Exclusive: New ‘Transformers 3′ Chicago Set Video & Photos

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Chicago has become familiar with the sounds of explosions and gunfire – as Michael Bay continues to shoot Transformers 3 in the downtown area. Today was no different with the cast and crew on location filming the movie’s climactic Midwest battle.

Similar to our coverage from the early July shoot, we’ve got exclusive video and photos detailing the action.

Paramount has done a fair share of damage control with Transformers 3 already. It has run into a few dilemmas from last-minute casting changes to a flip-flop explanation on the role of the Twins. But the production in Chicago has gone well as far as officials are concerned.

Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Josh Duhamel, and Tyrese Gibson were all on set today for another action piece. Earlier in the day, cars were thrown from the top of a parking structure as debris rained down from above.

When I arrived near the set, there were multiple public venues to use as observing areas. I watched from the nearby train station, giving a nice overhead look at the action. But when it came time for the explosions, the station was cleared and I went across the street for the best possible view – see the video below for footage.

The rest of the day was spent snapping photos of the on-set action. But action on a movie set is a rare occasion. Instead, you’ll find mostly shots of Shia LaBeouf and his stunt double preparing for a wire-rigged stunt or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley waiting for her cue to look frightened.

There were multiple cameras rolling at all times, but none appeared to be 3D. We learned Transformers 3 would be shooting in 3D, but no evidence so far has proven that to be the case. More photos will surely crop up this week from the set and hopefully one will give us definitive proof of the format.

I also ran into LaBeouf’s stunt double just off set and noticed Huntington-Whiteley reading the latest Vogue Magazine, while LaBeouf was reading over a script. The pictures of today’s action can be found below and we will continue to search for Chicago locations to show you the latest. My apologies for the quality of some photos as they were taken from my cellphone.


Michael Bay has explained his intention to showcase Chicago as much as possible throughout its portion of the film. Some movies film on location, but turn it into someplace completely different. For instance, The Dark Knight and Batman Begins have turned Chicago into the fictional Gotham City.

Instead, Bay has used major landmarks of Chicago and will incorporate them into the film. Yet, with today’s location, a large sign had Asian writing on it that might suggest it was not intended for a Chicago scene. At the same time, the green garbage truck is a well-known American company, Waste Management.

In addition, away from my visibility, there was a Goodyear truck and a school bus upside down in the alleyway.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see which of these vehicles become CGI robotic aliens in post production.

Transformers 3 will release on July 1st, 2011.

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  1. Another scene with huge robots set in a major downtown area? …. Just more fuel for those “conspiracy websites” from the 2nd movie. Since you know… The Government was able to cover up everything that happened in the first movie. :Rolleyes:

  2. I would really love to see that scene come alive on-screen.

    • If the reviews are good, saying that Transformers 3 has taken the franchise back to the original standards of the first movie, then I’m seeing it, but if it seems to be anything like Transformers 2, i’m not seeing it in the cinemas, because im not supporting more rubbish like Transformers 2 becoming box office hits anymore

      • You got that so darn right. Couldn’t say it any better.

      • really, what did you expect, its a movie, its entertainment. why cant you just enjoy it. there is way worse crap out there to watch. get a grip, enjoy your life and the stuff in it that your able to do and see.

  3. Production looks good so far I can’t wait to watch this I’m curious as to where the story go’s after TF2 ^_^

  4. To be honest, I wouldn’t say that T2 was that bad at all, but definitely not a four-star. The only thing that blew it all up was the constant dumb humor and all the babyish attitudes from grown-ups. It was like sitting in silence and wondering, “What the hell is goin on here?” Ya know. I hope that Bay learns. Oh and another thing- no sexual misconduct please. It doesn’t suit the genre and besides, little kids are watchin this too.

    • I agree with your comments Darren. It wasn’t all that bad, First film was better of-course. I hope this one doesnt have sexual conduct, i was surprised seeing how much in the last film and notice kids in the theater watchen and wondering what their parents were thinkin.

      • T2 should have been rated 16+ or something.

  5. Having re watched ROTF on DVD, I didnt find it as bad as I did at the cinema, but it still isnt half as good as the first film. But that is often the case anyway. I’m hoping this will go back to be fun.

  6. If Transformers 3 gets good reviews this film break a Billion at the box office. Nuff said.

    • I actually disagree.Just b/c the film receives positive to critical acclaim doesnt mean its a guranteed monster hit.Reviewers and movie-goers dont always see the same film in the same perspective.ROTF wasnt well received by critica at all,and alot of people who saw it felt bad that they wasted money on the film in the first place.Yet the film was a monster hit,sadly.I thought the movie was lackluster.Plenty of excitement yes,but I was offended by some stuff and I thought it just seemed really pointless when you put it next to the first.

      • but then again.. if you see a good trailer, and good reviews, people will forget the disaster that ROTF was. ok maybe not disaster but it was bad. but you’re right, positive reviews doesnt guarantee monster hit, but when it is transformers it kinda does.. seeing as both of the transformers movies have done well, even though they werent that good, especially the second one. so i have to say i agree with thomas. but still, people doesnt go to see transformers for a good story and character development, they go for the entertainment and robot vs robot fights!

  7. Wow this movie sucks… cheap cinematography, cars and people in the way of the action AND if you look close enough you can see a camera-car in the shot! What the hell is Bay doing? I noticed the Army had time to put up high-security, crowd-resistant police tape before battle ensued. It was nice to see strolling pedestrians going about their day while rapid gunfire echoed off buildings on the same block. Very mellow.

  8. EngraverKev…you do know the video was filmed by me, not Michael Bay, right? Those things you mentioned were part of the filming area. I was recording the process, not actually providing real footage from the movie.

    • i really hope he was just joking..

      • That’s bull.

    • Holy Crap Everybody! In the words of a good friend of mine: “Why So Serious?”

      Big ‘DUH’ to you all.

  9. I just thought that part 2 was too busy. It gave me a headache. Also, a the end of the film it seemed like nothing happened.

  10. This was taken right in front of my school. Do you know how hard it is to do work when celebrities are shooting at robots outside??? Fun times though.

  11. Michael Bay said that he understood the problems with the second movie. I’m just glad he finally understands himself. But even if it gets bad reviews I’ll still see it cuz i love me some transformers

  12. Just imagine what Cameron or Nolan could have done with this.

    • I’m pretty sure we all wish for that.