Bill Fagerbakke Lends His Voice to an Autobot for Transformers 3

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transformers 3 bill fagerba Bill Fagerbakke Lends His Voice to an Autobot for Transformers 3

**UPDATE – Thanks to reader duck for the heads up we’ve posted the first image of the Blue Wrecker Car at the bottom of this post.**

Movie news can come from all sorts of places – blogs, press releases, a slip of the tongue during an interview…or in this case, a website for a local paper in Idaho.

The Times-News in Twin Lakes, Idaho website is reporting that longtime actor Bill Fagerbakke (Coach) will be “voicing an animated [sic] Chevy Impala stock car equipped with machine guns” in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

Fagerbakke is no stranger to voice-over work, as he has voiced Patrick the Starfish on the children’s show SpongeBob SquarePants for over ten years.

Earlier this summer the stock cars in question were seen darting around downtown Chicago and after some speculation among fanboy sites, the deadly firepower-imbued NASCAR replicas were confirmed by Michael Bay’s website Shoot for the Edit to be the group of Autobots known as the Wreckers.  The pictures showed three separate Impalas: Juan Pablo Montoya’s #42 Target car, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s #88 Amp Energy car and Jimmie Johnson’s #48 Lowe’s car.

transformers 3 wreckers Bill Fagerbakke Lends His Voice to an Autobot for Transformers 3

Since all three vehicles on the set of Transformers: Dark of the Moon are “stock cars with machine guns” it’s virtually impossible to determine which new Autobot Fagerbakke will be voicing, but we can take a few educated guesses. Fagerbakke has voiced several Transformers characters in the animated series over the past few years – Bulkhead, Hotrod and Master Disaster. We know director Michael Bay isn’t overly concerned with keeping to the original Transformers canon (examples: the Twins, Jazz dying, Autobot heaven) so based on that it wouldn’t be a stretch to think Fagerbakke could possibly resume one of his old roles.

Taking a look we can see that in the cartoon series, Bulkhead was a green S.W.A.T. van and Master Disaster didn’t look anything like a car – so that just leaves Hotrod. As you can see from the comparison picture below, Hotrod the toy looks very similar to the blue machine gun-endowed Chevy Impala from the movie.

hotshot impala Bill Fagerbakke Lends His Voice to an Autobot for Transformers 3

The one flaw in this logic is that Hotshot was never a member of the Wreckers, but since several of the robots in the Transformers movie franchise have changed for the sake of filmmaking (example: Megatron as a semi-truck, Ultra Magnus as a fire truck) then it’s conceivable that the blue Impala could indeed be Hotshot.

blue wrecker toy robot car Bill Fagerbakke Lends His Voice to an Autobot for Transformers 3

Click the image to see more.

Regardless, the important thing to remember is Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay have both promised Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be better than the previous two films and the teaser trailer released a few weeks ago certainty makes it appear they are trying to hold true to their word.

Which Autobot do you think is being represented by the blue Chevy Impala? I’m going to call him Dauber.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon arrives in theaters July 1st, 2011.

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  1. i think Hot Rod could be the Red Ferrari Italia and the Hot Rod example you provided is the newer one. The classic HotRod is red and sleek low supercar with a huge wing on the back.. :D

    • I just have one question where are the dinobots?

  2. cool voice actor – let’s hope he actually has some lines

  3. eM Oh Oh eN
    That spells BayFormers 3


      • As soon as I saw Bill Faggerbakke’s name, I immediately thought of that. LOL

    • haha

  4. Spongebob? A children show? That show is hilarious for anyone.

  5. If Megatron is a truck that means that car is… powerglide! no, no… skylynx! no, no, …. perceptor!

    actually it looks like Tracks, the arrogant effeminate autobot. Although Tracks was a corvetter stingray.

  6. Its pointless even trying to guess.
    Michael Bay has bastardized so much of the Transformers for fit in to his vision that it could be just about any autobot you care to mention.

    • yeah we really should pat attention to how they look and not the names because Bay and the wroters could obvously not care any less

  7. I hope that rumor about David Warner up to voice Shockwave turns out true (I doubt it will though). That would be just epic.

  8. that toy is actually the transformer blur, it makes sense that he voicing that transformer

    • No it isn’t, that Toy is Cybertron Hot Shot.

