Transformers 3 Characters: Meet The Dreads

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transformers 3 characters dreads Transformers 3 Characters: Meet The Dreads

Many fans and moviegoers have a love-hate – maybe more of a like-hate relationship – with Michael Bay’s live-action adaptation of Transformers. With its sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, it got a lot worse and many of the problems were due to the misuse of the film’s Cybertronian characters.

I’m not referring to the issue of characters following canon, as they don’t need to for a good Transformers movie to be made. It’s because there were so many characters that never spoke, didn’t have a name, and a pair (actually, twins) there were not only very controversial, but met the level of annoyance that only characters such as Jar Jar Binks could attain. From the amount of new toys being added with Transformers: Dark of the Moon, fear is rising that Transformers 3 may be offering more of the same in that department.

While the infamously stereotypical Twins were expected to return for Dark of The Moon, Michael Bay quickly shot down rumors that the vehicles were spotted on set, explaining that The Twins are not back for the third Transformers movie. We later were able to actually see them ourselves through some revealing set photos, so they will be back, likely (and hopefully) to be killed off. They will of course have a different paint job for toy merchandising purposes.

Perhaps stepping in to take the place of the Twins, assuming they do bite the bullet (laser?), there is another set of triplets! We already know about the three well-armed Nascar vehicles known as the Wreckers, and now we’re getting another set. The second triple-threat to be introduced in Transformers: Dark of the Moon are called the “Dreads” and in keeping the tradition, these 3 similar vehicles will also seemingly follow a stereotype in their design. Some images of the Decepticon SUV drones were leaked a while ago, but here are some new images of their toys picked up on by TFormers (hat tip to MovieWeb) which show their robot modes, so see for yourself:

And here’s a video of them chasing the fastest of the Autobots:

Why are they called the “Dreads” and more questionably, why do they literally have dreadlocks? I fear this cannot be good and it makes me wonder what we can expect from the Nascar-bots… Shia, do something please; You Promised.

In all seriousness, there are a ton of new vehicles joining the roster of characters for Dark of the Moon so we’ll keep you updated as we learn more about them. Transformers: Dark of the Moon hits theaters July 1st, 2011 and will be available in 3D.

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Sources: Yahoo! Japan, DOTM Toys (via TFormers)

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  1. They look like potential updated Insecticons to me, they were more or less no-talking drones in the cartoon, which seems more reasonable if they are going to be mass multiplied in the movie, unlike the horrible use of the Constructicons in ROTF.

  2. Ih cause they have dreadlocks it’s automatically a racial stereotype? Sorry can’t buy that. I live in Portland Oregon and I see more white guys with dreads than anything. I even had dreads when I was in my mid 20s.

    On another note they do have that incecticon look to them.

    • they look like hercules beetles (main giveaway is the pincers). im really sceptical about this one, as long as he gets the script and directing right i dont really mind, i’m only going to watch this for the action and special effects, not expecting it to be anything beyond ‘entertaining’ at best.

      • another thing i hope he gets right is the camera work for the fights scenes, the where terrible in the original and only slightly better in the 2ns one. it’s a pain in the rear end especially when they only have a few colours to indicate which robot is which .

        • Yeah that whole quick camera/cutting thing irritated me. It was hard to see what was going on.

          • Their excuse is that with so much CGI they have to show it close up and with quick shots (at least thats what they where saying in the special fetures of the movies) which I call bull****. Hopefully they will work on it.

    • well we better hope Bob Marley sons Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley dont voice any of these Transformers characters.

    • It would appear then, that Predator is a racist movie…

      • Ha!!! And Kit Fisto in Revenge of the Sith

  3. if these Dreads start speaking in a Jamaican accent then people will really question these characters

    • who cares, it’s like saying if you have a black cast member its automaticaly racist, and apperently thats the case because movies with an all black cast seem to get low ratings, even if it is a good movie.

      • Jamaicans have cool accents in my opinion. I hope they have Jamaican accents. Who cares what color they are? The theme of the bots is that you are supposed to DREAD them. From there you go to dreadlocks and from there you say, who has a cool accent that wears dreadlocks? Jamaicans, respectfully, seem to fit the bill better than hippies. I’m just saying. I don’t care if they have no detectable accent or a Jamaican one or a Russian one or whatever, but if I’m casting, I think having Decepticons with Jamaican accents that are called the “Dreads” would be pretty cool so long as it’s a “gritty” movie and not silly/goofy like ROTF.

