Who is This New Autobot on the Set of Transformers 3?

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transformers 3 space Who is This New Autobot on the Set of Transformers 3?

People can say what they want about the first two Transformers films and director Michael Bay, but the man knows how to take an iconic toy from the ’80s and turn it into an over-the-top action film.

I’m not saying the film’s dialogue or story were always top notch, nor was the inclusion of robots no one has ever heard of (or cares to see on the screen again *cough twins cough*) but you can’t tell me the IMAX version of the forest fight scene between Optimus Prime and the Decepticons wasn’t one of the coolest fight scenes in the past 10 years.

Even though it’s probably going to be full of inappropriate robot-on-human scenes and the dialogue and “humor” will sound like it came from a direct-to-DVD B-film, there is little doubt that Transformers 3 will dominate at the box office next summer.

I know it’s hard to believe that; even with Megan Fox leaving the cast and being replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley the film still has a chance of success, but for some reason fans care more about the robots than they do the humans – go figure!

Ever since Transformers 3 began shooting in the very public financial district of Chicago, amateur videographers and photographers have been flooding the Internet with every little thing they see – even if it’s just a couple of cars driving off down the street.

Paramount and Viacom tried to have some of these videos pulled from YouTube claiming copyright infringement, they even flagged us incorrectly, but as YouTube investigates each occurrence they are reposting the videos as appropriate. Score one for the little guy I suppose.

Recently a gentleman walking along the streets grabbed a neat little video of a security “protecting” a parking lot where a few of the mighty robots are being stored during the shoot. This is apparently something that can be done with your shirt partially un-tucked…but I digress.

In the video below, the security guard points to the blue and red flamed semi-truck and says “Optimus Prime,” then points behind him and to the back at a black-fronted military transport and says “Sentinel Prime.” Watch for yourself:

Everyone knows the semi-truck is Optimus Prime with his trailer attached, but the name of the military transport vehicle has many people scratching their heads. The Transformers Live Action Movie Blog seems to think the unnamed vehicle is Rodimus Prime, while the security guard is under the impression it is Sentinel Prime. Our own Mike Eisenberg just happens to reside in Chicago and has seen this vehicle up close and says it’s black on the front and red on the sides and has all the necessary equipment to function as a fire truck.

Here is a better look at the vehicle in question:

The vehicle is actually a Rosenbauer Panther 6×6 and it’s an impressive looking machine to say the least. Check it out in action below:

After we put all that information together it still begs the question: who could this mysterious Autobot be? I have my own opinions on who the big fella is (and I’m going to discuss those) but first let’s talk about the other two names being thrown around.


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  1. YEAH BABY!!! Good report!

  2. The Vehicle that is in the last video isn’t the same as the one in the first two?

    • yeah they are all the same vehicle. The one in the bottom video is just a version that hasn’t been modified for the film. I believe that truck was filmed in Croatia

  3. “Sir could You please turn the camera off?”
    “Yea, sure”
    “Don’t make me bring someone sir”
    “Yea ok”

    Lmao!! That was so funny. No idea who it could be. But at the same time it kinda doesn’t really matter who it is since the robots in a robot movie aren’t he main focus according to Bay.

  4. i feel like i’d be duped for a third time if i went to see this when it came out again lol

  5. I couldn’t see any Transformer ensignia on the vehicle, so either it hadn’t been put on yet, we didn’t get view that would show it, or its just a vehicle and not a transformer.

  6. “Rodimus was the young, arrogant leader of the Autobots” ~ Paul Young

    Technically, you are wrong. It was a arrogant ‘HotRod’ who got Optimus Prime killed. Only at the end of the movie did ‘HotRod’ become ‘Rodimus Prime’; thus, taken upon himself the leadership of the Autobots. At that point in the movie, ‘Rodimus Prime’ became a humbled character.

    HotRod = Arrogant nobody transformer.
    Rodimus Prime = Humbled evolution of HotRod into a leader.

    Big Difference.

    • its the same character….why are you knit picking?

      Hotrod/rodimus was a massive douche who got my hero killed. lets not glorify him by differentiating him into two different characters…

      I swear hotrod/rodimus was the first person/robot/entity that I ever truly hated….well hot rod and cyclops (the latter for getting morph killed and beat imprisoned) but they were both around the same time when I was at the imprisonable age of 6 or 7… nevertheless the hatred has endured

      • Hotrod/Rodimus ARE TWO different characters Hot Rod’s a carefree, fun loving, life of the party with a cool girlfriend (Arcee), and Robot Han Solo (Springer) as his best friend. The next he inadvertently gets Optimus killed, gets separated from his best friend and girl, and then finds out that he’s the Transformers Messiah. For the cherry on top of the crap sunday after he assumes command from someone who’s been called “The most Legendary Autobot of all time”. On top of that he’s constantly in the shadow of the greatest Autobot leader of all time and is no longer the old person he was. He’s been forced to “grow up” too soon, and lost everything he ever cared about to fulfill some prophecy and take on responsibilities he never wanted.

