Transformers 2 Teaser Online!

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transformers 2 poster Transformers 2 Teaser Online!Finally! Our first look at footage from the upcoming and highly anticipated Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The video, to be released during the 3rd quarter of today’s Super Bowl, is a 30-second teaser trailer showing all sorts of action and explosions as we’ve come to expect from director Michael Bay.

The trailer confirms Ravage’s inclusion to the movie, Starscream’s return and our first look at Devastator.

Enough talking, watch and see for your self:


That giant thing with the wheel for legs is supposedly Devastator which is a little disconcerting as I was hoping a giant bipedal monster similar to the original incarnation. That being said, I’ve heard some rumblings that what we see in the trailer may only be a part of the Devastator without all of its components.

The trailer makes me excited for the movie. What do you think of it?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen stars Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Isabel Lucas, Rainn Wilson and John Turturro. It debuts on the big screen June 26, 2009.

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  1. John, after the positive word of mouth, I thought Bay might have actually given us more than just effects. Silly me.

    The tomatometer, for the first time, had let me down. In terms of movies I plan ahead to see, it’s still a generally good harbinger, but it’s reliability took a big hit that day.

  2. My prediction is that every person who posts here will see this in theatres, whether they admit it or not – What does that say about entertainment value of Michael Bay? ;)

    And the reason these movies are so crazy popular are because they are all action, visuals, giant robots, sweet rides and explosions… that’s what we want to see from this and there is no better substitute. That’s not something people can complain about but for some reason, I hear that a lot. Since when did plot and characterization become a part of the Transformers universe? I think some are missing the boat and have clearly never seen much of the cartoons or 80s film.

    Let’s all hope for an improvement over the first Transformers.

  3. this is going to do the same thing that the last TF movie did, entertain those who want to be entertained. if you watched this and said, “man that is going to suck!” or “that’s not even possible!” you’re right, because that’s your opinion and don’t go see it. however, if you’re like me, you saw it and went “that… was… epic.” it’s going to be an improvement over the first one and you can pretty much have The Dark Knight to thank for that, it raised the proverbial bar and everyone is just going to try and play catch up when it comes to comic book movies. and plus, why would folks look up the articles for a transformers 2 preview just to bash it? serious question.

  4. Uh, I’m actually going to skip this one. Might watch the bootleg or maybe a free rental (someone else rents it).

  5. I’m probably not going to see this in the theater. I was very disappointed in the first film, and this teaser isn’t doing anything to make me more optimistic for the sequel. Effects are important, but if they want to make the second movie work better than the first, then they need a decent story… less flash, more substance.

  6. @ bob

    Seriously “you took the words right out of my mouth PJ”

  7. @ No Name Face

    Who’s Bob? Do you mean me?

  8. yes i guess i did mean you rob…

  9. then thank you :)

  10. @ ken j and bill blume, respectfully, like i said, no matter how much you may not like it, you both just said that you’re going to spend the time to watch it. that’s all i was saying… if you really didn’t have any interest at all, you just wouldn’t see it ever. just saying.

  11. your welcome,
    it kind of hard to find nice journalists these days…

  12. Sold!

  13. Why is it people think that those of us who hated the first one do so because we had unrealistic expectations?

    Yes, it was based on an 80′s cartoon series which itself was based on a toy line. So? Pirates of the Caribbean was based on a flimsily structured theme park ride and it managed to be great fun. Why? Because it had characters we grew to appreciate and it told a coherent story (a leads to b, which leads to c, d, & e).

    The only expectation I had going into transformers was that it made me want to root for the good guys as they beat up the bad guys. All they had to do was make me care about what was going on, that the explosions and SFX fireworks weren’t just left to justify themselves. Make me CARE, and I’ll give any movie a thumbs up, regardless of source or origin.

    The movie wasn’t made to be parody or satire (Bay’s not nuanced enough for that anyway).

    It clearly intended this to be a standard, non-ironic movie experience and in every category it was bungled, manhandled and assembled as it would have been in a cuisinart.

    I don’t intend for movies like this to reach me on an intellectual level. That would be asking too much. But if you’re not going to engage my brain, you’d better engage my heart, my funny bone, or my sense of ironic satiric wit. If you strike out on each of these, you’re only left with random movement and ear-splitting sound.

