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Short version: Just like super-sizing a McDonalds meal doesn’t make it taste any better, neither does giving us more of what was in the first film improve Transformers 2.

transformers revenge fallen reviews1 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review
Screen Rant reviews Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Regular readers here at Screen Rant are familiar with my disdain for the first Tranformers movie. While many agree with me and others disagree vehemently – both sides have been expecting me to skewer Michael Bay’s Tranformers 2. I didn’t go in expecting much, and that may have actually caused me to not judge it quite as harshly as a lot of other reviewers are doing.

The (very thin) story here is that of Sam (Shia Lebouf) heading off to college, trying to go back to a semblance of a normal life – where you don’t have giant, talking robots that turn into cool cars. He’ll be leaving behind tough biker chick Michaela (Megan Fox) but they’ll continue a long distance relationship through the wonders of the internet.

Before Sam leaves, he discovers a shard of the “All Spark” is still in his possession – when he touches it, it has some sort of effect on him and is shown to still have the power to animate mechanical objects. Thinking he has it safely secured, Sam heads off to college where he meets his roommate Leo (Ramon Rodriguez), a guy who runs a website dedicated to robot sightings which is not nearly as popular as he imagines it to be.

It turns out the Autobots have been working with the government trying to track down the vestiges of the Decepticon robots that are still on Earth. It looks like the Decepticons have been searching for something, but no one (not even the Autobots) know what that might be.

Of course the last thing that will happen to Sam is a “normal” college experience, and he is soon drawn back into the world of the Transformers. He’s joined by his reluctant roommate Leo and of course soon enough by Michaela and the buffoonish (now ex) government agent from the first film, Simmons (John Turturro).

From here the whole point is to stop the Decepticons (led by the ancient robot called “The Fallen”) from getting their claws on a device that is of course a danger to all of humanity.

And it takes a really, really long time.

In Revenge of the Fallen there’s more of everything that was in the first film: More robots, more explosions, more soldiers, more battle scenes, more juvenile (and inappropriate for kids) humor and more foul language.

In the end it doesn’t make this film any better than the first one – it just makes it feel longer. I was surprised to learn that this film is only 6 minutes longer than the first one… it feels a LOT longer than that. Thirty to forty minutes could have been cut pretty easily – it’s a movie about giant robot battles, does it NEED to be two hours and twenty minutes long? Even the scenes most people go to see, the battle scenes, drag on far too long.

So what was good? I liked the scenes involving the military, great stuff. I liked that Bay pulled back the cameras on the robot battles so you can actually tell what’s happening (although the shots were too tight once again at the end of the film) – and about the best robot fight took place in the forest. Not “awesome” but probably the best thing in the film.

On the bright side, I actually liked Kevin Dunn as Sam’s dad in this one, although the mom annoyed the heck out of me again. Aside from the “humor” I’ll describe below, I thought some of it was actually OK – even Turturro wasn’t quite as annoying. The CGI was excellent, although at this point for a film like this that should be a given.

What wasn’t so good? Well, beyond “everything else,” a big pet peeve of mine about the first film was the juvenile humor that I didn’t think fit with the action. In the sequel, most of the “humor” happens during the first third of the film and thankfully it’s not as prevalent later on (although it still pops up from time to time). In this film, instead of masturbation jokes, robots “peeing” fluid on people and acting like teenage girls hiding in a back yard, we have dog humping (twice), a robot humping Megan Fox’s leg, gigantic robot testicles, farting robots and a college professor who’s introductory lecture is limited exclusively to veiled sexual references.

There’s also TONS of inappropriate language for the under-10 crowd that is sure to show up for this movie – including but not limited to a**hole, pu**y, ball sack, b*itch and sh*t. And of course in addition to the lingering shots of Megan Fox, there are suggestive scenes with actress Isabel Lucas, including an obviously carefully crafted “peek” shot of her rear/crotch.

I only mention all this because over and over and over again I’ve heard in defense of the first film: “It’s a kids movie!!”


And despite all the action I found myself kind of bored… I actually almost nodded off at one point. Again: TOO LONG.

Oh, and yes, there are a couple of robots in the film (the “Twins”) that talk and look like something out of an old minstrel show – that was pretty hard to fathom. I could possibly see if they acted like rappers (due to absorbing what they’ve seen on MTV or something), but ignorant, Southern, gold-toothed robots who can’t read? It was reminiscent of the two black crows from Disney’s Dumbo (which was made back in 1941). Of course one of the actors providing the voices is black, so I’d be curious to hear his take on all this.

So, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is more of the same. If you thought the first one “rocked” you’ll probably think the same of this one; if you thought the first one was terrible, you’ll probably think this one is even worse. Me, I had such low expectations going in and already knew what to expect based on the first film. I didn’t have such a violent reaction to it – although I certainly don’t intend to ever watch it again.

If you plan on bringing kids, I would highly recommend you check this out yourself before bringing them.

Our Rating:

2 out of 5

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  1. @patrick

    What, exactly is your indication that I “can’t handle it?” The fact that I actually respond to comments?



  2. Hey Vic, what up dude. Ok, I know you and many other people don’t like the Transformer movies. But I think y’all are being a little too tough on a movie that’s based on toys and cartoons from the 80’s. I loved the Transformers cartoon when I was a kid, I had nearly all the toys. I never thought I would ever see a movie based on what I really loved from my childhood. I mean, I was never expecting the Transformers movies to win any Oscars. I took them for what they are; movies about giant, transforming robots fighting each other and tearing up the landscape.

    Now I do agree with you on the Twins. I hated those two from the moment they appeared on screen. Being a Black man, I was VERY disappointed in Bay’s decision to put ignorant buffoonery robots in his film, who everyone sees as a representation of all Black people. I was hoping a Decepticon would kill those two and be done with it. I think Bay might’ve been trying to make up for the death of Jazz(voiced by Darius McCrary) from the first movie by throwing these two robotic ghetto clowns in. He failed miserably in that attempt.

    Aside from that, I loved T2: ROTF. I never wanted it to be like some movie that my girlfriend watches on the Lifetime or WE channels. Not all movies need to be heart warming tear jerkers, or romantic comedies. Lighten up a little Vic. Those bad words in the movie are heard and spoken every day in real life. Most kids hear them at home first before they hear them anywhere else. Remember dude, giant robots, hot chicks, explosions. Perfect for a summer movie. Peace.

  3. I posted earlier that people should just go to the film and treat it like a “Saturday afternoon action flick” and to not go in like they are going to see academy award winning material…well, I went and saw it with my 11 year old boy a couple of days ago…this film is horrible. You were right Vic. My son enjoyed it so it wasn’t a waste of my time but from a adult perspective, this movie is without a doubt a disappointment on many levels. I just watched it and I wasn’t grinning from ear to ear going, “Wow that was cool!”. I did that with the first one. I just felt like all I saw was stuff blowing up for 2 and a half hours…and that was it. It might be descent demo material for my 650 watts of subs at home but thats about it!

  4. “But I think y’all are being a little too tough on a movie that’s based on toys and cartoons from the 80’s.”

    “Those bad words in the movie are heard and spoken every day in real life. Most kids hear them at home first before they hear them anywhere else. Remember dude, giant robots, hot chicks, explosions.”

    Why is it that I feel like I’m one of the very few people on the planet who recognize the inconsistency of the above two items within the context of one movie.

    I’m tired of explaining myself on this point. Just because “most kids have heard those words” doesn’t make it RIGHT.

    Perfect summer movie so far this year? Star Trek.


  5. LOL RotF might have beat out Ice Age and Public Enemies on Friday. And beat Public Enemies on Wednesday while losing out to Ice Age opening on Wednesday. Came back to beat Ice Age Thursday and almost doubled Public Enemies. Depp plus Bale can’t beat RotF in it’s second week! hmmm…

  6. Ok so I finally got into the theater today to see this thing since last weekend was a mob scene and I have to say I think the review is a little harsh. I admit that it wasn’t everything that I was hoping for but all in all the film ranks right in the middle, pretty good – could have been better. On the high side was the action and effects, yes more of what we saw in the first but still very cool. On the other hand the movie is too long and as the plot unfolds it feels like ages to get where its going. Best scene in the film has to be the fight sequence in the woods where Optimus takes on Megatrons whole gang. Worst part has to be the two twin Autobots who are incredibly annoying, ie. Jar Jar Binks. The cursing is out of place in this movie, it feels like they were adding it in just to do it. My overall score is a little more generous than Vic, 3 out of 5.

