‘Transformers 3′ Characters: The Complete Guide

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon has invaded the box office – providing one of the coolest eye-candy experiences moviegoers will see all summer. Despite an overlong runtime and some plot-holes, both fans and critics (read our Transformers 3 review) have praised the movie for its exciting and over-the-top final act – which looks especially cool as an IMAX 3D experience.

However, while the visuals excel, the stars of the film – the cybernetic organisms known as “Transformers” – are, with a few exceptions, somewhat under-served and underdeveloped once again. As a result, many fans were left scratching their heads, trying to figure out which bot was which, while speculating on backstories for the more obscure characters.

To combat the confusion, we’ve put together a list of every credited bot that either returns for Transformers Dark of the Moon or makes their feature film debut – including a brief description and image for each character (retreads such as the Barricade and Brawl clones in the film are not included). Admittedly, with the film still fresh in theaters, images and info for a couple of characters won’t be as readily available as others – so we’ll be updating this Transformers 3 character guide as new images and details appear online. In addition, we’re hard at work on a full guide to every Transformer featured in Michael Bay’s robot trilogy (including the Mountain Dew bot) which we’ll unveil in the coming days.

In the meantime, check out the guide below – and then head over to our Transformers 3 spoilers post to discuss any character details that might be spoiler-ish for fans who have yet to see the film.


Brains – Autobot

Brains in Transformers Dark of the Moon Transformers 3 Characters: The Complete Guide
Description: Once a Decepticon drone unit, Brains unexpectedly became sentient and escaped his evil masters – taking refuge with reformed Decepticon Wheelie. Brains hides in plain site as a laptop computer and is extremely loyal to his human friends – not to mention committed to seeing the Decepticons annihilated.


Bumblebee – Autobot

Bumblebee in Transformers Dark of the Moon Transformers 3 Characters: The Complete Guide
Description: Bumblebee is an Autobot scout and one of Optimus Prime’s most trusted allies. What he lacks in strength, he makes up for with determination, bravery and loyalty – gladly giving his life if necessary to protect others and stop the Decepticons. When not transformed as a Chevrolet Camaro, he enters battle with a plasma cannon on his right arm. He lost the ability to speak when his voice processor was damaged during a fight with Megatron – though he still communicates with human allies using various Earth radio frequencies.


Dino – Autobot

Dino in Transformers Dark of the Moon Transformers 3 Characters: The Complete Guide

Description: Dino is a close quarters-combat Autobot that transforms into red Ferrari 458 Italia. Some fans will notice the character is referred to as Mirage in the Dark of the Moon videogame and other marketing – however, in honor of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari’s son Alfredo aka “Dino” (who died at the age of 24), the character’s name was altered for the final movie.


The Dreads: Crankcase, Crowbar, Hatchet – Decepticons

The Dreds Transformers 570x223 Transformers 3 Characters: The Complete Guide

Description: The Dreads are a trio of Decepticons (lead by Crankcase) who transform into black Chevrolet Suburban emergency SUVs. While Crankcase and Crowbar have beastly, albeit humanoid, alternate forms, when not in vehicle form, Hatchet appears as a cybernetic lion. In Dark of the Moon, the trio faces-off against Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Dino in a highway chase.

Check out each of The Dreds in detail below:

The Dreds: Crankcase – Decepticon

Crankcase Transformers Dark of the Moon Transformers 3 Characters: The Complete Guide


The Dreds: Crowbar – Decepticon

Crowbar Transformers 3 Characters: The Complete Guide


The Dreds: Hatchet – Decepticon

Hatchet Transformers 3 Characters: The Complete Guide


Driller – Decepticon

The Driller in Transformers Dark of the Moon Transformers 3 Characters: The Complete Guide

Description: The driller was one of many native Cybertronian creatures, until it was domesticated by Shockwave prior to the destruction of Cybertron. Shockwave now commands the leviathan. Though the bot is never shown in full, appearing mostly as a series of wriggling robotic tentacles, the Driller does appear to have a “head” of sorts – fitted with bladed “teeth” as pictured in the image above.


Igor – Decepticon


Igor Transformers 3 Characters: The Complete Guide

Description: First spotted at Megatron’s African camp, Igor is a small and disfigured Decepticon bootlicker. Igor’s combined portrayals in the Dark of the Moon novelization and early concept art could indicate that the character is actually Long Haul’s decapitated head. Unlike similarly-sized peons such as Wheelie and Brains, Igor lacks an alternate form and does not contribute to the overall war in any meaningful capacity – unless you count chewing on various items as a meaningful contribution.