        See Rodimus comes off to me as haunted, tortured, and in the shadow of Optimus. He’s bipolar as **** and you can’t watch Season 3 without picking that up. But there’s one thing that I always admired about him. He was flawed as Hell (Optimus was literally perfect except for his compassion that could be used against him), but he never once gave up. He always picked himself up, dusted himself off and manned the **** up and did what had to be done. Even when he had reverted back to Hot Rod (twice I think) and was infinitely happier, he did what he had to in the end and became Rodimus Prime for the good of the Autobots. The only time he ever outright gave up was when he felt he was personally responsible for Cybertron’s destruction in Headmasters (Japanese series, not Headmasters: Rebirth).

        Oh I love Optimus too. I don’t think any kid that grew up with Transformers didn’t. I’m man enough to admit that when I was a little kid I cried with Optimus died. But I never once blamed Hot Rod. He did the right thing. What anyone should do. The fact that he failed doesn’t matter, he tried his hardest. And that’s all Optimus would ask and expect. Just give it your all.

        Hot Rod/Rodimus always put his heart into everything and gave it his all. In a way, he never failed Optimus nor the Autobots. Because he lived up to Optimus’ own expectations.

    • I understand you what are saying but it’s the same person in my opinion. Regardless of who he was before or after, I still don’t think the fire truck in question is him.

      • Hey paul barricade was the police car, frenzy was the boombox :)

        • Bah! Right you are…not sure where my brain was during that sentence. Correction has been made. Thanks bud! :)

          • No prob! :)

      • @ Paul Young,

        Zerowolf hit the nail on it’s head. HotRod and Rodimus were psychologically different from each other. HotRod was an inexperienced and adolescent minded youngster, and Rodimus ‘Prime’ was a mature and older adult. BIG psychological differences between the two characters.

  7. Yes rodimus was hot rod before. And frenzy was the little boombox guy not the police car, that was barricade. But i’m glad you mentioned the possibilty of inferno or ultra magnus. Though inferno was part of a combined team.

    • Actually, inferno was a firetruck but he was not part of a combined team like the protectobots :o) Yea, I’m a geek.

    • Lol… Originally, 1980s Fenzy was a cassette tape, which Soundwave (the cassette player) use to eject from his chest. Along with Ravage, Rumble, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Ratbat, Space Case, and Wingthing.

      Technically, if we go by the 1980s version of Tranformers (the originals), Michael Bay only got four characters correct.

      • True that is! But i was talking bout the film :). Now who were blasters’ tapes names’?

        • Hmmm… Blaster’s (1980s Boom Box)cassettes were Flipsides, Blockrock, and Lumina Hoshi. Hehehe… :)

          I missed the 1980s version. Lol…

          • Don’t worry I don’t remember them either! Lol. And I own the entire G1 series.

            • Oh, no… I miss the 1980s version. I grew up watching the originals at age five. Hahaha…

              When Transformers first arrived on television in the 1980s, the biggest controversy in the news was about how Megatron was a gun. Talk about crazy.

        • Eject, Grandslam, Raindance, Ramhorn, Rewind and Steeljaw.

          • and Flipsides was in the reissue box with Blaster.

  8. Crap you’re right. What was the name of the protectobots fire truck?

    • Hot Spot. But the guy who runs Michael Bay’s site has confirmed that it’s not him either.

  9. Hotrod was not a prime, he was an Autobot that once he got control of the matrix transformed into Rodimus Prime, The whole Prime thing was invented for the movie as far as I know. There for, even Bumble bee can be the Leader of the Autobots in the near future.

  10. Rodimus was and is my favorite Autobot. If you watch the movie carefully, Hot Rod doesn’t get Optimus killed. He gets involved but Optimus dies of injuries sustained by his fight with Megatron. Hot Rod doesn’t help but he didn’t get Optimus killed.

    I am glad Luis_PR clarified the issue of the Primes. The Matrix makes you a Prime, according to the 1986 movie. Hot Rod only becomes Rodimus Prime after opening up the Matrix inside Unicron.

    Hot Rod and Rodimus are not the same character. It’s like saying that Optimus and Orion Pax are the same character. Completely different types of characters and if you watched the third season of Transformers, you would know that Rodimus is completely different than Hot Rod. To blow it off and say that it doesn’t matter ignores the history of the cartoon. Even though the history in the cartoon is iffy considering they changed it so much.

    • All that to say, I think it will be Inferno. Inferno was one of the original Transformers and it would make sense to have him in there.

  11. Holy crap you guys need girlfriends….

  12. If I had to guess, I would say Inferno. But I think Greg B is right; there was no insignia on the vehicle, so it may just be a vehicle. Of course, this is still early in production and the insignia could be added later, or Inferno will scan this vehicle and become it.

  13. It is indeed a robot and not a set vehicle; there’s been more than enough set photos that have shown he’s got an Autobot insignia. And it’s not a “military transport made to look like a fire vehicle”, it’s literally a fire vehicle designed to take care of aircraft fires. Additionally, the guy who runs Michael Bay’s website has confirmed that it’s not Inferno. And don’t really on previous histories that much to figure out who it might be; the movies (just like every other new incarnation of transformers since 2001) builds from near-scratch. For instance, Magnus was Prime’s brother in G1 and RiD, but not in Transformers: Animated. (yes, I am a nerd).