  9. Why doesn’t Bumblebee have a voice already???

    • B/c it’s not funny having a robot talk with his normal voice. Bumblebee has to talk through radio (although it was changed to movies in the second film) to be “funny” (in Bay’s mind).

      • In the original cartoons, wasn’t it a Cybertronian junk collector/motorcycle with that schtick? (Not that it matters to Bay, of course.)
        The overall effect is that Ratchet sucks as an Autbot Dr…er… mechanic — or whatever.

        • Yeah, his name was Wreck-Gar I believe. But Bay was trying to go for the whole “relationship is more than just words”, but it didn’t work in the second film b/c it just became a plot hole.

    • That is the saddest excuse for a Transformer Toy I’ve seen in a long time. The entire back of his head is hollow and both sides of the car make up his arms?!? How lame is that…it’s like playing with a Go-Bot.

      • Well, it’s a legends class toy. It’s one of the those 5/6-dollar ones for people on a budget. There’s certainly bound to be a bigger, better version of it somewhere down the line.

  10. Er hate to burst your bubble but hotrod has been a wrecker so therefore your off based. However the figure you are comparing is in fact hot SHOT not ROD! I believe the green car could be bulkhead but doubt. Its probably is a random dude

  11. Does it really matter what they’re called anyway? I mean, 90% of the new robots weren’t even refered to by their names, and seems kind of pointless to say “that’s Hot Rod” or “that’s Thundercracker” when they won’t even be named in the film.

    • it’s so easy to introduce a character’s name in a script – I thought it was funny that the best they came up with for half the Decepticons in TF1 was “Devestator ready!” and “Barricade on his way!” or something like that. really cheesy

      • Yeah, but in TRANSFORMERS 2 soo many characters were introduced, and none of them were names. Take Ravage for example. He was seen throughout the movie, and not one Decepticon called Him (it?) by name. It makes me wonder why they even gave them names. Just call him Disposable Decepticon #4345.

    • @ Little Monster

      Lol. It’s Michael Bay’s vision so he makes up names & robots as he pleases. Like Devastator in the 1st film that was a tank, oops i didn’t realize he was a combiner robot, oh well. Transformers 2, contructicons = Devastator, Bay: Im sure people didn’t care about me naming a tank robot the same name in the 1st film. I didn’t get why Arcee was considered to be 3 motorcycles. The twins should of been Sideswipe & Sunstriker. Plus Megatron aint one to be takin orders from someone like The Fallen, Even In death theres no command but mine, yeah sure lol. If Megatron takes orders from Shockwave, id wouldn’t be shocked knowing its Bay’s direction.

  12. My guesses for the three race cars,

    Red = Sideswipe

    Blue = Mirage

    Green = Wheeljack

  13. I take back the red one being sideswipe (for obvious reasons duh) and agree the red one should be Hot Rod. This of course would then make sense that Bill voice this one.

  14. So Ultra Magnus is in the movie too as a firetruck? I thought it was Sentinel Prime.

    • There has been no confirmation either way Wally so until I’m told different I’m calling him Ultra Magnus for 2 reasons: 1)Ultra Magnus was in charge of the Wreckers and they are in the movie 2) The Ultra Magnus toy most closely resembles the fire truck seen on the set.

    • Its hard to say which that vehicle will be for sure. There is a video floating around of a security guard for the film saying its sentinel, but the fire truck disguise, if you follow the toons, fits ultra magnus better. Plus you have the last movie claiming Opitmus as the LAST prime. So how would there be a sentinel prime if optimus was the last? But its Bay, so we wont know for sure until the credits roll.

      • Pete click the link that says “Ultra Magnus as a fire truck” and you can watch that video you’re talking about as well as see our thoughts on who it might be and why. Thanks for the comments.

      • i think what they were meaning by LAST prime was the last BORN prime, would make more sense

  15. hooray optimus has his trailer finaly

  16. I remember reading Bay doesn’t like the idea of having the Dinobots despite how popular they are amongst fans. But we all know how Bay is about makin robots his own way.

    • Bay doesn’t like the Dinobots b/c they don’t Transform into cars. Even if he did include them, he would just have them be triple changers and turn into cars. Taking away the point of calling them Dinobots.