  7. didnt like transfromers 2 at 1st but like any other film i gave it another go and thought it was better 2nd time round.
    sams mum spoils it in parts.


  8. Your the one who needs to grow up patrick. Vic hasn’t responded as you so elegantly put it in a dickish way. He simply responded. Stop being a baby and try growing up your self.

  9. @Patrick

    Whatever. What was inaccurate about my reply? Pointing out someone’s poor spelling and grammar is “dickish?” (nice word btw)

    Funny how people are supposed to get a pass when it comes to ripping on me but I’m not supposed to be able to respond.

  10. Patrick, please quote where he was a dick or where he was rude without someone being a dick first, such as yourself. Right now we have to just take your word for it because I’m a regular here and haven’t seen that yet from him. So until you show some kind of evidence of it your “argument” is pretty limp…

  11. I’ve only seen one time I thought Vic was a little dickish, but it was a subject he was passionate about and we all get like that when it’s something that is really important to us. When it comes to movie reviews Vic is always respectful and takes more crap from jerks like you than he should.

  12. Just saw the movie.

    Thought it was better than bad; 3 out of 5 stars.

    Too many stupid parts, but there was some great action.

    No need to see it more than once though.

  13. @ Ken J

    Ha. Didn’t think of that, but I suppose that wouldn’t hurt your cause either.

  14. they dont rip directly on you, just your review ideas because you ripped on the movie they may have liked duh and no you dragged on about that one guy but im also talking about other people as well DICK (i guess you perfer it blunt)

  15. Patrick,

    Dude, whatEVER. Seriously. Last time I checked this is a free country and I can reply to whomever I like in whatever fashion I like.

    I didn’t drag ANYTHING on, I made ONE comment in response and you’re the guy that’s going on and on about it – so WHO has the problem here, hmm?

    You’re just pissed because I didn’t like the movie and you did.

    Why don’t YOU let it go?

    Do the name calling once more, come on – I’d really like you to because then you’ll give me an excuse.


  16. Patrick would you just shut up. Your only making your self look bad. Vic hasn’t personally insulted anyone here. You have. Vic hasn’t made comment after comment about the same person. You have.

    Vic is simply responding in a fairly respectful way to people. Most of the people here that he is a little less respectful to personally insulted him. I don’t know how he manages to hold back as well as he does especially with guys like you. You comment on Vic’s age, but if we are judging maturity based on how people leave comments and how they react to others I’m guessing your about 10.

  17. @ Vic

    Hey it’s still kicking off in here lol…. I have to ask is this the most flack you’ve taken for a review?

  18. @gingerbeer

    Without actually looking back at other reviews I’d say probably, yes. :)

    And thanks, Daniel.


  19. Vic,
    You know you are doing something right when so many people Say that you are DEAD WRONG!
    Keep up the good work.
    I LOVE the honesty of your reviews.

  20. Patrick,

    Trust me – I can “take it.” I’ve been running this site for over 5 years. But if someone gives me crap it doesn’t mean I have to roll over and take it and let them have the last word.

    As far as you and I, how about we call it quits and just start over, eh? :)


  21. Patrick read your responses and tell me how your not 10. Vic wrote a review some people came on here and bashed it then bashed him he responded and never once resorted to name calling or anything. You however have managed to call him a dick or say he was acting dickish. You’ll notice Vic also didn’t use any rude words such as your self. You’ve also managed to complain more about vic leaving comments on the site he owns than the topic it’s self. Explain what’s not childish about your behavior?

  22. cant we all jus get along,
    LOL i can’t believe all you are fighting the same fight.

    Some think the movie sucked
    Some think it rocked
    Clearly its not for everyone
    Yet it is for a lot of someones

    So grab a beer and shake er hand, and lets look forward to doing this a year from now eh.

  23. woops 2-3 years from now.^^

  24. ill agree with that vic.. “shakes your hand”

    and daniel really? comon this was between me and him so shut up god im guessing you like to argue, getting involved in others arguments

  25. @patrick


    And don’t get on Daniel – you’re not the first person to rag on me here and Screen Rant “regulars” are like a family (even though we fight amongst ourselves from time to time).


  26. I just love how people get so upset over nothing on a website. It’s not ‘playing for sheepstations’ as we say downunder.

    However, sometimes it seems to some people as if it is ‘life and death’!