  4. @”While the infamously stereotypical Twins were expected to return for Dark of The Moon,”

    People still claim them to be stereotyped. Ugh, I see people of ALL races act that way, not just blacks.

    • THANK. YOU!!

    • I am of the same opinion. I think this just proves that when people of different races do it, it is way more annoying. :)

  5. Well it was amazing that the only black transformer in 1, Jazz, died first, and was actually the only one to die. I didn’t have a problem with 2 except that they are annoying, but it is funny that they may come back just to die in 3. Given that, it will be very interesting to see if the dreads are mass multiplied and killed off like replicated bad guys in a video game. This would mean literally 100% of the black stereotyped machines die in transformers.

    It may not be a stereotype, however, they are black with dreads. But they probably won’t be voiced stereotypically since the inconsequential decepticons speak robot or japanese and not English.

    • Jazz was actually Silver, not Black :P People just assumed he was Black b/c of the way his character talked. Yes, he was the only Autobot to die, but he was also portrayed as heroic. He was the only one to take on Megatron when the Ironhide and Ratchet fled.

      • ITs because robots dont have a race,they are just robots

      • Jazz only died because Bay didn’t like the Pontiac. If Ratchet was the Pontiac he would’ve died, same goes for Ironhide. I wish Jazz would’ve made it though… he was a lot of people’s fav. Transformer growing up.

    • This is insane. African-American people seem to find ways to make anything racist or stereotypical… I could say a lot more on this issue, but I do not want to get started on this topic.. I am by no means racist, just I do not understand why there is the need to make things racist. Especially a movie about a bunch of freaking robots from a totally different planet.

      • Wtf? Where do you get that? What kinda comment is that? Cause obviously there are a ton of caucasian people who have found them racist. Personally to me they are just giant dumb, backwoods robots from outer space.

        • Nothing like race factoring into everything. People read into things way too much man.

          • Seriously, somehow giant alien robots made of metal can bring up a race issue. I don’t get it.

            • I don’t seeing them as being racist at all. But, obviously some people do. I’m sure if you go on the IMDB forums you’ll see dozens of people trying to say it’s racism.. And just look at a couple people posting here. It’s nuts. Nothing is safe anymore..

              People act like that in real life, people of all colors.. So it can’t possibly be racist.

    • Stereotyping? Geez….. Obviously, no one claiming this listened to Optimus Prime tell Sam “We learned Earth’s languages through the World Wide Web”. It seems there is no pleasing certain ‘people’ and quite frankly, I am through trying. It’s a SciFi MOVIE for petes sake!! It is an ANIMATED movie for pete’s sake!! Get over it. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it or buy it, Simple.

  6. The twins werent sterotypical cause they didnt have a race, they were freaking robots and your stupid if you think they were.

  7. Haha. Sorry, but I have to say this gets the award for the stupidest article I have ever read.. I’m not even sure what to say right now because my thoughts really aren’t together yet (I just woke up not too long ago).

    First of all, the twins were not stereotypical. People of all races act like that so I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Michael Bay did that because that’s how most kids now a day act.. Like total idiots. And obviously he did it right because the public gave it tons of money! I actually enjoyed both Transformers despite being thoroughly annoyed at the twins. But, I’m annoyed at the people who act like that in real life too.

    I think you are jumping to conclusions with this article. I can see the “Dreads” being more like people dread them rather than they have dread. They do have that Decepticon look after all.

    I’m disappointed with this article all-in-all.

