Transformers 2 Teaser Online!

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transformers 2 poster Transformers 2 Teaser Online!Finally! Our first look at footage from the upcoming and highly anticipated Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The video, to be released during the 3rd quarter of today’s Super Bowl, is a 30-second teaser trailer showing all sorts of action and explosions as we’ve come to expect from director Michael Bay.

The trailer confirms Ravage’s inclusion to the movie, Starscream’s return and our first look at Devastator.

Enough talking, watch and see for your self:


That giant thing with the wheel for legs is supposedly Devastator which is a little disconcerting as I was hoping a giant bipedal monster similar to the original incarnation. That being said, I’ve heard some rumblings that what we see in the trailer may only be a part of the Devastator without all of its components.

The trailer makes me excited for the movie. What do you think of it?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen stars Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Isabel Lucas, Rainn Wilson and John Turturro. It debuts on the big screen June 26, 2009.

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  1. Wait that giant robot is only one part of devastator? Its going to be huge, like tip earth off its axis huge

  2. @ Matt,

    I’m not entirely sure, it seems too big to be just one component on its own.

    If it is true that what we see in the trailer is not the entire devastator, my guess would be that it is just a few components of the group.

  3. Of all three or four teaser trailers for the superbowl, including G.I Joe, that is the best one by far.

    It sets a really dark tone. I hope its the same in the actual film.

  4. Rob, you da man, thanks for posting. I CAN”T WAIT!

  5. I agree with Matt, Devastator is going to be huge. Im glad that the Ravage rumors are true as well. He was one of my favorite smaller Transformers.

  6. This looks as unwatchable as the first one.

    Good work, Bay. Now kill off some other franchise. You’re good at it.

    Hey, I heard Thundercats is up for grabs.
    Or Bravestarr … that could use some blurry, mega-complicated (but you don’t see s***) sequences … you can cover it with sand from the deserts of New Texas.



  7. Devastate me, I’m ready!

  8. Looks cool. I honestly didn’t have a problem seeing any of the action in this trailer, or the first movie. Looks awesome.

    Say what you will about the first TF, people loved it and it made money.

    The second will do the same.

  9. I CAN NOT WAIT! That trailer was nothing short of Holy Sh……!

  10. @ .c.h.r.i.s.

    People also love the Jerry Springer show and it makes money.

    Your point?

    Ok, I don’t want to get into a love/hate discussion.
    I do respect the people that like Transformers, but I personally don’t think it’s a good film and it missed the mark of what it WANTED to be by far.

  11. can’t wait for June 26th,2009
    Prime took quite a punch, I just wonder if thats Starscream bombing the Aircraft Carrier. hope Starscream gets some major screen time and isn’t killed off.
    Must see the Full Trailer.
    Till All Are One.

  12. I only got one thing to say:

  13. I love all the michael bay haters. They are so obsessed that they can’t see past how good the movie is going to be. I am guessing you are probably one of those golden globe hacks or emmy judges that vote on gay things.

  14. @darkone

    I’m not a Michael Bay hater, I just didn’t like Transformers. At all.


  15. The first few scenes of the “Transformers” hitting the battle ships looked REALLY fake to me and Megan Fox continues to ham it up with the half-hearted “NNOOOOOO!!!” ALso the scene with Devastator exploding onto the screen with some other transformer hanging off him looked bad as well from a visual standpoint.. I will get the DVD when it comes out in all likelihood (be lying if I said I wouldn’t) but I will skip this in theaters…Plenty of other great films to waste my money on…

  16. @ Darkone

    What the hell has voting on gay things got to do with people liking or not liking Michael Bay…He makes good action movies…however big budgets do not always equal great movies…he’s a hack who knows how to make great action sequences…he cannot get the best from his actors which is what great directors do…He knows how to make things look good when they go bang…Big deal…

  17. chris said:
    “Say what you will about the first TF, people loved it and it made money.

    The second will do the same.”

    OK, and since when did our enjoyment get enhanced because other people liked it?

  18. Come on guys, this is going to be a great movie, 100% entertainment…. this is the way mostly of us like it. Look how 30 sec of TF drive us crazy,,, even does who hate Bay, imagine when the movie appears at theaters. By the way.. there is no way to compare with any of the other trailers,, incluiding GI…what??

  19. The way YOU like it, and the trailer drove YOU crazy. You can’t speak for all of us. ;-)

  20. Did you not notice that the big robot, has the same face as the teaser poster. If we are to believe the fallen is a army all on his own!!!Also his arms are the same. Devastator would not be synnetrical. Maybe this is not devastator

  21. I saw two wheels. If it’s part of Devastator, I’d say the wheels go to one of those very large dump trucks used in mining.

    I loved it!


  22. Yes, Mike Bay does not know how to direct actors and yes, he knows how to make movies with explosions and effects, but hate him or not, I want effects and explosions in my summer popcorn movies. While I will go see this, I am kind of with Ken, greenknight, and Vic that Bay needs to go to the school of Spielberg so he can make a truly epic film.

  23. Watched it. Looks like it’s going to suffer the same terminal symptoms that made the first one a train wreck. Lots of random motion (honestly, when things are moving in so many directions at once, it becomes impossible to focus on any one thing – that’s frustrating as heck), lots of people yelling meaningless dialog, Meghan Fox trying and failing to emote, and lots of action shot way too close to the camera.

    The trailer only reinforces my earlier decision to skip this one entirely – even if it does get a higher tomatometer rating than the first.

    And darkone, I’m not a fan of Bay’s films in general, but I still gave the first Transformers a shot based on good word of mouth and a general positive rating on the tomatometer. I was sorely let down, and for some of the reasons I mentioned and a lot more I didn’t, the movie made me literally angry at it. Yes, I actually felt hatred for a movie, not just mere dislike. They actively went out of their way to give us absolutely no reason to care for any of the characters and loads of reasons to loathe them (Bumblebee “urinates” on a cartoon stereotype of a federal agent, whose character was crafted with the mindset that Jar-Jar Binks was too sophisticated for this film’s audience. There really is no recovering after that, not that it wouldn’t have been appreciated if they tried to anyway, for our sakes, but it just goes downhill from there instead).

    If there are those who still don’t understand the hate some of us have for this film, after all this, then let me be concise:

    All we want is a film where we can care about, and get behind the good guys as they beat up the bad guys. We don’t want Shakespeare, we just want the movie to make us give a damn. After charging modern day ticket prices, isn’t that the least we should expect any film (that isn’t satire or parody) to do? Isn’t that the bare minimum?

  24. Come on jersey, you’re tying Bay’s hands. You actually want him to give you more than just effects? :-)

    Yeah, in the first movie, I only cared about Shia’s character and the marines; the other characters could have been blown to Cybertron for all I cared.

  25. I have seen a picture of a toy. That is not devastator. it is only a piece of him. Now i know you think that he is to big to be 1 piece, but the toy, when fully assembled is 2 ft tall. So expect devastator to huge. Also bay would never give us the best bits in a teaser. Like the 1st movie he will save it all for the film.

  26. DOES ANYBODY ELSE SEE THIS? This feud between Transformers and Terminator just got continued. Look at how similar the teaser for Terminator was to the teaser we just saw for Transformers. Everything they just did was a perfect copy of the first teaser for Terminator. Almost down to the music/sound effects.