Transformers 3 Will Be Shot in 3D

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transfomers 3D Transformers 3 Will Be Shot in 3D

Market Saw has dropped the news that Transformers 3 will be shot in 3D, using the Arri Alexa Pace 3D camera, which is the same camera system that Martin Scorsese is using for his own upcoming 3D feature, Hugo Cabret.

We heard that Transformers 3 was going 3D a little while back (not like it’s much of a surprise to begin with), but until now it was somewhat uncertain whether we’d be getting real deal native 3D or the post-conversion 3D that’s been less than impressive in movies like Clash of the Titans or The Last Airbender.

I’m actually glad Transformers 3 will be shot in native 3D; giant CGI robots battling it out is certainly the type of spectacle suited to the gimmick format. We initially assumed that the rushed production schedule of Transformers 3 meant that it would have to go through post-production 3D conversion, so it’s icing on the cake to hear that they’re doing it the correct way and shooting the film using 3D cameras.

The rushed production schedule aside, it’s also a bit surprising to hear that Transformers 3 is being shot in native 3D since Michael Bay said he was on the fence about 3D, specifically stating that the 3D camera systems were too cumbersome to shoot the sort of action sequences that he has planned for the film. So again, icing on the cake.

Michael Bay Shia LaBeouf Transformers 3 Transformers 3 Will Be Shot in 3D

Hopefully the Pace 3D cameras work well for Bay and Co. and we at least get a Transformers 3 that looks good in terms of action and effects, since the storylines and dialogue have not been the franchise’s strong point. Of course, the story and villain for Transformers 3 sound interesting so far, so maybe – just maybe – all the right factors will come together (better story, better villain, some surprising casting additions, cool 3D effects, no twins, no Megan Fox) and we might finally get an awesome Transformers movie? Is it too much to ask for at this point?

If you want more details on the story, villain and planned improvements of Transformers 3, check THIS POST by our own Rob Keyes.

Transformers 3 will be in theaters a year from now on July 1st, 2011.

Source: Market Saw

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  1. This is another movie that will end up being epic or an epic fail

  2. Native 3D cameras won’t help the script if it’s as terrible as the last two. Hopefully they spent more time on that than deciding how to shoot the film but, I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • Well, without a writer’s strike, there was certainly more time to give it a proper script polish, rather than having a week of sketching down ideas and making up the rest while filming.

  3. Let’s consider for a moment whether that’s EVER been a franchise in which the first two movies were terrible, but the third was incredible…Hmm…

    • in all honesty the first one was pretty good. but its the second one is what people care more about.

  4. i will see this movie. not in 3D but in 2D. it is sounding better than 2.

    megan fox sucks

    and Shia Lebouf Promises the 3rd will be better after apologizing for the last one and indiana jones.

    filming in 3D is alot better than converting in 3D. the difference is like something filmed in color or converted in color. and just like when Color movies started, it took a while to see where and how it works. so 3D is still in the infant stage (of being taken seriously) and i wont see any movie (not animated) in 3D.

  5. It’s hilarious to already be forewarned that the production will be rushed — but we’re getting 3D — which really means that the plot will be as thin as ever. That said I thought the plotline was better in TF2. All i expect from the film is TFs knocking the crap out of each other, which Bay delivers in spades. Proper 3D & 16:9 is brilliant. I’ll definitely see it.

    • jay, that means one thing…EPIC FAIL

  6. hm… giant robots beating the crap out of each other and explosions in REAL 3D? sweet.

    but all and all just adding 3D onto TF3 wont make up for the flop that was TF2.

    • TF2 may have had weak acting from the opening scenes where the family was sending their beloved son off to college. Other than that I thought the rest of the movie was pretty good. It made over 800 million so I wouldn’t call it a flop.

      • there’s a difference between a creative and financial flop

        • Would you rather it be a creative masterpiece and a financial flop??? From Paramounts perspective I don’t think so.

  7. I’m a huge Transformers fan all the way back to G1 and I still loved both movies. They were nothing but fun summer popcorn flicks. Never had any delusions that they would be Oscar contenders.