  14. Awesome optimus looks freakin cool with the trailer production is lookin good can’t wait 2 watch this when it releases ^_^

  15. I think your last guest was right. It looks like it has a nest insignia on the side.

  16. All that opened for me was the last pic, but that looked remarkably like a T-3000 Airport Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicle. I may be wrong on the type, but its def an ARFF “crash” truck. Whether its an autobot or not, I can’t wait.

    • I think you are correct as to it’s everyday non-movie related use. From what I can tell though, it’s a Rosenbauer Panther 6×6.

  17. ive read pretty much every single transformers related article screen rant has posted since just after the first movie and i think this is the most interesting and compelling one. with the shockwave being the enemy article being the next (cuz that was just surprising)

    i think they should bring back the devastator/brawl from the first movie though cuz that was an awesome fight scene and way better than the second devastator from the second movie.

  18. Oh crap, I thought it was Ultra Magnus !!

  19. it’s Bay we’re talkin’ about here! The vehicle is probably unrelated to the series in any way and will be yet another screwed up idea to further taint the robots in disguise!

    • heh…where i wouldn’t put it past Bay, that’s an expensive additional prop to be there, get decal-ed and mount cameras on it.

  20. Could be any Autobot. Latest i read that first it would be Hotrod/Rodimus Prime voiced by Peter Weller supposely still. Then i read it was Sentinel Prime. Im sure it be confirmed closer to time to which it is.

  21. It sound to me like the security guard is actually saying Septimus Prime.
    If Michael Bay is making up more characters, I like the name.

    • hey whats up man? ever since the movies came out. ive made my own little movies comics, its what i do on my down time..i wanna show some of u guys my plot and stuff…what ive done, was gave it a star wars feel.
      Sentinel Prime battle The Fallen. Fallen was destroyed and rebuild by shackwave and soundwave intoo Megatron.. i would like too show you guys more, and what ive done differnely and plus, i really never like hotrod..so i killed him off, there there is a new prime. Email me with Subject Transformers, Giantsfan11703@aol.com so i know where ur emailing me about….And there r no Dinobots. There r the names of the Dinobots, But there not dinobots, I uesd all the old dinobot names throw time in my comics and remember, I killed off Hotrod, so there is a new prime..And there is a Unicron, and there is a new Galvatron, Megatron was melted down by Autobot’s and Humans after he was killed off.. So you will be surprise or you might not like it…And you might be surprise who took over the Decepticon leadership after Megatron, al u need too know, its not Starcream. its the one who became Galvatron in my 4th Book

    • i think its rodimus or ultra magnus and the way i think they are going to be in it is remember the cube shard that sam still has i think they will get the body of one of them and use that shard to bring them to life

  22. An Autobot will debut as a Red/Black Rosenbauer Panther fire truck. A security guard said that it would be Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime’s father.

    this comes from : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transformers_3, which has a list of autobots, decepticons and humans in the 3rd installment of the franchise.

  23. Well Sentinel Prime is Optimus Prime’s predecessor and he passed the matrix of leadership to him before in died in the comics.

    The Fallen is Megatrons master and was searching for the matrix in the second film.

    They are probably going to have it that Sentinel Prime stayed on cybertron back wen the other primes went in search of new worlds, he heard that Optimus defeated The Fallen and has come down to reclaim the matrix of leadership.

    There is some news that they wanted Optimus to more heroic in the next film so they gave him a trailer so time will tell how we will look in his robot form because after the scene in TF: ROTF where jetfire & optimus combine they will definately be using the trailer in the same way possibly!

  24. We need a cameo by FemBots… an extended cameo.

  25. hot rod killed optimus and Rodimus couldn’t cut it as a leader thats why the brought back Optimus to save the day.

  26. God even the toys suck, that’s not ultra magnus(the Toy) it may be some stupid new thing they have done recently and by recently i mean anything after the original (good) transformers. I would love for someone else to take a crack at the transformers and Gi Joe for that matter to.

  27. Its Sentinel Prime…….Maybe???
    Gotta Love Michael Bay and not knowing if this is
    misinformation or if this is legit. Hope its legit
    Sentinel Prime would be great. We will see in 2011.
    And on a serious note, hope the extra that was injured
    in the filming in Chicago makes a full recovery.

  28. Hey did you guys read this,,, whatta bummer to say the least,,,
    I hope she recovers !!!

  29. Really old news. This has been talked about for about two and a half weeks now.

    • And your point? Back then it was nothing but speculation but this is the first time someone “associated” with the film has mentioned a name. Granted it’s just a hourly wage parking lot attendent but it still counts.

      • And YOUR point? All I said was that it was old news, it’s not like I called the person who wrote this a dumb-ass for not going to a Transformers fan-site or anything, just saying that it’s a tad old, it wasn’t meant to be taken offensively or anything.