Transformers 3: Character Changes & Shooting Locations

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transformers revenge fallen reviews1 Transformers 3: Character Changes & Shooting Locations

Today we have a double bill of Transformers 3 news for those curious as to what’s happening with the big-budget sequel. We have info on some changes to a couple of the franchise’s main characters (hint: it’s a couple of the robots, not the humans), and info on where director Michael Bay is looking to shoot the movie.

Character Changes

SciFiWire recently got a chance to speak to a couple of the guys from visual effects studio Industrial Light & Magic and they revealed that both Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will be getting a bit of a makeover. Don’t worry, they’re not radically changing the color or size; for fanboys of the films (more so than the average moviegoer) there will be some differences to be found. Animation supervisor, Scott Benza, said:

“Our two lead characters, Optimus and Bumblebee, needed to be updated for the next chapter in the Transformers series… We always want the robots to look cooler than they did the last time, so [Optimus Prime’s] going to look a little more heroic, I would say.”

Visual effects supervisor, Scott Farrar, added:

“Bumblebee’s matured a little bit, so I would just say look for subtle changes to his physique that have him look more mature.”

“[Prime will have] little tiny things that maybe the average viewer isn’t going to notice but probably the fanboys will… You actually will run into pieces that are maybe always in the way, and wouldn’t it be nice if that part wasn’t there? Maybe you make a shift in the shoulder, in the chest or what have you. So it might be proportioning, but it also might be for usability, so [the animators]’ task could be easier, too.”

bumblebee close up Transformers 3: Character Changes & Shooting Locations

Count me as one of those regular folk who doesn’t know one Transformer from the next. I guess the only way I’ll know the difference between the old and new designs is by covering this stuff on Screen Rant simple smile Transformers 3: Character Changes & Shooting Locations .

The script (being written this time by Ehren Kruger instead of the usual Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci) is not finished yet but ILM have enough important details to be hard at work:

“There’s an outline and most of the script is done,” Farrar said. “It hasn’t been released to us completely because they want to keep that under wraps, but we certainly know enough. Michael [Bay] turns over sections of the script, and then the art department is full steam ahead right now, the L.A. art department. We also have an ILM art department working on this at the same time. So we take their 2-D work and start turning it into 3-D models, because we like to get a jump-start on this. Any model that looks like it could start, we want to get going, because it’ll take us 30 weeks to build it.”

Benza and Farrar also confirmed we’ll be seeing some new characters (hopefully robots and not humans). I just hope they’re a helluva lot better than Mudflap and Skids… Oops, didn’t mean to bring up that “Twins” fiasco again…

Shooting Locations

Moving on from the character stuff, word came a few days ago from Michael Bay’s official website which let us in on a couple of the planned shooting locations for Transformers 3: they are Chicago and Moscow. Chicago we heard about a while ago when Bay was scouting locations, but Moscow is a new city thrown into the mix.

transfomres 2 constructicon Transformers 3: Character Changes & Shooting Locations

But keep in mind, as /Film reminds us, this doesn’t necessarily mean those are settings within the movie. For example, the Asian power plant opening sequence in Revenge of the Fallen (see above) was actually shot in a factory in Pennsylvania (near Sr. Editor Kofi Outlaw’s hometown).

Transformers 3 is gearing up pre-production this month and could starting shooting as early as this May. The movie already has a set release date of July 1st, 2011.

Sources: SciFiWire, Michael Bay Official Website and /Film

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  1. Can't wait revenge of the fallen rocked! I just hope the script is as good as the first twol.

  2. ummmm yeah ok

  3. What isthis news suppose to mean? Umm How about making a movie that has 3 clear acts the basics of a film? are u really going to be able to tell other than a split second that theseguys have new disigns? and do really care? man I dunno about u bayformers fans…

  4. Can they make Starscream look more badass like he was in the first Transformers film
    2007. To me he seemed more of a wuss in the 2nd film. Yeah we all know that Starscream is weaker than Megatron, but still Starscream is in the form of an F-22 fighter, lets see him kick some major ass in the third film.

    • They wont have Unicron. Why would they? I garntee Unicron wont be in this

  5. I agree. Starcream rocked in the first sucked in the second. At least the fix the optimus part in the second…

  6. Boys, and their virtual toys…

  7. screwing up Unicron is definately in the cards, as screwing up live action Transformers has already happened

  8. when will they be pictures released of the new designs

  9. funny guy 😉

  10. Will Megan Fox be in 3D? That is all I need to know.

  11. next thing you'll be asking for [the feelies] from “Brave New World.”


  12. I really hope thats sarcasm…

  13. Give Megatron his real voice from the G1 cartoon just like Optimus has his. and please if they do the Unicron storyline I think Megatron should be changed to Galvatron.

    • no way galvatron is a freakin wreck and the first one was way better then those stinkin cartoons that everything has to be animated in o and megatron should be in the next one too because ur not the director.

  14. Ross, you can't tell the difference between the robots? How do you Skids and Mudflap?

    Yeah, I guess it's tough for the “average” person to see the difference between Prime and Bumblebee or Megatron and Starscream. Can you tell the difference between Sam and Mikeala?

  15. I liked the jet look of Starscream in the second movie. In the desert scene he looked badass.

  16. Larry,

    Starscream has always been a wimp. He always ran from battle and was a back stabber since he became a decepticon. At the end of Revenge he said to Megatron that they should bail while they can and that's he has always acted when it came to the animated series and comics back in the day.

    • yep he was always a wimp, he should be as big or bigger than the one in the cartoons then maybe he could b impresive.

    • “decepticons retreat” was megatrons words in almost every episode of g1 transformers … not starscreems , ,check ur facts starscreem ownz

  17. Yeah it was so great. They racked up a ton on Razzies nominations

  18. Yeah it was so great. They racked up a ton on Razzies nominations

  19. i hope they will kill Megan Fox in TF3 , and find someone who is sexy and fun and know how to act … please michael bay do something …

  20. No, they won't be killing her off in this film, unfortunately.

  21. I agree. In the first film Starscream was awesome, but for ROTF they decided to turn into a Pu**y.

  22. The old Megatron sounded like a 40 year old pot smoker, I hope Hugo Weaving returns, his Megatron is bad ass.

  23. The old Megatron sounded like a 40 year old pot smoker, I hope Hugo Weaving returns, his Megatron is bad ass.

  24. I hope they don´t screw it up, like they did in the second movie…

  25. why wabt u guys fo it at hamilton

  26. I just hope the new characters are new robots – when I go to a transformers movie I expect to see it focus around the robots, not around a bunch of humans. I watch transformers for the robots. yeah sure they brought in new robots for the second movie – but the only two I was interested in seeing more of (Jolt and Sideswipe) they hardly did anything with.

    • i know what u mean and I wish they would bring some new robots would come in too (FOR THE WHOLE MOVIE0 maybe as one of the main characters?

  27. Sorry guys…Megan Fox will NOT be in the 3rd movie.
    At this point, we believe it will be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Victoria Secrets Model).

    • no freakin way she was what had made the whole movie, not much of the action was really interesting

  28. Im into these action packed movies, the first and second was fantastic and hope the third follows the same path