  8. “Will the next round of giant robot warfare actually be worth the inflated ticket price?”

    That’s easy. NO.

  9. I will NOT go see this movie if it is only being shown in 3D!! I’ll wait for the DVD release. If they release it in non 3D, then yeah, I’ll go see it for sure! HATE 3D….

    • It’ll be released in both 2-D and 3-D.

  10. Finally a good Transformers movie? Finally?

    I realize that T2 was not well received but the original TRANSFORMERS movie was solid and certainly a hit.

  11. Well I guess the guy is working a little harder this time if he’s taking the pains to use the native 3D method but just like Ryan, Spud, Anthony and many others here have said it’s about the story and how well the actors do to convey the story. All the shiny go-ga stuff, explosions, and special effects won’t make up for it. Sorry if the writers strike or whatever got in your way Mr. Bay but like M.Night’s latest debacle don;t be . You’ve got a top franchise with a loyal following and nothing standing in your way. If you can’t make gravy with this Gravy Train maybe you should park the chuck wagon…

  12. Daryl, every single 3D movie that has come out has also been shown in 2D.

  13. I’m sure it will be shown in 2D but did anyone try and see Toy Story 3 in 2D? It wasn’t easy.

    Just because they will show it in 2D doesn’t mean that showtimes won’t be largely weighted toward 3D – resulting in having to see a huge blockbuster movie on the smallest screens in any given theater.

    Basically, if you want to see it in 2D you’re going to have less showtime options, as well as likely lower quality in terms of the technical set-up.

    Of course this is a sweeping generalization but there’s no doubt the distributor as well as your local theater will try and get you to see the movie in 3D.

    • PS: At least they’re shooting in 3D – not converting.

      • 3D or not….im not wasting money on this crap again

  14. No offense to anyone who did like these movies, but “Transformers” was an epic fail from the start. Adding in a 3D element will only enhance its failures.

    Why am I so negative? It is simple. When I grew up on the 1980s watching “Transformers”, the tv-show and movie were about the Transformers themselves. After I watched the first live-action movie, I witnessed a complete departure from what I like and admired about the series. Not only did the writers completely ignore what “Transformers” was about, but they turned to Transformers themselves into dumb moronic fools. Where is the Optimus Prime that stood up against evil, and when he spoke it raise your pulse and gave you chills?

    While watching the first two movies (on on big screen and the other through rental), I got sick at how horrible the CGI looked when the robots fought. Someone asked me about how I felt about the movie, and my reply was rather staright forward. “It was like watching crumpled up Hershy wrappers (foil and outer wrapping) being tossed across the screen, and all they did was add in some sound-affects.”

    Moving this franchise to 3D will only enhance the candy wrapper affect; thus, people will witness trash being thrown at them and across the screen.

    Someone should make “Transformers” into a serious movie, which the Transformers themselves are the leading characters. None of this human this or human that. Where are the ‘real Transformers’?

    • In principle I agree with you Marcus the Transformers story isn’t about Earth and the goings on there but the Transformers and Cybertron. That’s where the story should have been in the first place.

      • Maybe human elements could have been used as filler. All I know is that I didn’t recognize the movie as “Transformers” 1980. Since I haven’t followed their franchise since then, I may have missed some of the overall changes. Who knows.

        When I think about older franchises, “Star Wars for example, I have to remember that my experiences with them were from a younger age. Other words, the new versions of “Transformers” and “Star Wars” were not meant for me, but they were created to bring in a younger audience.

        Even though we all try hard to not get older, maybe something has caused me to like more seasoned storytelling formats. I think I just called myself old. Lol…

  15. Transformers for the most part has always had some human element. In the original G1 cartoon you had Spike and Sparkplug (i think those are the right names). If you go back and watch them you will see that their last names were actually Witwicky. And I can certainly respect the way Bay has changed the story and characters. I’m a HUGE fan of the G1 show. I have every episode on dvd and the awesome G1 movie but it doesn’t hold up well at all. The designs for the Transformers then would not translate well for a live action movie. All in all I think Bay made some pretty good decisions for the new Transformer designs (and yes he made a couple bad ones…Skids and Mudflap).