  8. Ok everybody here who’s pretending that they didn’t see certain stereotypical characterizations in “some” Transformers just need to stop the BS. When IronHide spoke during the animated series what was his voice based on? A Southern “white guy” or some would say “redneck”. When Blaster spoke he was based on a “Black Urban radio station DJ”. When Jazz spoke his character was based on a “Black Jazz musician”. I don’t think that there’s a sinister plan or motive to disrespect certain people or ethnic backgrounds in these characters BUT there ARE some stereotypical characterizations AND THAT’S A FACT. The TWINS WERE based on “Black Ghetto” characters, there is no getting around that, that is a fact. Was it to make fun of black people. No, it’s a characterization that many actors have used before mainly “THE WAYANS BROS.” Now if there continues to be characterizations that are geared more towards certain people’s ethnic backgrounds then I would think that somebody has a personal problem. Were the Twins in poor taste? Yes I do believe they were, to me they were a corny Transformers version of The Wayans Bros. Now if we start seeing some Spanglish speaking”Ese” type of “Lowrider” Transformers too, then it’ll really show somebody is truly racist within the production team. If they’re going to use “characterizations’ that seem stereotypical, then they need to balance it out and make more “white” ones and everyone else too. The best thing would be to just keep away from anything
    “stereotypical” altogether.

    • So you base what a robots inner race is by the way it talks? Or maybe they’re just robots…that talk…with a little bit of flavor.

      • @Sully311 I would theorize this, not as a basis of fact because I may be wrong but I think that The Transformers receive their “earthly” personalities from what they observed on, a little before or during their experience on earth. It would be pretty stupid for a robot to talk with a “southern” accent or use ghetto slang while on Cybertron or in space without being previously being influenced by human personalities etc., through visitations or observances of earth’s more “Signature” vocal styles. Transformers have their own A.I. thought process but their style of talking like certain humans can’t be what they started out with.

        • The other possibility is that a random A.I. “with” different personality traits could have been put into them upon creation but that would still mean that, that would be data gathered from some sort of observations and gathered into a pool of info or something later to be extracted and downloaded into new robots.

          • @Ulik, I see what you’re saying with the A.I.. but when you say you see them and hear them talk you see the stereotypes. Well to me that’s just the stereotypes you choose to see. If you see those characters and the way they act and go “well they must be black”, you’re pretty much just saying anyone who acts like that is black. Anyone can talk like that. The stereotypes are who you associate it with.

            • Unfortunately have always existed I don’t see them going away anytime soon, its something that “typically” or naturally occurs within a common group within a environment due culture food but obviously not all the time. HOWEVER,there are negative and positive stereotypes. A stereotype is an assumption that doesn’t always have to be negative but unfortunately it usually is. For example a person from the south will always have a southern accent. I don’t really see the Transformers as “negative” stereotypes at all.

              • Ulik, I’m glad you’re trying to bring some sense into these people here, as most of them are seriously in denial.
                There’s a seemingly ever-growing, or more vocal group of people who think that if they don’t “bring up race,” then racism doesn’t exist. They attack people who protest existing racism and claim they are the ones who are racist because they “bring up race,” which is utterly absurd.
                You’re a small voice of reason.
                It’s really sad that so many people here say what they say — such as the notion that because these are robots and not humans, they characterizations are not racist — and believe that such arguments actually actually hold water.
                These movies are made in the real world, made by Hollywood, which continues to draw on stereotypes — especially ones on minorities — while continually keeping its casting default setting on white. Just because a very small group of black actors get regular work doesn’t mean racism is a thing of the past.
                I think courses in philosophy, logic, debate and history should be required for every American before they leave middle school. Then maybe, just maybe, they’ll see the absurdity in the flimsy arguments they’re making. Simply repeating something over and over, or repeating what others have said doesn’t make it true.
                To anyone with a knowledge of the world around them, they’ll know and admit that Jar Jar Binks and the Twins are readily based in black stereotypes. The acts of denial in defense of these caricatures is just more perpetuation of the racist status quo in America.

                • Jar Jar Binks is not a black stereotype and neither are the Twins, what they are are failed attempts at adding unnecessary humor to films. As crazy as that sounds, its the truth.

                  Everyone’s argument that the Twins is a black stereotype and so are the new Transformers is a castle built on sand. For the Twins, they are just acting like goofs-I know many different people of different race who act like the Twins and I’m pretty sure many people who have seen the films have too. As for the new robots called the Dreads, just because they are seen with robotic dreadlocks doesn’t mean they will automatically be a black stereotype, as it has been said a few times already many different races and cultures have dreadlocks.

