”post…and he said “Amazing” !!!

        Couldn’t help my self from posting ! :)

  21. I love it when people make a huge deal over a movie. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. That’s it. Don’t insult every living person who wants to watch this just because you don’t. Damn trolls.

    • I completely agree!

    • Thank you!

    • How would you know if you dont like the movie until you watch it Nando?

  22. Quite simply can’t wait for this. Thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle of the last 2 and if this truly tops them both then it should be an awesome big screen experience.

    • Co-sign.

  23. human drama.. lol, come on guys..

    • Heh, took a little liberty with the article title, but we’ve got to get you here. :)


      • Yeah cause Transformers has always been about human drama. lol

        • pawn,

          That’s PRECISELY why the title was such a great “hook.” 8)


  24. I am trying to figure out what was great or the point of that clip.

    • I think the point of the clip was to give a slightly better look at 3 characters and try to persuade the middle aged rom-com crowd to come see the movie for Patrick Dempsey (didnt even know he was in this); the boys to see it for whats-her-alien-looking-face; and the girls to see Shia mature into a Calvin Klein model…

      by the way shouldnt Shia be cautious about women (especially those with model figures) wanting to be around him? Ever since that one girl in college turned out to be a decepticon? Which is stupid cuz if they can do that then it’d be easy to end whatever conflict these guys have against mankind…way to go MB…

  25. Do they have Megan Fox’s character smashed in the first 5 minutes.
    Sam moved on real fast.