Transformers 2 Full Trailer 8 Months Away

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transformers 2 Transformers 2 Full Trailer 8 Months AwaySlashFilm was good enough to report that the full length trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be premiere before J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot… which doesn’t hit theaters until May 8, 2009.

Now you may be thinking: “But Kofi, that’s only about a month before Transformers 2 hits theaters on June 26, 2009!” And you would be correct: it does seem like a slim window of time in which to lure audiences into the theater.

But then again, a lot of the marketing work for Transformers 2 is already being done… literally as I type this.

Whether you love it or hate it before you’ve seen it, the Internet is keeping Transformers 2 in the mouths and minds of a lot of people. Why would the studio spend money on half a dozen trailers and two-dozen TV spots when every piece of concept art, location art, production stills, video clips and behind-the-scenes news is being distributed amongst the public for free?

Also lets keep in mind that this is a sequel we’re talking about, which means that, excluding the percentage of people who hated the first Transformers, (95% of whom are apparently either readers or writers here at Screen Rant,) the second installment already has a sizable built-in audience.

transformers 2 aircraft car Transformers 2 Full Trailer 8 Months Away
Concept Art from Transformers: 2 Revenge of the Fallen

Finally, as /Film pointed out, the first full trailer for Transformers debuted before Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End, which was released in May of 2007; roughly a month before the first Transformers movie. So really, all we’re seeing is the same game plan as last time being put into action.

Still, May 2009 is a long time for me to wait to see Devastator rage on the big screen. Of course, a teaser trailer for Transfomers: Revenge of the Fallen is rumored to be hitting theaters this winter, but don’t expect to see anything too cool, there. Just buckle down like I am, and wait for May to get here.

Source: SlashFilm

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  1. “As far as character development, what do you expect from a 2 hour movie?”

    Panda, don’t take this personally, but that’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.

    There are literally HUNDREDS of movies (if not more) with amazing character development, many in much less than 2 hours. Hell, you can get decent character development on a 40+ year old half hour episode of The Twilight Zone!


  2. That was one of the flaws, too much screen time for JAR JAR, opps SHia Le Beef. Not enough of Transformers, They didn’t even make the other badguys speak at all.

    Megan Fox was the positive thing in this whole expensive mess.
    They’ve got plenty of characters in STAR TREK, not all of them have plenty of screentime but we do care about them, the robots could die, I didn’t give them any thought.

    Plus Optimus’ 2cents speech at the end made me laugh so hard it sounded phoony.

    The Comic and cartoon did a better job in their short media then the film.

    That version of Transformers based on a different script was closer to what I’s expect of Transformers even if they’re just production paintings.

  3. I’m sure I’ve said much more rediculous things on here before.

    But really my point is that there is only so much room for character development in a 120 to 150 minutes. There is not possible way to develop 12 or so Transformer characters and human characters. The main human characters were developed ok, like them or not. The primary beef is that the humans were the focus, which was intentional. It was written for a teenage audience (hence teenagers as the primary focus), and it was successful at it. It angers diehard fans apparently, but it is what it is.

    Sure, 22 minute TV episodes can develop a one or two characters really well, but that is typically one open-and-shut story that focuses on that character. But, I disagree that there are many movies that were successful at developing more than four or five characters, particularly action movies because so much of the screen time is action scenes rather than dramatic or character focused scenes.

    I’m in a minority regarding this movie I know and no one probably cares what points I’ve made, but I just think there were more positives than negatives. I’d also like to see a lot changed in a sequel that probably won’t happen, but ‘oh well’ – I’m not the one bank-rolling it.

  4. @Panda

    “There is no possible way to develop 12 or so Transformer characters and human characters.”

    Ah, now I see what you mean. That is indeed a difficult task.

    Although they managed to do it just fine in the classic WWII film “The Dirty Dozen.” :-)


  5. That’s funny Vic, I was thinking of the same response. You beat me to it, lol.

  6. Point taken… but not enough robots in that one though – j/k

  7. Transformers was a joke, plain, simple, end of story.

  8. Is that because it wasnt dark and gritty?

  9. @DarkGrittyMovieLover

    You’ll fit right in here, bud.


  10. Why is everybody trashing the best movie ever made? Not just the special effects but the story too. Cant wait till tf2 comes..

  11. “Why is everybody trashing the best movie ever made?”



  12. LMAO @ chjonkel

    I wonder if you were able to make that joke with a straight face dude. If you did, you deserve an oscar.

  13. Oi Vic open up the AVP3 comment thing

    anyways transformers was pretty good it would be great if it had more bots

  14. I think that, overall, the underlying reason for Transformers turning out the way it did was the target audience. The diehard fans of the old school Transformers are (mostly) 20+ y/o — the film was made too childish in a overzealous effort to capture the 6 and up crowd.

    I love when a film succeeds in appealing to the majority of all audiences, i.e. Hook but I see the validity of many points made here as to why Transformers isn’t that great.

    I recognize the same root problem, too much time was spent developing it for the children. I can see its aim was at adults and kids but in the adult department it just doesn’t hit its mark.

    And… why are we making up Transformers when Soundwave was denied a part in this film? Rhetorical, he is my favorite. At least they had Starscream!

    Hopefully, ‘Revenge’ is The Dark Knight of the Transformers. Well… that is probably asking for too much… well it definitely is asking for too much…