                  Yes you are right, there is still racism in the world but most of the world has gotten past it. So when you see people who “are in denial of racism” is really just people who are not racist and don’t bring up something that is dying.

                  The funny thing is, is that some argument like this will be brought up about a movie-a movie about giant robots, that suppose to be entertaining and something that everyone can sit together and watch.

                  End of rant.

                  • While I agree with you on three points:

                    1. Most people aren’t racist IMHO.

                    2. I can’t stand whenever there’s a disagreement and one of the people arguing is not “white” and racism is brought in as a factor (hello? maybe people just disagree?).

                    3. I don’t think Jar Jar was based on a black person. At all.

                    I have to say that the twins from Transformers 2 were without a doubt, unequivocally modeled as “black” characters. To say they weren’t (regardless of whether their portrayal was racist or not) is disingenuous.


                    • Hey Vic,
                      While I agree with you completely. I am 20 years old and graduated from High School just a couple of years ago. I still have friends in High School. And there are a ton of white kids who act exactly like the twins. So I can’t really say that they are exactly “black” characters because whenever I see ROTF I think of this one kid I knew in High School, and he happened to be white.

                      It’s just insane that race or stereotypes have to come into everything.. Even a movie about a bunch of robot aliens coming to Earth haha. It’s ridiculous. But, I do agree with you that if we did have to bring color into the picture, I guess they could be “black”.

                    • @Vic Great post and I agree. Many people say that “Oh, I have white friends that talk like that, or anybody could talk like that”. Common, let’s cut the crap and be real here. Any people who are other than black who talk and act like that were either raised in an environment with blacks who act and talk like that, hung around with blacks who act and talk that way or get it from the new “Hip Hop” generation or minority media in movies, t.v., videos etc. I’ve been raised around all types of people and the only people who act like the Twins were either black or hung around around blacks A LOT. Of course all blacks in “urban” society don’t act like that either.

                    • I somewhat talk that way, and I live in a community populated mostly by white people. True, I have black friends, but that doesn’t mean they influence the way I act. I can say the same for LOTS of people in my town.

                    • @ Vic
                      There is no way their characterization was modeled after black people. They SCREAM redneck. No matter how painful it is to go back and watch it, I went back and fast forwarded to the scenes they were in… those two are dumb rednecks, plain and simple. Gold teeth? Check. Don’t like to read? Check. Get in fights with each other constantly? Check. Talk trash the entire movie? Check. All that was missing was a TapOut T-shirt and taking their children to Buffalo Wild Wings at 10:00 pm. Rednecks all the way.

                    • JB, that’s fine, I guess we all see things through our own personal filters.


                    • Definitely have to agree with ya there. Additionally, I read you comment below about how it annoyed you that these fantastical robots acted like 13-year-olds and totally agree. Well played.

                • Michael, your pretty much saying that any cgi character that acts dumb is based of black person.

    • The twins were not based on Ghetto stereotypes. According to the (black) guy who voiced Mudflap, they were aiming for the Wigger stereotype.

      • One has to wonder why they would use a (BLACK) person for a wigger stereotype……I thought wiggers were people who think they are black. No?

        • Because Bay only conceived the characters as goofy cutups. The actors came up with the Wigger thing in the recording booth.

    • Well spoken…….

    • huh

  9. I have no idea what activist group or news orginization originally cited the Twins as being racist stereotypes, especially when there were characters like Jazz and even Bumblebee (to a degree, cause he briefly uses what sounds like is a black preacher’s voice in the first movie) who could have been considered “black” and were portrayed as true heroes.

    I don’t usually slam the topics and questions presented by the screenrant staff, but this article should not have a “is this racist” overtone to it. I think it’s plain idiocy to draw comparisons between the black race and some goofy characters in a Bay movie. If you think otherwise, than an argument could be made that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were acting like racist stereotypes of their own people in Bad Boys 1 & 2.

    • It’s no big deal but if I may point out, Bumblebee spoke through his radio for most of the first and second film. So not only did he sound like a “black” preacher he also sounded like John Wayne. So he didn’t actually use HIS voice till the end of the first movie. And even then, to me he sounded like a, British soldier. Hope that all made since.

