Transformers 3 Characters: Meet The Dreads

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transformers 3 characters dreads Transformers 3 Characters: Meet The Dreads

Many fans and moviegoers have a love-hate – maybe more of a like-hate relationship – with Michael Bay’s live-action adaptation of Transformers. With its sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, it got a lot worse and many of the problems were due to the misuse of the film’s Cybertronian characters.

I’m not referring to the issue of characters following canon, as they don’t need to for a good Transformers movie to be made. It’s because there were so many characters that never spoke, didn’t have a name, and a pair (actually, twins) there were not only very controversial, but met the level of annoyance that only characters such as Jar Jar Binks could attain. From the amount of new toys being added with Transformers: Dark of the Moon, fear is rising that Transformers 3 may be offering more of the same in that department.

While the infamously stereotypical Twins were expected to return for Dark of The Moon, Michael Bay quickly shot down rumors that the vehicles were spotted on set, explaining that The Twins are not back for the third Transformers movie. We later were able to actually see them ourselves through some revealing set photos, so they will be back, likely (and hopefully) to be killed off. They will of course have a different paint job for toy merchandising purposes.

Perhaps stepping in to take the place of the Twins, assuming they do bite the bullet (laser?), there is another set of triplets! We already know about the three well-armed Nascar vehicles known as the Wreckers, and now we’re getting another set. The second triple-threat to be introduced in Transformers: Dark of the Moon are called the “Dreads” and in keeping the tradition, these 3 similar vehicles will also seemingly follow a stereotype in their design. Some images of the Decepticon SUV drones were leaked a while ago, but here are some new images of their toys picked up on by TFormers (hat tip to MovieWeb) which show their robot modes, so see for yourself:

And here’s a video of them chasing the fastest of the Autobots:

Why are they called the “Dreads” and more questionably, why do they literally have dreadlocks? I fear this cannot be good and it makes me wonder what we can expect from the Nascar-bots… Shia, do something please; You Promised.

In all seriousness, there are a ton of new vehicles joining the roster of characters for Dark of the Moon so we’ll keep you updated as we learn more about them. Transformers: Dark of the Moon hits theaters July 1st, 2011 and will be available in 3D.

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Sources: Yahoo! Japan, DOTM Toys (via TFormers)

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  1. thnx for this

  2. From my perspective I see this thread as a good thing. Because it’s caused dialog on the artistic merits of what’s being portrayed. Really wouldn’t their be some kind of outcry if all the transformers were unquestionably portrayed as suburban white? The U.S. is a country of much diversity and a very relatively young country. The unique cultural roots don’t run very deep in America. Acquiring cultural traits is still ongoing. Racial integration in the public schools has went a long way in furthering the process of cultural synthesis.

    What we see here is the outgrowth of that. Growing pains will continue but that shouldn’t discourage people from continuing to try. Don’t resent the process, make every effort to participate in a positive way. I hope someday people will look on the past problems of this nature and say how childish it all was based on unfounded fears, false assumptions, blind hate, and counterproductive beheavor…

  3. Whens the crapfest begin?

  4. so if dreadlocks = racist, we can extrapolate that Alien V Predator was all Mexicans “Aliens” v blacks “Predators”?

    See how silly that sounds?

    • how are the aliens like Mexicans??

      I don’t think the article implies that being called “Dreads” and have dreadlocks alone makes it racist but if they have accents then it might be seen as racist.

      However, even they have accents with nothing else to make them stereotypical (like say, smoking ganja), is that really offensive? Since Predator was already brought up, I’d think that Predator 2 is a better example of being offensive to Jamaicans given the Jamaican drug gang with the voodoo leader.

    • If you saw Transformers 2 and “The Twins” introduced in that movie, I think you may start to understand why some didn’t like that and why others are concerned it’ll be repeated with characters like the “Dreads.”

      I wasn’t offended, I just thought they were some of the worst film characters in history, lol.

  5. I actually got up and screamed. Why, Michael Bay, WHY? Triplets? Really? They look like cockroaches. Metal cockroaches.

  6. twins = not racist! ANNOYINg? MAYBE?
    apparently carlos mencia has freedom to make fun of stereotypes but the ROTF doesnt…hmmm.

    also the reason the twins were put in to ROTF was to replace jazz who was the “urban” transformer. URBAN DOESNT MEAN BLACK!

    thats like when people think the Navi from avatar are supposed to be african…lmao…THEY ARENT IN ANYWAY!

    by the way i dont understand how the dreads could be construed as racist either.

    i mean are people automatically thinking they are gonna have robotic dreadlocks like ummmm THE WHITE GIRL THAT TURNS INTO CRAZY CYBERNETIC SEDUCER BOT.

    for all we know dreads could be short for “the dreaded” as in.
    I really dread going to math class…
    or just maybe judge dredd will be driving them…cuz he was a racist lol.

