Soundwave – Decepticon

Description: A Communications Commander for the Decepticons, Soundwave was largely underused in Revenge of the Fallen (relegated to a communications hacker – attached to a military satellite) but for Dark of the Moon the fan-favorite bot appears on Earth as a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Following the death of Ravage in the last film, Soundwave is partnered with Laserbeak for Transformers 3.

Starscream – Decepticon

Description: One of the most beloved Transformers, due mainly to his thirst for power and tendency for screw-ups, Starscream fills his usual second-in-command spot once again (with his trademark scheming and groveling combo). The “seeker” bot is mostly unchanged for the sequel – retaining his tribal Decepticon markings when in F-22 Raptor vehicle form.

Wheelie – Autobot

Description: Once a Decepticon lackey (tamed by Megan Fox aka Mikaela Banes), Wheelie returns in Dark of the Moon as the second half in a comic-relief duo – teamed with like-minded Decepticon turncoat, Brains. Wheelie’s alternate form remains unchanged, a RC Ford F-Series monster truck, though his distaste for Decepticons is stronger than ever (as is his dedication to his Autobot allies).

The Wreckers: Leadfoot, Roadbuster, Topspin – Autobots

Description: The Wreckers are a trio of Autobot mechanics that appear as battle-ready NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chevrolet Impala stock cars – and are relegated to a NASA facility, due to their abrasive personalities. Until the Chicago invasion, the Wreckers spent the majority of their time maintaining the Autobot spacecraft, the Xantium. Leadfoot and Roadbuster are loud-mouthed bots that speak with working class Londoner accents – though Topspin has no speaking lines.

Check out each of The Wreckers in detail below:

The Wreckers: Leadfoot – Autobot

The Wreckers: Roadbuster – Autobot

The Wreckers: Topspin – Autobot

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