    If that’s the bar of success we’ve set for movies like this, then I wager we’d do better to start poking our fingers in fire ant hills. You’ll get all the random movement and likely the pain, but it won’t hit you in the wallet, at least.

  14. I think the reason I’d demand decent plot, no matter what the tv series was like, is that I’ve grown up since then. Yes, I want touches that harken to the old cartoon, but if the cartoon is all I wanted… then I’d buy it on DVD.

    On the flipside, I was kind of upset with the first film because I thought there were elements that just didn’t make it appropriate for kids, and I didn’t get to take my son to it for just that reason. That really did tick me off.

  15. Rob,please tell me you are joking about the characterization thing,if not I find
    it mind boggling that you would excuse it just because you seem to assume Bay has made another movie that won’t satisify your desire for characterization from a Transformers movie that he made,go look at every incarnation of Transformers from the cartoons and comics,they may not be on all the same level in terms of good quality,but you will find characterization and I do pity you if you are serious about what you said. You also seem to imply that you need to shut your brain down to enjoy a Transformers movie. That is an over statement and exaggeration,what doe’s need to be realized is that the Transformers themselves don’t need to be straight up Shakespeareish to come across as enjoyable alien robots from space. I haven’t looked into ever medium of Transformers bit by bit even though I am a big fan,but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come to the conclusion that different interpretations of the Transformers have kick butt personalities in them a side from other good stuff. If you want an example spend time with Beast Wars and/or the prequel movie comic books from IDW.

    And secondly(this goe’s to certain people),that constructicon isn’t Devastator,he is made up of 7 of them,not one. It’s confirmed and not a rumor.

  16. Now as for the teaser trailer tv spot,I thought it was great in terms of teasing us. I’m looking forward to the full teaser trailer attached to Friday the 13th,but do really hope it pops up online before that day in good enough shape to view. I think we should get good enough screen time from the Transformers since there is suppose to be only 3 subplots in the movie this time if I remember correctly. I hope I am right about that.

  17. @Bill Blume

    Yeah, that whole masturbation joke was SO out of left field that I was left wondering if I really heard it right…


  18. @ Rob

    “My prediction is that every person who posts here will see this in theatres, whether they admit it or not – What does that say about entertainment value of Michael Bay? ”

    I will not see it in theaters, I did not see the first one in theaters and I will not see the next one…I did state I will buy the DVD when it comes out but they are NOT getting my money from a movie ticket and a DVD/Blu-Ray sale…I will go see Watchmen intheaters and buy it when it is released for home video…not this one though…Besides I am 39 with a 6 year old, 3 year old and a four month old at home so I will be damned if I waste a night out on this movie… :)

  19. For all you people who are judging this movie already, you have no idea. All it showed was 30 seconds so you only got a glimpse of what the movie would be like. You cant judge a movie just by its trailer. there have been some awsome movies who have hac sucky trailers. Also I hope prime kicks butt. The only part i did not like in the first one was that prime did not kill megatron, Sam did.

  20. @ Josh

    ” You cant judge a movie just by its trailer.”

    Maybe not but it goes a hell of a long way to help people ascertain if they want to see a movie or not…

  21. The thirty seconds they chose to reveal to us showed me that, at least visually, all the problems that gave me fits and headaches the first go around were still present.

    I don’t like headaches, and I presume nobody else does either. If you suspected something was going to give you one, would you subject yourself to it anyway? Because that’s what the first one did to me.

    The odds Bay is going to change the formula of the first film and make something I’d consider watchable at this point are slim to none.

    Nope. I swore off these films after getting burned the first time.

  22. @ Saad,

    nah, I wasn’t joking. But more importantly, I’m not saying the first Transformers was a masterpiece. I gave it a 6.5/10 rating because it had a lot of BIG problems with it.

    But ya, to enjoy this film, you have to take it in for what it was despite the problems. The second time around watching the movie, I enjoyed it so much more than the first because I already knew the things that bothered me and it helped me partly look past it… Except for John Turturro’s character who will forever drive me nuts.

    What is with all the taking-it-personal harshness. You pity me? For what… being able to enjoy a movie that’s not perfect? Thanks.

    @ Bill Blume,

    You’re totally right dude, we’ve had that point brought up a few points on transformers threads here. There was no need for that nonsense and it was out of place in this movie where it should of been okay for young kids to see it as there’s no blood, its robots vs. robots with two swear words and no nudity. The writers screwed up big time there.