    • @Igdomanius EXCELLENT POINT. When Will Smith & Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry or The Wayans Bros. make stereotypical images of other blacks in their movies, it isn’t a problem to the majority of blacks because they feel that it’s not a threat or attack towards blacks. But people do have to realize that there is a difference with what is comfortable for blacks to do when portraying themselves v.s. what whites or other races do when portraying blacks. People act like racism doesn’t exist anymore or it was so long ago when it wasn’t, so whites or other races may try to do certain characterizations that a black person could normally get away with. The old “Black Face” shows, minstrel shows, and Hollywood racism was not long ago and it can still be seen at times. It’s worse when blacks do it to themselves. It’s somewhat comparable but not as abrasive as the “N” word. Blacks are ok with using it because they feel they know where the other black person is coming from with it. Me being an urban raised person, I’ve seen the “N” word used amongst non-blacks(even whites) talking to each other with no negative connotation at all(mainly due to Hip Hop’s influence or even being raised amongst blacks) I say don’t use it at all but hey I can’t stop people from saying it. To me, any negative stereotypical portrayal of anyone done to anyone is wrong no matter what race even if it’s their own. However I do say if you have a movie that is pretty racy or stereotypically based and gritty due the style or genre(like most Scorcese movies),if your going to be stereotypical do it to EVERYBODY and don’t be biased or it WILL come across as racism.

      • VERY well said…

      • I agree with you 100 PERCENT!!!!!! :)

  10. Im a black man,im not offended because they are alien robots.Anyone give any thought to the name Dreads meaning doom and not a hairstyle?

    • take a look at the action figures.

  11. I cant see the dreadlocks.

  12. The twins were a bad idea all together. Racist caricatures are not,they served absolutely no purpose for the weak storyline of RoF. No one outside the production of DoM has any idea who these Dreads are or what their part in the story is. Let’s all relax and save the torches and pitchforks until the movie is released.

  13. They’ll probably end up having a jamaican accent.

    • LOL! Yeah, that will probably be my cue to get up and leave out of the theatre……

  14. I’m at a total complete loss here, because of their voice and how they act Robots are being used as stereotypes…that just reeks of Bull****.

    Want to know why they talk the way they do? They picked what they liked off the WORLD WIDE WEB! They freakin said that in the first movie. Like many have said already, lots of people have dreads, lots of people act like the twins. So saying that a certain characteristic on a freaking robot makes it a racial profile is nuts.

    Only thing this is doing is too start arguments and fights, so if you want to be childish and continue on with this bullcrap go ahead.

  15. I too would have to say they resemble the Insecticons. Do to the fact that in the G1 cartoon there where three main Insecticaons and there are three Dreads. And I to asy that thier robot form do resemble beetles. Just my thoughts on this topic. And yes I too found the Twins annoying but not really reacist. And oddly I enjoyed the scene where they took down one of the Devastators.

  16. I hope everyone realizes that dreadlocks are not exclusive to rastafarian culture. Many orbs races and cultures have had dread, including Asians, Hindus, Scandanavians. I mean really its just a hair style. It really shows ignorance when people associate it with just one culture or lifestyle.

    Its like all the sudden Transformers have to be cookie cutter cut outs of Optimus Prime. God forbid we have robots with culture in them, cause that would racist …

    • @Sully311 Good Point! Indeed.

    • I have dreads and I’m white!! What now huh What now!! Jk, I really dont have dreads. But I have a buddy that does, but he is Mexican.

      • I used to have dreads Ants lol! I should change mt gravatar to the one with them lol.

  17. I do believe the “stereotypical characterization” that was portrayed wasn’t black or white but simply “ghetto fabulous”. I Know people of all races that fit that “stereotypical title”. Blacks tend to get more uncomfortable when they see this in movies(including myself) because it was something used in the past to portray blacks in film.

  18. Well what annoyed more more about the Transformers robots was the fact that at least one or two of them acted like 13 year olds instead of millenia-old, wise sentient creatures.


  19. thats right Vic!
    It gives a whole new meaning to the term,
    Genration Gap.

  20. I’m still not sure if I’ll see this yet really.

  21. Oh no not this again-_- as much as I didn’t have a problem with the twins in Revenge of the Fallen it might turn out that this film will not turn out being the dark and gritty film I thought it would, hopefully it stays that way or this is gonna turn out to be a slight problem.