Ironhide – Autobot

Ironhide in Transformers Dark of the Moon Transformers 3 Characters: The Complete Guide

Description: Ironhide serves as the Autobot weapons specialist. He is one of Optimus Prime’s oldest friends, though they don’t always see eye to eye – with Ironhide at times pushing Autobot collateral damage codes to achieve faster results. Ironhide’s vehicle mode is a GMC Topkick and his weapons arsenal consists of machine guns, plasma cannons and a devastating Gatling missile launcher, ensuring he is always the first into battle with the Decepticons.


Continue reading our Transformers 3 Character Guide for fan-favorites like Laserbeak and debut bots like Que…

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  1. i meant shame on you

  2. IMO this has to be the worst of the films yet, every one dies. How are they supposed to make TF4 with most of the main characters dead (Megatron, starscream, soundwave???

    • haha have u never seen old tranformers? megatron alwayyys dies lol. then unicron comes and brings him back to life and megatron becomes galvatron… they could do that. and then they would bring unicron into it and he would last a long time lol because he eats planets haha.

  3. Transformer:Dark Of The Moon in Imax n 3D is awsome!

  4. I was dissapointed that Shockwave only haid one line in the movie

  5. WHAT does megatron say when he dies? sounds like ROCK BARRRR or some sht like that. he says the SAME THING in ROTF when optimus shoots his face with his own arm blaster

    • I think he says “revenge”, but I’m not sure. Also, what’s the name of the red autobot with swords on his arms?

    • I think it’s Runfaarrr!!!!!

  6. Who was Transformer in the skyscraper scene?

    • just a generic gay decepticon

        • It’s about Operation pillar, in the game, but this time, they are telling if the plan is going well.

  7. Loved it, echoed the G1 cartoons more than the last 2 films.
    Please for the sake of cybertron, bring back Kazz, Ironhide and Wheeljack. Also intoduce us to Hound, Sunstreaker(Side swipes brother in the G1 cartoon), Huffer and powerglide oh and the Dinobots.
    As for the decepticons revive Megatron (complete with arm cannon) star scream and bring in ramjet and thrust. And the all important energon cubes

  8. Transformers 4: the quest for energon (lol)

    • No more cubes,allspark(whatever),or pillars.

  9. Wheres the sarge prime?

  10. awe some i love it my favorite movie

  11. i love topspin

  12. what happened to frenzy?

    • frenzy died

      he fell on the big wall

      • he didnt fall of the wall, he threw a disk, it richoched, and decapitated himself

  13. probably died

  14. scorpinok should have killed jetfire

  15. i was sad because devastator died so easy all he did was eat a auto bot got punched and then exploded. driller put up more of a fight he is awsome.

  16. am sad that ironhide died


  17. i am sad ironhide died

  18. I think they way some of the characters were ruthlessly killed off was a bit of a shock, but added a sense of seriousness. This is a pretty comprehensive guide…

  19. I like Dino, amazing Ferrari 458 Italia who kill Hatchet.

  20. Remember in Revenge of the Fallen, Simmons had Frenzy’s head mounted on the wall in a glass case like a souvenir? he dead!

  21. I am trying to write a book for transformers 4 but i need i deas of new characters. So far i am thinking of including Galvatron, Vector Prime and HotShot who are gonna be some new characters but i am trying to focus on the decepticons seeing that megatron and starscream died and all of the rest of the main ones. Could I somehow realte my story to the children’s transformers comic books?

    • i think shock wave should be return to live aciddentaly by some one

    • bring back the dynasty of the primes located in petra or egypt

    • Bladestorm? Shadewing? Stealthview? I dunno. hope I helped though!

  22. How bout for the decepticons astrotrain blitzwing the stunticon’s and atuobots blaster ultra Magnus and the dinobots

    • How bout Unicron? He needs to be in one of the movies

  23. I love transformers please tell me if you another guide on a good movie like this oh and is sideswipe sidewinder just asking

  24. I know I was so upset when que and ironhide died. Ironhide was Optimus oldest friend I keep saying that Setinel should have been the one 

  25. drillerbot is hungry *shockwave speaking*

  26. Sentinel isn’t a autobot……

    • Actually, in the mythology of the movies, he WAS an Autobot (a Prime, in fact, and highly respected) who betrays the others when he gets scared and greedy.

    • When he dies he has violet or purple eyes

  27. from the looks of it there will not be a transformers 4 because planet cybertron was blown up and all the pillars are gone hahaha no there not there is still some on the moon and around the world im a nerd when it comes to transformers i know everything about it lol but if there is a new transformers id cry lmao but i hope there is and there is only one prime left and the dynasty of primes are still in the in the tomb located in petra which means the optimus could take a part of the cube (shard) and put it in one of the primes and then transformers stars all over again

  28. there is no skids and mud flap in t3

    • There were there when all the Autobots reported to N.E.S.T base but never transformed or was seen again.

  29. Shockwave and Driller are cool