    @ jerseycajun,

    I see your point but personally I did care about the good guys in some of the transformer-centric moments in the last act. One example is on the highway when they’re escorting Sam & Cube to the city, Optimus drops back to hold off the Decepticon(s) by himself… the way that scene played out, no words were necessary, all actions. Another is in the city at the end when Ironhid gets bumblebee to help him pick up the vehicle and basically sacrifice themselves to protect the ppl in the streets. A third point is when Ratchet and Ironhide are taking shots everwhere to help Sam get to the building.

    Those moments, especially watching it a second and third time really let me feel for them. Maybe that’s just me.

    It’s still a 6.5/10 for me, so there were massive problems as we all know.

  23. @ Saad,

    Same here, I’m not seeing Friday the 13th in theaters so I’m hoping it pops up that day online and we can post it here.

    And, I also hope the plot is more focused like you say… at least we should have much more of the screen time dedicated to the real stars of the film. We really need to see the Decepticons communicate with each other and develop them.

  24. Yeah, I heard that. Don’t think we’ll be covering it here, though.


  25. Rob,

    I guess, by that time of the film, it was a little late for sudden character development of the robots. It was too little, too late. Perhaps I would have felt something in those moments if we knew more about the characters before that happened (as I recall, those moments felt like forced and maybe even cheap attempts to rectify characters that had no decent development thus far, kinda like what happened with Jazz. Just too perfunctory to hold weight, in my opinion.

    I’m glad you got something out of it, though. For the record, my rating was 1/10, mostly for Shia Laboeuf who actually seemed like the only actor who gave a damn in his attempts to give his part the best polish he could. He’s a good actor, and it makes me wish he’d take on something that would test his abilities, do something that pushes his limits.

  26. 1/10 seems extreme to me. What would you give Terminator 3 or Independence Day, just out of curiosity?

    Those examples I mentioned are just some I found. All the scenes with the Transformers (minus the stupid hiding in his backyard crap) show us the type of character they are starting obviously with their introduction where they literally tell you what each of their role is.

    We know Bumblebee is the loyal protector always there and always willing to sacrifice himself – When he gets captured you know Jazz is more quick to act before thinking, he’s the little-but-tough guy like the Wolverine in the group. In that same scene Optimus’ lecture shows him as the wise and patient strategist but also as one who will stop at nothing to help the humans as we saw him do all throughout the film.

    I didn’t think there was lack of characterization of the 5 Autobots – It’s blatantly obvious what each of them is like from the get-go of their introduction. The problem was that we just didn’t see enough of them… budgetary reasons explain that. Another big problem is that they didn’t do any of that for the Decepticons as they have no characterization at all other than showing Frenzy as an annoying idiot and Megatron as always bitter. I guess we could attribute that also to budgetary reasons and them trying to balance between screen time and story between the bad bots and good bots.

    In that aspect, it felt more like a live action test to see if it can be done and I hope the sequel does it properly… or at least much better.

    For me, many of the weak parts come with the human characters who they seemed to be thrown in to fill out the movie running time while not having enough cash to CGI the bots throughout the entire flick.

    The cop was dumb, Turtorro was horrible, the Australian supermodel hacker was ridiculous, John Voight keeps getting worse, etc. etc. Basically, too many far-unrealistic characters that we can’t relate to.

    The outline of the story was there… as best as it can be for alien robot transformers fighting for a cube on our planet… The screenplay brought this down and I guess that’s the fault of the writers as loyal Screen Rant reader Flamestrike would gladly point out :)

    I think there’s too many people on the hate train… 1/10 as the case and point here. There were tons of far worse films out that year and since but if aint your cup of tea, that’s totally cool as long as you’re not bashing it for it being different from the original cartoon.

  27. @jb, I’ve watched a lot of crappy movies that my friends rent. I don’t “spend time” on it, it’s my time off, sometimes I spend that time taking a much needed nap. So if it isn’t one crappy movie, it’s probably some other crappy movie. So if I see Transformers 2 that way, I don’t think it’s much of a compliment to the film…

  28. Rob,I wasn’t pitying you for enjoying a movie that wasn’t perfect,I was pitying you for a different reason. You took what I said out of context. We got the amount of Transformers screen time we were given in the first movie because of te cost of CGI,only so much could be done with them from it. And on top of that there is only so much that can be implemented into a movie that is basically 2 and a half hours in general.