[UPDATE: Advanced Tickets for Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen are now on sale!!!!]

You know it’s almost time for Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen to hit theaters because promotional items from the film are flying out and onto the Net daily. This week alone we’ve had Transformers 2 pics, Transformers 2 TV spots and even an interview with star Shia LeBeouf about making the film.

Well, this being Friday and all (TGIF!), Screen Rant has a double-whammy for you: six new stills from Revenge of The Fallen that are 100% kickass robots, as well as three new character wallpapers, courtesy of LG Mobile.

Ok, there a lot of really cool pics to get to, so without further ado (click any image two times for a gorgeous hi-res version):

Bumblebee's spider-sense is tingling!


Bumblebee throws down with a Decepticon


Bumblee's "dramatic" face


Optimus Prime will cut you.


Constructicon Rampage


In case you didn't already know how huge Devastator is

Head on over to the next page for the LG Mobile Transformers 2 character wallpapers!

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