  7. Although I doubt anyone wants it, here’s my humble opinion.

    If you take each character’s personality into account, all of them are “Stereotypes”.
    It makes them all diverse and unique. Just like humanity. Which I believe is what makes them relatable. Or as relatable as giant robot aliens can be anyway. Because I can imagine we all know of someone that each of the robots remind us of. Do I think it’s racist? No. I think that it makes them much more interesting, just as it makes humanity much more interesting.

    However, this should not in any way be considered an argument in favor of the Twins, as I prefer to pretend that they never existed. They were annoying and no one likes them. That we can all agree on, yes? :)


  9. The Twins weren’t racist in any way… personally, I saw it mocking rednecks but maybe that’s because I am one, a lot of people I know “don’t really read much” (which is what the robots said in the movie, yes, I had to look it up) and have gold teeth and talk crap, white rednecks, black rednecks, hispanic rednecks, color doesn’t make a difference. I do think they were the worst Transformers in the movie, but just because they were a waste of time that I could’ve been watching Bumblebee rip a robot panther apart from its spine or something else cool like that. As far as the Dreads are concerned, they’re robots. Dreads doesn’t just mean Dreadlocks. You can dread something, as in “be afraid of what is coming.” Adding dreadlocks to them is just a visualization to match the theme of the bots (it’s an inference).

  10. well, in Transformers 2 we got to see Devistator, which, all of us G1 fans love. However, he was more of a monster than a “person”. what a mean is, he never said anything and neither did any of his constructicon “parts”, I just knew it was them from the first glance, it had to be and then Megatron called on him. I hope we get to see the stunticons and Menasor (their combined form)in Transformers 3, they were cool and Perhaps the aeralbots and Superion (their combined form)too. Then he can save the dinobots for Transformers 4 :P.

  11. This is too funny……. A SciFi movie of ‘animated’ robots and some ‘people’ are offended at the twins sounding/acting like a particular group of ‘people’. Geez, get a life! I suppose if they were NOT in the movie, it would be racist to NOT have the Twins or, some version representing some ‘people’. These are fantastic movies yet someone always has to throw in a race card and sicken the bulk of America. If you do not like the movie, don’t watch/buy it, simple enough! I am offended by Malcom X but, I consider the sourse and laugh it off. A least I am inteligent enough to know satire when I see it.

    • Malcome X was someone to laugh off? Are you insane or your mom dropped you on your head when you were a baby? Loser

  12. Do the ‘people’ so called ‘stereotyped’ by the Twins have to ruin everything for everybody? It’s time to stop this so called political correctness and go back to being AMERICANS.

    • You know what I’m glad you went to the trouble to pipe up about this as I forgot that I was still subscribed to this GWD-Awful thread! I can thankfully delete myself from it now and never hear about it again…

    • No one would be offended by these stereotypes if they weren’t true. lol

  13. The toy looks great, I like one. :-)

  14. I thought the twins where funny, and i hope there in the next one and they better not be killed off. Anyone rember when they killed off Prime in the animated movie? Parents where taking there crying kids out of the theater. (it was crap they killed him off). My son loved the twins too and if he stats crying at the movie cause they where killed because of some people pulling the race card, thats CRAP!!!!!

  15. i cant wait till the third one it sounds awesome im dieing to see it :)

  16. I was the biggest Transformer fan back in the 80′s and couldn’t wait to see the first Transformer movie. I liked it just because of my fond memories brought back. But by the 2nd Transformer, it made me realize it was just a flat commercial movie. I’m not making the same mistake and I don’t plan to see the 3rd.

  17. I had a LOT of fun watching these movies… I think some people are too sensitive about the colour of the skin and stuff… they are more racists than those they claim as such.

    Get a life! try to enjoy what transformers mean to our childhood.

  18. Gawd-Daymn N.i.g.g.a.z. r so sensitive. Enuff already!!!

  19. shut your black ass up or go back to africa if you dont like it!!

    • what a wanker!!

  20. Wow white americans are so selfish and evil. We as so called christians know what is rite and what is wrong, and that garbage with the transformers was wrong!

  21. no you go back to europe.

  22. Omg Srsly i saw T3 and i was like where were the twins through out the whole movie i was so disappointed and i felt like i missed out they had so much more to offer the series and cause Michael Bay listened to the Pc-thugs out there he pressed the anti-kid fun button and killed off 2 awesome characters.. the thing that really gets under my skin about the series is they just started bringing in these random robots from the skies didn’t even bother introducing them and then just killed them off as fast as they arrived.. and whenever there like twins or like those girls moto-bikes they like finally apear in a scene just to get completely whipped out not even 1 survives cause they all ‘must’ die, happens again in Dark of the moon.

  23. The twins were actually my favorite characters. They were funny and added humor to the movie. The twins were not racist.