  22. Every Transformer has a “characterization” or even “caricature” of some people or groups of people that we have seen before that we can identify with, that’s sort of what MAKES the characters. Without them the Transformers would have been all dull generic robots and would have probably ended up like “Go-bots”. Personally during Transformers G1 I always thought that “Rumble & Frenzy” were based on two “New York/Jersey Italian Guido” types, was I wrong for that? LOL! Anyway I hope that this movie is finally going to a good one.

  23. i think the issue here is not that its racial but that were ANNOYING. i think we all here want a SERIOUS movie instead of a lil kid PG movie.

    • I agree.

    • A serious movie about shape-shifting giant waring alien robots? Doubtful. Fun movie yes, but not a serious movie.

      • Yeah, I mean “War of the Worlds” was a laff-riot. 8)

        I think you could make these movies as serious sci-fi. Hell, I’d love to see someone post up a re-cut version of the first film, editing out all the dumb-assed “humor” from it – I’ll bet it would be a much better film.


        • Look up “Transformers Resparked”

      • Transformers The Animated Movie was serious, was it not. Check out the body count in that (CHILDRENS?) movie…….

    • i agree annoying yes. I definately wasnt a big fan of the twins. i was even less impressed with Devastator whom apparently looked like a dog or someother creature.

      • hey r u? if you wanna see some pretty good tansformer stuff, i make my own movie comics, Spiderman, Batman and Transformers, i cant show you the books, but i can show you the plots…email Subject Transformers. and i will email u back or facebook u or whatever.

  24. “…but met the level of annoyance that only characters such as Jar Jar Binks could attain.’

    Generally one doesn’t “attain” something one is “met with.” I think you’re looking here, for a word like “inspire” or, perhaps, “incite.”

    It’s a difficult language to master, I know, but I’m sure you can do it. You are a writer after all.

    • agniyo,

      Thanks for contributing your point of view regarding the inclusion of these robots in the film.

      Oh, wait… you didn’t.


    • You quoted “level of annoyance” which includes the word “level” but totally ignored that in your comment.

      Part of communication is tone and attitude too, pal. Two fails for the price of one?

  25. Jar Jar Binks >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Twins > Michaletron Baycepticon. FACT,

  26. Sampson Simpson I stick by my story! I’m from Jamaica. If I wasn’t Jamaican why would I [have these robotic dreads].

  27. Man, that thing about “Black Stereotyped Robots” pisses me off… people that believes this, PLEASE HEAR THAT: You didnt noticed that YOU ARE acting like racists???….pay atention….a dude see a Cybertronian Robot talking dirty, acting like crazy, with Dreadlocks, etc….and he says: HE IS BLACK !!!…HES A BLACK STEREOTYPE !!!….what that means???….BLACK PEOPLE TALKS DIRTY, ARE CRAZY AND HAVE STRANGE HAIR-STYLES…..THEYRE ANIMALS…you noticed how racist this can be???….Skids and Mudflap are not racist, people who thinks theyre black Robots are racists….BTW these figures looks cool….

    • You’re right and I raise that point all the time when I hear of political correctness.

      The problem of the Twins stems from how awful they were and how much of an extreme exaggeration they were of said “stereotypes.” They were literally film-ruining characters.

  28. I WANT GRIMLOCK!!! Is that RACIST??

    • A little…….LOL!

    • It’s “ME WANT GRIMLOCK”. Get it right next time. :-)

    • not racist, but offensive to the mentally challenged


  29. Why does this bug people? Its only because they are robots! If this was an action movie like James Bond and there was a gang of Jamaicans that call themselves the dreads….NO ONE WOULD CARE… why do we when they are robots? So the issue is that it is stereotyping? Well how else would we know they’re Jamaicans? Or should we only allow “white” robots in this movie? Now we are sounding dumb aren’t we! Personally if was Jamaican I would think it was funny to have a Jamaican looking robot and would have to by the toy, that is what these movies are about…selling the toys! For the record if you (screen rant) didn’t tell me that the twins are “blacks” I would have never thought about it, I would have just assumed they were stereotyping dumb Americans (black or white)